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Our trip to Field of Dreams

I had a chance to visit Field of Dreams with my son, Casey and do my Inside Pitch pregame. Because we traveled back after the game, I did not have an Extra Innings Show. Due to Bengals, I don't have a show tonight. I had to talk about the trip. So, I recorded this podcast. I've included my talk with Sean Casey.

Aug 12
Dan Carroll 8/10/22

Continuing coverage of the Trump raid with guests and phone calls.

1h 49m
Aug 11
Sports Talk with Lance McAlister 8/10/22

Kicking things off with Chad Brendel of Bearcat Journal and Charlie Goldsmith of the Enquirer who covers both the Reds and Bengals. Looking ahead to the 2022 Bengals season....are we in denial? Could this team not be as good as we think? Also, looking ahead to tomorrow's "Field of Dreams" game...have you been to the site?

1h 48m
Aug 11
Lance with Charlie Goldsmith 8/10/22

Charlie with the latest on the Reds as they prepare for the Field of Dreams Game, and the Bengals as they prepare for Preseason Game #1

Aug 11
Lance with Chad Brendel 8/10/22

Camp has started and the Bearcats are getting ready for their 2022 season; Chad Brendel of Bearcat Journal has been in attendance and has a first hand account of what he's seen.

Aug 10
Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Innings Show -- 8/9/22

Time to hustle! We are up against the clock, but Lance manages to pack in all he can on the Reds loss to the Mets. Check it out!

Aug 10
8-9-22 Bill Cunningham Show

The Florida residence of former President Donald Trump was raided by the FBI last night. Willie talks with Congressmen Brad Wenstrup, Mike Turner, and Steve Chabot about this latest attack on the former President, and what we should expect going forward.

1h 55m
Aug 09
Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Innings Show -- 8/8/22

Reds lose against the Mets! Lance has reaction. Plus, a vintage extra from Sports Talk in the 1980's with Bob Trumpy and Tracy Jones. Tune in!

Aug 09
Reds rookie Tracy Jones, spring training '86

The Reds rookie joined Bob Trumpy from spring training in Tampa. He talked about why he thought he could make the team and what it was like playing for Pete.

Aug 09
Talking FC Cincinnati with Tom Gelehrter

The voice of the Orange and Blue joined me to talk about the big roster news and big match.

Aug 06
Lance McAlister 8/6/22

Bengals legend, Willie Anderson talks Bengals camp and Joe Burrow, Tommy Gelehrter talks FC Cincinnati who are in the hunt for their first MLS Playoffs appearance; Lance proposes that the Reds sign two players to extension, the cornerstones of the future.

1h 10m
Aug 06
Lance with Willie Anderson 8/5/22

Bengals legend, Big Willie Anderson talks with Lance about the 2022 Bengals, his visit to training camp this week, and his impressions of QB1.

Aug 05
Lance McAlister -- 8/4/22

Cincinnati Bengals, UC Bearcat Football, Cincinnati Reds, and much more! Lance has a full three hours for you. Check it out, right here!

2h 2m
Aug 05
Lance McAlister with Jason Williams -- 8/4/22

Lance talks with the the newest sports columnist at the Cincinnati Enquirer, Jason Williams. Check it out!

Aug 05
Lance McAlister with Bill Koch -- 8/4/22

Lance talks with Author, Bill Koch, on his new book 'Huggs'. Look for it in bookstores near you!

Aug 04
Lance McAlister with Tom Gamble -- 8/4/22

Skyline Chili Crosstown Show Down is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and to give us the latest, Tom Gamble. Beginning 2 weeks from tonight!

Aug 04
Lance McAlister with Justin Williams -- 8/4/22

Who is starting week one? Will the offense look different? Justin Williams checks in to give us updates on Cincinnati Bearcat Football. Tune in!

Aug 04
Lance McAlister with Dave Lapham -- 8/4/22

Lance brings in the Bengals expert, Dave Lapham. Talking training camp updates, podcasts episodes, Joe Burrow, Joseph Ossai, and much more. Check it out!

Aug 04
Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Innings Show -- 8/3/22

The Reds lose against the Marlins, but Lance McAlister has ample time for Extra Innings. Recapping the game, On This Date in Reds History, and Vin Scully. Tune in!

1h 37m
Aug 04
Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Innings 8/2/22

5 big leaguers out, 10 prospects in. Lance gets your reaction to the moves the Reds made to bolster their pipeline.

1h 26m
Aug 03
1986 Chris Welsh joins Bob Trumpy in-studio

The then 31- year old pitcher joined Bob Trumpy in-studio for Sports Talk to discuss coming home and his first half with the Reds.

Aug 02
Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Innings Show -- 8/1/22

Reds win it, 3-1 against the Marlins. Lance McAlister has opened the phone lines and is ready to get down to business. Take a listen!

1h 24m
Aug 02
Sports Talk w/ Lance 7/28/22

7/28/22: Lance chats w/ Geoff Hobson from, Beechwood Grad Cole Hetzel on going for the world putt-putt record (along w/ his father), Chris Vogt on the 15th Annual Techmo Bowl from Rick's Tavern and Tyler Bradshaw on the 2022 Nuxy Bash. He also touches on Mike Brown and Duke Tobin's recent comments on the Bengals upcoming season as well as Reds Recap and Highlights. Plus, On This Date in Reds History closes out the show.

1h 58m
Jul 29
Lance and Tyler Bradshaw 7/28/22

7/28/22: Lance chats w/ Tyler Bradshaw about the 2022 Nuxy Bash.

Jul 29
Lance and Cole Hetzel 7/28/22

7/28/22: Lance chats w/ Beechwood Grad Cole Hetzel on going for the world record for putt-putt (along with dad)!

Jul 28
Lance and Geoff Hobson 7/28/22

7/28/22: Lance chats w/ Geoff Hobson from on everything Bengals.

Jul 28
Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Innings Show -- 7/27/22

Luis Castillo punched it out! Reds Win! Lance has reaction to the game, possible trades, Bengals talk, and more. Tune in!

1h 33m
Jul 28
Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Innings 7/27/22

Reds lose a good one to the Marlins, Hunter Greene pitched well, and the trade deadline is a week away. Lance gets into all of it with you along with a little bit of Bengals talk as Training Camp is officially here.

1h 18m
Jul 27
Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Innings Show -- 7/25/22

Reds Win! Reds Win! Reds Win! Lance McAlister recaps the game and touches on the Cincinnati Bengals upcoming season. Tune in!

1h 3m
Jul 26
July 25, 1990: Roseanne sings anthem, Marty & Joe react

Roseanne Barr attempted to sing the anthem prior to Reds vs Padres in San Diego. Marty and Joe react to the controversial performance.

Jul 25