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Moments of Grace is a daily devotioncast, featuring Evangelist and Pastor, Rev. Al Dagel.

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Episode 1618: Final instructions

After the resurrection, Jesus still had important training for His disciples.  Pastor Al Dagel makes sure that we enroll in this training!

Apr 01
Episode 1617: Our Passover Lamb

On this Resurrection Sunday, Pastor Al Dagel looks backward to Egypt first, and he then moves ahead from there to Golgotha.  Take note of the Lambs.

Mar 31
Episode 1616: A Psalm of the cross

Pastor Al Dagel shares a Psalm of the Cross, written some 950 years before the death of Christ, which is still powerful today! 

Mar 30
Episode 1615: The first "Black Friday"

The biblical account of what we call "Good Friday" could also be referred to as  "Black Friday", according to Pastor Al Dagel.  Listen now.

Mar 29
Episode 1614: Change God's mind

Today, Pastor Al Dagel shows us how to change God's mind.  It might not be what you think, so listen now!

Mar 28
Episode 1613: This is exciting

Excitement can surely be found in the Book of Acts.  Pastor Al Dagel takes us there, and the excitement becomes contagious.

Mar 27
Episode 1612: The unknown God

Today, Pastor Al Dagel shares how important it is to be ready to share why we believe in Jesus!  

Mar 26
Episode 1611: Who will judge

Today, Pastor Al Dagel brings the Apostle Paul's strong challenge to believers to the forefront regarding legal issues that should not be seen in us.

Mar 25
Episode 1610: God saw Himself

Today, Pastor Al Dagel gives us a bit of insight into how God saw Jesus as He was hung on that cruel cross to die in our place.

Mar 24
Episode 1609: A Psalm of GraceIn today

In today's Saturday in the Psalms episode, Pastor Al Dagel helps us see an Old Testament psalm brightened up with New Testament grace. 

Mar 23
Episode 1608: The Way for today

Today's lesson shows us an age-old way of salvation, Pastor AlDagel wants us to know that the Way for today is the same as when the church was brand new!

Mar 22
Episode 1607: It is possible with God

 Only one way exists to come to God for salvation.  Today, Pastor Al Dagel brings the words of Jesus into the explanation of that very Way. 

Mar 21
Episode 1606: Recognized by blind men

Pastor Al Dagel wants us to see Jesus as clearly as men did the blind me in today's episode.

Mar 20
Episode 1605: Light in your lantern

Today, Pastor Al Dagel wants us to know just how we can let our lights shine.

Mar 19
Episode 1604: Seen more clearly

 Pastor Al Dagel believes that we grow stronger and faster when we study the Scriptures together and talk about how they touch our hearts and challenge us, 

Mar 18
Episode 1603: More on rewards

Recognition can be a significant reward for donating to God's work. Still, Pastor Al Dagel reminds us today that better rewards are available when our friends do not even see our giving.  God sees, and He rewards.

Mar 17
Episode 1602: Every Word of my mouth

Today, Pastor Al Dagel lets the Word of God show us something about our words.

Mar 16
Episode 1601: The hypocrite's reward

Today and tomorrow, Pastor Al Dagel focuses on Jesus' teaching regarding hypocrites.  

Mar 15
Episode 1600: Greater faith than Gideon

Today, Pastor Al Dagel encourages us to examine our faith, hoping that the account of Gideon's test of faith will point us to greater trust in God.

Mar 14
Episode 1599: Being filled

Today, Pastor Al Dagel points us to great satisfaction in allowing God to fill us with His Spirit and letting go of our desires to stubbornly make our own way. 

Mar 13
Episode 1598: Love is the greatest

Today, Pastor Al Dagel emphasizes the part love plays in the lives of us as believers. 

Mar 12
Episode 1597: God's ten words

Today, Pastor Al Dagel looks again at the Ten Commandments, offering the simplest explanations of how we might apply these commandments to our lives.

Mar 11
Episode 1596: Light source

Today, Pastor Al Dagel looks deeply into the source of the brilliant Light of salvation.

Mar 10
Episode 1595: Search me, O God

In today's episode of Moments of Grace, Pastor Al Dagel shares one of King David's most vulnerable and personal conversations with God, opening himself up completely to God's thorough examination. 

Mar 09
Episode 1594: Tradition

Today, Pastor Al Dagel shares both appreciation for and the dangers of "traditions", especially religious traditions.

Mar 08
Episode 1593: A disagreement

Sometimes disagreements happen within the body of Christ, the church, but Pastor Al Dagel has seen and experienced the beauty of healing relationships and the harmony of Christian love.  He shares such a resolution today.

Mar 07
Episode 1592: A Blessing - Part two

Today, Pastor Al Dagel finishes the instructions for Israel's blessings, and ours.

Mar 06
Episode 1591: A blessing - Part 1

Today, Pastor Al Dagel brings an Old Testament blessing to us, hoping to bless us in the same fashion as Israel has been so often blessed! 

Mar 05
Episode 1590: Why read it all?

Today, Pastor Al Dagel gives some compelling reasons for us to consider reading through the entirety of the Bible often. 

Mar 04
Episode 1589: A lesson on humility

Comparing ourselves to others can be humiliating, but being humble might just get us to a place of honor.  Pastor Al Dagel explains by looking at Jesus' teaching today.  

Mar 03