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Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for Oak Pointe Church in Novi, MI where we want to see a movement of people who know Jesus and are making Him known.

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Ecclesiastes: From Illusion to Reality, Week 5

The Virus of Materialism   Scripture: Ecclesiastes 2:18-26 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church   Most of us have stuff – plenty of stuff. And if we’re honest, we keep a list in our heads of other stuff that would make our lives better: home improvements, vehicle or technology upgrades, vacations, etc. If we had some extra cash, we know how and where we’d spend it! Planning for future purchases isn’t bad, but trusting in them to make our life more complete? That’s different and symptomatic of a deeper malady. Fortunately, the gospel provides the antidote.

Aug 14
Ecclesiastes: From Illusion to Reality, Week 4

Ecclesiastes: From Illusion to Reality Week 4 - The Anxiety of Individualism   Scripture: Ecclesiastes 2:12-17 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church   We all know there’s no “I” in TEAM, and things are better when we work together. But those phrases are easier said than done, especially when individualistic impulses run deep. Our culture and our hearts subtly tell us we don’t need others, and we don’t need God. While going it alone can feel empowering and lead to a level of human glory, it has diminishing returns often realized too late. Responding to the gospel realigns our perspective and provides the antidote for anxious self-reliance.

Aug 07
Ecclesiastes: From Illusion to Reality, Week 3

Ecclesiastes: From Illusion to Reality Week 3 - The Transience of Hedonism   Scripture: Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church   Have you ever tried something just to try it? Maybe you wanted to see what it was like or what effect it had on you, and by doing so, learn if you’d ever want to try it again - like bungee jumping or eating escargot. That’s the approach the author of Ecclesiastes takes toward pleasure. He tried everything: drinking and imprudence, building estates, amassing wealth, licentious relationships. In the end, he found none of these desires delightful. But the maturing Christian can learn from this teacher’s experiment with pleasure and follow God’s path instead.

Jul 31
Ecclesiastes: From Illusion to Reality, Week 2

Ecclesiastes: From Illusion to Reality Week 2 - The Weariness of Intellectualism Scripture: Ecclesiastes 1:12-18 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church Each year, the rankings come out. The US News and World Report lists the best universities and colleges. (It even ranks the best Michigan high schools – in 2022, Novi is #7 and Northville #8). People then flock to these rankings to see where their alma mater sits or to consider what school their child should attend. Here in the United States of America, we place a high value on education. But to what end? We fret about GPAs, honor societies, and test scores. In and of themselves, none of these things are bad. But ultimately, what is our pursuit of education seeking to accomplish? Is it wisdom? And if so, is this where we find wisdom in its highest concentration?

Jul 24
Ecclesiastes: From Illusion to Reality, Week 1

Ecclesiastes: From Illusion to Reality Week 1 - The Striving of Naturalism Scripture: Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church How many of us work hard? Probably most of us. Why? Because life is hard work. Simply put, a certain amount of effort is required to have basic food and shelter. And depending on the quality of the food and shelter you desire, considerably more effort may be required. Therefore, it is an easy jump to begin equating our worth with the volume, significance, and product of our labor. But what changes by all of that hard work? Does it give your life greater meaning? Or is pursuing a life of toil and goals and getting merely an illusion?

Jul 17
Prayer: Longing For God’s Presence, Week 4

Prayer: Longing For God’s Presence Week 4 - Feeling and Prayer Scripture: Psalm 16 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church Emotions are tricky. For some of us, voicing the things in our hearts is effortless and done frequently. For others, it isn't easy to let our feelings show, even to those with whom we are most intimate. And all of us could probably employ a bit more emotional range when talking with God. Thankfully, the Psalms exemplify expressive communication with our heavenly father. As we wrap up our prayer series this weekend, Psalm 16 will challenge us to rethink three critical areas to unlock our prayer life more fully.

Jul 10
Prayer: Longing For God’s Presence, Week 3

Prayer: Longing For God’s Presence Week 3 - The Journey Is Worth It Scripture: Psalm 84 Speaker: Adam Mashni, 707 High School Ministry Pastor We all love trips – especially during summer vacation! Whether it's an excursion up north to the family cottage, a Disney trip with the kids, or somewhere in between, we love breaking the norm and getting away. During each trip's planning phase, the question isn't whether we'll love it but "is it worth it?" Do we want to spend that much time with our relatives? Will Disney be worth all the cost, travel, and stress? In so many ways, the answer is likely "Yes!" So we go. As we continue our prayer series, we will explore a Psalm about journeying into God's presence. We'll hear the writer's perspective about whether or not it's worth it to take that trip, which will help us answer that question for ourselves.

Jul 03
Prayer: Longing For God’s Presence, Week 2

Prayer: Longing For God’s Presence Week 2 - The Presence Psalm Scripture: Psalm 130 Speaker: Adam Schultz, Grow and Restore Ministries Pastor We are not good at standing by. Whether waiting for something to happen or to finish, most of us struggle to bide our time. Having patience can be all the more challenging regarding our relationship with God. We typically are seeking something urgent from God rather than desiring God himself. In our series entitled “Prayer: Longing for God’s Presence,” this week, we’ll see how watching and waiting with God can increase our longing for him.

Jun 26
Prayer: Longing For God’s Presence, Week 1

Prayer: Longing For God’s Presence, Week 1 - How to Think About Prayer Scripture: Psalm 27 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church As followers of Jesus, each of us faces stressful circumstances that could and should drive us to prayer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, at least not right away. Any reluctance to pray may have several reasons, but ultimately it belies something more significant – an underlying belief about who God is. In our new series entitled “Prayer: Longing for God’s Presence,” we’ll spend four weeks in the Psalms learning to talk with God (i.e., pray). This week, we’ll see that how we think about prayer radically changes how we pray.

Jun 19
Impossible Math, Week 6

Impossible Math: How The Gospel Reframes our Giving, Week 6 – The Most Cheerful Giver Scripture: 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church God isn’t just good at doing impossible math – he loves doing it! How do we know? Throughout the pages of scripture, we continually see situations where the equation doesn’t work. These are the spots where God is quick to insert himself and do what only he can. But the important thing is not that God can, or that God will…it’s that he genuinely wants to! In this last installment of Impossible Math, we’ll learn the key to having a generous heart and see what incredible impact that has on others.

Jun 12
The Wind of the Spirit

The Wind of the Spirit Scripture: Acts 2 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church "Merry Christmas!" "Happy Easter!" As Christians, we readily celebrate these big church holidays. Twice each year, we have extra services, ask people to save seats online, create beautiful stage sets, sing particular songs, and set photo walls so everyone can share memories on social media. But there's another big day in the church's life that is equally important from a spiritual and historical perspective but unfortunately doesn't garner the same attention. This week, Pastor Jon sheds light on the momentous day of Pentecost, and what the coming of the Holy Spirit means for God's people.

Jun 05
2022-05-29 ImpossibleMath Week-5

* Impossible Math: How The Gospel Reframes our Giving, Week 5 - Giving and Joy  * Scripture: 2 Corinthians 9:1-11  * Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church   * So far in our Impossible Math series, the Apostle Paul has boldly asked the more wealthy gentile Christians in Corinth to prepare a collection for impoverished Jewish believers in Jerusalem. A big ask! The Corinthians seemed eager at first, but their enthusiasm has waned. To spur them on, Paul employs the example of the openhanded Macedonians and sends an advance delegation headed by Titus. But in case those are not motivation enough, Paul provides a further reason for making a generous gift, and it’s the best one yet! 

May 29
Student Takeover 2022

Student Takeover 2022 Against All Odds Maddy Bradshaw, Shane Slocum, Alli Villanueva, Carson Martin Various passages in the book of Acts Christianity has always been an "against all odds" kind of movement. From the church's very beginnings, people who had no business leading much of anything were standing up and preaching to thousands boldly in the name of Jesus. In this same spirit, we now turn to this generation of teenagers. Facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles, they are pressing forward to boldly live and teach the words of Jesus. This weekend at our Student Takeover, we'll hear from four students who open the book of Acts and share the ingredients to following Jesus against all odds.

May 22
Impossible Math, Week 4

Impossible Math: How The Gospel Reframes our Giving, Week 4 - Giving and Leadership Scripture: 2 Corinthians 8:10-24 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church Starting is easy. Finishing is hard. This is especially true with endeavors of consequence. Completing a critical project takes more than a plan – it takes motivation. Sometimes, a fresh reason helps us get going again if we’ve stalled. That’s precisely what the Apostle Paul provides for the Corinthian church – extra impetus to act on their honorable desires. We’ll see that these reasons are also essential for us when it comes to giving.

May 15
Impossible Math, Week 3 (Mother's Day)

Impossible Math, Week 3 - The Good Portion (Mother's Day) Scripture: Luke 10:38-42 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church Do you struggle to regularly prioritize the important over the urgent? Of course, you do. We all do! Urgent things continually feel so pressing that important things can always wait just a little longer. But at what cost? In this special Mother’s Day edition of Impossible Math, Pastor Jon will explore the story of Martha and Mary in Luke’s gospel. We’ll discover that in his gentle way, Jesus empowers both of them to do the one thing that is always most important. This message honors all women, especially moms. But guys, don’t tune out! There are important lessons for you as we observe how Jesus relates to both Martha and Mary.

May 08
Impossible Math, Week 2

Impossible Math: How The Gospel Reframes Our Giving, Week 2 - The Power of Giving Scripture: 2 Corinthians 8:7–9 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church As followers of Jesus Christ, we want our faith in God to be strong! We believe that the Holy Spirit is transforming us from the inside out, but sometimes there are aspects of our lives where we don’t connect the dots. One prominent area is our finances. How we view and use our money tells a story about our faith. This week in our Impossible Math series, we’ll learn that our giving not only impacts how we see God working in us but how others see Him as well.

May 01
Impossible Math, Week 1

Impossible Math: How The Gospel Reframes Our Giving, Week 1 - Visible Grace  Scripture: 2 Corinthians 8:1-6  Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church  “It just doesn’t add up.” How many times have you said that about your personal finances? Oftentimes, the stuff you’d like to do with your money doesn’t seem very possible – especially charitable giving. After all, the expenses are added up, where does that money come from? The same was true for the Corinthian church. They had made a commitment to a giving campaign for the church in Judea but were struggling to follow through. That’s when Paul shares a story about another church that involves some impossible math. Continuing into Chapter 8 of 2 Corinthians, this week Pastor Jon begins a new series on the topic of generosity and giving. We were going to call it “Money Matters” but then changed the title. Find out why on Sunday.

Apr 24
Easter 2022 - Of First Importance

Of First Importance - Christ Died. He Was Raised. Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:1-8 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church The Apostle Paul begins our Easter weekend passage with this statement: “Now, brothers and sisters, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you, which you received and on which you have taken your stand.” Why does Paul feel he needs to issue a reminder? Because it’s easy to get our priorities out of whack and forget what is most important. How often do we major in the minors and minor in the majors? For example, we are easily frustrated with people’s idiosyncrasies and hypercritical of cultural issues, yet are slow to acknowledge or address the most vital need of our own heart and life – that we’re sinful and need a savior! This year on Good Friday and Easter, we’re going to rehearse that gospel. We’re going to remind ourselves of that gospel, just as Paul reminded the Corinthian believers. Because if we don’t hold firmly to this gospel, we’ve believed in vain. Let’s celebrate together that which is of first importance!

Apr 17
Jars of Clay, Week 7

Jars of Clay, Week 7 - The Tussle of True Relationships Scripture: 2 Corinthians 7:2-16 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church Have you ever struggled in a relationship? Hopefully so! If not, the relationship probably wasn’t all that important. Truth is, the most transformative relationships are complex. On one hand, they bring comfort and joy. On the other, sorrow and pain. We tend to much prefer comfort and joy relationships. After all, when things run smoothly, relationships are easy. But when the sorrow and pain arrive it becomes very tempting to bail out. Since this relational complexity exists between the Apostle Paul and the Corinthian Church, let’s learn from them! In this final message of our Jars of Clay series, we’ll explore three things that mark the very best relationships.

Apr 10
Jars of Clay, Week 6

Jars of Clay, Week 6 - Perfecting Holiness Scripture: 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1 Speaker: Rick Barry, The Rock Middle School Ministry Pastor The world today is complicated. But navigating how we are to live out our faith in our current culture can be even more complicated. Is it even possible to approach holiness, let alone perfect it? How can we interact with the world around us and faithfully live among people who don't share our same convictions? This week in our series, Jars of Clay, we will first define what holiness is, and then discover not only what it requires, but also what it can accomplish.

Apr 03
Jars of Clay, Week 5

Jars of Clay, Week 5 - When the Heart Shrinks Scripture: 2 Corinthians 6:3-13 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church We all have people we love. They are dear to us and our actions toward them often reveal our sentiments. But things can happen that cause us to withhold our affection. On occasion, it is something they’ve done. More often, it is something going on within us. For some reason, we can no longer be transparent in the same way. An emotional distance has been created. The Apostle Paul sensed such a dynamic was occurring between the Corinthian believers and himself. That’s why every word through the first six chapters of his letter now culminates in a grand appeal that could change the trajectory of their church. It could change our trajectory as well!

Mar 27
Jars of Clay, Week 4

Jars of Clay, Week 4 - Are You Reconciled to God? Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:11–6:2 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church “So…what’s new with you?” Certainly, you’ve been on the receiving end of this simple conversation starter. Everyone has. What’s our usual response? “Oh…not much.” But is that true? As followers of Jesus, there is always something new with us. If God’s mercies are “new every morning” and we are a “new creation” in Christ, newness will be our daily experience. But if it’s not, what’s missing? What are we not understanding about being “in Christ” and what it means to be reconciled to God? From this week’s passage, we’ll discover the ways in which reconciliation transforms our lives and the lives of those around us.

Mar 20
Jars of Clay, Week 3

Jars of Clay, Week - An Eternal Body? Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:1-10 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church How many times a day do you let out a groan? Sometimes the source of the groan is physical – you’re sore from a recent workout, or you’re getting older and are attempting to tie your shoes. Sometimes the source is emotional – sadness at world affairs, or the frustration from having to suffer fools. But every groan is, in some way, an expression of longing; not just the reprieve of a burden we currently carry, but a profound desire for something new, and better. This week’s passage will leave you with confidence that God hears our longings and intends to fulfill them, but in the most amazing way.

Mar 13
Jars of Clay, Week 2

Jars of Clay, Week 2 - Light Troubles, Eternal Glory Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:7-18 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church Anyone who achieves greatness and glory sees things a little differently. Take the Olympic athlete. You and I see someone who may have great talent, great resources, great lineage, or great privilege. And some or all of these external things may be true. But we don’t see how hard they work, how much they sacrifice, or their singularity of focus on a distant prize. For four minutes we focus on what we see. But for four years, they’ve focused on something unseen. In this week’s passage, the Apostle Paul challenges God’s church not to dwell on the difficulties of living in our present age, but to discover the power God unleashes through jars of clay.

Mar 06
Jars of Clay, Week 1

Jars of Clay, Week 1 - Not Losing Heart Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:1-7 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church Have you ever observed human behavior when someone pulls out a camera? Bodies straighten, chins jut out, hair gets tossed, eyes widen, shoulders broaden, and smiles appear. No one wants to appear at a disadvantage. We want to look attractive, composed, focused, and strong. Yet, such a pose belies an ever-present reality that people are easily breakable – emotionally, relationally, financially, and in so many other ways. This fragility can cause us to lose heart. As Christians, we can wonder why God asks us to carry the glorious message of the gospel in vessels that are nothing special. As we continue to trace the Apostle Paul’s argument through the first seven chapters of 2 Corinthians, he unveils a pointed metaphor that gets to the paradox of the Christian message and life: jars of clay.

Feb 27
Together: We Will Not Be Shaken, Week 7

Together: We Will Not Be Shaken, Week 7 - Superior in Every Way Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:7-18 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church “You have to try this. It will change your life!” Has anyone ever said that to you? It usually means your friend discovered something far superior to what he or she had known before. Maybe Ms. Frozen Pizza was introduced to wood-fired pizza. Or Mr. Carnival Ride Guy went to Cedar Point for the first time. The experience is night and day. Likewise, the Christian life can seem mundane, even oppressive to some, with lots of perceived “do's and don'ts” and so many “shoulds.” But a true experience of the Gospel changes everything!

Feb 20
Together: We Will Not Be Shaken, Week 6

Together: We Will Not Be Shaken, Week 6 - True Gospel People Scripture: 2 Corinthians 2:12-3:6 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church Though cultural issues are often complex, it is all too easy to become polarized, seeing only two sides. Sometimes the side with which we most identify can seem like the correct side... even the only side. When this happens our theology and our passion can grow entwined, leaving the clarity of the gospel a casualty to our convictions. But Jesus speaks to all sides! This week we’ll see how a picture Paul paints in his second letter to the Corinthians helps us to refocus on being true gospel people.

Feb 13
Together: We Will Not Be Shaken, Week 5

Together: We Will Not Be Shaken, Week 5 - Conflict and Three Tests Scripture: 2 Corinthians 2:5-11 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church Throughout the course of life, someone is going to wrong you. Or you’re going to wrong them. And then it’s on! Being together has its challenges. Though the daily news is filled with stories of strife between nations and neighbors, the gospel calls Christ-followers to handle relational conflict differently, and better. How much better depends on how deeply the gospel has changed us.

Feb 06
Together: We Will Not Be Shaken, Week 4

Together: We Will Not Be Shaken, Week 4 - Power In Weakness Scripture: 2 Corinthians 12:8-10 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church Can we all agree that weakness is just the worst?! It’s no fun to experience debilitating sickness, feel powerless to change your circumstances, or not be able to figure something out. When we are at such a disadvantage, we’d rather others not know. But even though it doesn’t seem intuitive to us, God is not very much bothered by our weakness. In fact, He views human weakness from a completely different perspective…as an opportunity! And He longs for us to see it this way, too!

Jan 30
Together: We Will Not Be Shaken, Week 3

Together: We Will Not Be Shaken, Week 3 - How Do You Repair A Strained Relationship? Scripture: 2 Corinthians 1:23-2:4 Speaker: Jon Morales, Lead Paster of Oak Pointe Church Something’s missing. It’s missing from the relationships in our families and our workplaces. Sometimes, it’s even missing in the church. Unfortunately, we’re not talking about conflict – there is plenty of that to go around, and we probably experience more than our fair share daily. When that conflict gets intense, often the easiest thing is to just walk away. But that’s not how it should be, and not how God intended things to be. Because the Gospel is meant to produce something far better in us, in our relationships, and in our culture. But it takes work – often in the form of honest self-evaluation.

Jan 23