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A look back at the day that was in the NFL. Mike Florio will also include conversations with top names and newsmakers in Pro Football. Mike is highly regarded in the world of the NFL with his wildly popular website,, his morning radio show on NBC Sports Radio and his role on the #1 rated “Football Night in America” Sunday nights on NBC. The PFT PM Podcast lets Florio update his fans on breaking news and story lines that take place during the day and prepare listeners for what is coming next. Nobody has more knowledge about the most important sport in America than Mike Florio. Nobody!

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NFL Week 4 Picks: "Maybe it was the duck that bit me!"

(3:55) TNF: Lions at Packers (6:10) LONDON: Falcons at Jaguars (8:55) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Dolphins at Bills (13:10) Vikings at Panthers (16:00) Broncos at Bears (18:50) Ravens at Browns (23:00) Steelers at Texans (26:00) Rams at Colts (29:15) Buccaneers at Saints (32:00) Commanders at Eagles (34:00) Bengals at Titans (37:15) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Raiders at Chargers (39:40) Patriots at Cowboys (43:10) Cardinals at 49ers (46:30) SNF: Chiefs at Jets (49:10) MNF: Seahawks at Giants (51:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Sep 28
NFL games in Europe & Jets WR Garrett Wilson

(1:00) NFL games in Europe (6:30) Real time betting device (12:40) Renewed push for full time officials (17:40) Interview with Jets WR Garrett Wilson  (26:43) PFTPM Mailbag 

Sep 27
NFL Week 3 Picks: "Did I say pot-cast?"

(4:30) TNF: Giants at 49ers (9:20) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Colts at Ravens (11:55) Titans at Browns (16:00) Falcons at Lions (19:25) Saints at Packers (22:25) Texans at Jaguars (24:40) Broncos at Dolphins (28:10) Chargers at Vikings (31:25) Patriots at Jets (33:55) Bills at Commanders (37:45) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Panthers at Seahawks (41:40) Cowboys at Cardinals (44:05) Bears at Chiefs (46:30) SNF: Steelers at Raiders (50:15) MNF: Eagles at Buccaneers (52:25) Rams at Bengals (55:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Sep 21
Grass vs Turf, the standard for replay review & fan safety at stadiums

Florio discusses the grass vs turf debate (:44), the "clear and obvious" standard for replay review (8:03), fan safety at stadiums (16:15), the Rams kicking a field goal to cover the spread (25:10), and he answers your questions with a PFT mailbag (34:25).  

Sep 20
NFL Week 2 Picks: "Stop torturing yourself"

(3:40) TNF: Vikings at Eagles (8:20) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Packers at Falcons (12:35) Raiders at Bills (17:10) Ravens at Bengals (21:30) Seahawks at Lions (24:30) Colts at Texans (26:55) Chiefs at Jaguars (30:35) Bears at Buccaneers (33:40) Chargers at Titans (36:20) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Giants at Cardinals (39:20) 49ers at Rams (42:10) Jets at Cowboys (45:35) Commanders at Broncos (47:40) SNF: Dolphins at Patriots (50:00) MNF: Saints at Panthers (52:30) Browns at Steelers (56:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Sep 14
Breaking down the Jim Trotter lawsuit

Florio breaks down former NFL Network reporter Jim Trotter's lawsuit against the league for the termination of his employment. Trotter's lawsuit includes allegations of racist remarks by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Bills owner Terry Pegula. Florio also answers your questions on the lawsuit.

Sep 13
NFL Week 1 Picks: "I'm real. He's fugazi."

(4:30) KICKOFF: Lions at Chiefs (10:20) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Panthers at Falcons (13:30) Texans at Ravens (15:20) Bengals at Browns (17:50) Jaguars at Colts (20:30) Buccaneers at Vikings (23:20) Titans at Saints (25:40) 49ers at Steelers (29:25) Cardinals at Commanders (32:00) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Packers at Bears (36:00) Raiders at Broncos (38:15) Dolphins at Chargers (40:30) Eagles at Patriots (42:50) Rams at Seahawks (45:00) SNF: Cowboys at Giants (47:55) MNF: Bills at Jets (51:10) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Sep 07
Inside the Daniel Snyder report

Florio reacts to the Mary Jo White findings of Daniel Snyder's wrongdoings, including stealing money from his partners; Magic Johnson's presence as minority owner - will the Commanders change their name?; the latest on Dalvin Cook; Friday's mailbag gets cut short due to some power issues at PFTHQ

Jul 21
Should Saquon Barkley hold in?

The Commanders are nearing the official end of the Dan Snyder era. How many alternate uniforms is too many? Can Saquon Barkley or other RBs use “holding in” as leverage? Mike Tomlin is No. 2 in the Top 10 Head Coaches list, despite what some Steelers fans might think. Mailbag: What teams have absolutely no shot at the Super Bowl this season?

Jul 20
Can Aaron Rodgers save Hard Knocks?

Florio wonders whether the presence of Aaron Rodgers on the Jets will bring back the sizzle and intrigue to Hard Knocks; Rams COO Kevin Demoff chimes in on Matthew Stafford's contract; Will Chris Jones show up before he gets a long-term deal?; Patrick Mahomes is talking about his ankle; Bill Belichick comes in at #3 on the Top 10 coach power ranks

Jul 19
Will RBs take collective action?

Florio discusses how Running Backs are treated in the wake of Saquon Barkley and Josh Jacobs not signing long-term deals; will the Rams & Matthew Stafford renegotiate his contract?; plus a Tuesday mailbag

Jul 18
DeAndre Hopkins signs with Titans

DeAnde Hopkins signs with the Titans, but were the Patriots foolish to pass on him? Mike’s reacts to the Netflix "Quarterback" series and takes issue with his favorite QB's weekly in-season approach. With hours until the deadline, will Saquon Barkley, Tony Pollard, or Josh Jacobs get a long-term deal? Pete Carroll is No. 5 in the Top 10 Head Coaches list. And the mailbag hits on Alvin Kamara, Lionel Messi, and the Packers playoff chances.

Jul 17
Will Saquon & the Giants work out a deal?

Florio discusses the latest with Daniel Snyder; will the Giants and Saquon work out a long-term deal?; Sean McVay lands at #7 on the Top 10 coaching list; plus a quick mailbag

Jul 13
Jets on Hard Knocks & Jon Gruden vs the NFL

Florio reacts to the news of the Jets being named for Hard Knocks; Jon Gruden intends to "burn the NFL's house down"; Kyle Shanahan checks in at #8 on the Top 10 coaches right now; plus the usual mailbag

Jul 12
Lessons from Northwestern, Chris Jones looking to get paid, and Anthony Richardson's timeline

Florio discusses the lessons that all coaches should take away from the Northwestern hazing situation, Chris Jones looking to get paid, Jim Irsay unofficially kicks off the Anthony Richardson era, Mike Vrabel comes in at #9 on PFT's Top 10 current coaches, and which teams would be most likely to blow it up for a chance at Caleb Williams in next year's draft.

Jul 11
DeAndre Hopkins, Dalvin Cook: Both waiting for something better

00:37 – DeAndre Hopkins, Dalvin Cook: Both waiting for something better   04:02 – Kirk Cousins could be the most fascinating focal point of “Quarterback”   10:50 – PFT #10 Head Coach: Doug Pederson     19:05 – Northwestern HC Pat Fitzgerald hazing investigation   26:40 – Florio answers listener questions about Hard Knocks, potential gambling punishment for star players and how many current RBs have Hall of Fame potential.   

Jul 10
What's next for Daniel Snyder? Plus listener mailbag!

1:45 - What's next for Daniel Snyder after Commanders sale?   6:05 - NFL, NFLPA have no specific gambling policy for agents   13:05 - NFL has no comment on application of gambling policy to Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin’s July 4 party   19:50 - Florio answers listener questions about Alvin Kamara, the Steelers chances of winning the AFC North, Patrick Mahomes' HOF future and more!  

Jul 07
Greatest Coach of All-Time: Andy Reid or Bill Belichick?

06:25 – Multiple NFL figures attend Fanatics CEO's July 4 party   19:00 – What are the gambling rules for agents?    23:10 – Greatest coach of all time: Andy Reid or Bill Belichick?   30:00 – DeMaurice Smith proposes alternatives to the Rooney Rule   39:20 – Saudi Arabia will launch a sports investment group   43:45 – Florio answers listener questions about Patrick Mahomes' greatness, DeAndre Hopkins' 2023 outlook, Kirk Cousins future in Minnesota and more!

1h 7m
Jul 06
Did the Stefon Diggs situation get blown out of proportion?

Did the Stefon Diggs situation get blown out of proportion? Plus the Vikings quest for a Super Bowl, a solution for the NFL's problem with players gambling, and the usual mailbag

Jul 05
How safe is Bill Belichick? Michael Vick wishes he listened to warning

01:00 - Robert Kraft says spending money “will never be the issue” for the Patriots   05:10 - How safe is Bill Belichick's job in New England?   11:40 - Mike Vick wishes he would have listened to the one person who warned him about dogfighting   20:00 - When will we find out the Jets are on Hard Knocks?   22:40 - Netflix lands Cowboys docuseries   24:20 - Pat McAfee getting unfair criticism after ESPN layoffs   31:00 - Florio answers listener questions about how NFL insiders communicate, the coaching hot seat, in-game gambling and more!

Jul 03
Latest on Tyreek Hill investigation; Where does the NFL go from here with gambling?

02:00 - Report: NFL commences investigation of latest Tyreek Hill incident   05:50 - Where does the NFL go from here with gambling?   28:30 - Questions remain around NFLPA Executive Director vote   38:20 - Mailbag ... Florio answers listener questions about RB rookie contracts, could Saudi Arabia buy a team, Eric Bieniemy's head coaching future and more!

1h 3m
Jun 30
Travis Kelce accepts being underpaid...sometimes; NFLPA finds next executive director

00:40 - Travis Kelce accepts being underpaid 09:20 - Derek Carr still processing emotions after Raiders split 15:25 - NFL placing blame on cleats for slippery Super Bowl field 18:42 - Inside NFLPA Executive Director selection process 26:40 - Gambling suspension excepted this week 31:00 - Remembering Joe Delaney on 40th anniversary of death 34:30 - Mailbag! Florio answers viewer questions about tight end salaries, franchise QBs, spring leagues and more 48:15 - Breaking News (well, it was breaking when we recorded) -- NFLPA hires Lloyd Howell as Executive Director

1h 1m
Jun 28
RIP Comments Section, Germany's NFL Upside, and updates on DeAndre, Tyreek, and Dalvin

RIP to the comments section on PFT. Florio discusses the need for full-time officials; Germany sells out in 15 minutes; updates on DeAndre Hopkins, Dalvin Cook, and Tyreek Hill; today's mailbag ponders Antonio Brown's Hall of Fame chances if he hadn't run into trouble, the 49ers QB situation, and why West Virginia doesn't get more love.

Jun 27
PFT has a new look, the need for Sky Judge, and a slippery slope when it comes to insiders and gambling

PFT has a new look and readers have opinions; Florio explains why a replay review in the USFL is proof that the NFL needs to implement a permanent Sky Judge; the Shams Charania incident shows how the NFL must be wary of the slippery slope related to insiders and gambling; plus the usual mailbag

Jun 26
Bills give contract extensions to McDermott & Beane, could Cardinals move on from Kyler Murray, and Commanders coming to Hard Knocks?

Florio discusses the Bills giving contract extensions to Sean McDermott & Brandon Beane, what would cause the Cardinals to move on from Kyler Murray, the imminent Commanders sale, why the next NFLPA executive director matters, and the usual # PFTPMPosse Mailbag.

Jun 23
Vikings could regret waiting to extend Justin Jefferson; Latest on Tyreek Hill

02:09 – Miami-Dade Police say Tyreek Hill remains under investigation 04:58 – If Vikings wait to extend Justin Jefferson, they could regret it 11:30 – The Jonathan Gannon tampering case could spawn an interesting lawsuit 24:12 – Do we like the Lions new blue helmet? 26:05 – Florio answers listener questions about gambling,  Patrick Mahomes' contract, psychedelics and more!  

Jun 22
Tyreek Hill under investigation, the Vikings search for a franchise QB, and bears in your backyard

Florio riffs on Tyreek Hill under investigation, the NFL holds a conference call about its gambling policy, the possibility of a draft lottery, the Vikings seemingly endless search for a franchise QB, and bears in your own backyard.

Jun 21
Dalvin Cook's lawsuit, Aaron Rodgers goes crowdfunding, and Florio hates Jacksonville

Florio breaks down the Dalvin Cook lawsuit, where the RB may sign, Aaron Rodgers crowdfunds for his latest venture, Jack Jones' gun arrest, JJ Watt's media future, and the usual PFTPM Mailbag - including why Florio hates Jacksonville

Jun 20
DeAndre Hopkins latest, will Bengals press Joe Mixon, and NFL Gambling Policy

Florio discusses the latest with DeAndre Hopkins, could the Bengals press Joe Mixon to take less money, are there loopholes in the NFL's gambling policy, thoughts on the new kickoff rules, and a return of the PFTPM mailbag

Jun 19
Jets GM Joe Douglas & Eagles GM Howie Roseman

Florio speaks with Jets GM Joe Douglas about the move to get Aaron Rodgers. Then Eagles GM Howie Roseman pops in to chat Philly's offseason, drafting Jalen Carter, and conspiracy theories.

May 30