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JJ Hayes Waited 21 Years To Talk To Keith Urban About Something And Finally Got The Chance

My 1st time chatting with Keith Urban, but 2nd opportunity. The first chance happened 21 years ago and I got shade, so I called him out. Plus, the Speed of Now tour, his new single Brown Eyes Baby, how fast he went in a car and more.

Aug 11
JJ Hayes in the Morning Talk With Comedian and America's Favorite Husband Steve Trevino

He teaches all men how to speak wife, he's "America's Favorite Husband", he's a big supporter of Veteran's and first responders, and he's coming to Botanica at the end of the month. I really enjoyed catching up with funny man Steve Trevino.

Aug 10
JJ Talks With "Subway Sean" on His Walk Across America

Subway Sean is his name and he is walking across America to raise money and awarness for a great organization that helps underserved and inner city kids experience the great outdoors. Sean is currently in Kansas and JJ got him on the phone.

Aug 09
JJ Hayes Chats with Community Leader Frederick Freeman Jr. About Helping Kids and Leading By Example

Really appreciated having Frederick Freeman Jr. in studio today to talk about the 4th Annual Food and School Supply drive he's organizing, how important it is, and the example he's trying to lead with.

Aug 09
JJ Hayes in the Morning Ep. 418-The Office Break In and Funny Nicknames

My office was broken into over the weekend, and the circumstances surrounding it are spooky. Funny nicknames and favorite vehicle features, it's all in today's show. Thanks for listening.

Aug 08
JJ and Chris Mann Talk Tony Bennett and the NHL

Had a great conversation with Chris Mann is coming back to Wichita for 2 special nights. One at the Orpheum, one at Intrust Bank Arena and it's going to be a great weekend in September.

Aug 05
JJ Hayes in the Morning Ep. 417-Funny Money and Dirty Cars

One of the many reason that I love my job, is because it's a great look into human behavior and at the end of the day we are more alike than not. Like how we handle our money and how we treat the inside of our vehicles. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day

Aug 01
JJ Hayes in the Morning Ep. 416-Hero Kids, Hero Dogs and Chaos At Dillon's

A couple of stories to prove that not all heroes wear capes - whether they have 2 legs or 4. Oh, the chaos at Dillon's when they rearranged their store. That and more. in today's show.

Jul 25
JJ Hayes in the Morning Ep. 415-Taco Hotline and the Disney Love Child

Couple of news stories inspired the fun today. Champagne on demand and a group therapy about the ex, his love child and why you don't want to bring him to Disney. Good Stuff with JJ Watt, the usual fun and games and more. Thanks for listening.

Jul 21
JJ Hayes in the Morning Ep. 414-No Kissing For You

Where do you draw the line? What is the deal breaker for you when it comes to pumping the breaks on the kissing because your person just ate something you don't like. That, subscription seat warming and much more in today's show.

Jul 13
JJ Hayes in the Morning Ep. 413-Eat Beans, Stay Young

The title is correct, according to Peter Gabriel, beans are his fountain of youth. But the side effects!! You share yours, we call Surfer Boy Pizza together, play some games, and more.

Jul 07
JJ Hayes in the Morning Ep. 412-JJ Breaks Stuff and What's Your Vecna Song

Vecna, A woman with a 55-gallon drum on her head, a fun community event, bad ice cream, my love for my new lawn mower, fun and games and more in today's show. Thanks for listening.

Jul 06
JJ Hayes in the Morning Ep. 411-Carrie Underwood, Luke Combs, A Hot Dog President and Old Trucker Code

It's a sad day, but I think old trucker code is becoming a thing of the past. In today's podcast I explain how I didn't get closure. Plus, we hear from Carrie Underwood, Luke Combs and a hot dog expert just in time for 4th of July

Jun 29
JJ Hayes in the Morning Ep. 410-Willie Nelson's Arm Hair and Learning To Drive

What a weekend. To St. Louis and Back again, you know I have lots of stories, questions and observations. Let's start with Willie Nelson's arm hair. From there, it's lame company gifts, learning to drive, what I missed most while I was away from home and so much more. Thanks for listening.

Jun 27
JJ Hayes in the Morning Ep. 409-My Audiobook Got Me Lost

You know that thing we do, when we are trying to focus on where we are going in the car, we turn the radio down. I NOW KNOW WHY. I was so caught up in my audiobook the other day that I got turned around and missed my turn. That, Final Friday, a big brand name change and getting you ready for the Chris Janson show.

Jun 23
JJ Hayes in the Morning Ep. 408-Amy's Awkward Spa Day

I think the lesson we can all take away from Amy's funny story about her day at the spa, is IF YOU DON'T KNOW, ASK!! I think it would have saved Amy a little embarrassment ...LOL! What's in the bag, bad pick up line and more.

Jun 21
JJ Hayes in the Morning Ep. 407-Crab Whiskey

Yes, Crab Whiskey. I want to try it, do some research for you, but I'm not sure you care. So, go to my FB page and find the article, like it, if I get 1000 likes, I will buy the whiskey and do a taste test. Turtle PTSD, lots of push ups and my nose is broken. All in today's show.

Jun 20
JJ Hayes In The Morning Ep. 406-The Great Pie Fight

Friday, Father's Day Weekend, Juneteenth weekend and it's about Girl Scout Cookies, beer and pie. Plus, you have to be a horrible person to make Tom Hanks angry enough to drop an F-Bomb. It happened.

Jun 17
Country Music Minute-Aaron Watch is Frustrated, Carrie Underwood Honors One of her Idols, New Luke Combs and more

Carrie Underwood sings for her idol, Aaron Watson talks about his vocal cord injury, Ingrid Andress has a new album on the way, a new song from Luke Combs and more in today's Country Music Minute

Jun 17
The Watch List-Tom Hanks Gets Mad, Game of Thrones Gets a Sequel, Beyonce Fans Get a New Album and more

It's hard to believe, but someone made Tom Hanks mad. Think about that, when was the last time you saw Tom lose his cool. Game of Thrones is getting a Jon Snow sequel, Beyonce announces a new album and a WWE story I'm trying to figure out if it's real or not. It's all in today's Watch List

Jun 17
Country Music Minute-Dolly Gives, Post Malone Country? Luke Combs and Jon Pardi Bring The New and More

Dolly Parton just continues to give and give and she is what the world needs right now. Luke Bombs - we are on baby watch and waiting for a new single coming tomorrow, Jon Pardi has a new album on the way, is Post Malone going country and more in today's Country Music Minute.

Jun 16
The Watch List-Stallone Is The Tulsa King, Kevin Spacey Faces Charges, James Patterson Apologizes, Ryan Gosling as Ken? and more

Today in the Watch List, more Amber Heard in the news regarding Aquaman rumors. Kevin Spacey in U.K. courts, James Patterson says sorry, Ryan Gosling as Ken and I'm not sure how I feel about it and get ready for Stallone as the Tulsa King.

Jun 16
JJ Hayes Chat with Big Kenny and Charlie Pennachio about "Big Kenny's Crank It Up Garage"

I never have a bad time when Big Kenny from Big & Rich is on the show. He brings along long time friend Charlie Pennachio to talk about the new season and new creations on "Big Kenny's Crank It Up Garage" on Circle.

Jun 15
Country Music Minute-Lainey Wilson Talks Yellowstone, Breland's New Album, Luke Bryan Adds More Vegas, Miranda in Your Home and More

In today's Country Music Minute, so how did Lainey Wilson land that Yellowstone Season 5 gig? Breland's 1st album, Luke Combs' first baby, Miranda in Walmart and more.

Jun 15
The Watch List-Loki is Engaged, Keenan Thompson Files For Divorce, Squid Game Realty Show, Kim Kardashian Ruins A Dress and More

Today in the Watch List, there's divorce, engagement, a new Squid Game reality show, Kim Kardashian ruins a dress and James Patterson cries racism.

Jun 15
JJ Hayes and People Sr. Crime Editor Alicia Dennis Talk About The New Season of "People Magazine Investigates"

True Crime, if you're like me, you can't get enough. Well, back for a new season is "People Magazine Investigates". I had a chance to chat with Sr. Crime Editor of People Magazine, Alicia Dennis about the new season, why do we love true crime and more. Check out the full interview with stuff you didn't hear on air.

Jun 14
JJ Chats with Friends from the American Cancer Society about Relay For Life

Relay for Life is such a profound, fun, emotional, important event. In the past, I've been lucky enough to participate and this year, maybe this year, is the year you get involved. If so, check out my interview with Ginger about Relay for Life here in Sedgwick County.

May 26
Country Music Minute-Tim McGraw's Nanny Helps With A Hit, Jason Aldean Gets Another #1, and Lainey Wilson Impersonated Who?

Tim McGraw has a great story about one of his hit songs, more on American Idol Noah Thompson and his first single, you have to check out the new Cole Swindell video and Lainey Wilson led a Hannah Montana life.

May 26
The Watch List-Depp, Duggar, Dorothy's Dress, Don't Got Into The 100 Acre Wood and More

A Winnie The Pooh Horror Movie. Yeah, that's going to be a thing. Goodbye Ellen, Josh Duggar says hello prison, don't say "yes to the dress" just yet, Johnny Depp testifies and more.

May 26
JJ Chats with Local Author Vanessa Whiteside about "100 Things To Do In Wichita Before You Die"

Vanessa Whiteside is a native Wichitan who never shies away from telling others about the city she holds dear. Today, I chatted with her and celebrated her book, "100 Things in Wichita To Do Before You Die", and while we avoid the spoilers we do talk about everything on what to tell someone not from here about Wichita, what Vanessa misses and more.

May 24