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How to learn a language through stories with Olly Richards

Stories are an incredible way to learn a language according to Olly Richards, polyglot and creator of the StoryLearning® method. Olly says his near-death experience on a mountain in Argentina got him started with reading stories in Spanish. Since then, he has used this method to learn 8 foreign languages and has authored over 30 books on language learning. Through his books and website,, Olly teaches languages using the StoryLearning® method, a unique method that helps people learn languages faster using the power of story.  You’ll have the chance to ask Olly questions live, and learn: 📖 How to learn like polyglots do—through stories 🧠 Why stories help our memory of a language 🥊 How Olly would coach you to learn a language from scratch Subscribe to Preply’s Youtube channel for more live talks. Explore Olly’s books and resources.​ Get 70% off your first 1-on-1 online language lesson with Preply.​ 🕰️TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Intro 02:10 - Why Olly started ‘I Will Teach You a Language’ 03:50 - How to learn a language in 90 days 09:51 - How did Olly discover the StoryLearning method? 14:27 - How to find good reading content 17:16 - Why are stories effective to learn a language? 21:30 - How to make reading more useful 28:00 - The importance of “Tolerance for ambiguity” 32:20 - Why start with pronunciation first 34:00 - Is Harry Potter great language learning material? 36:25 - How Olly overcomes the intermediate plateau 40:05 - What are “language islands?” 41:40 - Can you learn a language while you sleep? 42:05 - Using parallel texts to learn a language 45:05 - Why Olly doesn’t recommend TV as a core method 47:43 - Can you learn multiple languages at the same time? 51:25 - Find out what works for you 52:25 - Outro

Mar 31, 2021
English speaking practice: Tips to learn English with JenniferESL

Learn to sound more natural, confident, and comfortable with English (in the times you need it most!) in this live Q&A with YouTube English teaching star, Jennifer Lebedev. Jennifer is an English language teacher with over twenty years of experience. She has been online since 2007, and her YouTube channel,English with Jennifer, has 87 million views to date. In addition, she has an award-winning blog for teachers, is a frequent conference presenter, and has published English vocabulary and grammar textbooks.  In this conversation, you’ll learn: 🙈 The most common English speaking errors (and how to avoid them) 💬 How to remember great phrases for real-life situations 👤 How to use “shadowing” techniques for English speaking practice Get the show notes and top tips from this podcast. Subscribe to Preply’s Youtube for more live talks. Get 70% off your first 1-on-1 online language lesson with Preply. Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 03:12 - Jennifer’s YouTube journey 05:00- Is it important to improve your pronunciation? 07:15 - What are the most common pronunciation mistakes? 12:00 - How can you improve your speaking skills at home? 17:30 - What are language learning drills? 18:40 - How to understand verb forms 23:35 - How to practice individual sounds 27:15 - How to speak 'business English' 31:40 - Using TV and movies to practice speaking 35:40 - Are idioms important? 38:45 - Understanding different accents 40:32 - What activities should you do every week? 44:50 - Understanding English on the phone 47:10 - How to think in English? 49:50 - Final words of wisdom from Jennifer  

Mar 30, 2021
How to master a language from home with John Fotheringham

Want to learn a language by yourself, but not sure how? Find out how to learn a language from home with John Fotheringham, who has spent two decades learning what works—and what doesn’t. John is an author, linguist, teacher, and creator In 2009, John started The Language Mastery Show podcast, where he has interviewed some of the world’s top language experts. Since then, he has written two books on his “Anywhere Immersion™” approach to achieving language fluency.  In this discussion, you'll find out: 🔝 The top habits of effective independent language learners 🧠 How to optimize your memory to make new vocabulary stick 📚 How to choose resources that fit your interests, goals, and learning style Get the show notes and top tips from this podcast. Subscribe to Preply’s Youtube channel for more live talks. Get 70% off your first 1-on-1 online language lesson with Preply. Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 02:20 - John’s language journey 06:22 - What are ‘Anywhere immersion’ techniques? 12:00 - Netflix for language learning (+ how to make it more useful) 19:45 - How can we better use language apps? 22:45 - Why create your own flashcards? 27:34 - Learning vocabulary in context with cloze deletion 30:17 - Improving speaking skills from home 39:11 - The habits and methods of top language learners 45:40 - Video games to learn a language 47:20 - Common mistakes and staying motivated 57:00 - John's weekly language learning routine 1:01:00 - Final words of wisdom

1h 2m
Mar 29, 2021