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Join in and listen to interviews from the weekly radio show "History Makers" with host Matt Prater and be inspired by stories of people who have been successful in sport, business, politics, media, ministry and life in general.

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Katisha Adelaide

Katisha Adelaide is a Violinist, singer, looping artist and multi-instrumentalist from Townsville, Australia. She's toured in Australia, The Phillipines, Sweden, Kenya and Thailand. She's also partnered with YWAM and other ministries to reach the world with her music. Listen in to her story!

Mar 29
The Springmans

The Springmans are the Canadian equivalent of the Travelling Von Trapp family! Their first album, Happy Beach, was produced by, and co-written with, multi Grammy© and Dove Award winner Mark Heimermann. (dcTalk, Michael W. Smith, Newsboys)  Happy Beach won a number of awards including the Parents' Choice Award, NPPA Award, and the GMA Canada Covenant Award for "Children's Album Of The Year."  In this interview we hear about how Perry came to Christ after being raised in a Jewish Family, and we hear about their love for Australia!

Mar 20
Homer Hargrove

Homer Hargrove is the Senior Pastor at Gravetop Church in San Antonio, Texas. He started with a broken life that was full of trauma, addiction and violence, and everything changed when he decided to tap into something greater than himself. He's started and developed ministries from the ground up and has made significant impacts within recovery centres, public schools, detention centres and other organizations. Grace Buckman caught up with Homer to hear his story!

Mar 14
The Chosen – Cast

"The Chosen" is a TV series about Jesus that has been viewed all over the world in many languages, and many lives have been impacted! In this program, Matt caught up with some of the cast from the Chosen. Listen in to hear from Paras Patel (Matthew), Noah James (Andrew), Vanessa Benavente (Mother Mary), Abe Bueno-Jallad (Big James), Yasmine Al-Bustami (Ramah) and Brandon Potter (Quintus).

Mar 09
Dallas Jenkins and Jonathan Roumie

Jonathan Roumie is an American actor known for his role as Jesus in the Chosen and as evangelist Lonnie Frisbee in the 2023 film Jesus Revolution. Dallas Jenkins is an American film and television director, writer and film producer. He is best known as the creator, director and co-writer of the Chosen, the first multi-season series about the life of Jesus.

Mar 01
Cole Richards

Cole Richards is the President of The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) based in the USA, a ministry that serves, and serves with, Christians who are severely persecuted for their faith on the world's most difficult and dangerous missions frontiers. In addition to leading VOM's service to persecuted Christians abroad, Cole serves as Publisher and Executive Producer of VOM's publishing and media initiatives. This includes VOM Books and Films, VOM Radio and VOM's award-winning monthly magazine that is distributed free of charge to more than 700,000 homes and churches each month. Cole joined VOM in 2006 after living and ministering in one of the least-reached and restricted nations in the Middle East, where he, his wife and their children reached out to Muslims and supported persecuted Christians. Before entering full-time ministry, Cole served as a USAF officer, focusing on the rise of Islamic terrorist groups in the Middle East. Listen in to his story!

Nov 25, 2023
Felicia Limmer

Felicia Limmer is a Radio host, Podcaster and lecturer at Christian Heritage College! Drawing from her experience as the National Marketing Manager for Baskin Robbins, one of her key areas of passion is to help students and organisations 'find their flavour' by understanding who their 'customers' are and how to create a flavour that keeps them wanting to come back for more! She is also part of the team at Vision Christian Radio and she produces her own podcast, "Quicksticks," a quick 5 minute bible story for each school day! Bible Stories which are told simply, designed to hold the attention of even young listeners. Listen in to her story!

Nov 15, 2023
Tony Benjamin

Tony Benjamin is the CEO of Voice of the Martyrs Australia. In this conversation, he shares his testimony, and about his heart for the Persecuted Church around the world. Matt recorded this interview in South Korea during the Voice of the Martyrs international conference, listen in to hear the stories about their important work in nations like North Korea, China, Ukraine, Somalia, Mexico and many more!

Nov 12, 2023
Kala Yoder

Kala Yoder is a podcaster from Northern Indiana who has a passion to help busy people connect to God in simple yet deep and meaningful ways. She is the host of the Confidence in Christ podcast, a place where she encourages women to have confidence in Christ as they navigate life. Kala shares weekly podcast episodes with guests who have first hand experience gaining confidence in God through seeing him work and move in their lives, as well as daily scripture readings to help people grow in their relationship with God. Kala was recently one of the keynote speakers at the Michiana Women's Conference and has been involved in many other Christian conferences. This week also features guest host Grace Buckman! Grace is a youth leader at New Hope Brisbane, and also has her own podcast! Grace will be recording some Historymakers interviews, because Matt Prater is a bit overloaded. So you will be hearing her voice a bit more!

Nov 03, 2023
Ross Bellos

Ross Bellos is a highly experienced Sales and Account Manager of various clients and Businesses. He is very active in co-ordinating Prayer for Australia. He's got a powerful testimony of coming to Christ. Listen in to his story!

Oct 26, 2023
Clayton King

Clayton King is an accomplished author, teaching pastor of a local church, and radio show host. As well as training and raising up young leaders and investing in pastors across a wide range of denominations. Clayton lives in Anderson, South Carolina and mostly spends his time traveling, preaching and speaking at churches, conferences, and leadership events. He loves good books, black coffee, four-wheelers, traveling, and anything that gets him outside and in the woods. Listen in to his story!

Oct 18, 2023
Colin Pinkney

Colin Pinkney, is the Executive Director at The Harvest Center of Charlotte. As team chaplain for the NBA Charlotte Hornets Basketball team, he serves as a spiritual mentor to some of the NBA's most talented athletes and was recognized in 2011 by sports legend and philanthropist, Michael Jordan, as a hometown hero. Pinkney's first book, Blueprints: Mentoring Designs for Young Black Males, has garnered local acclaim, and his second book, Forgiving Our Fathers, Healing our Homes, brings solutions to the generational decay in underserved communities. Listen in to his story!

Oct 13, 2023
Sarah Keel

Sarah Keel is the Executive Director of Renew Clinic in Knoxville Tennessee, an intensive outpatient treatment center that is Christ-centered and clinically informed. Sarah has worked in the addiction and recovery field for several years. Sarah is a former addict, a follower of Jesus, and is passionate about sharing her faith! Listen in to her story!

Oct 05, 2023
Jon Seccombe

Jon Seccombe is an Aussie Singer/songwriter who trained in music at the NSW State Conservatorium of Music and studied English Lit and Ancient History with an Honours degree in New Testament History from Sydney's Macquarie University. He has been a Head of Department and teacher of English and History for three decades. Jon plays piano, trumpet, saxophone, flute, pipe organ and has stretched to playing oboe in a school musical. He has been the music director at a number of Sydney churches and the musical director for secular stage shows. Listen in to his story!

Sep 28, 2023
Johannes Gerloff

Johannes Gerloff has been a Middle East correspondent in Israel for over 20 years. He writes and teaches on current affairs concerning Israel and its surrounding countries and theological issues for media in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. He has authored several books. His lectures include up-dates on the current situation in the Middle East, but also teachings concerning Christian-Jewish relations and the meaning of the Jewish people and its return to the Land of Israel from a biblical perspective.

Sep 21, 2023
Paul Browning

Dr Paul Browning has been a headmaster for more than 23 years. He's also an Author and sought after speaker internationally. Based on his first-hand experience of navigating an organisation through a highly public ethical crisis, he wrote "Principled", where he outlines the ten key leadership practices that build trust based on evidence-based research. His PhD research into the practices that engender trust was nominated for an outstanding thesis award and won an Executive Dean's commendation from Queensland University of Technology. In this interview he shares about his faith journey, and how biblical principles have helped him along the way! Listen in to his story!

Sep 15, 2023
Phil Mason

Phil Mason is an Author and Pastor from Tribe Byron Bay. In this interview he shares about how he came to Christ in the Aussie version of the "Jesus Revolution," and how he's seen many miracles and salvations at New Age Festivals around Australia. Phil has the Father's heart for Australia and has a deep desire to lead the Church into a revival and a heart revolution that will change the nation. He has also Authored a number of books, including a book about the prophetic songs of Bob Dylan. Listen in to his story!

Sep 07, 2023
Gerald Ross

Gerald Ross is an Associate Pastor at Restore ministries with Beenleigh Baptist Church. In this interview he shares about how he has overcome many addictions and a life of crime. He is now helping others get their life on track with a message of hope and healing through a relationship with Jesus.

Aug 31, 2023
David Sams

David Sams is CEO of KeepTheFaith, America's top-rated syndicated Christian music program with nearly 8 million monthly listeners. He is a 9-Time Emmy Winning Producer/Director/Writer. He has been featured in the pages of USATODAY, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY and TVGuide. He has appeared on 60 MINUTES, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, NBC'S TODAY, and DATELINE NBC. In 1986, he launched the OPRAH WINFREY SHOW into national syndication. It was #1 in nearly every TV market from her very first day on the air. Sams also helped turn WHEEL OF FORTUNE and JEOPARDY into the two highest-rated shows in syndication history. I caught up with David in Nashville to record this interview about his faith journey, listen in!

Aug 17, 2023
Scott Hogle

Scott Hogle is a 30-year career broadcaster, President of iHeart Media Honolulu, best-selling Author, a founding member of The John Maxwell Team, and licensed Teaching Pastor at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Oahu. Listen in to His story!

Aug 04, 2023
William Vun

Dr William Vun is the Senior pastor and also the founder of Glory Christian Centre, in Malaysia. He was called into the ministry through an open vision at the age of 17. Known as a man of vision, Rev. Dr. William carries the apostolic mandate to bring a freshness of expressions to the Church of today.  Rev. Dr. William's ministry has impacted Churches in many nations.

Jul 29, 2023
David Knight

David Knight is part of the Online ministry team at New Hope Oahu. In this interview David shares about the incredible growth and reach of their livestreaming ministry. David also been involved in the New Hope Churches in Japan, in Men's ministry, Christian movies and has a background in radio as well. Listen in to his story!

Jul 20, 2023
DJ Paine

DJ Paine is a radio host, podcaster, photographer, Professional Christian music geek and amateur Bible nerd. In this interview he shares about his faith journey, and about his background in working with Christian groups like Krosswerdz, Compliments of Gus and Sons of Korah. He also shares about his passion for Christian radio and his new role at Vision Christian radio. His enthusiasm is contagious, listen in!

Jul 15, 2023
Earl Lamar

Earl Lamar is the Chairman of the Hour of Power Australia. The Hour of Power is a TV ministry hosted by Bobby Schuller, based in California. In this interview Earl shares his testimony of coming to Christ, how the Lord has called him into his Business, and how the ministry of the Hour of Power has impacted his life over many years.

Jul 07, 2023
Chris Dickons

Chris Dickons is originally from Middlesbrough in the UK. He is part of the Team for City to City Australia. Chris is passionate about the Church and its role as a transformational force in the local community.  He loves to see Christians discipled and equipped in their gifts and calling to make an impact where they live, work and socialise. Chris has 20 years' experience working in various roles across ministry, education and the not-for-profit space in Australia and overseas. Chris has had the privilege of serving with Alpha in the UK and Australia and Korus Connect, where he worked across school chaplaincy, SRI, training and launched a new missional initiative in collaboration with local churches. Chris is an advocate for Christian Education and has recently served on a local school board to help to develop their missional focus. Listen in to his story!

Jun 29, 2023
Yehuda Bachana

Yehuda Bachana was born in Jerusalem in 1979 into a believing family and was born into the community of Netivyah, a Bible Instruction ministry in Jerusalem. He served in the army as a sniper in the paratroopers, and after his release and some odd jobs, he began working in Netivyah as a youth counselor and overseer for the soup kitchen/food distribution project. He currently serves as deputy director of Netivyah and one of the elders of the "Ro'eh Israel" congregation. He is married to Lydia, and they have three children.

Jun 21, 2023
Patrick McFall

Patrick Mcfall is the Senior Pastor at New Hope Hawaii Kai. He grew up in California, and has served for many years as a youth and young adults pastor, and has a connection to the Jesus Movement in his testimony. He loves to surf and has a heart to reach Hawaii Kai with the gospel, listen in to his story!

Jun 17, 2023
Paul Gibbs

Paul Clayton Gibbs founded The Pais Movement, a non-profit organization which has grown from one pioneering team in Manchester, England in 1992 to becoming a global enterprise with teams in over twenty nations and headquarters on six continents 30 years later. Paul is known for mobilizing the many not just the few. Currently impacting six continents with his books, Masterclasses, consultancy and The Pais Movement, Paul has a slightly different perspective on things. He combines ancient methods of discipleship with a communication style that is creative and fun. He is an award-winning author and his books provide handbooks with practical principle applications to help people build something good together in their world. Paul is a gifted speaker, teacher, and author of several books who spends much of his time producing resources to train and mentor Christian leaders. He also travels throughout the world, speaking and teaching. 25 years ago Paul prayer walked across England. In 2021 he did it again! Listen in to his story!

Jun 10, 2023
Wayne Alcorn

Pastor Wayne Alcorn is the National President of the Australian Christian Churches, leading over 1,000 churches and over 3,000 pastors across Australia. Together with his wife Lyn, Wayne pastors the thriving multi-campus Hope Centre in the South-East corner of Queensland. He is one of Australia's foremost Christian communicators and is committed to making disciples, building the Church and seeing lives transformed as people come to know Jesus. He's recently released a book called, "My Father's Son." Wayne has seen the radical life-change that happens in men as they embrace the love of God the Father. And he has seen that love heal and transform men's lives - his father's, his own and the countless men across Australia he has talked to and helped heal. This book is about his - and their - story. And the story of how God's love transforms generations. A story that just might change your life.

Jun 02, 2023
David Balestri

David Balestri is the founder of marketplace invasion who along with being a seasoned prophetic minister is also a successful entrepreneur. He has personally pioneered and operated over a dozen businesses for over 30 years (his first business venture was at the age of 10.) Currently David serves Ps Mark and Darlene Zschech as the business pastor of in their multi-site church on the Central Coast of Sydney, Australia called HopeUC. David also runs two cutting edge executive coaching companies, one primarily focused in the open market called "Giant Maker Coach" which works with businesses, organisations and forward thinking individuals. The second is called "Marketplace Invasion" which is geared primarily towards working with kingdom business people and dynamic influencers in marketplace leadership positions.

May 25, 2023