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Unscripted. Unshackled. Uncouth. What you are about to hear is for mature ears only. Featuring Miguel Fuller and Holly O'Connor from the Miguel & Holly Show on Hits 96.1!

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03-22-23: Holly’s Origin Story

Coming into her own: how Holly transformed into the mental health-minded woman she is today.

1h 14m
Mar 22
03-20-23: Kelbin’s Origin Story

Meet Producer Kelbin: A child of Nicaraguan immigrants, Kelbin talks about the life experiences that shaped him into who he is today!

1h 2m
Mar 20
03-17-23: Change in the Air

Soul Worker Stacy reads two Platypus Posse members and warns us that change is a-brewin!

Mar 17
03-15-23: Exposing Our Instagram Explore Pages

Old technology vs. new; exposing and defending our personal Instagram Explore pages.

Mar 15
03-13-23: This Episode is BUSSIN’

Weekend updates; Gen Z slang words that we awkwardly attempt to use!

Mar 13
03-06-23: Who’s In Your Phone?

Toxic coworkers; the odd ways people are listed in our phones; hitting our 1-year milestone in Charlotte!

Mar 06
03-01-23: Songs We HATE

Thanks to our “Ask Us Anything” prompt on Instagram we were each asked which song we HATE. We rant with the fire of a thousand suns on 3 songs we can’t stand!

Mar 01
02-27-22: The Deep One

Both Holly and Producer Kelbin unpack dramatic weekends where emotions ran wild. Miguel was invited to a very high fashion party and we get a sneak peek into his new friend group.

Feb 27
02-24-23: Church Controversy

Soul Worker Stacy Renee reads two Fam members and shares a heartbreaking story about losing her church community. We find out why Holly is uncomfortable talking about religion.

Feb 24
02-22-23: Miguel’s Bad Day

Miguel has been having a rough day and a notification we got while doing the podcast added to it! We also talk about college, our Lenten challenge, and FOMO.

Feb 22
02-17-23: When Are Women Past Their Prime?

CNN’s Don Lemon declared that women are in their prime in their 20s, 30s, and (kind of) 40s. Let’s talk about sexism in America.

Feb 17
02-15-23: Weird Couple Habits

We talk about the odd behaviors we do with our significant others that probably aren’t shared by the masses. We think Kelbin wins with the most interesting! Holly also gives TMI with a bodily issue and we wonder at what age children should start therapy.

Feb 15
02-13-23: Satan or Money?

We discuss Rihanna’s Superbowl performance, including criticisms describing it as Satanic. We also go over our top 3 sexy songs for good-good as we gear up for Valentine’s Day!

Feb 13
02-10-22: TrauMama

Soul Worker Stacy joins us and helps Holly unpack some of the mom trauma she has over her mother’s death. We also get deep into end times chats and encourage you to EAT THE CHEESE FRIES!

Feb 10
02-08-24: Reunions and Memorials

Miguel is in the middle of planning his 20-year high school reunion and things are getting sticky. We also share what kind of memorials we’d like to be remembered with!

Feb 08
02-06-23: The End of a Journey

Holly tackles her feelings in the face of her mother’s death, and we agree on one fundamental truth about grieving.

Feb 06
01-30-23: Calling All Singles

We chat with Laurie Berzack, founder of Carolinas Matchmaker, about how to win in the dating game. Grab tips on curating your dating profile here. Plus, Miguel reveals some of his most unfortunate dating exploits!

Jan 30
01-27-23: Swiss Cheese Heart

Soul Worker Stacy Renee joins us to read 2 Platypus Posse fam members and gets really accurate on both. Find out why Stacy felt our friend Shannon has a “Swiss cheese heart” and more.

Jan 27
01-25-23: Kelbin’s Holiday

Kelbin dishes on his trip to Miami for his college roommate’s wedding. We also realize that most holidays are already claimed by either Miguel or Holly and try to figure out which one can belong to Kelbin.

Jan 25
01-23-23: Anniversary Dinner Price is Right

Miguel shares intimate details of his amazing anniversary dinner at Steak 48 in Charlotte. We play The Price Is Right to determine exactly how much some of his choices cost and Holly loses her mind!

Jan 23
01-20-23: Miguel’s Wild Afterparty

We drag the vacationing Producer Kelbin onto the podcast via phone from Miami to spill the tea on the INSANE afterparty that Miguel accidentally hosted last weekend. Bet you didn’t know Miguel got down like this!

Jan 20
01-18-23: …But Will You Die?

We talk about letting go of the weight of other people’s expectations, and the fear and anxiety a loss of job or relationship can bring. Holly has some good advice if you find yourself caught up in the “what ifs.” Plus we share Fam member stories of Uber driver hook-ups!

Jan 18
01-13-23: Bathe Yourself in Your Purpose

Soul Worker Stacy Renee joins us to read a couple Platypus Posse members, dishing inspirational life advice! She feels out what 2023 will bring and reads each of us as well.

Jan 13
01-11-23: Snitches Get Stitches

You won’t believe how Miguel used to snitch on his mom to his grandma! We also talk about weird responses we’ve gotten to people finding out we’re on the radio and how our significant others feel about it.

Jan 11
01-09-23: Holly’s Red Flag Facebook Memory

A post on Holly’s Facebook from 6 years ago that seemed funny and light-hearted at the time turned out to be a red flag. She shares what she wishes she had noticed in hopes of helping someone else. Plus, with the Mega Millions climbing to over a billion dollars, we talk about what we’d do with the money!

Jan 09
01-06-23: Trigger Warning - Existential Crisis

We share predictions for 2023 from people who lived in 1923. Find out how the future lived up to the past’s expectations! Plus we get existential and trippy with some time travel talk, and kick it all off with bodily functions and what they mean for your health!

Jan 06
01-04-23: How to Ask Uncomfortable Questions

Miguel is curious about the drama surrounding RuPaul’s Drag Race and we go deeper into a discussion on how to ask uncomfortable questions (and when to NOT ask them.)

Jan 04
01-03-23: Resolution - DRINK YOUR WATER

Holly shares a life or death reason to make “drinking more water” your New Year’s resolution. We talk about what we did over our vacation, who was the wildest partier, and our own New Year’s resolutions.

Jan 03
12-12-22: When to Stop Giving

Miguel opens up about cutting off a family member and the guilt he feels for the ramifications. Producer Kelbin has good advice on how to give with boundaries.

Dec 12, 2022
12-09-22: Animals over the Rainbow Bridge

Soul Worker Stacy Renee reads two M&H Fam members and gets in tune with their pets that have passed. She’s right on, per usual!

Dec 09, 2022