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Monday April 1, 2024 - Audio

There is so much history captured in the Old Testament that needs to be understood to fully appreciate the text's magnitude. Today Pastor JD jumps forward to the gap in the timeline between the Old and New Testaments. There is a price to be paid for everything, and even now you are living proof of the debt owed.

Apr 01
Saturday March 30, 2024 - Audio

How do you find the presence of evil in the modern world? Look at who has the most power and by proxy the most money. Pastor JD warns today that the love of money is the root of all evil, as told in Scripture, and a telltale sign of evil influence is how much people in power are driven by their pursuit of money.

Mar 30
Friday March 29, 2024 - Audio

Hell is no laughing matter! Pastor JD warns you in today’s message to be careful with your eternal soul. If you end up on the wrong side of God’s judgment, you have an eternity of torment awaiting you. Don’t play games with eternity, but instead make the choice to obey God and be spared the fires of Hell.

Mar 29
Thursday March 28, 2024 - Audio

God’s word is sharper than any double-edged sword! Pastor JD reminds us today that the power of the Word of God is that it separates truth from lies, good from evil, and the soul from the body. That is why it is such a dangerous weapon against the Enemy. You can hone your faith by studying God’s Word.

Mar 28
Wednesday March 27, 2024 - Audio

God’s Word says that everyone has fallen short of God’s glory because of sin and deserves hell for breaking His commandments. But just as clearly, It says Jesus took all of the punishment you deserve. Pastor JD’s going to remind you today to look no further than Jesus and His resurrection for salvation.

Mar 27
Tuesday March 26, 2024 - Audio

Jesus came to earth to die for one thing: to make a way for you to have direct access to God and be forgiven of your sins. Today, Pastor JD is going to remind you that the whole message of Easter is that Jesus actually rose from the grave and conquered death. It’s through His sacrifice that we can have eternal life.

Mar 26
Monday March 25, 2024 - Audio

Paul made it clear that the whole message of salvation he preached was based around Jesus being sacrificed for our sins and rising from the dead, defeating death. We, as Pastor JD points out today, have nothing to fear about what happens after life on earth if our faith and hope are in Jesus.

Mar 25
Saturday March 23, 2024 - Audio

While the enemy is already putting plans in motion to deceive the human race during the End Times, we are presented with the opportunity to show people the truth before it is too late! Today’s prophecy isn’t meant to scare you, but rather to motivate you to spread the Gospel and take more people with us when we go.

Mar 23
Friday March 22, 2024 - Audio

Be aware of the developing technology that will be used to develop the Mark of the Beast. While the Church of Jesus Christ will be raptured away before it begins to be implemented, there is still some ability to resist its rise and warn others before they choose to serve the wrong master during the Tribulation.

Mar 22
Thursday March 21, 2024 - Audio

Modern technology is starting to bridge the gap between the human mind and manmade machines. Your mind is a sacred resource, be very careful with what you allow to influence your mind. Remember that your mind, like your body, is a temple of the Lord, and should not be corrupted with the things of man.

Mar 21
Wednesday March 20, 2024 - Audio

Have you never been surprised, or even disappointed, by the way God answered your prayer? You likely had an answer in mind when you prayed that prayer, but today Pastor JD will give you a new appreciation for how God answers prayer. So the next time you pray, remember that God’s will is perfect in all things.

Mar 20
Tuesday March 19, 2024 - Audio

Did you know that sixty-three percent of Americans are Christian, yet the world around us reflects differently? We live in a time when Christian missionaries from other countries come to America to evangelize and spread the Word. That’s why, in today’s message, Pastor JD tells you that if you haven’t, come home to Jesus.

Mar 19
Monday March 18, 2024 - Audio

There comes a time in your life when you have to decide if you want to keep living your life as you have, or repent to God and make yourself new in His eyes. That’s why, if you haven’t before- today’s a new day. In this message, Pastor JD reminds you to repent and give your life to God before it’s too late.

Mar 18
Saturday March 16, 2024 - Audio

Be careful with the modern trends surrounding artificial intelligence. Pastor JD believes that the technology behind AI is demonic by nature, and an increased reliance on AI results in a decreased dependence on God. Never allow yourself to be satisfied by things that are not of Jesus. Stick close to Him.

Mar 16
Friday March 15, 2024 - Audio

Many people say that they believe that they’ll be going to Heaven because they’re a good person. Or at the very least, they’re not an evil person like Hitler. But in today’s message, Pastor JD teaches that being good doesn’t get you into Heaven. The only way to Heaven is by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Mar 15
Thursday March 14, 2024 - Audio

We’ve all heard about the mark of the beast, but what exactly is it? Why does receiving the mark guarantee eternal damnation? Today, Pastor JD explains Satan’s agenda to corrupt human DNA. The mark of the beast will be some type of genetically altering device that will make people trans-humans and thus unredeemable by God.

Mar 14
Wednesday March 13, 2024 - Audio

Isn’t it amazing to believe in an all-powerful God that comes through for His children? The Bible tells us in the Book of Philippians that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. That’s why, in today’s message, Pastor JD tells you that when you place your faith in God, He will always be there for you.

Mar 13
Tuesday March 12, 2024 - Audio

Many times we don’t consider God as ‘God our Father.’ He is the Almighty to whom we pray. When we are true children of God, we should expect to be disciplined as a child of God the Father, just as our fathers disciplined us. Today, Pastor JD admonishes you to accept the correction of God and know you are His child.

Mar 12
Monday March 11, 2024 - Audio

We’ve all said the phrase, “I could get used to this!” when experiencing an unusual moment of comfort. We all really like our comforts and can become upset if it looks like we will be taken out of our comfort zone. Today, Pastor JD describes the potential danger of going to great lengths to avoid any discomfort.

Mar 11
Saturday March 9, 2024 - Audio

It’s so true that when adversity strikes, God has our full attention. During times of prosperity, we don’t look to God because we’re self-sufficient. Today, Pastor JD reminds you to look to the God who holds your future in His hands. Right now, are you looking to God, or are you looking to your wealth for your security?

Mar 09
Friday March 8, 2024 - Audio

God’s day of judgment is coming soon, and you don’t want to be here when it happens! In today’s message, Pastor JD teaches that if you’ve accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you won’t be here during the Tribulation. You’ll be raptured and taken to Heaven with Jesus. Thank God for His grace in saving us from judgment!

Mar 08
Thursday March 7, 2024 - Audio

Don’t get caught up in the theater of politics. Things are happening behind the scenes that the vast majority of people will never know about. Instead, Pastor JD encourages you to continue to do Kingdom work, and resist those powers that seek to deafen the truth of the Gospel. Don’t let off the gas now!

Mar 07
Wednesday March 6, 2024 - Audio

God does not entrust us with more than we can handle. Most of the time, we associate that with holding up under adversity. But, it is also true in the context of wealth. In his message today, Pastor JD explains that if God gives you the ability to acquire wealth, don’t allow that wealth to be a controlling factor in life.

Mar 06
Tuesday March 5, 2024 - Audio

You may feel lonely or even abandoned at times. However, Pastor JD explains today how God is always by your side. You may be going through a difficult time in life and believe that God has abandoned you. In reality, God is always there for you, keeping an eye on you at all times. All you have to do is seek Him!

Mar 05
Monday March 4, 2024 - Audio

We can become overly dependent on, and even addicted to medications, at times. We tend to neglect the fact that God created us and has the power to heal us. Today, Pastor JD discusses how you can begin to place your faith in God's ability to cure you. Even when medications end up failing, our God never fails!

Mar 04
Saturday March 2, 2024 - Audio

Have you wondered how God can possibly use you in these trying times? Well, Pastor JD reminds you today that God used Moses, an 80-year-old shepherd with a speech impediment to free the nation of Israel from slavery. If you surrender to God’s will for your life, there is no limit to what He can do through you.

Mar 02
Friday March 1, 2024 - Audio

Whose influence are you listening to in these days? Pastor JD warns you today to stay away from false influences, who are leading you to follow their own words rather than pointing you towards the word of God. Hold every teaching you hear up to Scripture, help others do the same, and remain faithful to God.

Mar 01
Thursday February 29, 2024 - Audio

As Pastor JD continues his prophecy update, he’ll be challenging you to keep your eyes focused on Jesus and eternity over the temporal things of this world. The evil global agenda the devil is carrying out is indicative of how close we are to the return of the Lord. What will He find you doing when He returns?

Feb 29
Wednesday February 28, 2024 - Audio

There are times in our lives when we are physically, mentally, or spiritually drained. But do you know how God can help you? In today's message, Pastor JD shows how God helps you in your time of need. When you are weak and in need of support, God can provide help and wisdom through the people around you!

Feb 28
Tuesday February 27, 2024 - Audio

Sometimes the Lord will place a cup before you, and sometimes it’s not going to be good to drink. Look at Jesus, the cup of the cross the Father placed before Him wasn’t sweet at the time, but afterward, there was GREAT joy! In today’s message, Pastor JD reminds us to trust, in the Lord, despite what it looks like in the natural.

Feb 27