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Puff’s lawsuit was amended 😳#MadLove

Lil Rod is not playing with Sean Combs. Let’s unpack some of this lawsuit. Spoiler alert: Puff is really into drugs 💉 --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 29
Did Puffy make his millions in music or blackmail? 🤯🤔 #MadLove

The Feds probably just needed a witness to make their case against Puff and then they got a bunch! • this isn’t about just getting people drunk and sexually assaulting them - this is about extortion and subterfuge 🤯 --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 28
A caregiver’s rant + Feds vs Puffy + JLo might need psychiatric help #MadLove

Enough with the articles and advice • J Lo is completely delusional • Puffy gets raided by the Feds and he takes his jet 🛩️ and disappears 💨 --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 26
Dan Schneider has a staged response to Quiet On Set + the epidemic no one speaks of #MadLove

If you want to have your 90’s dreams shattered watch Quiet On Set and the left out the teen pregnancy terminations • why is no one talking about why so many grown men want to have sec with kids???? Some women do but mostly men and they are of all races 🤬 • TikTok is roasting Jennifer Lopez and it’s hilarious 😂 😂🤣😆 --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 21
Quiet On Set is worth the watch + my mom has a bleeding ulcer 😳

Caregiving for an Alzheimer’s patient is bad enough but when that patient gets a bleeding ulcer well, that’s scary as hell • love the new look Pittsburgh Steelers •check out Quiet On Set - wildly inappropriate relationships with kids in corporate sponsored pedophilia. #Nickolodeon turned its head to all of it. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 19
If you understood your power then this all would look 👀 different #MadLove

Thank God the Steelers are gonna be back! • TikTok ban is deeper than you think• people want to control you but they can’t if you don’t let them. • free your mind 🆓 💭 --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 15
Caregiving is something no one talks about #MadLove

I share this adventure so that you guys will be prepared should this happen to your family! --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 14
Some audio where my Alzheimer’s patient mother wilds out

Just so you know I’m not exaggerating. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 13
Russ to the Steelers is perfect 🤩 #MadLove

Long caregiving weekend • finally Mike Tomlin has a qb that likes and respects him🎉 --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 12
Our kids need more protection even in their own homes + micro aggressions are just bullshit #MadLove

We need to be vigilant about keeping children safe. Way too many adults want to prey upon them including their fathers and father figures • we used to call micro aggressions what they are - somebody being in some bullshit so when you hear it call it out. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 08
Intellectual curiosity and reading comprehension will save us all!

Not a lot of sleep 💤 last night • I trigger some people • learn to read a room and understand people lie and you get to figure it out for yourself who they are. --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 07
Everyone is entitled and it’s problematic 🤔💀#MadLove

Old ass politicians feel entitled to our votes • girls on social media feel entitled to go on fancier first dates • we have neglected our spirituality at our own peril 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 05
Happy March + Puffy and so much perversion ☹️ #MadLove

It’s shocking how many deviants there are in the world 🌍 • Puffy and Russell Simmons both have serious cases against them • watch The Bear if you have Hulu! --- Send in a voice message:

Mar 01
Puffy is Caligula (allegedly) + Beyonce working like need money #MadLove

Puffy’s latest lawsuit has pictures and receipts 🧾- he can’t afford more civil judgments but I have a feeling that won’t matter 🚔 • Beyonce stacking coins 🪙 like she owe somebody 🤔 • I will still be Black tomorrow so… --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 29
Beyonce, Tyler Perry, Wendy Williams and JLo #MadLove

Beyonce seems exhausted to me • I think Wendy Williams was poisoned • people hated Tyler Perry’s latest as well as JLo’s self financed project • people are full of shit • impeccability matters otherwise you’re Bill Cosby ☑️ --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 27
The Dementia Falls + the civil war is gonna be against government and hospitals 🏥 #MadLove

My mom fell again - twice! • when people realize that they are going to have to work and take care of aging loved ones because there is no help from government or healthcare system - THAT’S gonna spark 🧨 this civil war people keep talking about. --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 23
You are gonna need the whole armor of God #MadLove

My book on CBD oil for dementia patients is selling and I know why • Elon Musk’s childhood nanny thinks he’s a demon 😈 • the quote “you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you” is truer than ever. --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 22
the way we were...the Alzheimer's edition

Tried to celebrate my mom on her 87th birthday but the Alzheimer's spoiled the fun as usual * if you're unhappy, you can trace it back to a choice you made or continue to make * True Detective Night Country (I may have said North Country) was fantastic! --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 20
Your eye 👁️ of discernment is the ultimate flex #MadLove

You simply must pay attention to what’s going on in the world 🌎 don’t miss the details. God is in the details. --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 16
KC shooting + Mo’Nique and her husband vs her son is a story old as time #MadLove

Some news from caregiving ❤️‍🩹 • KC shooting - can we stop with the guns? • Mo’Nique’s issues with her son are private and not sure why everyone wants to speak on it - plus name any kid if a famous person and you will hear that theme of neglect 🙁 --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 15
The game wasn’t rigged but Travis and Taylor might be #MadLove

Caregiving post traumatic brain injury • Pat Mahomes is a dog and I love that for us • Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift feels fake to me • when people who only want to make money make movies 🎥 it’s problematic 👀 --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 13
Let’s make real Black history by being honest ✊🏽🙌🏽 #MadLove

Watch Mo’Nique on Club Shay Shay • when we don’t tell the truth that’s the real betrayal • black producers have been mistreating people and now it’s all coming out. --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 09
Mo’Nique on Club Shay Shay was also a win + Oprah low key hates she isn’t good at making movies

People are gonna hate on Shannon Sharpe but he is talking to all the people we want to talk to! • Oprah hates that we hate her movies 🎥 --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 08
Jay Z at the Grammys ⚔️ + caregiving is relentless ⚔️+ I will be Black in March🖤 #MadLove

My mom is in the toddler from hell stage of Alzheimer’s • Jay wanted all the smoke at the Grammys and he may get it • I am Black all year so keep this energy in March ✊🏽 --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 06
If you are ready then you don’t have to get ready 👁️👁️ #MadLove

I watch the news in bits and pieces on different platforms but you guys need to stay informed - read your newspaper 🗞️ or just scan news on your phone 📱 • iPhone update info • planning on retiring may be the wrong way to approach the golden years - whatchu gon’ do? Make a plan so that you don’t get bored. • HUSTLE + DISCERNMENT is our motto 🙌🏽 --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 02
New Year, more older people #MadLove

Some of you will start to notice the first signs of cognitive decline in parents or other older loved ones. Get ready. --- Send in a voice message:

Feb 01
We forget how young these NFL players are #MadLove

I guess the NFL could be rigged but I'm thinking it's also inexperience and youth causing some of the letdowns in the post season. --- Send in a voice message:

Jan 30
January 2024 has brought it + Biden won’t make it + real love #MadLove

I still think this is gonna be a transformative year but the start has been rocky • Biden and Trump are both too old to be taken seriously- who is going to be in our ballots? • why can’t the old people step aside not only in politics but in general • the first true love you have is you so you are attracting how you feel about yourself 🤔 --- Send in a voice message:

Jan 26
I have seen some 💩 #MadLove

If you know a caregiver show them some love • the fact is we have no elegant or graceful way to leave the planet as an Alzheimer’s patient and that’s archaic. --- Send in a voice message:

Jan 25
You can cure Diabetes Type 2 and if you don’t want Diabetes Type 3 you will start today #MadLove

NFL was good - not sold on Purdy • adventures in caregiving • doctors won’t tell you this but Type 2 Diabetes can be cured • go be great 🏆 --- Send in a voice message:

Jan 23