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Moments of Grace is a daily devotioncast, featuring Evangelist and Pastor, Rev. Al Dagel.

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Episode 1020: Two sixteens

Today, Pastor Al Dagel brings us teaching from two chapters of God's Word.  In different books, these chapters are both "chapter 16", but together, they bring us our Moments of Grace. 

Aug 11
Episode 1019: Treasures enough

Treasures can be exciting, but Pastor Al Dagel wants us to know that serving Jesus here is exciting, and in eternity, whatever treasures we may have awaiting us will be what believers will want to give right back to Jesus.

Aug 10
Episode 1018: How sweet the sound

Today Pastor Al Dagel has both told us of God's grace, but he has also made a generous offer to go along with the offer God made for our salvation.  Listen now to hear that offer.

Aug 09
Episode 1017: Wisdom protects the heart

Today, Pastor Al Dagel brings us another lesson on wisdom.  This makes so much sense.  Listen now and share it with your friends!

Aug 08
Episode 1016: Plenty of bread

When Jesus knows that we need bread, He can meet our needs as He sees fit.  Pastor Al Dagel loves to let us know what Jesus can do for us!

Aug 07
Episode 1015: Knowing God's Word helps!

Their learning may have made them wish that their friends and families could have been there, but their time to learn would come.  Pastor Al Dagel hopes that we still want to serve Jesus as the disciples did. 

Aug 06
Episode 1014: The Brook Kidron

This is an encore message, but you'll love listening!  Pastor Al Dagel just returned from a ten-day trip.  This helps!

Aug 05
Episode 1013: Did you hear that?

Some things you hear, and other things you NEED TO HEAR!

Aug 04
Episode 1012: The wisdom of concequences

This may get personal, but you need to know what consequences are, and Pastor Al Dagel pulls no punches in today's pointed episode of Moments of Grace.

Aug 03
Episode 1011: Promises and patience

Today, Pastor Al Dagel ties some thoughts together for us, using both Old and New Testaments.

Aug 02
Episode 1010: Masrriage of the Lamb

Tod's episode involves a marriage like no other.  Pastor Al Dagel brings good teaching to us again today.

Aug 01
Episode 1009: The Sabbath is His

Today, Jesus's teaching shut down the legalism of the Pharisees so that we can rejoice in the Grace of God!

Jul 31
Episode 1008: God or the world? Your choice

In today's episode, Pastor Al Dagel challenges us to choose to live for God.  It makes sense, we believe.

Jul 30
Episode 1007: Slow to anger

God's love slows His potential for anger, but that time may still come.  Ready?  Pastor Al Dagel shasres God's plan.

Jul 29
Episode 1006: Before Abraham

Today, Pastor Al Dagel helps us see the validity of Jesus' claim to diety.

Jul 28
Episode 1005: On the road again

Today, Pastor Al Dagel was reminded of Abram's long journey and of God's leading both for him and for us.

Jul 27
Episode 1004: Come_ sit here . .

Today, Pastor Al dagel brings us another lesson humility.  We might just need this!

Jul 26
Episode 1003: Today, it is free

Today, Pastor Al Dagel makes the gift of salvation sound very inviting, and, yes, it is free today to all who believe and receive the Savior!

Jul 25
Episode 1002: A helping of joy

Joy comes from the Lord and knowing Jesus personally.  Today, Pastor Al Dagelwants to help us share the great joy that only God can give.

Jul 24
Episode 1001: Praise God often!

In Psalm 150, Pastor Al Dagel found ample reason to praise his Creator, and we know that you will, too.

Jul 23
Episode 1000: The passover lambs

The lambs chosen for sacrifice at the time of the Passover were special, but they pointed to the coming "Passover Lamb", Jesus, Who would be the perfect sacrifice. Pastor Al Dagel also points us toward that Lamb.

Jul 22
Episode 999: Love is the greatest

Today, Pastor Al Dagel digs right into "the love chapter" of the Bible.  You'll "love" it!

Jul 21
Episode 998: Read it again

Today, Pastor Al Dagel urges us to read and re-read God's Word.  It pays great rewards!

Jul 20
Episode 997: Out of the shadows

Two portions of Scripture teach us today, as Pastor Al Dagel helps us see how they both apply to our very salvation.

Jul 19
Episode 996: The acceptable day

Today, Pastor Al Dagel emphasizes that salvation is available today, but he also reminds us that the offer of salvation is only available as long as we are yet alive. 

Jul 18
Episode 995: My greeting to you

Today, Pastor Al Dagel extends the same greeting to us that Palu extended to the believers at Philippi.  It is all about love for the brethren (and sisters, too).

Jul 17
Episode 994: That New Song

There's a song that is popular among believers.  Pastor Al Dagel doesn't know the tune or the beat, but this new song can become your favorite if you receive Jesus as your Savior.  Listen now!

Jul 16
Episode 993: An eternal Kingdom

Today, Pastor Al Dagel brings two kingdoms into view - one was temporary, - the other, eternal!

Jul 15
Episode 992: A twinkle in a moment

When Jesus comes again, be ready!  Pastor Al Dagel wants this simple message to touch everyone today!

Jul 14
Episode 991: Not male or female here

Today's lesson is a great equalizer, as Pastor Al Dagel assures us that there are no differences between born-again believers who are otherwise different.  We are made equal before God through Christ!

Jul 13