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Join us each week for traditional worship and an inspiring message from Senior Minister Rev. Paul Rasmussen and Rev. Matt Tuggle.

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Consistency is Key

We all want to improve this time of year. And the decisions we make now can help us make those improvements. One decision that may help us more than any other is the decision to be consistent. To be who we want to be, we need consistency” EXTRA MILE: Being consistent is always hard at first. This is why we rarely stick with our New Year’s resolutions. We try to be better about exercising or reading but then we mess up and we feel like it’s just another year of failing to reach our goals. But consistency doesn’t require perfection. This week, decide one area of your life you want to be more consistent in and try to follow through. But if you fall short, give yourself the grace to try again the next day. Because God has already extended that grace to you! SCRIPTURE: Daniel 6:10-17 CEB PASTOR: Rev. Sean McDonald

Jan 14