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A look back at the day that was in the NFL. Mike Florio will also include conversations with top names and newsmakers in Pro Football. Mike is highly regarded in the world of the NFL with his wildly popular website,, his morning radio show on NBC Sports Radio and his role on the #1 rated “Football Night in America” Sunday nights on NBC. The PFT PM Podcast lets Florio update his fans on breaking news and story lines that take place during the day and prepare listeners for what is coming next. Nobody has more knowledge about the most important sport in America than Mike Florio. Nobody!

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Combine Interviews with DB & TE Draft Prospects

(00:00) Minnesota S Tyler Nubin Interview (11:49) Texas TE Ja’Tavion Sanders Interview (22:29) Alabama CB Terrion Arnold Interview (31:26) Clemson CB Nate Wiggins Interview (39:43) Iowa CB Cooper DeJean Interview

Mar 01
USC QB Caleb Williams, Washington WR Rome Odunze & more interviews from the Combine

(00:00) LSU WR Malik Nabers Interview (7:50) Washington WR Rome Odunze Interview (16:31) FSU QB Jordan Travis Interview (28:36) USC QB Caleb Williams Interview (38:07) Wisconsin RB Braelon Allen Interview (48:21) Southern Mississippi RB Frank Gore Jr. Interview (58:46) Michigan RB Blake Corum Interview (1:08:55) Texas RB Jonathon Brooks Interview

1h 19m
Mar 01
Combine Interviews with EDGE, DL & LB Draft Prospects

(:00) Alabama EDGE Chris Braswell Interview (8:42) Clemson LB Jeremiah Trotter Jr. Interview (16:31) Alabama EDGE Dallas Turner Interview (27:53) Texas DT Byron Murphy II Interview (38:54) Michigan DT Kris Jenkins Interview (49:46) Illinois DT Johnny Newton Interview

1h 1m
Feb 28
Giants GM Joe Schoen, Titans HC Brian Callahan, Chargers GM Joe Hortiz, Bears GM Ryan Poles & Bengals HC Zac Taylor

(00:00) Giants GM Joe Schoen Interview (11:39) Titans HC Brian Callahan Interview (22:40) Chargers GM Joe Hortiz Interview (35:12) Bears GM Ryan Poles Interview (47:09) Bengals HC Zac Taylor Interview

1h 4m
Feb 27
Caleb Williams not hiring agent & Interview with Matt Hamachek, Director and Exec. Producer of “The Dynasty”

(1:45) Caleb Williams entering the draft without an agent (8:10) EA offering $600 to CFB players for NIL rights (12:00) Dak Prescott's contract (14:23) Interview with Matt Hamachek (Director & Executive Producer of "The Dynasty") (46:25) PFTPM Mailbag   

1h 4m
Feb 22
Chiefs parade shooting court documents, Gambling rules for NFL players & Could NFL eliminate the kickoff?

(2:17) Examining court documents from Chiefs SB parade shooting  (10:08) NFL players want the current gambling rules to change (14:10) Could NFL eliminate the kickoff? (19:40) Will the hip-drop tackle be banned in 2024? (23:04) PFTPM Mailbag

Feb 21
Kirk Cousins latest, Where will Jimmy G land & What will Bears do at QB?

(5:28) Vikings reportedly not willing to give Kirk Cousins fully guaranteed contract (13:30) Where will Jimmy G land? (17:34) What will the Bears do at QB? (21:38) Antonio Pierce's comments on stopping Patrick Mahomes (25:22) PFTPM Mailbag

Feb 20
Franchise Tag Window, Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson's futures & PFTPM Mailbag

(1:20) Final thoughts on Super Bowl OT  (8:08) Franchise tag window opening Tuesday & a look at players who might get tagged (17:39) Will Vikings extend Justin Jefferson? (24:12) Where will Kirk Cousins end up? (27:52) PFTPM mailbag 

Feb 19
Bills QB Josh Allen, Lions DE Aidan Hutchinson & Jets CB Sauce Gardner Interviews

(00:00) Jets CB Sauce Gardner Interview  (14:15) Bills QB Josh Allen Interview  (29:05) DE Aidan Hutchinson Interview  

Feb 09
Super Bowl LVIII Picks w/ Vegas Live Audience

(00:00) Welcome to the Mandalay Bay Sportsbook! (5:05) Super Bowl LVIII preview: "The 49ers at their best are better than the Chiefs at their best" (23:05) Super Bowl MVP: Can a Chiefs player other than Patrick Mahomes win? (24:55) Audience Questions on the 2021 QB class, Lions 4th down decisions, Packers, Bears, Bill Belichick, Kirk Cousins, and more. (51:15) Super Bowl LVIII pick: "My heart says 49ers, but my head says Chiefs"

Feb 08
Rams WR Puka Nacua, Georgia TE Brock Bowers & Washington QB Michael Penix Jr. Interviews

(00:00) Rams WR Puka Nacua Interview  (10:58) Georgia TE Brock Bowers Interview (18:40) Washington QB Michael Penix Jr. Interview 

Feb 07
NFL Conference Championship Picks

(12:17) AFC CHAMPIONSHIP: #3 Chiefs at #1 Ravens (35:55) NFC CHAMPIONSHIP: #3 Lions at #1 49ers (50:30) Best Bets

Jan 25
NFL Divisional Picks: "Playoff Mahomes is different, Dad"

(7:00) SATURDAY: #4 Texans at #1 Ravens (19:45) #7 Packers at #1 49ers (28:35) SUNDAY: #4 Buccaneers at #3 Lions (36:50) #3 Chiefs at #2 Bills (46:25) Draft: Divisional QB Confidence (51:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

Jan 18
Packers & Texans paths to Divisional Rd, Update on Gruden lawsuit & Will Brian Flores get another HC opportunity?

(:53) Packers path to the Divisional round  (10:54) Texans path to the Divisional round (15:04) Update on Jon Gruden’s lawsuit vs NFL  (20:17) Will Brian Flores get another HC opportunity? (23:17) PFTPM Mailbag    

Jan 17
Bill Belichick & Patriots part ways

(:00) Belichick, Patriots mutually part ways (4:15) Landing spots for Belichick (12:00) Don’t rule out playoff teams as landing spots for Belichick (18:14) What’s next for the Patriots? (19:07) PFTPM Mailbag

Jan 11
Super Wild Card Weekend Picks: "Is this band camp??!!?"

(5:00) SATURDAY: #5 Browns at #4 Texans (16:40) #6 Dolphins at #3 Chiefs (30:00) SUNDAY: #7 Steelers at #2 Bills (35:10) #7 Packers at #2 Cowboys (40:00) SNF: #6 Rams at #3 Lions (46:10) MNF: #5 Eagles at #4 Buccaneers (51:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

Jan 11
Pete Carroll out as Seahawks HC & Rodgers off 'Pat McAfee Show' for rest of season

(:23) Pete Carroll moving from coach to advisor for Seahawks (5:25) Aaron Rodgers done with 'Pat McAfee Show' for the season (10:52) Gambling concerns (18:41) PFT Awards & Wild Card game on Peacock (25:28) Nick Sirianni’s future (29:07) PFTPM Mailbag

1h 1m
Jan 10
Titans fire Mike Vrabel & Aaron Rodgers responds to Jimmy Kimmel

Florio reacts to the news that the Titans have fired Mike Vrabel in this emergency edition of PFTPM. Florio also discusses Aaron Rodgers' response to Jimmy Kimmel's monologue.

Jan 09
NFL Week 18 Picks: "They know phonebox and flipping the bird!"

(1:25) SATURDAY: Steelers at Ravens (4:15) Texans at Colts (7:20) SUNDAY EARLY: Buccaneers at Panthers (9:35) Browns at Bengals (12:55) Vikings at Lions (17:50) Jets at Patriots (19:30) Falcons at Saints (21:45) Jaguars at Titans (24:50) SUNDAY LATE: Seahawks at Cardinals (28:00) Bears at Packers (31:50) Chiefs at Chargers (33:40) Broncos at Raiders (35:50) Eagles at Giants (37:55) Rams at 49ers (40:20) Cowboys at Commanders (45:30) SNF: Bills at Dolphins (50:35) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

Jan 04
Lions-Cowboys aftermath, don't feel sorry for Russell Wilson, and the Ravens conundrum

Happy New Year! Florio recaps Week 17: Should the Ravens sit their starters with the #1 seed locked up? Can the Eagles find a way to turn things around? Mike McCarthy was lucky for the end-of-game controversy, because his clock management was problematic. Florio also goes inside the Lions-Cowboys chaos, plus dishes on the Russell Wilson situation.

Jan 01
NFL Week 17 Picks: "You got your kahunas blown off!"

(6:25) TNF: Jets at Browns (9:30) SATURDAY: Lions at Cowboys (14:35) SUNDAY EARLY: Dolphins at Ravens (20:40) Patriots at Bills (23:05) Falcons at Bears (25:25) Titans at Texans (27:50) Raiders at Colts (29:55) Panthers at Jaguars (32:15) Rams at Giants (34:50) Cardinals at Eagles (38:05) Saints at Buccaneers (41:05) 49ers at Commanders (43:40) SUNDAY LATE: Steelers at Seahawks (46:00) Chargers at Broncos (49:05) Bengals at Chiefs (53:15) SNF: Packers at Vikings (56:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

Dec 28, 2023
Russell Wilson benched, Lamar & Ravens make a statement & Can Chiefs get their magic back?

(:24) Russell Wilson benched (14:03) Lamar’s MVP case & Ravens statement on MNF (24:12) Lack of interest in Lamar Jackson during offseason was about collusion (32:04) Chiefs trying to get their magic back (34:31) PFPTM Mailbag   

Dec 27, 2023
NFL Week 16 Picks: "Santa's bringing squirrel meat!"

(7:10) TNF: Saints at Rams (10:15) SATURDAY: Bengals at Steelers (14:50) Bills at Chargers (17:00) SUNDAY EARLY: Colts at Falcons (19:55) Packers at Panthers (21:40) Browns at Texans (24:40) Lions at Vikings (29:10) Commanders at Jets (31:15) Seahawks at Titans (34:50) SUNDAY LATE: Jaguars at Buccaneers (38:10) Cardinals at Bears (39:55) Cowboys at Dolphins (43:55) SUNDAY NIGHT: Patriots at Broncos (46:35) CHRISTMAS DAY: Raiders at Chiefs (49:25) Giants at Eagles (51:20) CHRISTMAS NIGHT: Ravens at 49ers (55:40) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

Dec 21, 2023
Christmas Day games, Mike Tomlin's future & Concussion evaluations

(:45) Christmas Day Games (5:30) Huge opportunity for Ravens & Lamar vs 49ers (7:00) Mike Tomlin’s future (11:46) Concussion evaluation process  (20:59) Tommy DeVito hires a marketing rep (25:33) PFTPM Mailbag

Dec 20, 2023
NFL Week 15 Picks: "The Fonz was the coolest!"

(6:15) TNF: Chargers at Raiders (8:05) SATURDAY: Vikings at Bengals (11:00) Steelers at Colts (15:10) Broncos at Lions (18:00) SUNDAY EARLY: Falcons at Panthers (19:35) Bears at Browns (22:15) Buccaneers at Packers (24:55) Jets at Dolphins (27:50) Chiefs at Patriots (30:30) Giants at Saints (32:15) Texans at Titans (35:45) SUNDAY LATE: 49ers at Cardinals (37:30) Commanders at Rams (39:00) Cowboys at Bills (45:15) SNF: Ravens at Jaguars (49:00) MNF: Eagles at Seahawks (51:15) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

Dec 14, 2023
Belichick's future in NE already decided? Dak Prescott's next contract & T.J. Watt's concussion under review

(:33) Robert Kraft has reportedly already decided to part ways with Belichick (11:22) Dak Prescott’s next contract  (15:05) NFL, NFLPA reviewing the handling of T.J. Watt’s concussion   (19:20) Proposed solution for offsides  (28:43) PFTPM Mailbag 

Dec 13, 2023
NFL Week 14 Picks: "Holt sh*t it's Jerry Seinfeld!"

(3:40) TNF: Patriots at Steelers (10: 40) SUNDAY EARLY: Buccaneers at Falcons (13:30) Rams at Ravens (16:45) Lions at Bears (22:50) Colts at Bengals (25:55) Jaguars at Browns (28:50) Panthers at Saints (32:10) Texans at Jets (36:15) SUNDAY LATE: Vikings at Raiders (39:20) Seahawks at 49ers (43:25) Bills at Chiefs (47:20) Broncos at Chargers (50:25) SNF: Eagles at Cowboys (54:25) MNF: Titans at Dolphins (56:10) Packers at Giants (58:45) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

1h 1m
Dec 07, 2023
Jets go back to Zach Wilson, Why officiating needs to be fixed & Which team would want Belichick?

(4:05) Jets go back to Zach Wilson as QB1 (11:02) A proposed solution for the Big Dom/Dre Greenlaw situation (16:09) Bill Belichick’s future, which team would want him? (20:08) Officiating issues & why it needs to be fixed (25:00) PFTPM Mailbag  

Dec 06, 2023
NFL Week 13 Picks: "Are you The Grinch?"

(7:00) TNF: Seahawks at Cowboys (13:05) SUNDAY EARLY: Broncos at Texans (17:20) Chargers at Patriots (20:15) Lions at Saints (25:25) Falcons at Jets (32:00) Cardinals at Steelers (34:45) Colts at Titans (37:40) Dolphins at Commanders (40:35) SUNDAY LATE: Panthers at Buccaneers (43:25) Browns at Rams (47:25) 49ers at Eagles (53:20) SNF: Chiefs at Packers (56:20) MNF: Bengals at Jaguars (57:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

Nov 30, 2023
Caleb Williams undecided on 2024 draft, Implications of 49ers vs Eagles & Interview with Dolphins S Jevon Holland

(7:33) Caleb Williams says it’s “a game-time decision” whether he’ll declare for 2024 draft  (14:16) Implications of 49ers vs Eagles this wknd (16:21) Defamation lawsuit against Jerry Jones is re-filed  (20:08) Latest on Jim Trotter’s lawsuit vs NFL  (27:10) Interview with Dolphins S Jevon Holland (42:08) PFTPM Mailbag   

Nov 29, 2023