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It's simple, Netflix Is A Daily Joke is a joke a day podcast. Featuring a daily dose of your favorite Netflix comedians daily. One a day. Everyday. Day.

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Paul Virzi: A Joke About His Favorite American Accent

Paul Virzi treats the audiece to a pitch perfect rendition of his favorite American accent

Aug 09
Anjelah Johnson-Reyes: A Joke About Costco Samples

Anjelah Johnson-Reyes delivers a brilliant little joke about the joys of Costco.

Aug 08
Cristela Alonzo: A Joke About The Jobs Immigrants Are Stealing

Cristela Alonzo proves that immigrants aren't stealing American jobs with one joke.

Aug 07
Margaret Cho: A Joke About Her Old Asian Parents

Margaret Cho provides the impression of her mother we didn't have know we missed so much.

Aug 06
Joel Kim Booster: A Joke About His Nudes Leaking

Joel Kim Booster nudes leaked on Christmas and he briefly acted upset about it.

Aug 05
Phil Wang: A Joke About The Netflix Algorithm

Netflix didn't recommend his own Netflix special to Phil Wang, which seems like a failure.

Aug 04
Norm McDonald: A Joke About Where Norm Likes to Gamble

Norm makes the most of his gambling habit, using it to pay reparations to indigenous populations at casinos.

Aug 03
Carly Aqulino: A Joke About Wearing Two Tampons

Sometimes Carly Aqulino doesn't remember to take out one tampon before she puts in a fresh one.

Aug 02
Cristela Alonzo: A Joke About When You Had To Call The Internet

Cristela Alonzo demands credit for being among the pioneer generation to have to learn how the internet works.

Aug 01
Amy Schumer: A Joke About Her Son's Name

Amy Schumer might have given her son a bad name.

Jul 31
Carly Aqulino: A Joke About Her Taste In Men

Carly Aqulino details the perils of dating after the pandemic killed her relationship.

Jul 30
Iliza Schlesinger: A Joke About Outdoor Dining in LA

Iliza Schlesinger provides a dystopian account of how LA restaurants survived the pandemic.

Jul 29
Jaye McBride: A Joke About Her Gender Transition As An Irish Catholic

Jay McBride's racy set about her gender transition journey within her Irish Catholic family.

Jul 28
Trixie Mattel: Sings a Song Strictly For Rich People

Trixie Mattel performs a songs solely for the enjoyment of her new target demographic, the rich & famous.

Jul 27
Katt Williams: A Joke About How We Get Oxtails

Katt Williams delivers a joke about how we get oxtails without oxes, and where the rest of it goes.

Jul 26
Norm McDonald: Explains Why He Doesn't Miss Flying

Norm McDonald misses performing around the country but not the aircraft he has to use to do it.

Jul 25
Anjelah Johnson-Reyes: A Joke About Texting LOL

Anjelah Johnson-Reyes tells a joke about what LOL really means.

Jul 24
Tracey Ashley: A Joke About Her Favorite True Crime Show

Tracey Ashley doesn't want to be interviewed on her favorite true crime show, "I Survived"

Jul 23
Giulio Gallarotti: A Joke About a Falcon On A Plane

Giulio Gallarotti shared a plane ride with a falcon.

Jul 22
Michelle Buteau: A Joke About Masks

Michelle Buteau jokes about the things wearing a mask taught her.

Jul 21
Margaret Cho: A Joke About Being Asian During the Pandemic

Margaret Cho delivers an irreverent joke about the hazards of looking too Asian in after the coronavirus.

Jul 20
DeRay Davis: A Joke About The Climate of Sensitivity

Deray Davis turns his dog's name into a practical joke.

Jul 19
David Spade: A Joke About His Weight

David Spade jokes about his weight in his Netflix special, "Nothing Personal".

Jul 18
Ron Fuuches: A Joke About His Second Marriage

Ron Fuuches jokes about the benefits of a second marriage.

Jul 17
Pete Davidson: A Joke About His Beef w/ Kanye

Pete Davidson provides some insight into the celebrity feud between Kim, Kanye, & himself

Jul 16
Jon Lovitz sings some songs he made up about Bob Saget

Jon Lovitz delivers a hilariously irreverent eulogy to his friend Bob Saget.

Jul 15
Amy Schumer: A Joke About Watching Old Disney Movies Now

Amy Schumer rewatches Disney movies she grew up with her son and feels differently about them.

Jul 14
Gina Yashere: A Joke About Becoming a Dog-Lover

Gina Yashere recounts her transformation into a dog-lover.

Jul 13
Jim Carey, Chris Rock, & Jeff Ross reminiscence about Bob Saget

Jeff Ross, Jim Carey & Chris Rock sing the blues for Bob Saget backed up by John Mayer.

Jul 12
Jessica Kirson: A Joke About Annoying Girls

Jessica Kirson jokes about girls who have the kind of voice that is unnerving.

Jul 11