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Welcome to Let’s Talk Tri Delta! Topics covered on this podcast will be relevant to the Tri Delta experience, both collegiate and alumnae, with hosts and guests who are members, friends and industry experts. We will take a deep dive into some of the most powerful stories from our award-winning magazine, The Trident, and we will get up close and personal with some of our brave, bold and kind members.

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From recipes to ritual – A hearty conversation with Melissa Booth Hall

Journey through the flavors and tales of the American South with a podcast episode that combines the richness of Southern culture, cuisine, and storytelling. Melissa Booth Hall, shares her experiences as a former public defender turned stay-at-home mom, her volunteer roles and her current role as Managing Director of the Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA)  Melissa helps us explore stereotypes as she highlights the diverse culinary traditions of the South, and through her podcast Gravy, provides a voice to both renowned chefs and everyday cooks. Melissa shares her passion for home cooking while taking us on her journey through Tri Delta and weaving in her insights about our Ritual. Hear as Melissa explains how rituals and promises are fundamental elements in our lives, connecting the Greek system with the world of Southern cuisine, both rich in tradition and a sense of promise for the future. So, join us for a hearty serving of culture, storytelling and, of course, some mouthwatering Southern food tales, spiced with Melissa's unique experiences and insights.

Dec 05
Vision and Soul: Woman of Achievement Francés Jones

Join us for an inspiring podcast episode where we explore Francés’s remarkable journey as a lawyer—building a bridge between corporate business talk and the language of creatives. She connects the two worlds of intellectual property law and artistic creation to educate people on their rights. Hear how she maintains her commitment to serving and the significance of soul and vision in her work as she strives to maintain a higher level of expectation and create authentic connections. Discover the impact of her Tri Delta experience, her Women of Achievement recognition, and her dedication to diversity and inclusion. You’ll walk away with an appreciation for her advocacy and commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable world.

Nov 21
33 Under 33: Mandy Chick, Racing to Success

We're revving up with Mandy Chick,, whose ambitions are as fast as her race car! As the president of her chapter and a mechanical engineering student, she's not just hitting the books; he's hitting speeds of 186 miles per hour on the track. Mandy's pit crew, a.k.a. her support team, includes her family and Tri Delta sisters. We put the pedal to the metal in this high-octane podcast episode as Mandy takes us on thrilling journey from the driver's seat to the college classroom. We'll hear about her internship at General Motors, her feature on the cover of the upcoming issue of magazine as one of our 33 Under 33, and how she balances academics, racing and Tri Delta leadership. So, buckle up because Mandy's sharing the challenges, triumphs and thrill of living life in the fast lane.

Nov 07
Julie Roe Lach: Breaking boundaries in sports, leadership and life!

Join us for a captivating conversation with Julie Roe Lach, , NCAA Division One Conference Commissioner of the Horizon League. Julie reflects on her Tri Delta experience, offers insights into the dynamic world of college sports and sheds light on the challenges and issues affecting student-athletes today. Julie's journey began as she transitioned from a Tri Delta collegiate leader to a prominent lawyer and advocate in college sports. Her story is a testament to resilience and shattering boundaries. Julie draws parallels between her role as a team captain and her leadership within Tri Delta, revealing how these lessons in accountability and teamwork set the stage for her early career. From her formative internship at the NCAA to handling high-profile cases and affiliating with the first all-women sports law practice to her role as commissioner, she discusses the challenges of working in male-dominated environments and the importance of bringing humor to the table. Julie's passion for college athletics shines through as she offers her perspective on supporting student-athletes, championing mental health initiatives and highlighting the power of sports in personal growth and development. You also still have time to join us for a live, up-close and personal session with Julie on Nov. 7. Visit tridelta.org/LEADDD /tridelta.org/LEADDD for more information.

Oct 31
Turning Pages and Breaking Barriers: A Conversation About Romance, Resilience and Sisterhood with Donnée Harris

In this captivating episode, we have the privilege of hosting Donnée Harris, , one of the founding members of Delta Lambda Chapter during its re-opening in 2005.  Donnée is an accomplished author of best-selling romance novels, and currently working on some exciting new romance-suspense books. During our discussion, Donnée opens up about her transformative experience in Tri Delta and how she “found find her voice,” a theme she explores in her character in the novel "Prohibited." She shares how she took action for “being the change she wanted to see" and how this inspiration fueled her writing, especially as a role model for her daughters. Donnée also offers insights into her current literary projects and her enduring involvement in Tri Delta, including memorable moments like flag football. This lighthearted and funny story is truly a culmination of her Tri Delta experience and a metaphor for her motivation in life. Tune in to discover how she juggles her dreams, her advice on success and where to find her and her novels.

Oct 24
Allison Walsh: She Believed She Could ... And SHE DID!

Don't miss our engaging conversation with LEADDD Network speaker Allison Walsh, as we dive deep into her incredible journey spanning two decades, which culminated in her remarkable book "She Believed She Could." This book serves as a guide to elevating your mindset, boosting your confidence and crafting a well-defined success plan for your future.  Allison discusses her path to becoming a bestselling author and opens up about the writing process and how the book evolved into a mission to empower women through rich discussions and powerful principles gained from her real-life experiences. Explore Allison’s personal transformation of living in alignment during the writing process, leading her to leave her job and embark on a fresh start. Hear how she's on a mission to create a legacy through her book, with all proceeds benefiting the She Believed She Could Foundation, ensuring access to personal and professional resources for all young women. In this episode, Allison talks about her continued involvement with Tri Delta, where she found—and still finds—a supportive community that cheers her on and empowers her in her journey.

Oct 10
Chapter Chat: Recruitment and Retention Success at Oklahoma State

Grab your headphones and get ready to be inspired by the incredible ladies from Oklahoma State as they share their recruitment success stories and offer valuable insights for Tri Delta chapters everywhere! Sarah Cothran, collegiate chapter president, and Kennedy Carver, vice president of membership experience, offer us a peek into their chapter’s recruitment and retention efforts while providing their perspectives on fostering respect, effective communication and setting priorities within the chapter to help every member thrive! This engaging discussion delves deep into the core elements that set the stage for the Tri Delta experience.

Sep 26
Syracuse Sisters! An Intimate Chat About Friendship, Balance and Business

They were three best friends—and Tri Delta sisters—armed with a cocktail napkin and a groundbreaking idea. Meet the trio behind Panic Panties, best friends who have skillfully balanced work and play, overcoming life's obstacles through mutual commitment, steadfast support and shared joy. Their personal stories provide a glimpse into the ups and downs of entrepreneurship—steering a successful company that's changing the industry by making luxurious panties conveniently accessible. Prepare to join in the camaraderie as if they were your very own best friends during this candid conversation about, well, panties! This episode is brimming with genuine laughter, valuable insights and inspiring anecdotes as these three friends openly share how they’ve redefined friendship and business partnership, and open up about their experiences, from the initial panic of urgently needing a fresh pair of panties to the focused determination required to launch a product. Discover how these friends effortlessly blend their roles as business partners while nurturing their unique qualities and strengths, all infused with a touch of humor and a wealth of real-life stories. These narratives provide a captivating glimpse into their journey of managing a thriving company that's reshaping the industry while having a blast doing it. Find their products at panicpanties.com https://www.panicpanties.com/ and use code TriDelta for 25% off! 

Aug 30
Soul-nourishing conversations with Minaa B.

Dive into this empowering and heartwarming conversation filled with wisdom and soul-nourishing insights. Minaa B. shares the difference between self-care and self-nourishment, urging us to throw away the buzzword and truly understand how to take care of our inner selves. Spoiler: It’s not about using self-care as a band-aid for stress. She doesn't shy away from discussing the struggles that women face, especially the tendency to self-abandon and neglect their own needs, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries, saying no and not feeling guilty about it.  In her new book, "Owning Our Struggles," Minaa B. helps us heal from trauma and manage our well-being through community care. Get to know Minaa B. today! Find her @Minaa_b on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and  on her website https://www.minaab.com/ for more inspiration and community support.

Aug 03
Improv ... No regrets, justs or buts ...

Starting with the power of "yes, and"—the ultimate mantra of improv that takes conversation to the next level—and finishing with tips from her book, “Fear is my Homeboy,” Judi encourages us to befriend fear and use it to push us to where we need to go. From taking her first improv class at age 30 to embracing the unexpected in sketch comedy—and life—she encourages us to live bigger, be bolder and shine brighter! And ... learn why Judi wages war against the words "just" and "but”! Judi reminds us to remix our lives, change things up and tap into our inner child who knows how to have fun and take risks. This podcast sneak peek is just a taste of what’s to come when Judi joins us on stage at LEADDD Chicago July 14th sharing her journey into improv and how it has transformed her life and how it can transform yours, too. Judi will share the secret sauce of courage (hint ... it's all about those 3 seconds of bravery at a time).    If you're ready for laughter, inspiration and a whole lot of "and" moments, join us at LEADDD Chicago and experience the magic for yourself. Visit tridelta.org/events with the special day pass for $99 (discount code: SUMMER), you'll be laughing your way to personal growth and success improv style! Join her email list http://www.judiholler.com/ to keep up with her latest and find her on Instagram @judiholler.

Jul 12
In the TV Room: How Ted Lasso and TSwift Have Brought Us Together

Karen, Mindy, Avery and Meredith have once again huddled in their virtual Tri Delta TV room to catch up as only sisters do. They jump right in to talk about current watchings and discuss leadership lessons from Ted Lasso and how you bond over watching special shows with loved ones. Meredith and Avery take a deep dive into Tay Tay and The Eras Tour (mild spoiler alert!). Most of all they talk about the meaningful shared experiences with sisters and loved ones over music and pop culture. 

Jun 20
Changing the Tragic Narrative of Alzheimer’s

Dr. Joanna Fix, , was leading a flourishing career as a college psychology professor and a law enforcement contractor. She began to notice signs that her executive functioning began to wane. Fueling her car, unloading the dishwasher … these became daily challenges for her. Eventually these issues lead to an involuntary retirement from her teaching career. After four years of tests to determine her diagnosis, Joanna was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at age 48. She is one of the 5% of those diagnosed who are under the age of 65. Despite this life-changing diagnosis, Joanna has become an advocate to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s and dementia, using her platform to change the tragic narrative of the disease. She shares a glimpse into her day-to-day life and how a very special opportunity allowed her to provide a new face to those living with Alzheimer’s. Her story is one of inspiration and hope for all her Tri Delta sisters touched by the disease.  

Jun 06
A Life of Leadership

Among the recipients of Tri Delta’s 2023 Women of Achievement include Lt. Gen. Caroline Miller, Pacific, who oversees all of the manpower of the United States Air Force (USAF). Lt. Gen. Miller shares that the connections she made within Tri Delta helped her better her best in the fields of military service and diplomacy around the world. She discusses her love of the people and families who serve our country and how she empowers them along their careers and lives. Lt. Gen. Miller shares her personal philosophy on leadership, which includes knowing your job better than everyone else, decision making and having fun at work. In addition to her many accomplishments as a servicewoman, she also details her journey with brain cancer and how her resilience helped her return to her command position in the military. We honor her service to our country and congratulate her as a 2023 Woman of Achievement!

May 25
Navigating Female Friendships and Conflict

Female friendship coach and educator Danielle Bayard Jackson wowed our collegiate leaders at 2023 CLC and is back for more! She loved giving her keynote and was so impressed with the future face of leadership among Tri Delta’s newest collegiate officers. Danielle felt the magnitude of support among our members and on this episode goes deep into the importance of female friendships and how that affects our mental health and satisfaction. She heavily relies on research in her work to both affirm and inform women on how they want to show up in relationships. Danielle breaks down her philosophy of “friendtimacy,” which is a balance of positivity, consistency and vulnerability. She addresses how conflict is inevitable in any relationship and offers advice on how to navigate it to build beautiful friendships that last a lifetime.  Follow Danielle on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/daniellebayardjackson/ and learn more on her website https://www.betterfemalefriendships.com/ and podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/friend-forward/id1500460079! www.betterfemalefriendships.com http://www.betterfemalefriendships.com/.

May 02
Tri Deltas in the "TV Room!"

To change the podcast up a little, our hosts Karen White, , and Mindy Tucker, , are joined by two young professionals from the Executive Office staff. Avery Sadler, , and Meredith Davies, , jump in on the conversation of hot topics and other Tri Delta news. Avery and Meredith are recent graduates and help bring younger perspectives on everything from sisterhood, dating and what’s going on in Tri Delta today. They talk about intergenerational learning and how bonding with sisters is a gift from Tri Delta. All four hosts relate it back to being with sisters in the “TV rooms” of their Tri Delta houses. Tune in for a great chat with sisters being sisters!

Apr 18
I Don’t Need Easy, I Just Need Possible

Allison Dickson, , is an attorney, activist, philanthropist and a 2022 Tri Delta Woman of Achievement. She was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy and was not expected to live past the age of three. Despite a lifetime of overcoming challenges, Allison shares her motto in life, “I don’t need easy, I just need possible.” She discusses her membership journey in Tri Delta and why being selected as a Woman of Achievement is such an honor for her. Allison is a powerful advocate of education and has established multiple academic scholarships to help a new generation access the education she was given as a result of scholarships. Her story is an inspiration to all! Follow Allison on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/allijd3/ and connect on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/allison-dickson-8103b652/!

Apr 04
Don’t Retire, REWIRE!

Tri Delta Woman of Achievement Jeri Sedlar,, has a passion for people and their professional development. Even at retirement age, we will all still have passions and full lives and journeys to fulfill. Her book, Don’t Retire, REWIRE! focuses on understanding what drives you in your career and how to use that to propel to your next endeavor in your career or retirement. You’ll hear about “drivers” and how acknowledging them will help you rewire TO something else.  As the landscape of retirement age is increasing, Jeri’s advice has never been more helpful! https://dontretirerewire.com/  https://www.wsj.com/articles/career-length-retirement-living-longer-11675878313 https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/ZW21CjR9MwF3GAQiWx-L2?domain=wsj.com

Mar 20
Framing Your Life as an Adventure

Multi-hyphenate and super sister Dr. Melanie Hicks, , has built an incredible career across numerous fields and joins us to share her wisdom on women in the workforce. Mel recently launched her own publishing house to help people tell their stories. She takes a glance at what the workforce looks like for women post-pandemic, given the shifts to work and life balance. Mel discusses the “psychological contract” women make regarding the expectations we bring into the workplace and how to build bravery to make changes to their careers. She also discusses her “3 E” method of making change: Excavate your Attic, Eliminate your Obligations and Embolden your Resolve. She reminds us that women in particular “own the keys to the cages we keep ourselves in.” Look for more from this dynamic Delta and her upcoming book! Connect with Melanie on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/search/results/all/?fetchDeterministicClustersOnly=false&heroEntityKey=urn%3Ali%3Afsd_profile%3AACoAAAHuLXsB4OjDk34rBODPsCV_FWJd4Hicw_g&keywords=melanie%20hicks%2C%20phd%2C%20shrm-scp&origin=RICH_QUERY_SUGGESTION&position=0&searchId=2937c438-85a4-4e5a-bc61-75ea6f54510f&sid=*~I! Follow her publishing house Inked Elephant Publishing https://l.instagram.com/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.inkedelephant.org%2F&e=AT1_pYE91yLYk4PjwpaJwEVXgsxhBiAmRKV8n8bzUbOeqt_Qz0OcYWWse1KVNtns8aDYWkv8K58TJgFU30b0e3pYrwp_3B6KDI8CP2X7kL9MIRzdw6FtIA on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/inked_elephant_publishing/.

Feb 10
Tri Delta – A Powerful Women’s Network

While everyone knows about the amazing experience we offer our collegiate members, not as many of you are aware of the powerful and engaging growth and development opportunities we offer our alumnae. Our latest offering is one of a kind and so exciting that we decided to devote today’s podcast to sharing more about the LEADDD Network. Through the LEADDD Network, we will provide ways to make connections with other professional women who happen to be your Tri Delta sisters! The Network will have specific content curated in a way that it’s not just programs … it’s an experience you won’t want to miss! Created from feedback from our alumnae, Tri Delta is leaning into our Purpose and meeting our members where they are. Learn more, join today and bring a sister! https://www.tridelta.org/our-members/leaddd/

Jan 24
Home Away From Home: Tri Delta Housing

Tri Delta offers a home away from home for our sisters. And often, that home away from home includes an actual Tri Delta house where members live and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of living with their sisters. VP of Housing and Operations Dan Duncan joins us this episode to speak about Tri Delta Housing and how we are leading the way on the housing front and prioritizing the living experience. Tri Delta Housing is lucky to have a whole team of professional staff who work tirelessly to ensure that our Tri Delta homes are safe, comfortable and competitive living spaces for our collegiate members. Learn about how the Tri Delta Housing portfolio has grown in recent years and some exciting new projects we’re so proud of. Dan also speaks how history plays an important role in housing and how we are taking technology to a new level. Want to learn more about what Tri Delta Housing can do for you? Visit tridelta.org/housing https://www.tridelta.org/housing/!

Jan 12
Remembering Sarah Ida Shaw on Founders’ Day

We open up the archives to learn about our Founder with the help of Fraternity Archivist Beth Applebaum, , and Chair of the Tri Delta Alliance Ginger Hicks Smith, , a retired professional archivist. Beth and Ginger read excerpts from letters written by some of Tri Deltas greatest leaders like R. Louise Fitch, , and Ernestine Block Grigsby, . These memories paint a portrait of who Sarah Ida Shaw (later Ida Shaw Martin) was, from those who knew her best. Their letters recall the founding, Sarah’s commitment to the broader fraternal movement, Tri Delta’s expansion west and so much more. They also discuss the touching moments of Sarah’s broadcast address to the Golden Anniversary Convention in 1938. This is an episode not to be missed … Happy Founders’ Day! Be sure to visit more of our digital archives at tridelta.historyit.com! https://tridelta.historyit.com/

Nov 22, 2022
CEO, Mentor and Sister: Why Ashley McClellan Gives Back to Tri Delta

Ashley McClellan, , is a long serving CEO in the healthcare industry who credits much of her success as an executive to her time serving as collegiate chapter president at SMU. She talks about how a special alumna mentored her as a collegian and why mentorship remains an important part of her career and life. Ashley also speaks of the importance of sponsorship among women of all ages. A passionate philanthropist, Ashley discusses how she has given back to Tri Delta through an endowed scholarship through Tri Delta’s Foundation. With Tri Delta’s Day of Giving coming up, Ashley makes the case for why all sisters should give what they can, when they can to make a lasting impact on our sisterhood.  Be sure to participate in Tri Delta’s Day of Giving on Tuesday, Nov 15! www.tridelta.org/dayofgiving http://www.tridelta.org/dayofgiving 

Nov 14, 2022
Tri Delta Inventor Helps Breast Cancer Survivors

After experiencing her mother’s journey with breast cancer, Leah Wyrick, , started a business at a young age to ease the journey for other breast cancer patients. As a high schooler, Leah invented a surgical recovery garment as part of a senior project. This led her to furthering the development of her young business during her time at Wake Forest. She got a unique experience as part of the startup lab at Wake where she was able to hone her product, all while developing a strong business acumen. Her product, The Resilience Bra, has been developed and beta tested and she’s excited to hopefully get it on the market starting early 2023. Leah talks about going back to her “why” and that she wants to make a difference in the lives of those touched by breast cancer. We cant wait to see more from this incredible sister! http://www.threestrandsrecoverywear.com/ https://www.facebook.com/threestrandscorp https://www.instagram.com/threestrandscorp/

Nov 01, 2022
Vandy Sisters Blazing Trails to Become Military Officers

Mia Mercer and Jojo Flower, both , are members of ROTC at their university with hopes of pursuing careers in the military, serving our country. Jojo and Mia attended the Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen (or CORTRAMID-West), a four-week training experience where they were able to learn the ins and out of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. During the month-long program on bases in and around San Diego, they got to experience aviation, infantry and even drive a submarine! They discuss the transferable skills they took away from CORTRAMID-West and how this will guide them in their military careers post-graduation. We can expect great things from these two enterprising sisters who will proudly serve our great country!

Oct 21, 2022
Shining Bright: Catching Up with Stage and Screen Star Zakiya Young

Life has been busy for our sister, the stage and screen star Zakiya Young, he’s on a current hot streak in Hollywood and in the entertainment world. Zakiya talks about her role in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, and how the show tackles a generational look at major societal issues. She discusses how she’s seeing a shift with inclusion within entertainment and more stories are being driven by women and women of color as writers, directors and producers. Zakiya is also a new playwright, having authored her first one-woman show, Suburban Black Girl. She found her voice through the playwriting process and shares personal stories of her experiences as a Black woman growing up in her communities. It’s her hope that through this new work, more people will engage in authentic conversations on diversity and inclusion.  Content warning: This episode features topics like sexual assault, racism, bullying and more.  Be sure to follow Zakiya on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/officialzakiyayoung/?hl=en

Sep 29, 2022
Traveling with Purpose: A Day in the Life of a CDC

This episode, we’re joined by Sr. Chapter Development Consultant Avery White, Creighton, who is currently in her second her traveling for Tri Delta as a CDC. Avery talks about what and who inspired her to apply to serve as a CDC and why it’s helping her discover new skills. She details what a typical day in the life looks like and what her goals are to support our sisters across North America. Avery talks about how she is able to make connections and see the impact of her work with our chapters. She also offers what makes a great CDC and encourages sisters to serve in this role for Tri Delta. Best of luck and safe travels to Avery and all our CDCs! Do you want to apply to be a CDC? Apply here https://www.paycomonline.net/v4/ats/web.php/jobs/ViewJobDetails?job=58967&clientkey=FBA1F7FF5CB3B5EF1B041322E28F78CD.! Be sure to follow our CDCs on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/trideltaconsultants/?hl=en!  

Sep 06, 2022
Protecting and Preserving Our History: Digitizing Tri Delta’s Archives

Today’s episode, we are joined by Dr. Kristen Gwinn-Becker, Founder and CEO of HistoryIT. Our partnership with HistoryIT allows us to save our history and digitize it for preservation and accessibility. With physical forms of history in danger of deterioration, digitizing our treasured past allows for easy access from any computer or mobile device. Upon completion of this project, Tri Delta will have more than two million pieces readily available at www.tridelta.historyit.com http://www.tridelta.historyit.com/! Members will have access to printed materials and audio/visual from our founding up to present day. This digitization allows for us to understand our shared history and tell our story through our archives.  Explore our digital archives today at www.tridelta.historyit.com http://www.tridelta.historyit.com/!  

Aug 23, 2022
Diversity Done Differently: A Conversation With Risha Grant

Risha Grant knows there are many uncomfortable conversations around diversity today. Through her humor and storytelling, she is able to help people understand their own diversity journeys and the work that must be done. She challenges us to use our lenses to understand how we see the world and acknowledge what makes each of us diverse. Risha explains how inclusion truly means being invited, involved and engaged. She examines bias and what it means to identify our own “BS” … the bias synapse and how we can all face our own BS in order to build authentic relationships while allowing for grace. Be sure to connect with Risha on her social media platforms: LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/search/results/all/?keywords=risha%20grant&origin=RICH_QUERY_SUGGESTION&position=0&searchId=350aadb9-ad09-4c5a-b937-62822a9461c2&sid=qLn Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rishadgrant, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/risha.grant/ and YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyMdcUWnR3DW-y74sljgMaw!

Aug 02, 2022
Enhancing Tri Delta’s Mental Health Support with SOAR

Thanks to generous donors to Tri Delta’s Foundation, Tri Delta has partnered with ACI Specialty Benefits to expand our mental health support through SOAR, a new service we’re offering members to help them cope with life’s challenges. Today’s episode we are joined by Yve Fontilea from ACI to talk about SOAR. Members and their families and loved ones are able to take of advantage of all the benefits of SOAR to reduce stress, stay motivated and focus on important areas of wellness. Soar offers resources on financial wellness as well as legal consultation. What’s best is that it is free to Tri Delta collegians and volunteers and is available 24/7, and completely confidential! We’re grateful that we are able to meet our members’ most pressing needs through SOAR and all it offers. Check out SOAR resources here https://students.mylifeexpert.com/login/trideltasoar (company code: TRI-14543). 24/7 support is available now by calling 855-786-0275.

Jul 19, 2022
Sallie Krawcheck Talks Women & Money

Take a sneak peek at our LEADDD San Diego speaker, the brilliant Sallie Krawcheck, Sallie has been called “one of the most powerful women on Wall Street,” and is excited to share her insights on women and money with her Tri Delta sisters. As CEO and Founder of Ellevest, Sallie focuses on helping women earn more money, save more money, and invest to grow their money — by providing the products and coaching to do so. She offers common misconceptions and misperceptions about women and money. As a woman in a male dominated career, Sallie gives insights into the challenges she and other women face as trailblazers in their professions. She also offers her number one piece of advice for women and investing. Sallie understands the power of Tri Delta and our more than 250,000 members around the world can support each other.  

Jun 24, 2022