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How To Make More Money As A Real Estate Agent

Are you a real estate agent or do you aspire to be one? Curious how to get started and make a great living? Kris outlines the 6 steps to becoming a wealthy realtor - straight from his super successful realtor friends! Plus, find out why Kris never became a real estate agent and chose a different path instead.

Aug 10
5 Ways The Biden Budget Will Affect Your Financial Game Plan

The Government is WACK. Biden's plans are worriesome and even have some moving out of the country to escape higher taxes. Want to know what this crazy agenda will mean for you? Join Kris as he explains the 5 ways the Biden budget will affect your financial game plan.

Aug 03
Market Predictions For 2021 And Beyond

The economy has done some weird stuff in the last two years. Some are winning, some are losing and some are paralyzed with fear doing nothing. Join Carson as he interviews Kris on what the market's doing, what it's going to do and how Kris and his team are staying highly profitable through it all.

1h 1m
Jul 18
10 Marketing Tips That Will Grow Your Business

In business, marketing MATTERS. Even if you have the best product or service, your business can dwindle and eventually die without effective, profitable marketing. Join Kris as he gives tips on the best marketing moves he's made in business to grow his revenue year after year. Take notes and apply these tips to help your business grow.

Jul 12
Retire In 3 Years With Real Estate

It took Kris 4.5 years to become financially free with real estate; today he claims he could do it all again in a matter of months. Do you believe it? Tune in for today's episode where Kris goes over the math of how to begin acquiring profitable investment properties and how to grow that number to a level that will set you free.

Jul 11