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Matt Connarton Unleashed emanates live from WMNH 95.3 FM in Manchester, NH, with additional online content also being created. The program combines politics, music, and comedy, but not necessarily in that order.With a host who is independent and uninterested in carrying the water for any political party, Unleashed brings an outsider's perspective that is woefully underserved in talk radio. Add in the motley crew of regulars who cycle in and out of the broadcasts, song parodies, irreverent humor, unscreened callers, some brave guests, and forays into discussions even more dangerous than those of politics, and you've got Matt Connarton Unleashed!

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1227 episodes

Matt Connarton: Ricky Mapleton debuts Screamo Sports Songs.

w/Jenn Coffey and Jesse Coffey. original air date 2/3/24

Feb 05
Matt Connarton Unleashed 2-3-24, third hour

w/Jenn Coffey, Jesse Coffey, Ricky Mapleton

Feb 03
Matt Connarton Unleashed 1-27-24, third hour

w/Jenn Coffey, Gary Lawrence, Tom Rousseau

Jan 29
Matt Connarton Unleashed 1-20-24, part 1

w/Jenn Coffey, Derek Smith, Chloe and Nick from Mosaic Art Collective.

1h 27m
Jan 20
Matt Connarton Unleashed: Tom Rousseau

original air date 12/16/23

Dec 18, 2023
Matt Connarton Unleashed 12-16-23 part 2

Dark Rain performs live in studio. Erich Pilcher reviews Gladiator (2000). w/Jenn Coffey, Gary

1h 48m
Dec 16, 2023
Matt Connarton Unleashed 12-16-23 part 1

Tom Rousseau performs live in studio. w/Jenn Coffey, Mike Doyle, Jeff Piegari

1h 3m
Dec 16, 2023
Matt Connarton Unleashed 12-9-23 part 2

Kenny Truhn performs LIVE in studio.. w/Jenn Coffey, Greg Santini of Run Like Thieves

1h 1m
Dec 09, 2023