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1059 – Your Videos Don’t Get Views because Your Thumbnails Suck and You Don’t Have Hooks…

How to make a good video for YouTube? It's not just about the content. James and guest expert Zac Mason talk thumbnails and video hooks.

Feb 21
1058 – Paid Ad Insights from a Multi-Million Dollar per Month Agency

Dive into the world of high-stakes digital advertising. Charley Valher shares insights from running millions of dollars a month in clients' paid ads.

Feb 14
1057 – Beyond Boundaries: The Evolution of a Small Functional Medicine Agency – Mastering Growth and Success in Non-English Speaking Markets

Hear how a small functional medicine agency thrives internationally. Matt Dippl shares his journey, and the membership model that helped his success.

Feb 07
1056 – Top Ten Podcast Episodes from 2023

What was this show's best of the best in 2023? James revisits the top episodes that struck a chord with listeners seeking growth and inspiration.

Jan 31
1055 – SEO Mastery: The Game-Changer of Full Agency Integration

Discover the untapped potential of in house SEO strategy when combined with agency expertise. SEOLeverage's Gert Mellak discusses what's possible.

Jan 18
1054 – Building Your YouTube Audience and Running Paid Traffic to Them

How can paid ads transform your YouTube audience? James and TeachTraffic's Ilana Wechsler share how using paid traffic can boost your organic growth.

Jan 17
1053 – How Installing an Operator can Make You Money

Optimize your business with the right operator and boost business profitability. James and VirtualDOO’s Lloyd Thompson discuss how.

Dec 27, 2023
1052 – Exploring YouTube vs. Podcasting: My Journey and Questions

Podcast or Youtube? James and guest Charley Valher discuss the shift from audio podcasting to video. Content creators are in for a load of insights.

Dec 20, 2023
1051 – Getting Better SEO Results with Less Stuff

James and SEOLeverage's Gert Mellak break down the pros of content pruning in SEO. Hear how reducing content can boost your site's Google presence.

Dec 13, 2023
1050 – Mastering Multi-Platform Advertising: When and How to Diversify Your Ads

Does multi-platform advertising intimidate you? James and Valher Media's Charley Valher cover the when, why, and how of advertising on new channels.

Dec 06, 2023
1049 – Exploring the Flippa.com Digital Marketplace: A Deep Dive into Website Trading with CEO Blake Hutchison

Blake Hutchison, Flippa CEO, shares insights into successful website trading. He and James also talk trends and the future of digital marketplaces.

Nov 29, 2023
1048 – 9 Mental Toughness Exercises for Business Owners with Lloyd Thompson

Mental fortitude is a must in business. VirtualDOO's Lloyd Thompson guests to share practices that business owners can adopt to thrive under pressure.

Nov 22, 2023
1047 – Recurring Subscription Income with Your Own App – Case Study with Scott Baptie

Looking to tap a stream of recurring income? Scott Baptie shares the success of joining his product with a subscription model and app technology.

Nov 16, 2023
1046 – Million-Dollar Emails: What to Send to Your Email Database

A strategic email sequence can turn your list into a well of untapped wealth. James and GrowthLabz's Will Wang talk killer email marketing ideas.

Nov 14, 2023
1045 – Branding versus Performance Marketing for the Long Game

Ever wanted to create a personal brand? James and guest Angelo Porrovecchio talk branding vs. performance marketing in terms of long-term success.

Nov 09, 2023
1044 – How to Scale an Ads Account with Charley Valher

To scale ad accounts isn't just about bigger budget. James and Valher Media's Charley Valher unpack the nuances of boosting reach and impact of ads.

Nov 07, 2023
1043 – Turning Stale Content into Dollars with Jarrod Robinson

Your old content can become a new source of revenue – all through the magic of app creation. James and TheAppMatch’s Jarrod Robinson discuss.

Nov 01, 2023
1042 – Embracing Worth: The Journey from Insecurity to Self-Assurance with Jaemin Frazer

We are all somehow insecure. James and guest Jaemin Frazer from The Insecurity Project explore overcoming insecurity and embracing your worth.

Oct 26, 2023
1041 – Purposeful Living: Navigating Your Business Journey in Good Mental Health with Amrit Sandhu

Business success needn't compromise mental health. Explore the synthesis of entrepreneurship and purposeful living as James chats with Amrit Sandhu.

Oct 24, 2023
1040 – Are You a Manager or a Leader? With Lloyd Thompson

The roles of managers and leaders often seem interchangeable, but are they? James and VirtualDOO's Lloyd Thompson share their takes on the topic.

Oct 19, 2023
1039 – 3 Ways to Improve Your Lead Quality from Advertising with Charley Valher

Have you got leads but fall short on conversions? Maximize your quality of leads with actionable insights from ValherMedia’s Charley Valher.

Oct 17, 2023
1038 – Doubling Google Traffic in 6 Months by Recovering Your Old Google Rankings

SEO challenges? SEOLeverage's Gert Mellak shares how one brand turned dwindling Google rankings into massive success, in the space of half a year.

Oct 12, 2023
1037 – Everything Instagram, Personal Branding and Social Media Strategy with Brittany Worthington

Brittany Worthington shares her social media approach with James. Listen as she demystifies Instagram and offers key strategies for branding success.

Oct 10, 2023
1036 – Buying a Business Versus Starting a Business With Sophie Howard

Torn between buying a business vs starting one? Sophie Howard shares her experiences and strategies from building an impressive business portfolio.

Oct 04, 2023
1035 – Newsletter Profits – Cold to Gold Strategies

Newsletters can redefine your conversion game. Join James and GrowthLabz’s Will Wang as they explore the techniques behind successful email nurturing.

Sep 28, 2023
1034 – What I Changed to Get SEO Firing Again

As SEO constantly evolves, so must our strategies. Join James and SEOLeverage’s Gert Mellak as they look at changes to rekindle SEO success.

Sep 26, 2023
1033 – If You Have a Local Business… Do THIS for SEO

Looking to up your local SEO game? James and SEOLeverage’s Gert Mellak have got you. Discover how to gain the benefits of SEO for local businesses.

Sep 19, 2023
1032 – Stop Wasting Ad Money: Which Ad Strategy is Right for Your Business?

Ad campaigns can be a financial sinkhole if not done correctly. James and ValherMedia’s Charley Valher discuss effective ad strategy selection.

Sep 14, 2023
1031 – Stickers: A Journey into the World of an Online Sticker Business

Mim Jenkinson turned a passion for the humble sticker into a profitable online business. She and James peel back the layers of her inspiring story.

Sep 12, 2023
1030 – Choosing the Wrong Ad Agency can have Dire Consequences

The services you engage can make or break your paid campaigns. James and Teach Traffic’s Ilana Wechsler share tips to inform your ad agency selection.

Sep 07, 2023