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Aaron Rodgers emerges from the darkness, Russell Wilson denies trying to get Pete Carroll fired

(3:05) AARON RODGERS emerges from his darkness retreat; how soon will his future be decided? (18:15) RUSSELL WILSON denies report that he tried to get PETE CARROLL and JOHN SCHNEIDER fired before being traded from Seattle (26:05) How close is JEFF BEZOS to buying the Commanders? (31:50) A big 'What If', as it's reported that the Eagles nearly signed ALLEN ROBINSON in free agency last year, before the Rams stepped in to convince him to come to LA (37:40) BRUCE ARIANS says that TODD BOWLES and BYRON LEFTWICH didn't mesh well; why didn't they know that ahead of time? (46:05) Friday Mailbag

Feb 24
Tua turns to judo, Raiders QB situation, and Mailbag

Florio & Myles Simmons catch up on Tua Tagovailoa adding judo to his offseason regimen, former Chiefs teammates come to Eric Bieniemy's defense after Lesean McCoy runs his mouth, and the Raiders GM addresses an unsettled QB position. Plus, the guys dip into the mailbag.

Feb 23
Franchise Tag window is open, Derek Carr visits the Jets

(0:35) What you need to know about the Franchise Tag now that the window is open (10:05) Derek Carr visits the Jets, but will the head start on other free agent QBs matter? (15:45) Latest on the Michael Irvin lawsuit (24:30) Florio opens the mailbag to answer questions about officiating, Tee Higgins trade market, decline in o-line play, and how the hell did Dundler Mifflin let Jim work part-time?

Feb 21
Packers fed up with Aaron Rodgers, Eric Bieniemy to the Commanders, and the XFL debuts

(0:40) Are the Packers truly "disgusted" with AARON RODGERS? And will they truly move on? (6:10) ERIC BIENIEMY is hired by the Washington Commanders (8:53) Could the Commanders make a play for LAMAR JACKSON? (12:38) DANIEL JONES switches agents as he hits free agency (16:05) The latest version of the XFL kicks off; the USFL plans it's draft (20:05) Florio opens the mailbag

Feb 20
Super Bowl LVII Props with Matthew Berry & Jay Croucher

It's a bonus Super Bowl mini episode, as Chris (@CSimmsQB) and Mike (@ProFootballTalk) join forces with the GREAT Matthew Berry (@MatthewBerryTMR) and Jay Croucher (@croucherJD) to do a Prop Bets Draft with their best angles for Chiefs-Eagles.

Feb 10
Super Bowl LVII Pick with Chris Simms

(4:20) UNDERDOG ANGLE: Which team can play the "Nobody believes in us!!!" card? (7:45) KEY MATCHUPS: Chris is wowed by the number of factors that could decide the game. (15:25) PICKS: "The Eagles are the better team." (19:00) MVP DROUGHT: Recent history is not on Patrick Mahomes' side.

Feb 08
Conference Championship Picks with Chris Simms

(9:55) 49ers at Eagles (31:45) Bengals at Chiefs (53:20) Best Bet

Jan 26
Divisional Picks with Chris Simms

(3:30) Jaguars at Chiefs (20:20) Giants at Eagles (32:00) Bengals at Bills (37:00) Cowboys at 49ers (42:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

Jan 19
Wild Card Picks w/ Chris Simms

(7:20) Seahawks at 49ers (19:45) Chargers at Jaguars (28:35) Dolphins at Bills (32:30) Giants at Vikings (44:25) Ravens at Bengals (50:00) Cowboys at Buccaneers (58:55) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

1h 3m
Jan 13
NFL Week 18 Picks w/ Chris Simms

(5:15) Saturday: Chiefs at Raiders (10:25) Titans at Jaguars (15:40) Sunday: Patriots at Bills (18:30) Jets at Dolphins (21:30) Browns at Steelers (24:50) Ravens at Bengals (28:45) Vikings at Bears (30:35) Buccaneers at Falcons (31:55) Panthers at Saints (32:20) Texans at Colts (33:40) Chargers at Broncos (35:35) Giants at Eagles (37:45) Cowboys at Commanders (39:40) Cardinals at 49ers (41:05) Rams at Seahawks (45:00) SNF: Lions at Packers (50:25) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

Jan 05
NFL Week 17 Picks with Chris Simms

(3:10) Cowboys at Titans (6:20) Dolphins at Patriots (9:25) Saints at Eagles (13:25) Colts at Giants (17:15) Browns at Commanders (21:20) Bears at Lions (23:50) Panthers at Bucs (27:05) Broncos at Chiefs (30:05) Jaguars at Texans (33:55) Cardinals at Falcons (35:10) 49ers at Raiders (37:40) Jets at Seahawks (41:45) Vikings at Packers (46:35) Rams at Chargers (49:05) Steelers at Ravens (51:20) Bills at Bengals (54:40) Bets Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Dec 29, 2022
Broncos fire Nathaniel Hackett

Florio & Myles Simmons react to the Broncos firing Nathaniel Hackett with 2 games left in the season.

Dec 26, 2022
NFL Week 16 Picks: "Merry Christmas! $#!tter was full!"

(3:10) Jaguars at Jets (6:10) Bills at Bears (9:35) Falcons at Ravens (13:00) Bengals at Patriots (16:30) Seahawks at Chiefs (19:30) Giants at Vikings (23:35) Lions at Panthers (26:25) Saints at Browns (30:40) Texans at Titans (35:30) Commanders at 49ers (39:00) Eagles at Cowboys (42:25) Raiders at Steelers (46:35) Packers at Dolphins (49:45) Broncos at Rams (50:20) Bucs at Cardinals (51:10) Chargers at Colts (53:40) Best Bets

Dec 22, 2022
NFL Week 15 Picks w/ Chris Simms

(3:00) TNF: 49ers at Seahawks (6:30) Sat: Colts at Vikings (10:30) Sat: Ravens at Browns (14:05) Sat: Dolphins at Bills (17:50) Steelers at Panthers (20:50) Eagles at Bears (24:20) Chiefs at Texans (26:55) Cowboys at Jaguars (30:15) Falcons at Saints (32:25) Lions at Jets (36:40) Cardinals at Broncos (39:40) Patriots at Raiders (43:00) Titans at Chargers (45:40) Bengals at Buccaneers (48:40) SNF: Giants at Commanders (51:45) MNF: Rams at Packers (54:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Dec 15, 2022
NFL Week 14 Picks w/ Chris Simms

(4:20) TNF: Raiders at Rams (8:30) Jets at Bills (13:15) Browns at Bengals (15:20) Texans at Cowboys (19:00) Vikings at Lions (23:35) Eagles at Giants (27:45) Ravens at Steelers (30:50) Jaguars at Titans (33:10) Chiefs at Broncos (35:50) Panthers at Seahawks (39:55) Buccaneers at 49ers (48:05) SNF: Dolphins at Chargers (53:10) MNF: Patriots at Cardinals (55:25) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

Dec 09, 2022
NFL Week 13 Picks with Chris Simms

(4:50) TNF: Bills at Patriots (9:30) Steelers at Falcons (13:30) Broncos at Ravens (18:40) Packers at Bears (20:50) Jaguars at Lions (23:35) Browns at Texans (26:45) Jets at Vikings (30:55) Commanders at Giants (34:30) Titans at Eagles (39:15) Seahawks at Rams (41:00) Chargers at Raiders (43:25) Dolphins at 49ers (46:25) Chiefs at Bengals (51:50) SNF: Colts at Cowboys (53:05) MNF: Saints at Buccaneers (55:15) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

Dec 01, 2022
NFL Week 12 Picks + Jets bench Zach Wilson

(4:50) Broncos at Panthers (7:45) Buccaneers at Browns  (10:45) Ravens at Jaguars (12:50) Texans at Dolphins (15:50) Bears at Jets (21:40) Bengals at Titans (25:30) Falcons at Commanders (27:40) BREAKING NEWS: The Jets bench Zach Wilson (31:30) Chargers at Cardinals (34:35) Raiders at Seahawks (38:15) Rams at Chiefs (41:00) Saints at 49ers (43:30) SNF: Packers at Eagles (47:15) MNF: Steelers at Colts (50:10) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Nov 24, 2022
Thanksgiving Picks with Chris Simms

(1:55) Bills at Lions (9:10) Giants at Cowboys (17:10) Vikings at Patriots (23:30) Best Bet

Nov 23, 2022
NFL Week 11 Picks with Chris Simms

(4:15) TNF: Titans at Packers (8:15) Bears at Falcons (11:10) Panthers at Ravens (13:40) Browns at Bills (17:00) Commanders at Texans (21:00) Eagles at Colts (24:50) Jets at Patriots (28:00) Rams at Saints (33:30) Lions at Giants (36:40) Raiders at Broncos (41:50) Cowboys at Vikings (45:45) Bengals at Steelers (48:50) SNF: Chiefs at Chargers (51:15) MNF: 49ers at Cardinals in Mexico (54:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Nov 17, 2022
Peyton Manning Interview

Florio chats with Peyton Manning about his work in the media, Jeff Saturday taking over as Colts HC and if he would ever consider becoming NFL Commissioner.

Nov 15, 2022
NFL Week 10 Picks w/ Chris Simms

(6:00) TNF: Falcons at Panthers (9:50) Seahawks vs Buccaneers in Germany (14:20) Vikings at Bills (19:30) Lions at Bears (21:40) Jaguars at Chiefs (24:20) Browns at Dolphins (28:00) Texans at Giants (30:15) Saints at Steelers (34:20) Broncos at Titans (37:00) Colts at Raiders (39:40) Cowboys at Packers (43:55) Cardinals at Rams (47:00) SNF: Chargers at 49ers (50:30) MNF: Commanders at Eagles (53:40) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Nov 10, 2022
Colts fire Frank Reich

Florio & Myles Simmons react to the news that the Colts have fired head coach Frank Reich. Then Florio reacts to the crazy news of Jeff Saturday hired as interim coach.

Nov 07, 2022
NFL Week 9 Picks with Chris Simms

(6:55) TNF: Eagles at Texans (13:30) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Chargers at Falcons (16:20) Dolphins at Bears (19:50) Panthers at Bengals (22:00) Packers at Lions (24:45) Raiders at Jaguars (29:40) Colts at Patriots (31:50) Bills at Jets (36:20) Vikings at Commanders (40:35) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Seahawks at Cardinals (44:10) Rams at Buccaneers (51:45) SNF: Titans at Chiefs (55:10) MNF: Ravens at Saints (57:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

1h 0m
Nov 03, 2022
NFL Week 8 Picks w/ Chris Simms

(5:20) TNF: Ravens at Buccaneers (10:15) LONDON: Broncos vs Jaguars (13:10) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Panthers at Falcons (16:00) Bears at Cowboys (19:15) Dolphins at Lions (23:10) Cardinals at Vikings (26:45) Raiders at Saints (30:00) Patriots at Jets (33:00) Steelers at Eagles (36:00) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Titans at Texans (38:20) Commanders at Colts (44:15) 49ers at Rams (47:00) Giants at Seahawks (51:15) SNF: Packers at Bills (53:20) MNF: Bengals at Browns (55:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Oct 27, 2022
Interview with John Brownlee of Holland & Knight Law Firm

Florio chats with John Brownlee, legal counsel for the Washington Commanders, on where things stand with the Commanders investigations.

Oct 27, 2022
Week 7 NFL Picks with Chris Simms

(3:50) TNF: Saints at Cardinals (8:00) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Browns at Ravens (10:50) Buccaneers at Panthers (13:30) Falcons at Bengals (16:15) Lions at Cowboys (18:40) Giants at Jaguars (21:20) Colts at Titans (23:15) Packers at Commanders (26:10) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Jets at Broncos (29:30) Texans at Raiders (31:25) Seahawks at Chargers (35:10) Chiefs at 49ers (37:35) Interlude: Simms has some green conspiracies about paper & cotton (43:00) SNF: Steelers at Dolphins (48:10) MNF: Bears at Patriots (52:15) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

Oct 20, 2022
NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith

Florio is joined by NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith to chat about the current state of the league. Smith talks about the possibility of a collusion claim over full-guaranteed contracts. Plus, Smith discusses where things stand between the league and the NFLPA in the aftermath of the Tua injury.

Oct 18, 2022
Week 6 NFL Picks with Chris Simms

(3:10) TNF: Commanders at Bears (6:40) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: 49ers at Falcons (8:50) Patriots at Browns (11:15) Jets at Packers (15:00) Jaguars at Colts (17:50) Vikings at Dolphins (21:15) Bengals at Saints (23:45) Ravens at Giants (27:20) Buccaneers at Steelers (30:20) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: Panthers at Rams (32:30) Cardinals at Seahawks (35:50) Bills at Chiefs (44:00) SNF: Cowboys at Eagles (50:30) MNF: Broncos at Chargers (53:10) Best Bets &  Folsom Prison Blues

Oct 13, 2022
Panthers fire Matt Rhule

Florio & Myles Simmons react to the Panthers firing head coach Matt Rhule after only 5 games

Oct 11, 2022
Week 5 NFL Picks w/ Chris Simms

(4:10) TNF: Colts at Broncos (7:20) LONDON: Giants vs Packers (10:15) SUNDAY EARLY GAMES: Steelers at Bills (14:00) Chargers at Browns (16:50) Texans at Jaguars (19:40) Bears at Vikings (23:20) Lions at Patriots (26:00) Seahawks at Saints (28:50) Dolphins at Jets (32:20) Falcons at Buccaneers (34:20) Titans at Commanders (35:45) SUNDAY LATE GAMES: 49ers at Panthers (40:00) Eagles at Cardinals (42:40) Cowboys at Rams (46:00) SNF: Bengals at Ravens (50:15) MNF: Raiders at Chiefs (53:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

Oct 06, 2022