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08/19/22 - Mark Faulkner - Baptist Health Care President / CEO

Baptist Health Care President and CEO Mark Faulkner explains why there is suddenly going to be a shortage of intake capacity next week when West Florida Hospital stops accepting Baker Act admissions, which will leave Baptist as the only facility in either Escambia or Santa Rosa to do so.  Local...

Aug 19
Alex Andrade, Florida State Representative, District 2

Mental health and addiction issue crisis in Escambia County for uninsured residents

Aug 18
Wes Moreno, Escambia County Interim Administrator

offered the full position as County Administrator; Olive and Davis traffic light will be rebuilt on Sunday; fishing bridge will be rebuilt; Impact 100-style grant process for homelessness; homeless dashboard live next week; where will Backer Acted and detox patients go?

Aug 18
Eric Randall, Pensacola Police Chief

arrest of Mike Kimbrel; arrest of Stan McDaniels; Uvalde shooting; Donut Strike for Manna

Jul 14
Robert Turpin, Escambia Marine Resources Manager

Escambia County Memorial Reefs Program; Boater safety; Massachusetts wreck; cloud-hosted video cameras at Mahogany Mill, Navy Pointe, and Galvez boat ramps

Jul 14
07/08/22 - Transgressors Memorial Service (Woe Unto All Who Offend)

This week, brother Andrew notes the replacement of the word “mother” with the term “birthing parent,” the loss of JD Vance who dared to speak against feminism, and praises the creator of “Friends” for realizing how racist her show really was.

Jul 08
07/08/22 - Ashley Turner, Tate HS Guidance Counselor

Ashley Turner, the guidance counselor at Tate High School, was the “Key Influencer” flight with the Blue Angels yesterday, and she talked about the experience after her 40 minutes of Super Hornet time.

Jul 08
07/08/22 - Captain Brian Kesselring, Blue Angels CO

Andrew and the #1 pilot and commanding officer for the Blue Angels, Captain Brian Kesselring, talk about the Pensacola Beach air show tomorrow, adverse weather plans, the transition to the Super Hornet, and Top Gun: Maverick.

Jul 08
Mike Wood, Pensacola Police Department, Public Information Officer

Truist bank robbery suspect arrested; loud noise ordinance enforcement; Fourth of July went smoothly; Bomb threat at PSC; call tracing myth or fact

Jul 07