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Start your day with an inspiring meditation! Listen to a thought-provoking Torah minute. This is the Best Way To Start Your Day! Rabbi Moshe Levin is a world-renowned scholar and author. He serves as Rabbi and Spiritual leader of congregation Bais Bezalel Chabad in Los Angeles. 📲If you have any questions or comments, feel free to WhatsApp Rabbi Levin @ +1 323-252-3159 or email

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Why Do You Love To Say my Name?

Whats behind His ask? Before He asks, He calls your name. He calls your name because He loves you. The 613 commandments are all coming from His love. Support the show

Mar 19
What's Unique About Me & My Today?

Did something extraordinary happen to you today?  What about you is extraordinary?  Good Morning!  One of the items used for the roof of the tabernacle was goat hair. The Torah describes the unique craftsmanship of the women who were able to spin the hair of the goats into material while it was still attached to the goat.  Although it was kosher to cut off the goat hair first, the women especially chose to spin the hair on the goats backs in order to create a beautiful material for the tabernacle. While the hair is still attached, it has more moisture and its softer than after it has been cut.  It was not an easy thing to do and it requires unique craftsmanship.  The women knew that if G-d has given them a unique talent it must be for the sake of G-d, it must be about G-ds temple. There must be something missing in the temple that this talent can rectify.  In a similar way, when looking into ourselves and at the various things that G-d has blessed us with, we need to think about how our gifts can uniquely satisfy G-ds purpose in creation.  This doesnt only apply to the strengths we have within, it also is relevant to the items that we are blessed with.  There was a chassid of the first Rebbe of Chabad named Reb Tzadok, who had an exemplary Chassidic character.  Whenever he saw unique success in his business, he said to himself, someone is coming to visit me today.  The Alter Rebbe would periodically send someone to collect charity, and Reb Tzadok could tell when he was coming based on the profits he was making.  This is connected with this upcoming Shabbat that blesses the month of Nissan, Nissan means extraordinary miracles. May G-d bless us all to go beyond our nature and with miraculous abundance, inspiring extraordinary joy in our service of Hashem. Support the show

Mar 17
The Rebbe Writes To An Alcoholic

Touching on many different things, the Rebbe gives this man real direction. Something we can all learn from. Support the show

Mar 16
Are You Gifted? Why Were You Gifted?

Your gifts arent only for you. Youre meant to be a gift to others too. Support the show

Mar 15
I'll Give & You'll Give, Want To Go First?

Dont wait for Him to wake the first move. Trust. Support the show

Mar 14
Of G-d & His Children, Of 🤲 & Pledges

Whats the correct attitude towards prayer? We cant overestimate the Divine response to a heart felt prayer and  pledges to charity. Support the show

Mar 13
When Does The Week Start?

Just like your days a product of the night before, your week starts on Shabbat.  Support the show

Mar 12
Why Will We Merit To Greet Moshiach?

We maybe midgets, but we are on giants shoulders. Support the show

Mar 10
When Two Jews Meet / Stop Meeting..

Think where this is going..and where you CAN go. Support the show

Mar 09
Are You Crazy For Him?(Not on Purim)

Purim is always at our fingertips. Support the show

Mar 08
His Open Hand Meets Ours

Todays the day, its all going to turn around.  Support the show

Mar 07
Everyone Says "Be Happy", How Can I?

If He is saying to be happy, Hes giving you the ability to do this. Hes not playing a game on you. Support the show

Mar 06
Your Biggest Resource Is You!

With wisdom and riches you can only accomplish so much. When you give from yourself, you go beyond. Support the show

Mar 05
When Did You Last See A Miracle?

The journey between Egypt to Israel is through Amalek. Support the show

Mar 03
Zaidy's Favorite Day

Feel connected. Yes, in that too. Support the show

Mar 02
The Best 💊 For Health Related Stress

Divert your thoughts to other things. Scuba dive into Torah. Support the show

Mar 01
The Most Humble Of All Men: Why?

What did Moses see that inspired his humility? Support the show

Feb 28
The Glove: An Empowering Message

Pay attention to the messages that G-d tells us through the universe, and teach your children how to do the same. Support the show

Feb 27
When Working Harder Doesn't Work

You cant earn one penny more than youre meant to.  Support the show

Feb 26
You Belong Because You Don't Belong

Why do we need to learn about the temple in the desert?  Isnt it something of the past? Support the show

Feb 24
Oy! My Hubby's Still In The Synagogue!

Is that a good thing or no? Support the show

Feb 23
Riddle: It's A Day, Moment, & A Month

If you guessed Purim.. Youre correct! How is Purim a moment, a day and a whole month? Support the show

Feb 22
I Want To Feel Normal Again (Part 3)

Can you give me practical advice? Support the show

Feb 21
I Want To Feel Normal Again (Part 2)

Does everyone need mitzvahs to feel an inner calm? Why do many seem to be alright without this in their lives? Support the show

Feb 20
Why Don't I Feel Normal? #1

I am not feeling ok. Whats wrong with me? Support the show

Feb 19
He's the One & ONLY.. I'll Give A Little

Give ONLY a half coin, yet make sure you give the entire Half. Support the show

Feb 17
Pay No Attention To What They Say

Dont ask Why? Its a secret that only G-d can know. Youre role is to add in light, this will push away the darkness. Support the show

Feb 16
G-d Told Moses The Secret To + 💰

Money is like fire, the more you spread your wealth, the more youll have. Support the show

Feb 15
Whenever I Do More Good, I Get Sick..

Is there a connection between these two events? Support the show

Feb 14
The Kabbala Of "Ladies First"

Two messages for two kinds of souls. Support the show

Feb 13