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God is Light Part 1

We humans tend to have a rather narrow view of who we want to let into our lives. We want to be around people who are for the most part similar to us in how we live our lives. But as Pastor Daniel will be teaching today, the kingdom of God is open to everybody, and that means that we’re going to be interacting with people very different than ourselves. The great thing about it, though, is that through the Holy Spirit, we all have common ground.

Feb 21
Setting the Stage Part 3

It’s hard to think about all of the EVIL things that people do to other people and imagine that God can somehow use those events and bring good out of them. If you’ve been a victim of such things that’s probably a question you ask often. But as Pastor Daniel will be teaching today, we humans simply are unable to comprehend how … BIG … God REALLY is. Beginning to get a grip on God’s infinite knowledge will help us find the peace He provides.

Feb 20
Setting the Stage Part 2

Everybody has two lives that they live: the one they live when they’re around people they know, and the one they live when they’re around strangers. The most honest people are the ones whose two lives are most similar. As a follower of Jesus, it’s clear that neither of those sides meets God’s standards. As Pastor Daniel will be teaching, that’s where grace and forgiveness come in to help us achieve what God wants to do in our lives.

Feb 19
Setting the Stage Part 1

Joseph went through a lot of trauma during his life: sold into slavery, falsely imprisoned, and hated by his brothers. It would have been easy for him to just fade away into mediocrity, but he didn’t. As Pastor Daniel shares the final words of prophecy that Jacob spoke over Joseph, the reason for Joseph’s success will become clear. Learning the secret of Joseph’s prosperity, you’ll discover principles that will help you as you live out your life.

Feb 16
Jacob’s Prophecy Part 3

Patience is one of the hardest things to learn because you have to go through things you can’t fix to learn to see them through to the end. In Jacob’s life, God had made promises to him. Some of the fulfillment of those promises wouldn’t come to pass until many years after Jacob’s death. Nevertheless, as Pastor Daniel will share today, Jacob understood that delay and as a result will give thanks to God. This is a good lesson for us all.

Feb 15
Jacob’s Prophecy Part 2

It’s been said throughout the ages that actions have consequences. Today’s society seems to be bent on denying the reality of that statement. But even thousands of years ago it was the case, as Pastor Daniel will share today. Three of Jacob’s sons had done things that were pretty awful, and maybe they thought that those deeds were forgotten. But you’ll learn that those sinful acts are going to affect their descendants as well.

Feb 14
Jacob’s Prophecy Part 1

God loves mankind very much and also wants men and women to know the reality of His existence. To make both of those facts plain, He gives prophetic words throughout scripture. One of those places is where Pastor Daniel will be teaching from today. You’ll hear Jacob telling what the descendants of his sons will be like based on the temperaments of the son. It’s quite remarkable and goes to show the divine origin of the Bible.

Feb 13
Adoption of Joseph’s Sons Part 2

What does being faithful and fruitful mean and how is that different than being successful? From the world’s viewpoint, success can be measured by increasing wealth and prestige. But does that mean that you were faithful or fruitful? Pastor Daniel will be teaching about Jacob’s faithfulness to God as Jacob nears the end of his life. You’re going to learn what the difference between success and fruitfulness is and which is more important to God.

Feb 12
Adoption of Joseph’s Sons Part 1

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can pick your friends but you’re stuck with family”. And it’s true; you don’t have a choice about blood relatives, for good or for bad. Adopting someone, on the other hand, is deliberately making a person a part of your family. Pastor Daniel will teach about Jacob adopting Joseph’s sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. He will explain the significance of this act and Jacob’s prophecies about these brothers.

Feb 09
Reunion in Egypt Part 3

Have you ever tried to lift a package that was too heavy for you to carry? Did you try to figure out a way to move it yourself or did you ask for help? In the daily toils of life, we humans most often try to figure out a way to solve our problems ourselves. Pastor Daniel will be reminding you that there are always going to be hardships that you just can’t solve yourself. There’s Someone, God, Who knows about your trouble and has a solution for you.

Feb 08
Reunion in Egypt Part 2

Nobody wants to go through hard times, but when they happen – and they do for everyone – the tendency is to ask why they happened. Joseph surely could ask why he suffered the way he did but Pastor Daniel is going to show that there’s no evidence that Joseph had a pity party or got mad at God. He showed how to live your life: remember Who has you in their hand and do the best you can in your situation, because God is Who you ultimately answer to.

Feb 07
Reunion in Egypt Part 1

That’s tough to hear, isn’t it? Everybody wants to be given a break because we all fall short of our ideal behavior. And maybe that’s okay for earthly stuff but as Pastor Daniel will be teaching, God’s standard is a simple one to understand: perfection. In word, thought, and deed. And we all know that under that code we don’t make the cut. That’s why God planned for Jesus to come to earth and redeem us; how wonderful!

Feb 06
Brothers in Egypt Part 3

You’d have to love somebody a whole lot to offer your life in exchange for theirs. Most parents would be willing to do something like that to save their children; if you’re a parent, you understand. Pastor Daniel will be teaching about a similar situation where Jacob was required to let his precious son Benjamin go to Egypt so they could get food. The similarities between Judah and Jesus will become clear.

Feb 05
Brothers in Egypt Part 2

You’ve heard the phrase, “Actions have consequences”. This is true in the physical world but also in the spiritual one. How we react to circumstances, both good and bad, has a ripple effect on the world around us. Pastor Daniel will talk about Joseph’s treatment of his brothers and the effect it had on them. You’ll hear about their residual guilt as well as Joseph’s graciousness toward them. Lessons for us to learn, for sure.

Feb 02
Brothers in Egypt Part 1

Joseph certainly was the right man in the right place at the right time for Egypt and the surrounding countries. If he had been busy with a pity party when he was sold into slavery by his brothers, things would’ve turned out way different for that whole region. Pastor Daniel will be teaching about the importance of living your life in such a way that you will be prepared for things that God has planned for you but you know nothing about yet.

Feb 01
Joseph in Egypt Part 3

Have you ever had a situation where you needed to say something to a friend that you knew they weren’t going to like, and you didn’t tell them because you didn’t want them to get mad at you? Sure, everyone has done that. But Pastor Daniel is going to teach about a time when Joseph did just that thing. You’re going to be reminded that sometimes being a good friend sometimes means you’re going to make your friend mad.

Jan 31
Joseph in Egypt Part 2

There’s a saying that you can’t stop a bird from trying to land on your head, but you can keep it from building a nest in your hair. Joseph was put in a difficult situation where he was being tempted by his master’s wife. As Pastor Daniel will be teaching, remember that the sin isn’t just against the person you get involved with; it’s a sin against God. If nothing else, that should help motivate us to keep things on the up and up.

Jan 30
Joseph in Egypt Part 1

When you hit a bad patch in life, the first thing you think probably isn’t, “Praise God – I’m so happy to be in this horrible spot!” And honestly, Joseph probably wasn’t thinking that either. Pastor Daniel is going to show in his teaching today that despite Joseph’s situation, Joseph’s attitude and behavior were the kind that pleased God. And that is why God was blessing him. This is a good lesson for us to grab onto.

Jan 29
Judah, Tamar, and the Grace of God Part 3

Lots of people think that they’re going to get into heaven because they aren’t as bad as the worst person they can think of. The reason that’s not going to work is because that’s not how God evaluates your life. As Pastor Daniel will show, God doesn’t even have to compare your life with Jesus’ life; He only has to compare your life with the life you know you should have lived. And that’s why you and everyone else need God’s mercy.

Jan 26
Judah, Tamar, and the Grace of God Part 2

Guilt and shame are powerful emotions that can drive us to do further wrong things. You’re going to hear about Judah, who had been making poor decisions for a few years, making another terrible choice. Pastor Daniel is going to show that we know when we mess up and we tend to want to hide from examination by others. You’ll be encouraged to rip the scab off of the sin in your life and be honest with yourself and with God.

Jan 25
Judah, Tamar, and the Grace of God Part 1

Western society has embraced the idea of radical individualism, and this has found its way into the Western Church as well. The problem is that when people are isolated, it’s easier for them to fall into temptation; two can fight more effectively than one. Pastor Daniel’s teaching today is going to illustrate that for us through the life of Judah. The great thing about God, though, is that He can redeem our mistakes and bring forth good out of them.

Jan 24
Joseph Part 2

Did you ever think of that? God did not design us for death. What a thought. Today, Pastor Daniel taught us that death was not part of God's original creation. That's why Jesus' work on Earth is so amazing and wonderful. He restores us to our originally-designed state. Even though our bodies fail us, Jesus restores us. Death, then, has no sting to those who believe in Jesus. Let's rejoice that our names are written in The Lamb's Book of Life.

Jan 23
Joseph Part 1

Who do you hate today? There seems to be much hate going around these days. Pastor Daniel reminds us today that God so loved the world that He gave us Jesus. God doesn't hate anyone but desires all to love Jesus. Sadly, many won't turn to God. We need to adjust our view of God to match Scripture. We should love whom God loves. We should hate what God hates. Let's examine ourselves and make God's view of people, our view.

Jan 22
Patriarchs Mop-Up Part 2

Are you willing to allow God to change your tragedy into glory? God can use your deepest hurts for His glory. In his message today, Pastor Daniel acknowledges that people often hurt too much to allow God to transform their hurt into His glory. God is a redeeming God. He wants to use us as examples of His work. He can heal us and set us on a lampstand to shine for Him. Let's allow God to take our brokenness and make something good out of it.

Jan 19
Patriarchs Mop-Up Part 1

Do you have an idol? An idol is anything that replaces God in our hearts and minds. Pastor Daniel tells us today that every heart produces idols. Our hearts are idol factories. The Holy Spirit is great at pointing out our idols. Once we know what our idol is, The Holy Spirit will help us dismantle it. God wants to be thought of the most. He wants us to honor Him more than anything else. Let's not play around with our idols but destroy them today.

Jan 18
The Dinah Incident Part 2

Do you wish you could rewind your life? It’s too bad life doesn’t come with a remote control. In his message today, Pastor Daniel teaches us that we can't change yesterday, but we can do better tomorrow. We must forget the things behind us and stretch forward to the things before us. With guidance from the Holy Spirit, we can please God in our future. We don't have to make the same mistakes again. Let's allow God to direct our future for His glory.

Jan 17
The Dinah Incident Part 1

How true is that? Many of us have a self-focused kind of love. Today, Pastor Daniel sure nailed this one. We say we love others, but all our focus is on us. It's narcissistic love. Look at me loving you. Aren’t I great for loving you? How do you stack up? Can you love someone else unconditionally? If you require something in return, then you may be loving narcissistically. Let's learn to love others in the same way that Jesus loves us.

Jan 16
The Reunion Part 2

Do you love God? Are you “making much” of God today? Pastor Daniel notes today that true worship is about submitting our plans, wills, and ideas to Him every day. Worshipping God is not only about singing songs on Sunday morning but about recognizing who God is and who we are every day. Seeing the difference will cause us to humbly bow down before The Almighty, Holy, Glorious, and Loving God of The Bible. Blessed be His holy name!

Jan 15
The Reunion Part 1

Is life hard right now? Do you feel like everything is piled on top of you? Today Pastor Daniel teaches us to pray God's character and God's Word back to Him with humility. When life gets rough, remind God what He said and who He is. When we do this, we're garnering God's attention and we're reminding ourselves who God is. God is a good God and He said that all things will work together for good. Let's thank Him because He will come through.

Jan 12
The Prosperity of Jacob Part 3

By today’s standards Jacob would probably be a multimillionaire. He had a lot of livestock, which would’ve made him very wealthy. He didn’t seem to spend a lot of time thinking about what he owned. Pastor Daniel is going to talk about prosperity and where it really comes from. You’ll learn that Jacob seemed to have learned that lesson, which allowed God to entrust a vast amount of goods to His steward, Jacob.

Jan 11