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Fanatics, Inc. Gets One Leg Up With the NHL; March Madness Makes New Legacy Teams in 2023

As of 2024, an affiliate sponsor of the Alex Garrett Podcast Network, Fanatics will become the official jersey supplier of the ! Congrats from this member! Link for today’s offer on NY Rangers gear! If you buy, I do make a commission, so thank you in advance for your support! Also, why March Madness legacy teams have shifted this 2023 tournament. Coaching retirements are a big reason why!

Mar 26
Should One Leg Up With Alex Garrett Be On Radio? Also about that ‘Together Apart’ Mantra

On the Alex Garrett Podcast Network, we discuss the Nielsen findings on the 18-49 demographic now listening to radio more than watching TV: Follow StoneStreetNYC on Instagram AND take a listen to why Together Apart was just a terrible mantra looking back to COVID 3 yrs ago. Finally, is your March Madness bracket busted yet?

Mar 19
Get One Leg Up On Life With A Clean Home or Office With Citrus-a-Peel Founder Doug Hartt

Thanks to Doug Hartt for talking on Alex Garrett's Podcast Network about how Citrus-a-Peel helps you have a leg up on life with a clean home or office! Link to Citrus-A-Peel:

Mar 08
One Leg Up With Author Kevin D. Miller 2-22-23

Author Kevin D. Miller returned to the Alex Garrett Podcast Network to talk about his new book, 'Taquoma'. We explore Kevin's research on Native American heritage as well as an update on his grandfather, Stanley Puchalski's, story! Could it hit the big screen? Find out! Links:

Feb 23
1-13-23 - One Leg Up On the Shadow State With Kevin Stocklin

Epoch Times own Kevin Stocklin talks about what ESG stands for and how their is an alliance between government and the 'woke' corporations in America. Link to the Shadow State Doc here:

Jan 13
1-10-23 - One Leg Up with Award-Winning Filmmaker Christian Caputo

A big thanks to Christian Caputo for joining my podcast to talk about his award-winning endeavors in both filmmaking as well as screenwrtiting! We talk about his newest projects and what it means to be award-winning! Fnd out more about Christian on his instagram at @CShadow12!

Jan 10
One Leg Up on The Economy With GETIDA CGO Yoni Mazor to Start 2023

For more on today's featured company,GETIDA, click HERE: More Alex Garrett Podcasting can be heard HERE:

Jan 04
One Leg Up With NY Post Albany Reporter, Zach Williams To Recap 2022

Our final One Leg Up feature of 2022 is a conversation with NYPost Albany Editor Zach Williams to recap Hochul's election year and so much more! Find Zach on Twitter @ZachReports! Link to Zach Williams Articles:

Dec 31, 2022
Ep. 13 -We Must Have One Leg Up on Rare Earth Minerals

The rare earth mineral mining industry is not favoring American production and that has to change. On Alex Garrett podcasting, a commentary on why 200 MILLION dollars invested in American mines like Mountain Pass and MP Materials is worth it for we, the American taxpayer. It's a matter of competition against CHINA as Politico reporter Lara Seligman, has noted! Link to her story: More about MP Materials: More about rare earth mineral lobbyist Jeff Green:

Dec 18, 2022
Ep. 12 - For Thanksgiving, it's One Turkey Leg Up with Alex Garrett 11-24-22

As we wind down Thanksgiving, some thoughts on why having a turkey leg up for unity should inspire us in the days AFTER Thanksgiving. My thoughts on why this holiday is quite unifying at its core! I also discuss what I'm thankful for on Alex Garrett Podcasting!

Nov 25, 2022
Ep. 11- One Leg Up on Consumer Spending With GETIDA CGO Yoni Mazor 11-11-22

On Alex Garrett Podcasting, we continue GETIDA CEO Yoni Mazor. The conversation ranges from Veterans Day, holiday consumerism and even a slightly decreased inflation rate. Yoni reminds us about what it means to be an Amazon Influencer! Links: Twitter:

Nov 12, 2022
Ep. 10 - Why Lee Zeldin Deserves the Chance to Have One Leg Up In Albany for New Yorkers

My only two endorsements on this podcast include Rep. Lee Zeldin in the Governor of New York's race. Gov. Hochul has been the one HIDING from questions of what she plans after Election Day. In Pennsylvania, not only do I hope for the Phillies to knock off the Astros in the World Series, I hope Dr. Oz can pull off a victory over Lt. Gov. Fetterman in their US Senate race.

Oct 24, 2022
Ep. 9 - One Leg Up With Marine Major Fred Galvin, Author of 'A Few Bad Men'

This episode with Marine Major Fred Galvin SPONSORED by Raymour and Flanagan. Click the affiliate link for info on the short FRIENDS AND FAMILY SALE. 15% off with THIS LINK : ( Why were we giving former and current members of the Taliban VISA's? I turn to Marine Major Fred Galvin, author of 'A Few Bad Men' (

Oct 22, 2022
Ep. 8 - One Leg Up With Rich Valdes, Incoming Host of the Jim Bohannon Show (Sponsored By Raymour and Flanagan)

Rich Valdes talks time at WABC , Somerset Christian College and becoming the incoming host at the Jim Bohannon Show with AM 1230! Follow @RichValdes on Twitter and his link:; One Leg Up With Alex Garrett is affiliate sponsored by Raymour and Flanagan. 25% of these great deals by clicking the link of the furniture empire! A reminder that once a purchase is made through this affiliate link, I will be compensated as part of the partnership :

Oct 16, 2022
Ep. 7- One Leg Up on Combating Human Trafficking With Author John DiGirolamo 10-10-22

Retired CPA John DiGirolamo talks with Alex Garrett Podcasting about his work with combating sex trafficking and his 'It is Not About' series. Link: This episode of One Leg Up with Alex Garrett is sponsored by the affiliate program of Raymour and Flanagan! 75th anniversary sale going on right now, CLICK THE LINK! (

Oct 11, 2022
Episode 6 - One Leg Up With Ronald Lin, Bergen County Commissioner Candidate 10-3-22 - Sponosred By Raymour and Flanagan

We have a Real Talk with Ronald Lin, podcaster and current candidate for Bergen County Commissioner in NJ! Why does Ronnie want one leg up for the community of Bergen County? I ask him just that on Alex Garrett Podcasting! Ronald Lin's Youtube: This episode of One Leg Up with Alex Garrett is inaugurally sponsored by the affiliate program of Raymour and Flanagan! 75th anniversary sale going on right now, CLICK THE LINK! (

Oct 04, 2022
Episode 5 - One Leg Up With Robert Erskine, AutoLab Alumnus and Her Majesty Historian in Jolly Ol' England 9-19-22

A very special conversation with Robert Erskine. Robert is acar enthusiast, Queen Elizabeth II enthusiast and just an enthusiastic person all around and so great to have him on to talk about the passing of The Queen straight from the UK himself! Link up with him at

Sep 19, 2022
Episode 4- One Leg Up With Dan Bussani of The Bussani Mobility Team 8-29-22

How does Dan Bussani continue the Bussani mobility legacy and actually maintain a leg up in transportation for those with disabilities? I asked him that and so much more on the latest edition of One Leg Up With Alex Garrett! Website for Bussani Mobility:

Aug 29, 2022
Episode Three - One Leg Up With HVS Alum and Queens College CDS Chair Jessica Dalonzo

I was really excited to welcome Queens College Committee for Disabled Students Chairwoman Jessica Dalonzo to discuss her journey through the Henry Viscardi School community from the age 5 of to graduating high school. We also talked about her undergrad years at Queens College and what lies ahead for the now-graduate student this fall! All the best on your masters, Jess and we are rooting you on! Watch our conversation HERE:

Aug 24, 2022
Episode 2 - The 9/11 Tribute Museum Keeps NYC One Leg Up On Never Forgetting

‘Never Forget’ is a moniker that New York City has lived up to for 20+ years since the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Why the 9/11 Tribute museum MUST STAY OPEN for NYC to have One Leg Up on Never Forgetting. My thoughts on Alex Garrett Podcasting!

Aug 17, 2022
The MISSION STATEMENT FOR One Leg Up With Alex Garrett

Why the re-brand? i want to bring on people who have ONE LEG UP in their industry! Have any idea? Email Alex Garrett Podcasting at

Aug 16, 2022
Gov. Abbott's Temper Tantrum is Hurting NYC EVEN MORE 8-5-22

By sending at least one busload of migrants that have crossed the United States border illegally , Gov. Abbott is not proving a point, he's causing a problem in NYC. My thoughts on Alex Garrett Podcasting

Aug 06, 2022
Alex Talks Moon Landing Anniversary and Pastor Jay Unzaga Brings God On the Road! 7-20-22

What is Buzz Aldrin doing with his moon landing jacket 53 years later? Alex Garrett weighs in on the significance the moon landing still has on the American fabric. We also talk with Good Shepherd Weehawken Lutheran Church Vuce Pastor Jay Unzaga about his journey that brought GOD ON THE ROAD THIS SUMMER! Link to Aldrin jacket up for auction:

Jul 21, 2022
Bodega Clerk’s Right to Self-Defense in NYC Should Empower Stand Your Ground Law in New York State

With Jose Alba fighting for his right to self-defense, it’s time we explore Stand Your Ground law in New York State . I support legislation by NYS Sen. George Borrello and Assemblyman David DiPietro :

Jul 08, 2022
Fmr. CBS VP Paul Friedman Talks About Authoring 'The Unexpected Danny Green' As Well As Television in 2022

A big thanks to fmr. VP of CBS TV On Air Promotions Paul Friedman for joining Alex Garrett Podcasting! Don't miss his book about fictional yet inspirational boxer, 'The Unexpected Danny Green'!

Jun 30, 2022
Watergate50 Series Continues with 'Deep Throat' Lawyer John D. O'Connor 6-28-22

Thanks to John D. O'Connor for joining Alex Garrett Podcasting. Mr. O'Connor was the lawyer for Mark Felt when 91 year old Mark Felt revealed himself as 'Deep Throat' in the Watergate scandal. We talked Washington Post, Woodward and Bernstein, today's DOJ and revealing the identity of Deep Throat in Vanity fair. 'The Mysteries of Watergate ' Book:

Jun 29, 2022
Talkng Watergate50 with Randal Wallace, Host of the 'Bridging the Political Gap' Podcast

Check out Randal Wallace's podcast and entire site: We talked about Watergate at 50 and the character of Richard Nixon on Alex Garrett Podcasting

Jun 24, 2022
WashTimes White House Correspondent Jeff Mordock Talks Durham Probe , Sussman and Observations on Biden

Why did Clinton attorney Michael Sussman walk free? Jeff Mordock of the Washington Times joined me to discuss the trial. He also recaps the Durham Probe which he broke news on for the WashTimes dating back to 3 years ago. I also ask Jeff his latest observations of Biden in these times of crises. Thanks to Jeff Mordock for joining Alex Garrett Podcasting! Links to Jeff's work:

Jun 07, 2022
Albany’s Clean Slate Act is Not A Clean Slate

I rip on this pending bill in New York that believes sealing convictions is a clean slate. I argue on Alex Garrett Podcasting that a clean slate involves forgiving someone’s past, not hiding it! More on the Clean Slate NY campaign:

Jun 02, 2022
Memorial Day 2022 Conversation with Marine Cryptologist and Veteran Bill Staniford

Thanks to Bill Staniford (@BillStaniford on Twitter for joining my podcast this Memorial Day to honor the fallen heroes and pave a brighter future for today's veterans! Listen to our prior conversation on Bill's radio show, 'The Position Papers', which was heard on AM970 the Answer ( Listen to more of Alex Garrett Podcasting here:

May 30, 2022