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Paul Murray Live | 1 April

Anthony Albanese's slide continues in Newspoll, Paul explains why the Coalition has to appeal to young renters. Plus, Anthony Albanese and Chris Bowen's hypocrisy exposed as it's revealed they took two different jets to launch a green project. See for privacy information.

Apr 01
Paul Murray Live | 31 March

U.S. president Joe Biden proclaims Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter, Labor urged to ‘get rid of’ Giles or O’Neil when both ‘ran for cover’ after a press conference. Plus, the Australian government slams Meta's political move. See for privacy information.

Mar 31
Paul Murray Live | 28 March

The Albanese government invests $1 billion into solar power amid the cost-of-living crisis. Plus, former secretary of Home Affairs Michael Pezzullo is set to lose his Order of Australia. See for privacy information.

Mar 28
Paul Murray Live | 27 March

A youth curfew enforced in Alice Springs as the crime crisis plagues the town, 'clueless' Clare O'Neil flees from questions as Labor's detainee legislation fails to pass the Senate. Plus, Megyn Kelly on NBC's firing of Ronna McDaniel. See for privacy information.

Mar 27
Paul Murray Live | 26 March

A major bridge in Baltimore collapses after being struck by a cargo ship, the polls keep getting worse for the Albanese government. Plus, Nigel Farage on Julian Assange's legal win in the London High Court.   See for privacy information.

Mar 26
Paul Murray Live | 25 March

Two new polls reveal the Australian public's support for Anthony Albanese is in decline, Paul explains why it's not a surprise. Plus, Labor's ute tax spin is swerving out of control. See for privacy information.

Mar 25
Paul Murray Our Town: Balgowlah

Join Paul Murray for an epic east coast adventure as he travels to Sydney's Balgowlah for this month's Our Town episode. In partnership with Harvey Norman. See for privacy information.

Mar 24
Paul Murray Live | 21 March

Nigel Farage joins live to discuss his interview with former US president Donald Trump. Plus, Paul warns Australians to not fall for Labor's spin on unemployment, and Penny Wong claims Paul keating has zero influence on the government. See for privacy information.

Mar 21
Paul Murray Live | 20 March

Donald Trump tears into Kevin Rudd in an interview with Nigel Farage, China gets another win from talks with Labor. Plus, calls grow for Andrew Giles' resignation over the detainee debacle. See for privacy information.

Mar 20
Paul Murray Live | 19 March

Queensland Labor's Olympics plan in shambles, Don Farrell embarasses the ALP yet again. Plus, Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes on the Nationals and Greens teaming up on supermarkets. See for privacy information.

Mar 19
Paul Murray Live | 18 March

'Giggling' Miles has nothing to smile about as Queensland Labor suffers huge swings against it in the state by-elections, leftist media freaks out over Donald Trump non-issue. Plus, can anyone trust Labor on negative gearing? See for privacy information.

Mar 18
Paul Murray Live | 17 March

Giggling Miles has nothing to smile about, Queensland sends Labor astonishing message, Labor try to pin their failures on Abbott, Mike Pence snubs Donald Trump yet again. Plus, Labor’s border policy in complete shambles. See for privacy information.

Mar 17
Paul Murray Live | 14 March

Anthony Albanese and Jim Chalmers continue to con the public in the cost-of-living crisis, how the government is ignoring our farmers. Plus, why the misinformation bill is a danger to everyone.   See for privacy information.

Mar 14
Paul Murray Live | 13 March

The cost-of-living crisis sees a rise in shoplifting cases, more climate protesters halt our cities. Plus, Labor's detainee bungle and an aged care crisis.   See for privacy information.

Mar 13
Paul Murray Live | 12 March

Labor still cannot get it right on the immigration detainees debacle, speculations of an early election as Albanese plans for a donation overhaul. Plus, Nigel Farage on Lee Anderson joining his Reform UK Party from the Conservative Party. See for privacy information.

Mar 12
Paul Murray Live | 11 March

Paul explains how Labor is asleep at the wheel when it comes to the cost-of-living crisis, why Donald Trump should not underestimate Joe Biden. Plus, Senator Matt Canavan on Jim Chalmers' plan to help mining projects. See for privacy information.

Mar 11
Paul Murray Live | 10 March

Anthony Albanese watches on as cost-of-living isolation hurts Australians, lefties tied in knots over the racial allegations on Sam Kerr. Plus, Labor weighs up the Cook by-election risk. See for privacy information.

Mar 10
Paul Murray Live | 7 March

Ministers rally behind 'business class' Tony Burke over his four-day taxpayer-funded US trip, Australians divided over Sam Kerr's alleged racial slur. Plus, Dave Rubin with the latest on American politics. See for privacy information.

Mar 07
Paul Murray Live | 6 March

Queensland Premier Steven Miles faces pressure to resign, Qld students somehow win the right to appeal school suspensions. Plus, Megyn Kelly fires up about explicit sexual material being shown to kids in US schools. See for privacy information.

Mar 06
Paul Murray Live | 5 March

Anthony Albanese has not got anything for your cost-of-living crisis, Steven Miles forced to apologise for lying to parliament. Plus, Nigel Farage on Donald Trump's Supreme Court win and is Joe Biden really fit for duty? See for privacy information.

Mar 05
Paul Murray Live | 4 March

Teals threatening to end the Liberal legacy in Cook, Chris Bowen's ute tax excuse exposed. Plus, Paul explains how Labor has no real plan for the economy.   See for privacy information.

Mar 04
Paul Murray Live | 3 March

Paul points out five key lessons to learn from Labor's win in the Dunkley by-election, the Liberals take a stand against 'bigger' Australia. Plus, how Labor's misinformation bill is a disaster. See for privacy information.

Mar 03
Paul Murray Live | 29 February

Paul gives his final words before the Dunkley by-election, disunity spreads within Labor. Plus, Nigel Farage says Donald Trump is more determined than ever to win the US presidential election.   See for privacy information.

Feb 29
Paul Murray Live | 28 February

ASIO chief reveals ex-politician ‘sold out' Australia, Labor reportedly fearing a possible loss in Dunkley this weekend. PLUS, Megyn Kelly fires up over the Biden's flippant immigration policies.    See for privacy information.

Feb 28
Paul Murray Live | 27 February

The Guardian Essential poll reveals voters are losing trust in the Prime Minister and the Labor Party, Scott Morrison delivers his final speech to parliament. Plus, James Morrow on the Dunkley by-election.   See for privacy information.

Feb 27
Paul Murray Pub Test in Dunkley | 26 February

Liberal candidate Nathan Conroy joins the nominees from the Libertarian Party and Australian Democrats to face a pub audience in Frankston, Victoria ahead of the crucial Dunkley by-election on Saturday. See for privacy information.

Feb 26
Paul Murray Live | 25 February

The left forgives Anthony Albanese for the same mistakes they criticised Scott Morrison, the Dunkley by-election race heats up as support for Labor slips further in a latest poll. Plus, Donald Trump wins the South Carolina primary. See for privacy information.

Feb 25
Paul Murray Live | 22 February

Paul unwraps if today was the day the '$275 lie' finally undid Anthony Albanese, Marcia Langton says Paul Keating was right to call the Voice a mistake. Plus, should the PM establish a climate duty of care? See for privacy information.

Feb 22
Paul Murray Live | 21 February

The Victorian Greens pipe up with the loopy idea the state government should set prices for groceries. Plus, Woolies CEO Brad Banducci is set to retire following a disastrous interview on the ABC. See for privacy information.

Feb 21
Paul Murray Live | 20 February

Australians need to get ready as a leaked PMO text hints at early federal election, the left goes blind on the cost-of-living crisis. Plus, new report reveals COVID mass school closures were unnecessary.  See for privacy information.

Feb 20