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Unscripted. Unshackled. Uncouth. What you are about to hear is for mature ears only. Featuring Miguel Fuller and Holly O'Connor from the Miguel & Holly Show on Hits 96.1!

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02-16-24: A Time Traveler’s Predictions

Is it possible this TikTok Time Traveler’s predictions are right? Something big is supposed to happen this weekend! We also call out our worst dentist and doctor visits.

Feb 16
02-14-24: Don’t Eat THIS on Valentine’s Day!

If you’re looking to get lucky this Valentine’s Day, avoid a certain type of food. Valentine’s Plans & Holly’s hair decision.

Feb 14
02-13-24: Spilling Tea on High School Miguel

WCNC Charlotte’s Vanessa Ruffes, whom we worked with in Tampa, also went to high school with Miguel—and brought receipts to show what Miguel was like back then! We also dive into what it’s like for her to anchor the evening news.

Feb 13
02-09-24: Here’s Why You’ve Been Having Weird Dreams Lately

Soul Worker Stacy is back after an extended absence (she explains what’s been keeping her away) and we talk about the energy in the universe causing your weird, lucid, and vivid dreams lately!

Feb 09
02-07-24: Couple to Throuple

We dive into the world of polyamory as we interview the host of and licensed sex therapist for the new show on Peacock, “Couple to Throuple.”

Feb 07
02-05-24: Producer Kelbin’s Family Emergency

Can we depend on Miguel in an emergency? Kelbin realized quickly that there are certain things Miguel won’t do! We deconstruct the emergency that took Kelbin out of work on Friday.

Feb 05
02-02-24: Would Holly Kill Miguel?

Sales Guy Ryan Petrosso from iHeart Charlotte joins our podcast to talk about behind-the-scenes life at a radio station. He also asks difficult questions and shares wild stories!

Feb 02
01-26-24: Miguel’s Mom: Scammer?

We get Miguel’s Mom on the phone to wish her happy retirement but somehow find out she used to work as…a scammer?! We also talk about Holly’s interest in the Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.

Jan 26
01-24-24: Beacon of Body Positivity

We welcome Summer Lucille, owner of the plus-size boutique Juicy Body Goddess. She’s been on The Today Show and has a massive social media following, and she shares her love and light with us!

Jan 24
01-22-24: Scandalous Bathroom Activities

Miguel tells us the shocking story of what happened in the bathroom at his anniversary dinner. We also talk about our weekends and Ozempic!

Jan 22
01-19-24: Play Trivia with Us!

We play a trivia game called “Mind The Gap” that has specific sets of questions for all generations. We also got deep with alternate cartoon theories and naughty with the Kool-Aid Man!

Jan 19
01-17-24: Sucking Eyeballs

One of those random-ass podcasts that’s all over the place! We talk about our weekends, and find out which person on the show would suck the head of a crawfish.

Jan 17
01-12-24: News Anchors Uncensored

WCNC Anchors Ben Thompson & Sarah French talk about what it’s REALLY like anchoring the news in CLT and share some crazy personal stories including the VERY recent discovery of a long-lost sibling!

1h 8m
Jan 12
01-10-24: Who’s Starting a New Podcast?

We reveal our New Year’s Resolutions, and someone on the show plans on starting a solo podcast. We also talk about aliens, nbd.

Jan 10
01-08-24: Hating on Teen Girls

We tackle a common movie trope depicting girls and women; we also find a list of predictions for 2024 made by people in 1924.

Jan 08
01-05-24: [Trigger Warning] Stuck in a Box Soul Worker Stacy

Renee joins us for 2 fam member readings that are both emotional and healing. Find out what it means that someone couldn’t get to their dad because he was “in a box.”

Jan 05
01-03-24: Miguel Confesses a Secret

Miguel’s mom joins so Miguel can break the news about a secret he knew would make her upset. We also go over our holiday highlights!

Jan 03
12-15-23: NSFW GAME PLAY!

We play another game from Spin Master Games called “If You Know, You Know” in which we answer VERY ADULT QUESTIONS about each other! We also wrap up our 2023 with what we’re most thankful for.

Dec 15, 2023
12-13-23: Wishing for Illness

We go in-depth about a triggering Queen City Confession and talk about lack of support in relationships.

Dec 13, 2023
12-11-23: When Holly Found a Secret Frat Room

Holly shares a college story she’s never told before (unusual, we know) about a scandalous secret room at a fraternity house. Kelbin shares the wild adventures he got into in New York City.

Dec 11, 2023
12-08-23: The Millennial Manifesto

Our mini rant on the ways that millennials have been done dirty by other generations, and a hilarious clip that Miguel found from Smokey Robinson, who has clearly never seen the word “Chanukah” written with a “C.”

Dec 08, 2023
12-06-23: Zombies vs Robots

We play a new version of “Would You Rather” thanks to Spin Master Games! One of the best questions pits a zombie vs a robot apocalypse. We also take a side tangent into our best looks and politics.

Dec 06, 2023
12-04-23: Squid Game: The Challenge

Squid Game contestant Corbin Stacy tells us about his experience on set and how the show worked behind the scenes.

Dec 04, 2023
12-01-23: Our Crisis Activation Moments

We discuss our favorite moments from Miguel & Holly’s Miracle Makers RadioThon and take a look back at the crisis events that launched our philanthropic radio passion.

Dec 01, 2023
11-28-23: Miguel’s Worrisome Thoughts

While alone last week, Miguel’s mind drifted to disturbing thoughts about life and where we are currently.

Nov 28, 2023
11-27-23: Giving Thanks for Nude Sunbathing

We discuss our Thanksgiving breaks which included family time, plenty of food, and a clothing optional resort.

Nov 27, 2023
11-17-23: A Lot of B's Don’t Have Home Training

Miguel was confronted with one of the rudest things someone can say to a radio personality. Another round of “Would You Rather” goes deep.

Nov 17, 2023
11-15-23: How Britney was Eaten Alive

We breakdown some of the heartbreaking truths about Britney’s memoir and call out the patriarchy that tore her to shreds. We also call attention to an absolute clown show that happened in the US Senate.

Nov 15, 2023
11-13-23: Most Annoying Radio Commercials

We share some of the zaniest radio commercials we’ve produced—Producer Kelbin even created an original rap for a client! We also play a round of “Would You Rather.”

Nov 13, 2023
11-10-23: Kelbin Was Almost Arrested

Kelbin did something on CashApp that had authorities closing in on him. We also welcome Soul Worker Stacy for some readings that really hit home!

Nov 10, 2023