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993 – Uncovering the Secret to Successful Customer Retention: Exploring the 4 Essential Steps of the Customer Journey

If keeping customers has thus far been a challenge, this episode is for you. Charl Coetzee outlines four actionable steps to keep your clients around.

Mar 21
992 – Are Your Drinking Habits Costing You Millions?

This episode's guest James Swanwick offers reasons to quit drinking alcohol that should strike a chord with the business owner looking to succeed.

Mar 16
991 – Creating the Dream Team: Strategies for Building a Winning Team in an Online Business

Tega Diegbe’s views on how to build a great team and lead them well are very similar to James’s. They explore the commonalities in this podcast episode.

Mar 15
990 – AI Based Copy for Higher Converting Marketing Campaigns

AI’s copywriting abilities have come a long way since James and guest Will Wang first talked about it on this show. Listen and discover just how far.

Mar 09
989 – Where Does AI Fit in the Marketing Equation?

AI today is doing mind-blowing things. In this episode, James and guest Ilana Wechsler talk about its powers and explore how to use AI in marketing.

Mar 07
988 – How to Become an Elite Leader

Nils Vinje has shaped the leadership style of many with his organizational leadership training. Here he offers his best tips for leading well.

Mar 02
987 – Three Ways to Leave the Day-to-Day Operations of Your Business

Are you bogged down in the daily operations of your business? There's a way out - three, in fact. VirtualDOO's Lloyd Thompson shares what they are.

Mar 01
986 – Buy Back Your Time and Live like a Royal with Dan Martell

Buying support in your business and personal life can give you a lifestyle many people don’t know is possible. James and guest Dan Martell discuss.

Feb 23
985 – Using Tiny Thunder for Irresistible Messaging

In a world where even storytelling has been overdone, copywriter Sue Rice proposes a communication concept that could upgrade how you sell.

Feb 21
984 – No Compromise. How Chris Dufey Sold His Business

How do you live a life of no compromise? Former personal trainer Chris Dufey figured that out for himself, building, then selling an online business.

Feb 16
983 – Yearly Wrap Including the Top Ten Podcast Episodes from 2022

Which episodes of the James Schramko podcast resonated most with our audience in 2022? James shares the top ten, and other breakthroughs of the year.

Feb 14
982 – Teaching Your Team to Think for Themselves

Is thinking for yourself and for your team stressing you out? VirtualDOO’s Lloyd Thompson has advice for business owners wanting an autonomous team.

Feb 08
981 – The Downside of Scaling Fast with Chris Evans from Traffic and Funnels

James and guest Chris Evans discuss entrepreneur burnout and other drawbacks of scaling a business too fast, plus how to achieve sustainable success.

Feb 01
980 – This One Tool has Transformed My Membership

How to get an app for your business that achieves ease of use, versatility, and control? James and Kleq’s John Lint discuss this and much more.

Jan 25
979 – Double Your Conversions in 8 Months with Hyperfocused SEO

Focus, experience and transparency set SEO Leverage apart from most SEO agencies. Gert Mellak shares an example of their best results in this episode.

Jan 18
978 – How to Grow Your Business Quickly Over the Next 6 Months

Wondering how to grow your online business, fast? Will Wang discusses what he's done for a client, with great results, in less than six months.

Jan 11
977 – Behind the Scenes: Migrating an Established Membership Community (Mine)

James’s membership was a well-established business when he decided to make a platform migration into Kleq. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look.

Jan 05
976 – Little Known Facts About Hiring and Working with Virtual Assistants in the Philippines – FAQ

Looking to hire Filipinos for your online business? Got questions? Listen in as James speaks from 10 years with his own team of six Filipino VAs.

Dec 29, 2022
975 – 9 Steps for Making $100K Per Month with Special Guest Rick Mulready

How do you make, and continue to make, $100,000 and upwards a month in business? James and guest coach Rick Mulready outline it in nine steps.

1h 9m
Dec 21, 2022
974 – Why Almost Everyone is Wrong About YouTube Ads with Tom Breeze

A lot of people have the wrong ideas about YouTube ads. Viewability’s Tom Breeze clears things up - what works, what doesn’t, and why.

1h 4m
Dec 14, 2022
973 – The Absolute Best Way to Use No-Code Apps

When you can build an app without knowing a stitch of code, a whole world opens up. The App Match's Jarrod Robinson shares what's possible.

Dec 08, 2022
972 – How to Avoid Being Held Hostage by Over Controlling Employees

Just one employee with too much control can overturn office dynamics. VirtualDOO's Lloyd Thompson discusses how to avoid falling hostage to your hire.

Dec 02, 2022
971 – 3 Critical Stages of an Effective Annual Marketing Plan

Good planning makes marketing campaigns targeted and more likely to succeed. Ron Reich shares how you can shape up an annual plan in three steps.

Nov 29, 2022
970 – Protecting Yourself Legally with Heather Pearce Campbell

Is your online business safe from legal issues? Business lawyer Heather Pearce Campbell addresses potential problems and how to avoid them.

Nov 24, 2022
969 – 9 Invisible Profit Killers – Part 2

James and Full Stack Business Owner’s Charley Valher started a list of nine things that lower profit margins. Hear Part 2 of it in this episode.

Nov 22, 2022
968 – How to Get Your Website Selling Without Needing a Sales Person

High-converting websites don't need a sales person. Studio1design's Greg Merrilees shares the secret of sites that sell almost by themselves.

Nov 17, 2022
967 – Ditch Your Paid Traffic Agency and Profit Faster with Paid Traffic

Ilana Wechsler offers a hybrid approach to paid traffic - part done-with-you, part education. Hear more about how this works and why it’s effective.

Nov 15, 2022
966 – Using Stories to Sell via Webinars with Colin Boyd

Colin Boyd helps people sell from stage, both physically and online. Here he shares how to make a webinar presentation by telling stories that sell.

Nov 10, 2022
965 – Winning the Week with Demir Bentley (Productivity)

Winning every day? Impossible. But winning the week is very doable, says Demir Bentley. He and James discuss his book that simplifies productivity.

Nov 07, 2022
964 – Tips for Combining Coaching, Courses and Memberships

When your subscription product features coaching, and courses, and a membership, John Lint has what could be the best membership software for you.

Nov 02, 2022