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MyMac Podcast 929: SO Chatty

Artificial Intelligence chat, or AI chat, uses technology like natural language processing and machine learning to facilitate communication between humans and machines. As AI chat evolves, chatbots may become more sophisticated, capable of understanding complex conversations, emotions, and even humor. The potential impact on industries like customer service and ecommerce is enormous. And yes, this intro was written by a chatbot

1h 15m
Mar 19
MyMac Podcast 928: What's up Docks?

Trying to bring in everything we like to do with our Macs is made difficult by the lack of available ports. Fortunately several companies have filled that void with fast reliable hubs with all the ports we need. Today we look at some of those offerings from OWC, Caldigit, and Sonnet.

1h 6m
Mar 05
MyMac Podcast 927: M2 What’s Left?

Considering the M2 was just released last summer, nearly the entire Mac Line (and several of the iPads) have already switched over from the M1. So what’s left for Apple to move to the newest processor and will there be any other surprises to go along with it?

1h 15m
Feb 26
MyMac Podcast 926: Sick...and tired

Well it’s been an interesting week in which potential calamity after calamity occurred and we’re tempted to say thank you, since not much else is really going on for us to talk about. So instead of more, “Hey how about those new HomePods that look amazingly like the ones Apple already discontinued once” or “Should I get a new Mac now or wait until the M3 miniPro UltraMax comes out?”, we’re going to talk about what to do when your worst week ever happens…without it being like, actually life threatening or anything. Because that would REALLY suck.

1h 11m
Feb 19
MyMac Podcast 925: Earn THIS Analysts

Apple had their quarterly earnings call and despite a rise in revenue for Services and iPads, the general earnings were down about 6 million year over year. Or roughly a few days of fines in Denmark.

Feb 04
MyMac Podcast 924: Mac Pro Dead? Long live the Mac Pro

There's some speculation that 2023 may be the year that the M-series Mac Pro may finally be released. There's also lots of speculation (and a fair bit of whining) that it won't be as expandable as some past Mac Pros were. Honestly? It probably won't be. OODLES of audio comments including our first from the new Google voice number which will make this a SUPER long show with a lot of afters. Gaz wants to know how NFL Football teams are created.

1h 32m
Jan 29
MyMac Podcast 923: M2 Mania

Just as we were getting comfortable with the state of all things Mac, Apple does a non-event and throws out M2 Mac minis and MacBook Pros. Seems like maybe they should have started with these instead of the Air and iPad, but what do we know? Then, just to throw us another curveball, bigger HomePods just were announced!

1h 0m
Jan 21
MyMac Podcast 922: Making it elsewhere

For the plus 20 years, Apple has manufactured the vast majority of their stuff in China. Obviously they haven’t been alone in doing this, most major tech companies and many smaller ones have either moved their factories to China or gotten started there. The pandemic showed that this was a risky move as China essentially shut their entire country down for a long time, disrupting supply chains everywhere. Apple and now many others are beginning to rethink this strategy and have begun diversifying their manufacturing to other countries in the region as well.

1h 11m
Jan 15
MyMac Podcast 921: Stupid Tech News

News on this podcast is serious business…no matter how many times we laugh at it. It can be hard to take some news seriously and other times it just lends itself to hyperbole and ridicule, but we approach these topics with much thought and insight….or that’s what we tell ourselves anyway.

1h 1m
Jan 08
MyMac Podcast 920: Ventura Tips

Sometimes it’s hard to know what features an OS is offering that might be to your liking? If really any at all. So we’re going to talk about some of the main features of macOS Ventura and whether or not we’ve tried them and if we’ll use them on a daily basis. Then, make up your own mind about it.

Dec 30, 2022
MyMac Podcast 919: MyMac-Mus Eve

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the podcast, not a creature was stirring but you know it won’t last. Gaz and Guy have family coming from afar. Through wind, snow, and rain, but quite comfy in their car. You heard them exclaim as the present wrappings flew, “You didn’t get Apple Care? You fool you fool!”

Dec 24, 2022
MyMac Podcast 918: 13th day of Christmas

Two weeks away and the GMen are getting into the spirit of the season! That season being "Why the heck is it so cold and windy?" Also, it's looking more and more like Apple is going to be forced in the EU to allow 3rd party app stores and other alternative means to procuring and installing iOS iPadOS apps outside of Apple's own app store.

1h 21m
Dec 18, 2022
MyMac Podcast 917: What's left in YOUR wallet?

We have just jumped into the holiday season with black Friday and all kinds of deals that really aren’t all that impressive. However, Guy has scoured the internet (at least 25 minutes of hard core searching!) and found a bunch of deals that REALLY made him want to buy stuff….but he didn’t

Nov 27, 2022
MyMac Podcast 916: Did you tweet you twit?

There seems to be little common ground around Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. It’s either the greatest thing EVAH (freedom fries for murica) or a house burning down around an oven with a chicken left in at 300 celsius. What actually is happening is mostly up for debate and your opinion is just as valid as someone else. Even if those two opinions are 180 degrees out of sync.

Nov 21, 2022
MyMac Podcast 915: What’s left to M?

You would think Apple was in dire straits based on what analysts are saying. Some of it true and some false, all overblown or inconsequential long term. AirPods and AirPods Pros assembly lines being shut down for an unnamed new product just before the holiday season buying rush (because THAT makes sense), iPhone 14 lines shut down due to dystopian COVID-19 authoritarian demands (might be somewhat true), and M2 laptops that only measure 13 inches at best (currently true), Apple surely MUST be doomed! Except they’re having one killer quarter after another so either Apple is lying or analysts don’t have a clue. I’m not normally a betting man, but I know where I’d put my money.

1h 7m
Nov 13, 2022
MyMac Podcast 914: Potpourri

Do you know what happens when you throw a podcast together without a topic or show notes and things just seem more disorganised than usual? Funny you should ask.

1h 7m
Nov 06, 2022
MyMac Podcast 913: Nothing Ventura-ed, Nothing Gained

Remember all those times the GMen have told you NOT to immediately update to a new version of the macOS? Remember those times? Well, both of them decided to completely ignore that advice and throw common sense out the window because they did it anyway. So far so good which means disaster is likely right around the corner.

1h 14m
Oct 30, 2022
MyMac Podcast 912: Dracula is a Drag

Busy day for Guy yesterday with a 3 hour drive each way to Philadelphia to see a Dracula exhibit at the Mutter Museum. Much Muttering was done as it was less spectacular than anticipated. Also Apple apparently updated some tablet thingies.

1h 24m
Oct 24, 2022
MyMac Podcast 911: We've got Wood

Guy is back from Zombie-land but it turns out he never went to the dead people place...for now. All the drama that happened in Long Island is explained and saying we have wood might not mean what it sometimes means otherwise.

1h 3m
Oct 15, 2022
MyMac Podcast 910: Where's Guy

Guy is away enjoy seeing dead people in a museum so hopefully his zombie fetich for this year will be sorted. I decide to go solo and madness nearly ensues.

Oct 13, 2022
MyMac Podcast 909: One After

The GMen are back in studio after Gaz was off doing a lot of fun stuff. However Guy will show him. Instead of a private plane, yacht, Spanish destinations, and a 10 course meal, Guy will have a rental car that will be driven to Long Island to see a comedian and go to a museum filled with dead things. So pretty much the same thing.

1h 16m
Oct 02, 2022
MyMac Podcast 908: In the Lap of Luxury

Gaz is off doing luxury things on luxury planes and drinking luxury drinks, eating luxury food, dancing to luxury songs, and presumably using luxury toilets while on a luxury ya-cht. Don’t blame us for saying ya-cht. That’s how it’s spelled. Meanwhile on planet earth with us dirt beings NOT doing luxury stuff, we’re doing a podcast while not much is going on in the Apple world other than order backlogs, OS issues, and vibrating phones.

1h 17m
Sep 25, 2022
MyMac Podcast 907: Convince me

A lot of the stuff from the Apple event is now available or WAS available because it’s now mostly on backorder. To be expected in the current climate. Fortunately neither of the GMen want to buy anything new…or do we? Might take a little bit of convincing one way or the other.

1h 4m
Sep 18, 2022
MyMac Podcast 906: Are you impressed?

The Apple event has come and gone and there were very few surprises. iPhone 14, new watches, new iPod Pros. The GMen will go over what did (and didn’t) impress them. Also condolences to all affected by the death of Queen Elizabeth the second. A wonderful lady in every sense of the word who served and represented her country in a positive way for over 70 years. God bless you Mum.

1h 15m
Sep 11, 2022
MyMac Podcast 905: Calm before the norm

HOUGHT he might save by recording with Audio Hijack utterly failed to manifest itself. Big Apple event on Wednesday (Guy still hates the date) for some Apple-ly stuff so everything is mostly quiet this week…except for the GMen.

1h 15m
Sep 05, 2022
MyMac Podcast 904: We know, We guess

Apple announced their September event is scheduled for the 7th which is a Wednesday and has Guy’s OCD greatly disturbed because it’s SUPPOSED to be on a Tuesday…according to Guy.

1h 15m
Aug 29, 2022
MyMac Podcast 903: Same old, Same old

It’s being said that the iPhone 14 will have the same look and processor as its predecessor and in order to get the best full featured specs, you’ll need to jump to the 14 Pro. If this is true, is there really a need for iPhone 12 or 13 users to jump to a new phone?

1h 11m
Aug 22, 2022
MyMac Podcast 902: Who's NeXT

While Tim Cook (Mr. Excitement) has been the CEO of Apple for over 10 years, he’s now getting closer to mid-60s and is probably looking past where he’ll be running things. His legacy is pretty firmly set and there’s not much more at this point he could do, so who will be next in line to run Apple? We’ll look at some of the likely candidates in the second section.

1h 9m
Aug 08, 2022
MyMac Podcast 901: That's a lot of Macs

Apple just released their Q3 earnings for 2022 and while the company met expectations, that’s about the long and short of it. Mac sales in particular were way down by 20 year over year and the biggest problem seems to be supply constraints and a lot of China’s capacity out due to lockdowns enforced by the government. Guest host Karl Madden from the Mac Forth podcast comes in for Gaz (who's been walking Wilf for a REALLY long time now) and they talk a bit about just how many Macs Apple sells per year.

Jul 31, 2022
MyMac Podcast 900: Four Men in a Box

What happens when you pout 4 previous and current hosts of the MyMac Podcast into the same video call? A REALLY long podcast! Tim Robertson, David Cohen, Gary "GazMaz" Malpas, and Guy Serle discuss the history of the MyMac Podcast, what everyone is doing now, and a whole bunch of other unrelated things. Because we can!

1h 49m
Jul 17, 2022