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Easter at Oak Pointe

TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH This year, millions will observe the Easter holiday simply out of tradition. Churches will be filled with people whose lives have not been changed by the reality of the resurrection—people who’ve perhaps never questioned whether they even believe it. How about you? This Easter Sunday, join us as we consider the resurrection of Jesus through the perspective of a first-century skeptic. Don’t let another year pass by without answering the question, Do I actually buy this?

Mar 31
Good Friday at Oak Pointe


Mar 30
No Greater Love - Week 12

OVERCOMING THE WORLD TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH If you’ve ever been in the market for a house, you know the importance of looking “beneath the surface.” While a new coat of paint, fresh flowers, and a snickerdoodle candle can make most any place feel like a dream, a wise buyer thinks twice. It’s experienced house-hunters you’ll find brushing away cobwebs around the furnace, peering close at the seals of the windows, and, most importantly, taking a good, long look at the foundation. Because no matter how modern the cabinetry or bright the natural lighting, a faulty foundation turns anyone’s dream home into a nightmare. Join us this Sunday as our upcoming message, “Overcoming the World,” challenges us to consider what – or whom – our own lives are built on. Because if a house can’t last without a sure foundation, how can you?

Mar 24
No Greater Love - Week 11

GRIEF TURNS TO JOY TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH The great promise of the American Dream hinges on one condition: No pain, no gain. It’s in the name of this ambition that many professionals forfeit their families for the corner office. Athletes sacrifice their bodies for the title. And gamblers spend their last dollar for the chance at hitting it big. But do any of these things truly satisfy? In a world marred by longing, striving, and pain, our upcoming message, “Grief Turns to Joy,” will reveal a better way. Join us in discovering a new kind of joy—one that can’t be earned and that never ends.

Mar 17
No Greater Love - Week 10

THE SPIRIT’S HELP IN PERSECUTION TEACHER: BRENT BUTTERMORE, OUTREACH PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH On July 4, 1918, combined U.S. and Australian infantry marched into battle at the French town of Le Hamel against a German force that outnumbered them 5 to 1. Under the leadership of Lieutenant General John Monash, the Allied forces secured a decisive, and certainly remarkable, victory against their much larger opponent in a mere 93 minutes. History celebrates stories like the Battle of Hamel because there’s something about them that lifts our spirits and fills us with hope. When all seems lost, don’t we like to believe good could still win out in the end? Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “The Spirit’s Help in Persecution,” encourages us in our battle against an enemy even greater than the Axis Powers. Together we’ll unlock the true key to victory.

Mar 10
No Greater Love - Week 9

THE WORLD’S HATRED TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH In two weeks, our nation will commemorate St. Patrick’s Day, but amid the leprechauns, shamrocks, and corned beef, does anyone remember what we’re celebrating? Maewyn Succat, later known as St. Patrick, was born in Britain in the fourth century A.D. Shortly before Patrick turned 16, his family’s villa was attacked by pirates, who abducted him to their homeland of Ireland and sold him as a slave. It was there, enslaved in a foreign land, that Patrick encountered Jesus. After six years of harsh labor, Patrick finally escaped his oppressors and embarked on a two-year journey home. Safely returned to his family at last, the young man soon began to sense the call of God to do something absolutely mad: journey back to Ireland and share the Gospel with the very people who had enslaved him. Despite fierce opposition, that is exactly what Patrick did. Selflessly, he devoted his life to proclaiming the message of Christ throughout Ireland, by which an entire nation was transformed by the Gospel. As we reflect on the radical, self-giving love of St. Patrick, we recognize the high calling placed on everyone who claims to follow Jesus. Join us this Sunday as our upcoming message challenges how you and I respond to “The World’s Hatred” today.

Mar 03
No Greater Love - Week 8

SPIRITUAL FRUIT THAT LASTS TEACHER: BLAINE DENNISON: CONGREGATIONAL CARE PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Have you ever placed your go-to order from a restaurant, only to be disappointed? In 2021, fast food giant Taco Bell experienced a widespread shortage of multiple ingredients—including chicken, beef, beans, and its signature hot sauce. The floundering supply chain led once-loyal customers to flood social media with complaints: “For anyone craving Taco Bell tonight, I’ll save you the drive.” Taco Bell learned a hard lesson: You can’t make a burrito without a tortilla. This Sunday, through our newest message, “Spiritual Fruit that Lasts,” we’ll discover a similar lesson—the key ingredient to our spiritual growth, and what happens when we try to produce fruit without it.

Feb 25
No Greater Love - Week 7

THE VINE AND THE BRANCHES TEACHER: PASTOR JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Since ancient times, sieges have been used by military forces to weaken and subdue their enemies. Victims are cut off from essential supplies, while their attacker counts down the days to their eventual surrender. The effectiveness of a siege lies in its exploitation of basic human needs: a war-torn people can’t survive without food, without water, without medical supplies. Cut off at the source, we soon recognize our weakness and dependency—a reality that’s just as true in our spiritual life. Join us this Sunday as our upcoming message, “The Vine and the Branches,” reveals our true source of life, and what happens when we’re disconnected.

Feb 18
No Greater Love - Week 6

WHAT THE WORLD DOES NOT HAVE TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Since its Broadway premiere in 1977, Annie has charmed and delighted audiences worldwide. From the stage to the silver screen, the heartwarming story of Annie’s transformation from a penniless orphan to a beloved, billionaire daughter has been told time-and-again. Annie’s rise from “the hard knock life” to “happily ever after” resonates with each of us. Why? We may not be Depression-era orphans, but don’t we long to feel the happiness on Annie’s face? To be chosen? Secure? Loved? Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “What the World Does Not Have,” tells the story of our own Mr. Warbucks – the One who clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow.

Feb 11
No Greater Love - Week 5

DIVINE LIFE, DIVINE LOVE TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH The goal of every great leader is for those who follow to one day surpass them. It’s this principle that motivates coaches to raise up star athletes, the C-Suite to invest in up-and-coming talent, and parents to give their kids every chance at a better life. From families to Fortune 500 companies, we strive to see the next generation go farther and reach higher than ever before. Even Jesus claimed that those to come after Him would do greater things than He had—but how could that be? Join us this Sunday as our upcoming message, “Divine Life, Divine Love,” reveals His vision for our generation, and challenges us to achieve it.

Feb 04
No Greater Love - Week 4

OVERCOMING A TROUBLED HEART TEACHER: CALEB MIDDLETON, MIDDLE SCHOOL PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Whether the terror of 9/11, the desperation of the Great Recession, or the hysteria of the COVID-19 pandemic, the generations that make up our church today have known hardship. We’ve known grief. We’ve known fear. And that’s not to mention the storms raging in our personal lives—from broken marriages and lost jobs to addiction and abuse. Not one of us is immune. And we all seem to be searching for the antidote. Join us this Sunday as our upcoming message, “Overcoming a Troubled Heart,” offers healing to our aching hearts, restless minds, and searching souls.

Jan 28
No Greater Love - Week 3

URGENT HOUR, NEW LOVE TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Few things get fans riled up like a debate over the GOAT. Recognition as the Greatest Of All Time has become one of the most sought-after titles in professional sports, where athletes dedicate their lives to reaching new heights. 2023 marked a historic year as LeBron James shattered Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 38-year tenure as the leading scorer in NBA history and Tom Brady retired from the NFL with record-breaking stats that outperformed the legendary Drew Brees. Millions responded in praise. Fans could barely contain themselves. And these are just games. Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “Urgent Hour, New Love,” invites us to watch with awe as the true GOAT raises the bar, shatters the standard, and blazes a new record. Do you have what it takes to reach it?

Jan 21
No Greater Love - Week 2

LOVE BETRAYED TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Immortalized by Shakespeare’s, “Et tu, Brute?” the assassination of Julius Caesar by his own nephew, Marcus Junius Brutus, is perhaps one of the most infamous betrayals in human history. Brutus is joined in the annals of history by such villains as Revolutionary War traitor Benedict Arnold and US Navyman-turned-USSR informant John A. Walker. Their double-crossing, back-stabbing actions, even unto taking another’s life, never cease to astonish us. And yet Scripture tells of a betrayal more awe-inspiring and history-defining even than these. Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “Love Betrayed,” brings us face-to-face with the man who forsook Love itself—and the one who let him do it.

Jan 14
No Greater Love - Week 1

LOVE DEMONSTRATED TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Jennifer Garner made headlines this fall when a paparazzo captured a touching moment between the millionaire actress and a man experiencing homelessness. While passing out bags of basic necessities, Garner noticed a man without any socks or shoes. Moved, she leaned down, took off her own socks and shoes, and handed them to him. The millions who applauded Garner’s actions reveal a truth about all of us—that despite the fame, wealth, and power we’re used to praising, there’s something about a humble, gentle act of kindness that cuts to our core. Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “Love Demonstrated,” tells the story of an even greater kindness. One that changed the course of history. One with the power to change you, too.

Jan 07
God of the Year

THE GOD OF THE YEAR TEACHER: BRENT BUTTERMORE, MISSIONS / OUTREACH PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH With 2024 peeking its head around the corner, it’s the time of year when millions of Americans form their New Year’s resolutions. Research shows that saving more money is a top priority for many in the year ahead, along with reducing work stress and spending less time on social media. While many of us turn our attention to our plans, hopes, and dreams for the year to come, have we paused long enough to reflect on the year that was? Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “The God of the Year,” invites us to consider who we were in 2023. Whether good, bad, or ugly, we’ll take a look at our 2023 selves through God’s eyes.

Dec 31, 2023
The Arrival Week 4

VEILED IN FLESH TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Each Christmas seems to be even bigger and brighter than the one before. Advertisers vie for our attention through eye-catching displays, larger-than-life decorations, and – most of all – same-day shipping. And the $960 billion projected in holiday spending says they’ve got our attention. The question is, in the haze of twinkly lights and Black Friday sales, have we lost sight of Christmas? We hope you’ll join us this Sunday as our special Christmas Eve message, “Veiled in Flesh,” compels us to ask, “What has me marveling this holiday season?” Together, we’ll uncover what many have missed: the true glory of Christmas.

Dec 26, 2023
The Arrival - Week 3

FULLNESS OF GRACE TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH For many, the Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without re-runs of timeless holiday films. Beyond the well-loved scenes of wintry weather and family festivities, you might be surprised at what many of these classics have in common: a second chance. From “It’s a Wonderful Life” to “A Christmas Carol,” there’s something about a new beginning – a fresh start – that draws us time and again. This Sunday, our newest message, “Fullness of Grace,” offers a front-row seat to the story of our own second chance. Join us as we experience the Hope that’s shaped the movies we love most.

Dec 17, 2023
The Arrival - Week 2

TRUE LIGHT TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH “A person, device, or event which resembles what an individual or a group might be looking for, but it is only meant to lure them.” Historians estimate that decoys were invented as early as 2500 BC, when Egyptians placed clay ducks in the Nile River to bait and capture birds. Since that time, decoys have become a trusted strategy of hunters, soldiers, and even criminals seeking to attract their prey. What makes a decoy so effective? It looks, sounds, or feels like the real thing. Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “True Light,” exposes the decoys seeking to lure you and me today. In a world full of false hopes and empty promises, do you know the real thing?

Dec 10, 2023
The Arrival - Week 1

TRUE LIFE TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Aptly abbreviated SAD, seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression noted for its recurrence each fall. At the turn of the season, millions begin to suffer chronic fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, and even thoughts of self-harm. What could cause such an epidemic? Darkness. As more and more daytime is shrouded in darkness, the brain suffers a chemical imbalance that disrupts sleep patterns and mood. For many, the antidote is shockingly simple: light. Unlike the fickle days of summer, the Gospel of John reveals a Light that never ends – one with power over the darkness in our own lives. Join us this Sunday as we begin our Advent series, The Arrival, which unveils the Light and Life that last.

Dec 03, 2023
Against All Odds - Week 12

THE GOD WHO OPENS DOORS OF FAITH TEACHER: BLAINE DENNISON, MULTIETHNIC & CONGREGATIONAL CARE PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Walt Disney’s first animation company bankrupted, Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple, and J.K. Rowling’s first manuscript was rejected by 12 different publishers. But that’s not where their stories ended, is it? These wildly successful people all have one thing in common: Tenacity. Nothing – not opposition, rejection, or even utter failure – could take their eyes off the prize. The same could be said of Paul, whose Spirit-powered boldness turned the world upside down. The question is, can it also be said of you? Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “The God Who Opens Doors of Faith,” challenges us to consider, Do I have my eyes on the prize?

Nov 26, 2023
Against All Odds - Week 11

UNSTOPPABLE BUT UNCOMFORTABLE TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Celebrated as one of history’s greatest motivational speakers, the inspiring words of renowned author and orator Zig Ziglar have reached millions. Among dozens of books and countless speeches, perhaps one of Ziglar’s most prominent quotes is the oft-repeated, “It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be worth it.” Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “Unstoppable but Uncomfortable,” reveals how this familiar platitude is never truer than in the case of the Gospel. With a front-row seat to the challenges faced by the earliest evangelists, we’ll consider what it takes to follow in their footsteps.

Nov 19, 2023
Against All Odds - Week 10

PREACHING THE GOSPEL WITHOUT WORDS? TEACHER: PASTOR JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH In the thick of a fallout with longtime bandmate and co-writer Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards released his first-ever solo album in 1988. The title? Talk is Cheap. The album struck a chord with listeners across the US and UK, where it topped charts and amassed gold-record sales. Millions resonated with the artist’s calloused sentiment: Actions speak louder than words. Join us this Sunday as our latest message, “Preach the Gospel without Words?”, explores how this same sentiment has shaped the way we live our faith today. Together we’ll confront the question, Is talk cheap after all?

Nov 12, 2023
Against All Odds - Week 9

GOSPEL REACTIONS TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Black licorice, bleu cheese, Brussels sprouts – what do they all have in common? You love it or you hate it. Let’s face it – when it comes to anchovies on pizza, there’s really no middle ground. And the Gospel is no different. Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “Gospel Reactions,” gives us a taste of the biggest controversy in human history: the message of Jesus Christ. What will your reaction be?

Nov 05, 2023
Against All Odds - Week 8

GOD’S ULTIMATE WORK TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH Renowned today as the Father of Invention, Thomas Edison was not always so celebrated. In fact, in 1878, Edison’s work was deemed “unworthy of the attention of practical or scientific men” by a very unimpressed British Parliament Committee. Within the year, however, Edison’s scoffers would be silenced by the release of his flagship invention: the world’s first electric light bulb. Like Edison’s nay-sayers, the religious leaders of Jesus’ day landed themselves on the wrong side of history. Something world-changing happened right under their noses, but they managed to miss it. How about you? Join us this Sunday as our newest message, “God’s Ultimate Work,” confronts us with a challenge: Which side of God’s story am I on?

Oct 29, 2023
Against All Odds - Week 7

THE SEARCH FOR SALVATION TEACHER - JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH “X” marks the spot. Throughout history, adventure-seekers have devoted their lives to the hunt for lost treasure. Even from childhood, we’re captivated by tales of their perilous journeys through jungles and across seas in search of something extraordinary. Like the great treasure-hunters of old, we all find ourselves chasing something that will satisfy our deepest desires. Yet, as one hunt leads to another, our cravings only grow. Join us this Sunday for “The Search for Salvation,” as, together, we make the discovery of a lifetime.

Oct 22, 2023
Against All Odds Week 6

INTO ENEMY TERRITORY TEACHER: JON MORALES, LEAD PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH The first American soldiers to traverse the jungles of Vietnam had no idea what awaited them. Sent deep into remote areas of the country, these men were blind to the now-infamous “booby traps” that would injure and kill countless of them. As followers of Christ in a world that’s rejected Him, we ourselves have been given marching orders—but we don’t have to guess what awaits us. Join us this Sunday for our newest message, “Into Enemy Territory,” as we discover who our real enemy is, and what to expect when we step into battle.

Oct 15, 2023
Against All Odds - Week 5

A SENDING CHURCH TEACHER: ADAM MASHNI, HIGH SCHOOL PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH What do a professional racecar driver, NBA point guard, and NFL quarterback all have in common? Sponsors. From Nike’s swoosh to Red Bull’s wings, the biggest stars rep the biggest brands. Stadiums are filled with the supersized logos and famous one-liners of the corporations that make these big-name athletes their millions. But what does all this have to do with Acts? Join us tomorrow as we turn our attention from the star players of the early church to the One behind it all. Don’t forget your foam finger!

Oct 08, 2023
Against All Odds Week 4

PRIDE FALLS TEACHER: CALEB MIDDLETON - MIDDLE SCHOOL PASTOR AT OAK POINTE CHURCH “Pride is like bad breath – everyone else around you knows when you have it.” As we read these famed words by C.S. Lewis, we can all think of someone who gives off the “stench” of pride – maybe a coworker, relative, or the chair of your HOA – but did you ever stop to ask what others smell on you? Join us for our upcoming message, “Pride Falls,” as we discover what happens when human pride collides with the Word of God.

Oct 01, 2023
Against All Odds - Week 3

HAPPY INTERRUPTIONS Acts 12:6-19 Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church “An unsuspected turn of events that completely changes the outcome from the direction it was likely to go” Few things captivate an audience like a plot twist. Who doesn’t love that mind-blowing, never-saw-it-coming feeling they get when the same-old story takes a staggering turn? As we continue our series “Against All Odds: How the Name of Jesus Spreads,” we’re taking a front-row seat to one of the book of Acts’ most dramatic plot twists. Join us for our newest message, “Happy Interruptions,” to see God’s hand at work in the most unexpected ways.

Sep 24, 2023
Against All Odds - Week 2

WHOSE KINGDOM COME? Teacher: Jon Morales, Lead Pastor of Oak Pointe Church Main Scripture: Acts 12:1-5 From generations past, humans have crafted stories of good vs. evil. Whether Red Riding Hood encountering the Big Bad Wolf or Batman bringing The Joker to justice, our bookshelves and TVs tell the same age-old tale. This Sunday, we’re continuing our study in the book of Acts by uncovering the source of humanity’s preoccupation with good and evil. Join us for our newest message, “Whose Kingdom Come?” as we take a close look at the true battle raging between darkness and light.

Sep 17, 2023