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MyMac Podcast 970: What's wrong with regular intelligence?

Gaz is off having a good time so Guy is kidnapping…requesting the presence of Karl Madden from the Mac and Forth podcast to talk about their favourite AI programs and using them while recording the show. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

1h 44m
Mar 31
MyMac Podcast 969: What's up with Siri

A lot of people are very satisfied with Siri and how it works. Many others are not so impressed with Apples tool. So let’s take a look at Siri where it holds up and where it maybe doesn’t so much. Oh, and CarPlay Bluetooth too these all from a listener question! Also why is Guy SO tired?

1h 1m
Mar 25
MyMac Podcast 968: I have the POWER

Karl Madden of the Mac and Forth podcast join the GMen to help answer a listener question asking about Power Adapters. This got us to thinking (and you know how hard that is), what kind of options are there to power our Apple gear away from wherever it is we call home. Not just that quick trip to Disneyland, but perhaps some far away land filled with wonder unlike anything we’ve experienced at home! Huh…,maybe we mean Disneyland after all.

1h 22m
Mar 16
MyMac Podcast 967: Artificially Intelligent Laughter

What happens when you get two podcasters playing with AI images? Unexpected results and lots of laughs. Karl Madden and Guy spent some time this morning trying to create images with AI and some crazy results occurred. Since this is more visual than usual, Guy will create a version of the podcast on YouTube that will just have the AI image discussion so you don’t have to go through the whole thing.

1h 7m
Mar 10
MyMac Podcast 966: Remember the Titan

Hey everyone, think back to those glorious days when the GMen went on and on about Apple’s ever so certain to be released (any day now) Apple car that was going to be so advanced that it would drive itself. In fact you couldn’t drive it even if you wanted to because it wouldn’t have a steering wheel. Well stick a pin on that because Apple has done a soft announcement that they’re canceling it! In fact, the announcement was SO soft that they didn’t even say it and relied on all the hype masters who have talked about it for ten years to do it for them.

1h 0m
Mar 03
MyMac Podcast 965: I want my M3 please

Apple’s M3 Processor is a good (not particularly great but good) update over it’s M2 brothers and sisters. Depending on the configuration you want. If you already have an M2-based computer, is it worth putting down your hard earned currency of choice? Depends on what you use it for, but generally speaking probably not. If you’re still on an Intel Mac or M1? Look in your couch cushions for spare change because you might want to make the jump.

1h 9m
Feb 25
MyMac Podcast 964: Make it look like Windows

The MacOS is great, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it better. We’re going to look at some apps that have the potential to make your experience better…even if they didn’t come from Cupertino

1h 13m
Feb 19
MyMac Podcast 963: Buggy Bugs

There’s quite a few bugs in Apple’s regular software. Actually more than a few and the GMen are going to talk about some of them this week. Not all of them because that might make the show just a tad too long, but enough to take the smirk of superiority off some Apple user’s faces.

1h 35m
Feb 12
MyMac Podcast 962: Lack of Vision

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or so, pre-orders for Apple’s Vision Pro started on Friday January 19th. Are you ready for all the hype and whining well too bad, it’s likely going to be all you hear in tech circles for the next month or two. We promise that THIS show will be the last you hear about it from us! Or maybe we’ll likely be gushing and or complaining about it too. Also, Guy says a dumb. See if you can guess where it happens.

1h 0m
Jan 21
MyMac Podcast 961: Hoping to see clearly

Guy hasn't made a secret of his issues with having lost his right eye. While he's made light of it, in every way it sucks. It puts him and others like him in a weird situation. They have a clearly defined affliction, but there’s little to no help for them. While it's sure that people with worse sight issues would gladly trade places with those with mostly good vision in one eye, there’s more assistive technology for the blind or those with almost no vision than there there is for people with monocular vision. Everyone is different and their needs are very different, but can’t there be some help for them too?

1h 7m
Jan 14
MyMac Podcast 960: We don't need no stinkin exploits

While we may not want them, we’ve had them in a long journey that no one saw coming except for the exploiters themselves. They even went to extraordinary lengths to hide what they were doing from everyone. If ever there was a time to patch ALL your Apple devices, it would be now.

1h 2m
Jan 07
MyMac Podcast 959: Sorting out Photos

Does Photos drive you crazy with all of it’s sometimes VERY annoying quirks? Do the GMen have any answers? We would like to think we do, but how does that usually end up?

1h 12m
Dec 30, 2023
MyMac Podcast 958: Happy Holidays

In what was supposed to be just a quick little,"Hey everyone! Have a great Holidays whatevers!" turns into a travelog and bit of weird and funny stories from the GMen. So of course it ends up being much longer than we thought it would be.

1h 7m
Dec 20, 2023
MyMac Podcast 957: Spyruses and Malspam

Still believe that your Mac can’t get infected by bad actors? Maybe you should take a minute and rethink that. ANY digital device can get infected by carefully crafted baddies and this week, we’ll give you a few tips to keep it from happening.

1h 2m
Dec 03, 2023
MyMac Podcast 956: Blech Friday

Sure there are deals both in-store and digitally, but since they started talking about Black Friday deals before Halloween, is anyone else tired of the hype? We sure are, so here’s a few relatively inexpensive things tech related you can buy that we like, and they’re probably not even on sale! But maybe they are.

1h 14m
Nov 26, 2023
MyMac Podcast 955: Coming up next!

There is practically no real Apple things to talk about that we haven’t already covered to the point of a coma, so let’s jump in a different direction while still keeping it an Apple focus. What’s some of the new stuff coming up in the AppleTV service and what’s some of the returning stuff?

1h 7m
Nov 12, 2023
MyMac Podcast 954: Getting Gaz's Goat

Shortest event ever and could have been even shorter if they had snapped it up with all the processor talk. Don’t get us wrong, we love some of the finer details, but when you have an event that’s blink and you’ll miss it, having half of it taken up talking about cores and M1/Intel comparisons is kinda weak sauce..

1h 1m
Nov 06, 2023
MyMac Podcast 953: Scary Wrong

Remember just a few weeks ago when we thought there wouldn’t be another Mac event this year? Or did we actually say the exact opposite? Hard to say, as the overblown reverb meant most people couldn’t stand listening to it.

1h 3m
Oct 29, 2023
MyMac Podcast 952: Censorship

Is anyone else disturbed that Apple may be getting involved with AppleTV content that they gave free reign to? We’d ask Jon Stewart but apparently that doesn’t play well in China. Also Guy's experimental podcasting in a cave, down a ravine, in an abandoned concert venue, underwater last week didn't work out as well as he had hoped.

1h 11m
Oct 22, 2023
MyMac Podcast 951: Upcoming fabricated tittle-tattle hearsay rumor Grapevine gossip!

We may thoroughly despise rumor mongering, but we do enjoy a little alleged by all accounts scuttlebutt so the story goes…so lets do that! Also Guy MAY have been a LITTLE heavy on the reverb...possibly.

1h 2m
Oct 15, 2023
MyMac Podcast 950: So We're Back!

Sorry about that, but we were away for a bit taking care of all kinds of unrelated to being GMen things, but here we are. With MacOS Sonoma now released, there are certain things to remember and do BEFORE jumping to that new operating system. Chief among them is making sure you have a complete backup you can revert to in case things go horribly wrong! Will they? Probably not. CAN they? Oh most certainly.

1h 29m
Oct 08, 2023
MyMac Podcast 949: New Stuff

I’m sure we were all surprised by the totally not pre-revealed by every single tech person ever alive or dead on what Apple released last Tuesday and to put the final nail in the coffin here come the G-Men! This should be an hour of predictable fun

1h 9m
Sep 17, 2023
MyMac Podcast 948: Tell me a Story

Well we already talked about our predictions for the next Apple event last week. On purpose since a lot of people wouldn’t have heard us until after the event if done this week so what do we do for today? How about some CarPlay audiobook apps? Sure why not?

1h 4m
Sep 11, 2023
MyMac Podcast 947: Wonderlustful

Apple announces to absolutely no one’s surprise their iPhone (probably) event on September 12th. There’s some stuff already known and likely there will be a surprise or two, but at this point we know what’s Apple’s cooking. Also, a big surprise from Guy

1h 1m
Sep 04, 2023
MyMac Podcast 946: Traveling Whoa's

World's longest "short" podcast that Guy and Gaz have ever done. No big tech show this week though Gaz’s snippets are still there. So, just how bad can a few flights go? Oh let me spin you a tale! Also odd tech glitched throughout much of the show which is blamed on Glenn Beck for reasons.

1h 15m
Aug 25, 2023
MyMac Podcast 945: Artificially Intelligent Viruses

The title is kinda clickbait as there isn’t really anything called artificial intelligence for real. There are machine learning programs capable of writing malware based on the criteria given to it. The past and current talking points is that as the Mac gets more popular there will be more malware directed toward it. Been hearing this for years and the M-series Macs have grown the Mac market to the point where it is a more attractive target, but has there been more actual infections? One very telling point is that most articles saying the Mac get’s viruses and malware seems to come from companies selling anti-virus software..

1h 1m
Aug 06, 2023
MyMac Podcast 944: What do you need?

OK so you bought a shiny new Mac of some kind. What else might you need that won’t cost an arm and a leg? Depends on a couple of things. Is it a laptop? A Mac mini? A Mac Studio? We’ll go over some stuff you might want to consider.

1h 17m
Jul 30, 2023
MyMac Podcast 943: Are you a Beta person

It used to be hard to get beta versions of the Mac OS. You had to be an Apple Developer and pay $99 a year for the privilege. Now you flip a switch in System settings and you can at the very least get the public betas with absolutely no sweat. However just because you CAN do something it doesn’t always follow that you should.

1h 16m
Jul 16, 2023
MyMac Podcast 942: Show me the money

Apple and Goldman Sachs originally seemed like a match made in heaven. Apple makes their way into the world of finance instead of just being on the retail end and Goldman Sachs expanded into consumer banking. So how did it go so very wrong…for Goldman Sachs anyway.

1h 16m
Jul 03, 2023
MyMac Podcast 941: Where to make stuff

The likes of the CEO of Apple Tim Cook, CEO of Alphabet Sundar Pichai, and CEO of Microsoft Satay Nadella all met with the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi at the White House last week following an earlier in the week meeting with Tesla/Twitter/Space X leader Elon Musk. The GMen wonder just what they could have been talking about this week in the second section of the show.

1h 14m
Jun 26, 2023