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Jan Mickelson hosts a morning talkshow in Des Moines, Iowa, at the 50,000 legendary WHO Radio, the same station where Ronald Reagan got his start as a sports announcer. WHO Radio can be heard worldwide at www.whoradio.com, where Mickelson airs 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM Central Time.

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Iowa Dumbs Down Standards For Black Kids

Iowa already has the lowest proficiency standards in the Midwest. Now, we just lowered them more for minorities. Apparently, black lives don't matter in Iowa classrooms.  Please share this with as many people as possible.  Thanks for listening!    

Oct 10, 2017
The Intolerable Tolerance

Don't allow yourself to be bullied by the Toleration Mafia. Perhaps the word "toleration" does not mean what they think it means.

Sep 10, 2017
Congress Misuses The Constitution To Steal

"If a particular power to spend is not on the list of enumerated powers, it does not exist. Most Congressional spending is not on the list. Therefore, most of what Congress does is unconstitutional, and therefore, illegal."  -Jan Mickelson

Aug 27, 2017

One of my chores as a kid was to "color the butter"

Aug 06, 2017
Trump Gets The Irish Up

Is "Fighting Irish" an ethic slur? 

Aug 04, 2017
Pondering Time...tick tick tick tick

How you use your time defines how classy you are. 

Aug 01, 2017
Why Politicians Need You To Covet

Mickelson explains the twin peaks of Alinsky and how and why politicians milk covetousness for political gain. 

Jul 28, 2017
BirthWrong Citizenship

Answering one of Jan's most frequently-asked questions on the 14th amendment and birthright citizenship.  

Jul 24, 2017
Mickelson back from China

Jan Mickelson back from rehab in China. Talks with stroke survivor Ruth Lycke.   http://www.tcmrestoration.net/why-china.html. and how he was able to recover enough to come home and get back to work. http://www.tcmrestoration.net/why-china.html.

Aug 16, 2016
Friday November 20 2016

Openline Friday—school kids vote for President—results are amazing.  Then,  is it true that there is no such thing as an unemployed truck driver?  WAYNE ALLYN ROOT talks about the

1h 26m
Nov 20, 2015
Thursday November 11 2015

delivers a great speech limiting refugee’s access to welfare—and he gets shoot down by his own party.  Does the pressure cooker info-mercial make sense? has presidential issues.   And Whoopie says Timothy McVeigh and Hitler were Christians so knock of the anti-Muslim talk.  Malarkey of course.

1h 22m
Nov 19, 2015
Wednesday November 18 2015

BOB VANDER PLATTS with Family Leader talks about up-coming Presidential Family  Forum http://presidentialfamilyforum.com/.    says the USA ought to be more concerned about what’s happening to Christians in Syria and Iraq.   Then, David Limbaugh has broken    Then,  drug store Muslims lie to Iowans—again.

1h 25m
Nov 18, 2015
Tuesday November 17 2015

and think the DNR has been given too much discretionary power and are misusing forfeiture laws.  Defending a trophy deer hunter whose trophy was taken by DNR.

1h 25m
Nov 17, 2015
Monday November 16 2015

is  How People of Color, Women and Queer Christians are Reclaiming Evangelicalism.    Then,  the real meaning of what happened in Paris in being intentionally missed by the US and Iowa political class…because they are multiculturalists. endorses Senator Ted Cruz.

1h 26m
Nov 16, 2015
Friday November 13 2015

really wants to have another to fix the holes in the Constitution.   MARY BAURES says    And Donald Trump thinks

1h 29m
Nov 13, 2015
Thursday November 12 2015

writes,   —post-debate issues  with a display of Iowa history.

1h 28m
Nov 12, 2015
Wednesday November 11 2015

TEAHL BADER has a tender heart for single parents—   —David McIntosh— Bob Raines warns Clive and the rest of us that FEMA is lusting over flood-plain money.   lobbies against the repeal of the combat exemption for women in the military.

1h 28m
Nov 11, 2015
Tuesday November 10 2015

is —world class solo mountain climber.   Stories.   from wants another Constitutional Convention.  And telling stories about Dr. Ben Carson.

1h 28m
Nov 10, 2015
Monday November 9 2015

talk about gangs and human trafficking in Iowa.   —analyzing debate tactics for presidential candidates.   And Iowa deer hunters can’t shoot straight.

1h 35m
Nov 09, 2015
Thursday November 5 2015

Donald Trump doubles down on eminent domain.  Iowans pay attention.   Tom Jackson thinks about —and what’s in it. 

1h 26m
Nov 06, 2015
Friday November 6 2015

 explains ,  a Christian alternative to medical insurance.  —issues.  http://johneidsmoe.homestead.com/—history and inspirationat http://www.iowacomicbookclub.com/mwcc   fights for religious freedom.

1h 28m
Nov 06, 2015
Wednesday November 4 2015

DOUG GOFF in Knoxville.  Planes have parachutes?  Coyotes chase cats in Ankeny?  Protecting the sensitivities of Atheists?  And taking the who whacked a mouthy kid on the bus.

1h 26m
Nov 04, 2015
Tuesday November 3 2015

—The Gov’s LGBT Conference will finally be investigated—eminent domain will be resisted, and WTH about the U of I president being protested?     Jay Cost.   its resistance to the Atheist Taliban. 

1h 32m
Nov 03, 2015
Monday November 2 2015

 with an update on the Iowa political class’s under-performance on the refugee issue.  Explaining why Iowa’s elected politicians are looking the other way.  And, busting currency scribblers.

1h 26m
Nov 02, 2015
Friday October 23 2015

Welcoming   WHO’s newest talk host—the Car Guy.   from C-SPAN talks Iowa politics.  And takes credit for the in ratings.  And the Iowa educational establishment nearly fesses up.

1h 29m
Oct 23, 2015
Thursday October 22 2015

—presidential issues.  will be part of   And  the Donald doubles down on eminent domain.  Spirited.

1h 35m
Oct 22, 2015
Wednesday October 21 2015

says they can freeze and remove your double chin!   Denise Teegles.  Cool Sculpting.    Anti-gun rights activists hope gun owners will die off soon so other demographics can take over.  Dan Jones writes about the Wars of the Roses and Magna Carta.  Plus  Navy Seal, CLINT EMERSON,   has

1h 28m
Oct 21, 2015
Tuesday October 20 2015

—issues--medical costs, refugees, sanctuary counties, and Israel.   wants to save  —cyclist, adventurer, writer,

1h 28m
Oct 20, 2015
Monday October 20 2015

s http://roots.traces.org/at-home-in-the-heartland talks about the …the refugee crisis in Europe.  Then,  Minnesota tells taxpayers if they don’t want to welcome refugees they should leave Minnesota.   And a warns Americans against importing Islamic refugees.

1h 29m
Oct 20, 2015