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Join in and listen to interviews from the weekly radio show "History Makers" with host Matt Prater and be inspired by stories of people who have been successful in sport, business, politics, media, ministry and life in general.

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Wayne Cordeiro

Dr. Wayne Cordeiro is the founding pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu. New Hope is also listed as one of the top ten most innovative churches in America by Outreach Magazine, listing them as one of the "top five churches to learn from." New Hope has seen over 110,000 first time decisions in Hawaii since its inception in 1995. He is a church planter at heart with over 150 churches planted in the United States and around the world. Wayne has over 40 years of ministry leadership experience, authored twelve books, and is general editor for the Life Connect Bible. He is now Pastor at New Hope West and is President of New Hope Christian College based in Eugene, Oregon.

Apr 01
Tom Mottershead

Tom Mottershead is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Brisbane Australia. Originally from the UK and then New Zealand, Tom shares how his own mental health and faith journey has inspired him to write gospel-centered songs based on scripture to bring hope to those struggling with anxiety and depression.

Mar 23
Dean Briggs

Dean Briggs is part of the team at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Formerly a pastor and church planter, Dean serves the Body of Christ as an apostolic teacher and strategist, consulting movements, ministries, and coaching leaders and executives across five continents. He is in Australia to assist in promoting the World Prayer Assembly to be held in Perth in October this year.

Mar 08
Matt Prater

Tricia Lancor interviews Matt Prater on his recent trip to the US.

Feb 07
Liesl Field

Leisl Field is an Author and a Singer/Songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from South Africa, Leisl shares about her faith journey and about her passion for writing songs that impact people. She also shares about the pain she's endured after suffering a miscarriage, and how the Lord has strengthened her and helped her through her trials.

Nov 27, 2022
Naomi Reed

Naomi Reed is an is an acclaimed storyteller, speaker and author based in Sydney, Australia. She grew up in Sydney, with one brother, one dog, two cats, four hens, nine ducks and a turtle! She's previously served as a missionary in Nepal, and she is the author of 10 books for adults and children, and she particularly loves to draw people back to the hope we have in Christ. She has also co-authored a book with Feby Chan, called "Walking him home." This Book is about Feby's testimony and her relationship with Andrew Chan. He was a member of the Bali Nine who had been in Indonesia's notorious Kerobokan Prison for 10 years for drug smuggling, and was executed in April 2015. Listen in to this powerful interview!

Nov 20, 2022
Tyler Shedd

Tyler Shedd is a Pastor and Missionary based in Adelaide, Australia. In this interview he shares about his journey of faith and being raised in the USA, his missionary work in Asia among the Poor and Vulnerable and women caught in the sex industry, and about his first ever sermon in Brazil! Listen in to his story!

Nov 16, 2022
Glenn Bleakney

Pastor Glenn Bleakney is an author and speaker based in the USA. Having previously Pastored in both Canada in Perth, Australia, Glenn has a heart for the nations. He has hosted miracle crusades and Kingdom endeavours in Asia via both the Church and their own ministry network known as 'Awake Nations'. The vision of Awake Nations is to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the world demonstrating Christ's love and power to those who do not know Him. Awake Nations does this with uncompromising conviction and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Many lives have been saved and transformed through the power of God manifesting through signs and wonders. Listen in to his story!

Nov 08, 2022
Adam Brown

Adam Brown has a powerful story to tell! After many years of addiction and crime, Adam found himself at a tent outreach in North Brisbane. After attempting to attack the preacher, he had an encounter with God, and has never been the same! He is now a rap artist and speaker with a heart to reach the world with a message of Hope.

Nov 01, 2022
Darren Chapman

Darren Chapman is a Pastor, Author and viral Tiktok sensation! Darren is part of the C3 Church movement based in Newcastle. In this interview he shares about his faith journey, his social media ministry and his heart for marriages.

Oct 25, 2022
Andrew Cannon

Andrew Cannon is an Evangelist born and raised in Liverpool, UK. The hand of God radically touched him in 2010 when he called on the name of Jesus.  His life was full of destruction and addictions, alcohol, drugs and self-harming. It was on Andrews very first encounter with the love and power of Jesus that he was transformed.  He was completely and instantly set free, his life of destruction and the chains of the enemy were broken off.  He now lives a life sold out for Jesus, Andrew has lead 1000's to the Lord through the love, truth and compassion of Christ and encourages believers to do the same in their everyday life. The name Gospel Grenades was born from a dream Andrew had, he was walking through a war-torn city, gangs of people where on street corners plotting destruction.  Andrew looked down and the Lord had placed grenades into both his hands, it seemed strange to him but he felt Jesus tell him to throw them into the crowds.  Once thrown the grenades exploded in the centre of the crowds with adverse effects, instead of bringing destruction, the explosions brought REVIVAL, PEACE, JOY, LOVE, UNITY, GROWTH, KINDNESS, FAITH, RECONCILIATION.  Whilst travelling through an airport a couple of weeks later Andrew was surprisingly stopped by airport security, they swabbed his hands and found explosives, having not been in contact with any kind of explosive material, Andrew felt this was confirmation in naming their ministry, Glory to God!

Oct 19, 2022
John Mumford

John Mumford is part of the leadership with Vineyard Churches in the UK and around the world. In this Interview he shares about his faith journey, his friendship with Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury, and about his son Marcus Mumford, from the band Mumford and Sons.

Oct 13, 2022
Rudi Weins

Rudi Wiens is part of the team with Far East Broadcasting Company. He grew up in Siberia where his Christian parents of Germanic background were banished during WWII. As a child, he listened to the sometimes-jammed, scratchy shortwave radio signal of the Far East Broadcasting Company. He could only dream that God would somehow use him someday in a radio ministry. Through God's grace and timing, he has spent many years serving Christ through radio in countries like vast Russia where his voice is well known and loved. But he hasn't stopped there. Now, he is actively involved in establishing new, local radio stations for FEBC, pumping the Gospel message into the countries of Central Asia in the local languages. Listen in to his story, and here the latest about their ministry in the Ukraine.

Oct 04, 2022
Eloise Robertson

Eloise Robertson is a Singer/songwriter from the Gold Coast. She's worked in various bands and duos and has also travelled with the Southern Gospel Choir to the US in 2012. She is a Pop/R'n'B/Soul singer but love blues rock and jazz too. In this interview she shares about her faith journey and her new projects she's working on. I first saw her on Facebook singing worship songs on the street while she was busking, and I thought what an amazing voice! Listen in to her story!

Sep 28, 2022
Bob Beaudine

Bob Beaudine is the Author of "2 Chairs - The Secret that changes everything." Many people, including me, have had their life changed by this book! It's a great reminder to start everyday with God! Bob is the CEO of Eastman and Beaudine, a leading executive search firm in sports/entertainment. Bob has helped shape the leadership teams of some of the world's most innovative businesses- NBA, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Rodeo, PGA Tour, US Olympics, NASCAR, Professional Bull Riders and Horse Racing. He has interviewed and coached Senators, Governors, Generals, CEO's, University Presidents, Top Athletic Coaches and Studio Presidents. He is sought out by many top universities, business and sports/entertainment organizations to speak at conferences. He has recently made appearances on The Today Show, CNBC, Fox Business News Primetime with Dave Ramsey, Business News Network in Canada, ABC Good Morning Texas, Fox Good Day, and CBN News. Listen in to his story, which he tells with contagious enthusiasm!

Sep 20, 2022
Thelma Dzwowa

Thelma Dzwowa is a young woman with a passion to see her generation impacted with biblical truth. Originally from Zimbabwe, she is currently working in the area of Community Development with the Brisbane Broncos. She has authored two books, "The Warring Generation," and "Everything In Between - A journey from Singleness to Marriage." She also shares about her experience at the Battle Cry Prayer Event at Suncorp Stadium in 2022. Listen in to her story!

Sep 15, 2022
Suzie Overell

Suzie Overell is the managing director of the Christian religious instruction network in Ipswich Qld. In this interview she shares about her faith journey and her passion to reach the next generation. Listen in to her story!

Sep 09, 2022
Stuart Robinson

Dr Stuart Robinson is an Author and Pastor who has a great story to tell! From a non-Christian background he became a committed follower of Jesus Christ at a young age. He sensed an immediate call to Christian ministry, which through secular University and Theological College studies, crystallised into cross-cultural mission into South Asia for many years. He also spent many years as Pastor of Crossway Baptist Church in Melbourne. During Stuart's time as Senior Pastor, Crossway also became known as a church planting, training centre and a major incubator of cross-cultural staff all supported and sent out to many other countries. Stuart himself has ministered in over 70 countries. He transferred his Senior Pastoral responsibilities to his successor in 2009 and since then has been released to write books, three of which have reached "best seller" status. As a speaker his major topics include prayer, church growth, cross-cultural mission and Islam. When asked to describe his life and ministry he replies that he is, "Just a nobody who has been sent to tell anybody that Somebody died for everybody." That Somebody is Jesus Christ whom Stuart still follows. Listen in to his story!

Sep 02, 2022
Branwen Mearns

Branwen Mearns is part of the team at Fishers of Men is an inter-denominational Christian charity ministering without distinction to those who are homeless, at threat of homelessness, or poor or needy. Listen in to the story of how she came to Christ, how she met her husband Bobby and how their ministry is making a difference in peoples lives!

Aug 26, 2022
Toby Baxter

Pastor Toby Baxter has over twenty-five years' experience in community ministry and social work, with a focus on the juvenile justice and drug and alcohol sectors. Toby has also founded what he refers to as Empowered Faith Communities (EFC's) with Crossway Baptist Church. Utilising community development and discipleship concepts EFC's aim to see transformation of people within communities of disadvantage. Toby has recently released a book with Mark Matthews called, "Ordinary Mentoring for Extra-ordinary Transformation." Listen in to his story!

Aug 20, 2022
Brett McLeod

Brett Mcleod is the Director for New Hope Care, a charity working with the homeless in Brisbane. In this interview he shares his story of how he came to Christ, and the journey he's been on. Brett has run many businesses, he's worked with Focus on the Family, in Christian radio, and in Churches. Listen in to his story!

Aug 11, 2022
Andrew Corbett

Andrew Corbett has pastored Legana Christian Church Australia in Northern Tasmania since 1995. He is the National President of ICI Theological College (a Theological distance education provider). He holds degrees in Biblical Studies, and a Doctor of Ministry Degree. He is a visiting scholar with the Los Angeles based Science-Faith Think Tank - Reasons To Believe. His radio program, Finding Truth Matters, is heard around Australia and by Podcast around the world. Listen in to his story, and about the recent outreach with Evangelist Will Graham in Tasmania!

Aug 04, 2022
Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews is the Empowered Faith Communities National Manager and Indigenous COACH Lead. Mark has worked in the social welfare sector of Melbourne for 30 years. He holds Diplomas in Social Science and Business and is trained in providing professional supervision and counselling. Mark's work has involved providing direct casework to clients, leading teams of Social Work and Health professionals in service provision, and being instrumental in designing, developing and managing major crisis accommodation centres and housing programs across Melbourne. Since 2007, Mark has been responsible for the ongoing development of the COACH Community Mentoring program. Mark currently leads a community church in Rosebud (Victoria) that is offered to people who don't feel they could easily fit within a mainstream church. Listen in to Mark's story, and about his new Book, co-authored with Toby Baxter called, "Ordinary Mentoring for Extra-ordinary Transformation."

Jul 28, 2022
Steve and Ainsley Apirana

Steve and Ainsley Apirana are Singer/Songwriters based in the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Steve's music career began in the band Butler who shared the stage with bands like Black Sabbath back in the seventies. It was during his days in Butler that he found faith in Jesus and began his career as a soloist. Nowadays he shares the stage with his wife Ainsley, who writes her own songs, has recorded two albums and plays rhythm guitar, whistles and flutes. Together they aim to encourage, uplift and inspire audiences through their stories and songs through their personal experience of 40 odd years of marriage, of life on the road, and of life as a Christian. Steve and Ainsley play anywhere they are invited and are used to a wide variety of audiences from school classes to prisons to the various denominations of churches, to festivals, house concerts, cafes and pubs. Listen in to their story!

Jul 23, 2022
Namila Davui

Namila Davui (aka Myshon Kyd) was born in Lautoka, Fiji. He's played Rugby League for the Parramatta Eels, the Canterbury Bulldogs and Fiji, playing a handful of test matches and was chosen in the squad for the Fiji Bati in the 2008 Rugby League World Cup. He's also hip hop artist, and is training to be a minister in the Uniting Church. He is the Director of Davui Productions, who specialise in youth development programs and consultation in the Brisbane region. Listen in to his story!

Jul 13, 2022
Jason Perkins

Jason Perkins is the Network Director for the Australian Irresistible Churches Network. Through years of leadership, he's experienced some of the highest highs and some of the lowest lows. In 2015, Jason accepted a lead pastor position at a North Point Strategic partner church in Colorado Springs where after years of growth in attendance, engagement, and giving, he came face to face with burn out. It was in this season that Jason realized the importance of soul care, and how it doesn't have to mean sacrificing your strategy or success. Jason is passionate emotionally healthy leadership and about helping leaders and teams reach their strategic goals without losing their souls. He spends his time outside of the Irresistible Churches Network offering coaching and consulting services to ministry leaders and their staff.

Jul 06, 2022
Keren Fuhrmeister

Keren Fuhrmeister is the Hospital director of the African Mercy, the mission hospital ship. The African Mercy is currently in Dock in Dakar Senegal giving life changing free surgical services to the west African nation. Listen in to hear how this amazing ministry brings hope, healing and the love of Jesus to the nations!

Jun 29, 2022
Faith Sosene

Faith Sosene is a Samoan-Australian singer who made it to the top 4 of The Voice Australia season 11. She has the voice of an angel, and has a stage presence that has wowed people all over the world! Listen in to her testimony and the inspiration behind her music.

Jun 21, 2022
Darren Bennett

Darren Bennett is an Aussie author who loves to share a good yarn. In this conversation he shares about his faith journey and about some of his many zany adventures. Darren had to hang on for dear life in a cyclone that destroyed Darwin. He also lived to tell about his experience on a sinking cruise ship in Indonesia and survived an ordeal with wild buffalo in outback Australia. Listen in to his story!

Jun 11, 2022
Ian Jones

Ian Jones is well known as the cartoonist behind the comic strips, PEARLY GATES and BUSHY TALES. A former schoolteacher, Ian is also the pastor of an international church in Brisbane. He loves travelling and has spent time with the people and cultures of over 50 countries around the world. He is also an award-winning photographer. He has some great stories of how people have been impacted by his cartoons! Listen in to his story!

Jun 01, 2022