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It's simple: Netflix Is A Daily Joke is a joke a day podcast featuring a daily dose of your favorite Netflix comedians. One joke a day. Every day.

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Chelsea Handler: A Joke About The Imbalance Of Power

Chelsea Handler jokes about the imbalance of power in her Netflix special, "Revolution".

Jun 13
Jeff Ross and Dave Attell: Some Jokes About Their Appearances

Jeff Ross and Dave Attell joke about their appearances in their Netflix special, "Bumping Mics".

Jun 12
Keith Robinson: A Joke About His Strokes

Keith Robinson jokes about his strokes in his Netflix special, "Different Strokes".

Jun 11
Trevor Noah: A Joke About The Berlin Airport

Trevor Noah jokes about the Berlin airport in his Netflix special, "Where Was I".

Jun 10
Kevin Hart: A Joke About Being Caught On Tape

Kevin Hart jokes about being caught on tape in his Netflix special, "Zero F**ks Given".

Jun 09
Shane Gillis: A Joke About Australia

Shane Gillis jokes about Australia in his Netflix special, "Beautiful Dogs".

Jun 08
Tiffany Haddish: A Joke About Her Best Year

Tiffany Haddish jokes about her best year in "Seth Rogen's Hilarity For Charity" only on Netflix.

Jun 06
David Letterman: A Joke About Things You Never Hear In Los Angeles

David Letterman jokes about things you never hear in Los Angeles in his Netflix special, "That's My Time With David Letterman".

Jun 05
Jo Koy: A Joke About Laughter

Jo Koy jokes about laughter in his Netflix special, "Live From Brooklyn".

Jun 04
Katt Williams: A Joke About Jacksonville

Katt Williams jokes about Jacksonville in his Netflix special, "Great America".

Jun 03
Margaret Cho: A Joke About Safe Sex

Margaret Cho jokes about safe sex in "Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Celebration" only on Netflix.

Jun 02
Jeff Ross: A Roast of Tom Brady

Jeff Ross roasts Tom Brady in "The Roast of Tom Brady", streamed live on Netflix during the "Netflix is a Joke Fest".

Jun 01
Alok: A Joke About The Cis Community

Alok jokes about the cis community in "Hannah Gadsby's Gender Agenda" only on Netflix.

May 31
Marc Maron: A Joke About Technology

Marc Maron jokes about technology in his Netflix special, "End Times Fun".

May 30
Dave Attell: A Joke About Trail Mix

Dave Attell jokes about trail mix in his Netflix special, "Hot Cross Buns".

May 29
John Mulaney: A Reminder For His Future Self

John Mulaney gives a reminder to his future self in"John Mulaney Presents: Everybody's in Los Angeles" streamed live during the "Netflix Is A Joke Fest".

May 29
Ronny Chieng: A Joke About The Internet

Ronny Chieng jokes about the internet in his Netflix special, "Asian Comedian Destroys America!".

May 28
Supriya Joshi: A Joke About Fitness Trackers

Supriya Joshi jokes about fitness trackers in "Ladies Up" only on Netflix.

May 27
Neal Brennan: A Joke About Freud

Neal Brennan jokes about Freud in his Netflix special, "Crazy Good".

May 26
Seth Meyers: A Joke About His Dad

Seth Meyers jokes about his Dad in his Netflix special, "Lobby Baby".

May 25
Adam Sandler: A Joke About Electric Cars

Adam Sandler jokes about electric cars in his Netflix special, "100% Fresh".

May 24
Tig Notaro: A Joke About Marriage

Tig Notaro jokes about marriage in her Netflix special, "Happy to Be Here".

May 23
Kountry Wayne: A Joke About Pastor Williams

Kountry Wayne jokes about Pastor Williams in his Netflix special, "A Woman's Prayer".

May 22
Arsenio Hall: A Joke About Cursing

Arsenio Hall jokes about cursing in his Netflix special, "Smart and Classy".

May 21
Iliza Shlesinger: A Joke About The Word "Amazing"

Iliza Shlesinger jokes about the word "amazing" in her Netflix special, "Unveiled".

May 20
Dusty Slay: A Joke About His Ted Talk

Dusty Slay jokes about his Ted Talk in his Netflix Special, "Workin' Man".

May 19
Maria Bamford: A Joke About Comedy

Maria Bamford jokes about comedy in her Netflix special, "Old Baby".

May 18
Jimmy Carr: A Joke About Mobile Phones

Jimmy Carr jokes about mobile phones in his Netflix special, "Natural Born Killer".

May 17
Chloe Petts: A Joke About Male Privilege

Chloe Petts jokes about male privilege in "Hannah Gadsby's Gender Agenda".

May 16
Demetri Martin: A Joke About Paying With Cash

Demetri Martin jokes about paying with cash in his Netflix special, "Demetri Deconstructed".

May 15