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Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for Oak Pointe Church in Novi, MI where we want to see a movement of people who know Jesus and are making Him known.

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The Arrival - Week 1

TRUE LIFE TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Aptly abbreviated SAD, seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression noted for its recurrence each fall. At the turn of the season, millions begin to suffer chronic fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, and even thoughts of self-harm. What could cause such an epidemic? Darkness. As more and more daytime is shrouded in darkness, the brain suffers a chemical imbalance that disrupts sleep patterns and mood. For many, the antidote is shockingly simple: light. Unlike the fickle days of summer, the Gospel of John reveals a Light that never ends – one with power over the darkness in our own lives. Join us this Sunday as we begin our Advent series, The Arrival, which unveils the Light and Life that last.

Dec 03
Against All Odds - Week 12

THE GOD WHO OPENS DOORS OF FAITH TEACHER: BLAINE DENNISON, MULTIETHNIC & CONGREGATIONAL CARE PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Walt Disney’s first animation company bankrupted, Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple, and J.K. Rowling’s first manuscript was rejected by 12 different publishers. But that’s not where their stories ended, is it? These wildly successful people all have one thing in common: Tenacity. Nothing – not opposition, rejection, or even utter failure – could take their eyes off the prize. The same could be said of Paul, whose Spirit-powered boldness turned the world upside down. The question is, can it also be said of you? Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “The God Who Opens Doors of Faith,” challenges us to consider, Do I have my eyes on the prize?

Nov 26
Against All Odds - Week 11

UNSTOPPABLE BUT UNCOMFORTABLE TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Celebrated as one of history’s greatest motivational speakers, the inspiring words of renowned author and orator Zig Ziglar have reached millions. Among dozens of books and countless speeches, perhaps one of Ziglar’s most prominent quotes is the oft-repeated, “It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be worth it.” Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “Unstoppable but Uncomfortable,” reveals how this familiar platitude is never truer than in the case of the Gospel. With a front-row seat to the challenges faced by the earliest evangelists, we’ll consider what it takes to follow in their footsteps.

Nov 19
Against All Odds - Week 10

PREACHING THE GOSPEL WITHOUT WORDS? TEACHER: PASTOR JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH In the thick of a fallout with longtime bandmate and co-writer Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards released his first-ever solo album in 1988. The title? Talk is Cheap. The album struck a chord with listeners across the US and UK, where it topped charts and amassed gold-record sales. Millions resonated with the artist’s calloused sentiment: Actions speak louder than words. Join us this Sunday as our latest message, “Preach the Gospel without Words?”, explores how this same sentiment has shaped the way we live our faith today. Together we’ll confront the question, Is talk cheap after all?

Nov 12
Against All Odds - Week 9

GOSPEL REACTIONS TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Black licorice, bleu cheese, Brussels sprouts – what do they all have in common? You love it or you hate it. Let’s face it – when it comes to anchovies on pizza, there’s really no middle ground. And the Gospel is no different. Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “Gospel Reactions,” gives us a taste of the biggest controversy in human history: the message of Jesus Christ. What will your reaction be?

Nov 05
Against All Odds - Week 8

GOD’S ULTIMATE WORK TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Renowned today as the Father of Invention, Thomas Edison was not always so celebrated. In fact, in 1878, Edison’s work was deemed “unworthy of the attention of practical or scientific men” by a very unimpressed British Parliament Committee. Within the year, however, Edison’s scoffers would be silenced by the release of his flagship invention: the world’s first electric light bulb. Like Edison’s nay-sayers, the religious leaders of Jesus’ day landed themselves on the wrong side of history. Something world-changing happened right under their noses, but they managed to miss it. How about you? Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “God’s Ultimate Work,” confronts us with a challenge: Which side of God’s story am I on?

Oct 29
Against All Odds - Week 7

THE SEARCH FOR SALVATION TEACHER - JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH “X” marks the spot. Throughout history, adventure-seekers have devoted their lives to the hunt for lost treasure. Even from childhood, we’re captivated by tales of their perilous journeys through jungles and across seas in search of something extraordinary. Like the great treasure-hunters of old, we all find ourselves chasing something that will satisfy our deepest desires. Yet, as one hunt leads to another, our cravings only grow. Join us this Sunday for “The Search for Salvation,” as, together, we make the discovery of a lifetime.

Oct 22
Against All Odds Week 6

INTO ENEMY TERRITORY TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH The first American soldiers to traverse the jungles of Vietnam had no idea what awaited them. Sent deep into remote areas of the country, these men were blind to the now-infamous “booby traps” that would injure and kill countless of them. As followers of Christ in a world that’s rejected Him, we ourselves have been given marching orders—but we don’t have to guess what awaits us. Join us this Sunday for our newest message, “Into Enemy Territory,” as we discover who our real enemy is, and what to expect when we step into battle.

Oct 15
Against All Odds - Week 5

A SENDING CHURCH TEACHER: ADAM MASHNI, HIGH SCHOOL PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH What do a professional racecar driver, NBA point guard, and NFL quarterback all have in common? Sponsors. From Nike’s swoosh to Red Bull’s wings, the biggest stars rep the biggest brands. Stadiums are filled with the supersized logos and famous one-liners of the corporations that make these big-name athletes their millions. But what does all this have to do with Acts? Join us tomorrow as we turn our attention from the star players of the early church to the One behind it all. Don’t forget your foam finger!

Oct 08
Against All Odds Week 4

PRIDE FALLS TEACHER: CALEB MIDDLETON - MIDDLE SCHOOL PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH “Pride is like bad breath – everyone else around you knows when you have it.” As we read these famed words by C.S. Lewis, we can all think of someone who gives off the “stench” of pride – maybe a coworker, relative, or the chair of your HOA – but did you ever stop to ask what others smell on you? Join us for our upcoming message, “Pride Falls,” as we discover what happens when human pride collides with the Word of God.

Oct 01
Against All Odds - Week 3

HAPPY INTERRUPTIONS Acts 12:6-19 Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church “An unsuspected turn of events that completely changes the outcome from the direction it was likely to go” Few things captivate an audience like a plot twist. Who doesn’t love that mind-blowing, never-saw-it-coming feeling they get when the same-old story takes a staggering turn? As we continue our series “Against All Odds: How the Name of Jesus Spreads,” we’re taking a front-row seat to one of the book of Acts’ most dramatic plot twists. Join us for our newest message, “Happy Interruptions,” to see God’s hand at work in the most unexpected ways.

Sep 24
Against All Odds - Week 2

WHOSE KINGDOM COME? Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church Main Scripture: Acts 12:1-5 From generations past, humans have crafted stories of good vs. evil. Whether Red Riding Hood encountering the Big Bad Wolf or Batman bringing The Joker to justice, our bookshelves and TVs tell the same age-old tale. This Sunday, we’re continuing our study in the book of Acts by uncovering the source of humanity’s preoccupation with good and evil. Join us for our newest message, “Whose Kingdom Come?” as we take a close look at the true battle raging between darkness and light.

Sep 17
Against All Odds - Week 1

ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN Scripture: Acts 11:19-30 Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church A true superfan will do anything to prove their devotion. From a sports fan tattooing the team jersey over their entire torso to a boyband groupie eating a lock of their celebrity crush’s hair, the bumper stickers and t-shirts just don’t cut it for these hardcore fans. This Sunday, we’ll begin a study in the book of Acts by examining the lives of some of Jesus’ most devoted followers in our new series, Against All Odds: How the Name of Jesus Spreads.

Sep 10
Jonah Week 4

A DEEPER STORM STILL Scripture: Jonah 3:10–4:11 Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church Throughout human history, millions have taken comfort in the notion of karma. At its simplest, karma says, “Do good, get good. Do bad, get bad.” But how do we make sense of it when an embezzler buys a Ferrari with your hard-earned pension – or a human trafficker lives in the lap of luxury? When good things come to bad people, doesn’t it tie your stomach in knots? Over the last three weeks, we’ve watched a biblical episode of “karma gone wrong” through the eyes of God’s prophet, Jonah. Join us tomorrow as we conclude our series with “A Deeper Storm Still,” by taking a hard look at our own opinion of who deserves what.

Sep 03
Jonah Week 3

TURNING TO GOD Scripture: Jonah 3:1-10 Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church The nerds. The jocks. The cheerleaders. Perhaps nowhere is the human tendency toward “us vs. them” more obvious than a high school cafeteria. Whether teenagers finding their clique or adults drawing battle lines over political views, theological stances, or football teams, we’ve all found a reason to think, “They’re not one of us.” This Sunday, we’ll see how even a prophet of God thought he’d decide who was in and who was out. Join us for our newest message, “Turning to God,” as we test whether there isn’t a bit of Jonah in us today.

Aug 27
Jonah Week 2

JOURNEY TO THE BOTTOM Scripture: Jonah 1:17–2:10 Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church Who doesn’t love an underdog? When someone at rock bottom makes it to the top, we can’t help but feel inspired. Whether overcoming poverty, addiction, or physical debilitation, many have said that coming to the end of their rope is the very thing that made them who they are today. At some point in our lives, we all experience our own “Journey to the Bottom.” We can’t avoid the storms, so what do we do when we find ourselves sinking? It was in his lowest place that the prophet Jonah found the answer. Join us tomorrow as we continue our series by discovering that answer for ourselves!

Aug 20
Jonah Week 1

RUNNING FROM GOD Scripture: Jonah 1:1-16 Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church “Run, Forrest, run!” Since the 1994 debut of Forrest Gump, millions of viewers have watched the famed Forrest literally run from his problems. Whether outpacing childhood bullies, dodging bullets in Vietnam, or nursing a broken heart, time and again the film’s protagonist flees the scene. Confronted with a challenge, Forrest did just what he knew to do: run. Can you relate? Join us tomorrow for our latest message, “Running from God,” as we encounter the man who puts even Forrest’s flights to shame: the prophet Jonah. Together, we’ll discover what Jonah was really running from and what it reveals about our own hearts today.

Aug 13
What Have You Done? Week 9

RECONCILIATION: THE GOAL OF THE GOSPEL Scripture: Genesis 45:1-15 Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church With bookshelves lined with titles like “Success in 3 Steps” and advertisements boasting “60lbs in 60 days!” we find ourselves in an age of self-help. Whether you’re looking to get organized, become a millionaire, or find your soulmate, there’s a book for that. From the podcasts we stream to the influencers we follow, there’s no shortage of advice on how to become our “best selves.” As always, “It’s as easy as…” Or is it? This weekend we’ll conclude our series, “What Have You Done?,” by examining our innate desire to be a better version of ourselves tomorrow than we are today. The only problem is—with so many options out there—how do we find what actually works? Through our final message, “Reconciliation: The Goal of the Gospel,” we’ll uncover the answer to the true, lasting change everyone’s looking for.

Aug 06
What Have You Done? Week 8

True Confession Scripture: Genesis 42–44 Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church "Brush your teeth." "Say 'please'.” "It’s time for bed." "Don’t eat that!" Do you remember what it’s like to be a kid and have to do all kinds of things you don’t want to do? Whether getting a shot, eating your vegetables, or having to ask permission to cross the street, it’s tough to be a kid. But something changes as you grow. At some point, you realize all those things that seemed “mean” were actually for your good. In fact, they’re pretty much the reason you’re still alive. Kind of makes crying over having to wear pants feel silly, right? Over the past seven weeks, we’ve faced a few tantrums ourselves as everyone from Eve to Abraham to Laban has resisted God’s good parenting. Today, we’ll begin to wrap up our series by unlocking the secret of “True Confession,” where we’ll come to a familiar realization: the thing they’ve all been fighting is exactly what we need.

Jul 30
What Have You Done? Week 7

Bitterness  Genesis 31:22-44  Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church  “Eh...what’s up, doc?"  If you’re like most Americans, your mind can’t help but read those famous words in the voice of a certain well-known rabbit. Bugs Bunny was king of what some have called “the golden age of American animation” and his perpetual rivalry with would-be hunter Elmer Fudd goes down in history.  This iconic pair was joined on screen by countless other match-ups, such as Road Runner vs. Wile E. Coyote and Tom vs. Jerry. Each episode brought new antics and (more or less) inventive ploys, but there was one thing you could always count on: the feud never ends.  In the midst of all the anvils and TNT, did any of us stop to ask, “What’s with all this conflict?"  As we continue our series, What Have You Done? we watch an age-old rivalry unfold across the pages of Genesis—the feud between Jacob and his uncle, Laban. Here, we’ll uncover the true cause, and solution, for the conflict in our own lives.

Jul 23
What Have You Done? Week 6

Greed Scripture: Genesis 29:20-30 Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church If you think your family is dysfunctional, wait until we get into the story of Jacob and Laban! Over the next two weeks, we'll explore their tumultuous family dynamics and apply gospel remedies to our own brokenness. The first topic is greed, which is easily dismissed but lurks in every heart. It shows up when we value things, passion projects, or personal comfort above the people God has placed in our path.

Jul 16
What Have You Done? Week 5

* Generational Sin Scripture: Genesis 26:1-11 * Teacher: Adam Mashni, 707 High School Ministry Pastor * You’re probably familiar with the phrase, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” It illustrates that children’s thinking and behavior patterns are often inextricably linked to their parents. But have you noticed it is typically used only in the negative sense? That’s because our failures are usually far more glaring than our successes. * As we reach the halfway point of our “What Have You Done” series in the book of Genesis, we’ll explore a topic that impacts everyone - generational sin - and note three change agents that can put us on a path of generational blessing instead.

Jul 09
What Have You Done? Week 4

* Fear Genesis 20:1-18 * Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church * Judges often warn first-time offenders with the phrase, "I don't want to see you in my courtroom again." A mistake can be forgiven, but repeated offenses are not taken lightly by the criminal justice system. In Genesis 20, Abraham makes the same blunder as before by claiming his wife is his sister. This raises the question of whether he didn't learn to trust God because repeat offenses point to a deeper issue within the soul. Our current series has explored shame, anger, and deception. This weekend, we delve into fear and how it can compete with our faith in God.

Jul 02
We Are Family

Being On Mission for Jesus Scripture: John 4:4-30, 39 Teacher: Mark Kaminski, Oak Pointe Church Canton Pastor Jesus crosses over cultural boundaries in order to share spiritual truth. When he encounters a woman at a well in Samaria, she quickly embraces his mission. What led to this abrupt change of her life’s direction? And what exactly is required to be on mission for Jesus?

Jun 25
What Have You Done? Week 3

Deception Scripture: Genesis 12:10-20 Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church Have you ever played a game of "What if?" It's an exercise that can help you prepare for future scenarios by developing a plan for each. However, sometimes it's easy to fall into the trap of assuming the worst and emotionally preparing for something that might never come to fruition. This is what happened to Abraham as he went into Egypt. His fear for his own safety led him to deceive others, causing great turmoil. As we continue our study in Genesis, we look at another aspect of the broken soul but also, wonderfully, at the faithfulness of God in bringing us deliverance.

Jun 18
What Have You Done? Week 2

Anger Scripture: Genesis 4:3-16 Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church We begin week two in the book of Genesis, studying a question asked seven times and each time answered incorrectly. The question is: What have you done? It exposes our inadequate responses to the wrong things we do. Last week we explored shame, which continually whispers that we are not enough and prompts us to cover up any inadequacies. This week we’ll see how anger takes things a step further and realize how the gospel can help us overcome three aspects of anger.

Jun 11
What Have You Done? Week 1

* Shame Scripture: Genesis 3:7–13 * Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church * “Don’t confront me with my failures. I had not forgotten them.” At the ripe age of 16, singer/songwriter Jackson Browne penned that lyric. The pang of shame is felt early in life and is foundational to the many dysfunctions of the soul. None of us like to be shown our sin. But fortunately, in the face of our heart of darkness, God makes a way to step into the light. This week we begin a series entitled What Have You Done? Spending a couple of months in the book of Genesis, we’ll explore the human tendency to deflect responsibility, disown sin, and deny wrongdoing. But through it all, we’ll see God’s faithfulness to restore relationships.

Jun 04
Pentecost: Be Filled With The Spirit

* Pentecost: Be Filled With The Spirit Scripture: Ephesians 5:18-21 * Teacher: Charlie Koopman, Worship & Creative Arts Pastor * On the day of Pentecost each year, we want to place a particular focus on the Holy Spirit. This Sunday, we'll open the Bible to Ephesians 5 and observe the Apostle Paul's command to "...be filled with the Spirit." This phrase, interpreted quite differently over the years, may mean something other than you think. We will delve into the context of the passage and examine three characteristics of a life deeply guided by the Spirit.

May 28
Student Takeover 2023

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Scripture: Isaiah 43:1-21 Speakers: Ethan Barrons, Maya Camanho, Noah Minard, Ana Silva Amid an ever-changing world, our students seek to put their faith in an unchanging God. This weekend we'll open our Bibles to Isaiah 43 and take comfort that we serve a God who remains constant throughout time. This passage reminds us that God's presence, power, purpose, and plans never change, which has enormous implications for us as his followers.

May 21
Mother's Day 2023

The Sacrifice of Motherhood Scripture: Mark 8:34–35 Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church Motherhood is the most fundamental institution of human existence – everyone has a mother! Yet today, it is undervalued, underappreciated, and culturally under assault. After all, why would anyone sign up for a role this exhausting with such an elusive sense of accomplishment? But scripture provides a brighter picture. This Mother’s Day at Oak Pointe, we’ll take a closer look at the sacrifice of motherhood and discover within it a profound gift, a tremendous miracle, extraordinary beauty, and the potential for great joy.

May 14