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Moments of Grace is a daily devotioncast, featuring Evangelist and Pastor, Rev. Al Dagel.

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Episode 1437: The hypocrite's reward

Today, Pastor Al Dagel points to a weak spot in the lives of hypocrites, who may generously give to God's work for wrong reasons.  

Oct 02
Episode 1436: Wisdom and grace

Pastor Al Dagel wants us to know that goes back much further than to Solomon, and we must keep moving it forward!

Oct 01
Episode 1435: Psalm 8 has much for us

Today, Pastor Al Dagel takes us to Psalm 8 to help us see how important both singing and preaching really are.

Sep 30
Episode 1434: When God hears our prayers

Today, we continue with a theme Pastor Al Dagel opened up for us yesterday.   

Sep 29
Episode 1433: When the church prays...

Pastor Al Dagel believes that when the church properly prays, God will show up.

Sep 28
Episode 1432: Keep it burning

Today, Pastor Al Dagel urges us to keep the fire of the Holy Spirit burning in our hearts.  This is always a good choice!

Sep 27
Episode 1431: No rejection

What a wonderfully open invitation Jesus gave to those who need Him.  Pastor Al Dagel shares this account with us in today's episode of "Moments of Grace". 

Sep 26
Episode 1430: A Family portrai

Pastor Al Dagel has come to us with a beautiful family portrait of the  Triune God.  It may not be what you think, but it is a beautiful picture for us.

Sep 25
Episode 1429: Pay attention to wisdom

"Wisdom Sundays" seems like a ministry meant for a time like now!  Pastor Al Dagel leads us to biblical wisdom, so let's pay attention!

Sep 24
Episode 1428: The words of my mouth

Old memories of praying ministers led to a love of Psalm 19 for Pastor Al Dagel.  You will love this Psalm, too.

Sep 23
Episode 1427: Do not pity us

We who have believed in Jesus can have the assurance that we are safe for eternity, according to what Pastor Al Dagel shares today from First Corinthians 15.

Sep 22
Episode 1426: Signs

Pastor Al Dagel wants us to know the truth about salvation, and have all the truth we need in God's Word.

Sep 21
Episode 1425: As seen in me

This could tug on parents' hearts, as Pasdtor Al lDagel focuses on our gift of faith to the next generations.

Sep 20
Episode 1424: Isaiah 53

Today, Isaiah 53 takes center stage, as Pastor Al Dagel lets God's Word do most of the talking.  Listen now, and please share with your friends. 

Sep 19
Episode 1423: A personal prayer

The prayer of Jonah is a special event in the life of a reluctant prophet.  Pastor Al Dagel helps us see how powerful that prayer was.

Sep 18
Episode 1422: Wisdom - A hard lesson

In our Wisdom Sundays episode, Pastor Al Dagel shares a hard lesson he learned in hopes of sparing you the hurt of learning such wisdom the hard way.  

Sep 17
Episode 1421: An honest look back

In today's episode, Pastor Al Dagel brings us a Psalm's message of the ups and downs of God's chosen people, Israel.  How might you compare?  Will you let God help you do better?

Sep 16
Episode 1420: Jesus' friends

There is something to be said about being a friend of Jesus.  Pastor Al Dagel says it today!

Sep 15
Episode 1419: Like Paul

Today, Pastor Al Dagel observes some things that many preachers (and maybe you) have in common with the Apostle Paul.

Sep 14
Episode 1418: Godly in your town

Today, Pastor Al Dagel urges us to be noticeably godly right where we live. 

Sep 13
Episode 1417: Practicing pure religion

Today, Pastor Al Dagel shares what is happening right now in Nepal and challenges us to join GraceMode in practicing pure and undefiled religion.  Find out how right here! 

Sep 12
Episode 1416: How to sharpen iron

Today, Pastor Al Dagel shares how vital Iron Men, a weekly Bible study and accountability group, is to the men. 

Sep 11
Episode 1415: Wisdom, not envy

On our Wisdom Sundays, Pastor Al Dagel is using God's wise ways to help us choose wisdom to describe our ways.

Sep 10
Episode 1414: His Majesty, the King

Today, Pastor Al Dagel brings us to a Psalm of enthronement, which shows us that God is, indeed, always on His throne!

Sep 09
Episode 1413: Two Thanksgiving choirs

Today, Pastor Al Dagel brings us more reasons to be thankful!

Sep 08
Episode 1412: Not 10 sugggestions

Today, Pastor Al Dagel gives us a good look and a "digest" view of the ten commandments.

Sep 07
Episode 1411: Healing at the Temple

Today, Pastor Al Dagel reflects on Jesus' entry to Jerusalem in triumph, but shortly after cleansing the Temple, Jesus did something extraordinary on that same day!

Sep 06
Episode 1410: Don't misbehave!

In today's episode, Pastor Al Dagel points to the pastor's duty to keep his flock informed about behaving well with the good of the church in mind.

Sep 05
Episode 1409: Getting the message right

Today, Pastor Al Dagel points us in the direction of Paul's letter to the Galatian believers.  

Sep 04
Episode 1408: Wisdom's rewards - Part 2

Today, continues with part two of "Wisdom's Rewards", as Pastor Al Dagel brings us back to The Book of Proverbs

Sep 03