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I thought I was living a happy, fulfilling life but in REALITY, I bought into the "me culture" and materialism. I never found peace, happiness or true love and acceptance. Then God found me and everything I believed was the purpose and meaning of my life turned upside down. Support this podcast:

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Blood, Suffering, Pain, Love - Think About These on Friday

Too often it is about the meat we cannot eat rather than the reflection and sacrifice we make for the love of Jesus. Let's remind ourselves and act differently this Friday and every Friday! --- Support this podcast:

Mar 10
Can You Change Your Personality and Temperament?

We can change who we are, at our CORE ... but only if we do THIS! If you need help with prayer (and if you are not praying, you do need help) check out my video prayer course, let's walk together! Https:// --- Support this podcast:

Mar 09
What Does It Mean To Show Up for Yourself? 🤔

When we start our day on our own, you can bet that it will be like most of our "blah" days. But when we make ourselves our priority with God, everything ... and I mean everything ... is different! Listen in and do this, please! 🙏 --- Support this podcast:

Mar 08
Are You Withholding Your Love?

God spoke so clear to me and I am embarrassed that He had to do that? Why didn't I see this on my own? Listen in for the emotional story! --- Support this podcast:

Mar 07
Are Your Thoughts and Actions Based in Love?

Sometimes we say or do things because we are supposed to, not because of basic love in our hearts. How do we love ourselves and others as Jesus commands, in all we think, say and do? --- Support this podcast:

Mar 06
Don't Be a Robot at Mass and Another Confession Tip

If you leave Mass the same person as you went into Mass, you might be attending like a robot. What do I mean and how to you ensure that DOESN'T happen? Listen in ... --- Support this podcast:

Mar 03
Lacking Motivation?

It happens to everyone. We lose our zeal for the change in our life or we draw back into what is familiar. What do we do to ensure we continue with the passion and enthusiasm from the beginning? --- Support this podcast:

Mar 02
Expect the Unexpected and a Contrite and Humble Heart

Sometimes the unexpected is not good, how do you handle that? We also talk about confession and how to make the most out of it. --- Support this podcast:

Mar 01
I Was Cain, I Gave God What I Had Left 😳

Living and learning is what it is about. Yesterday was a very good learning day for me, I gave God what I had left over, not my first fruits! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 28
How Do You Know Your Heart Is Changed?

We all seek permanent change, but how do you know your heart has TRULY been transformed in some aspect of your life? My article on Catholic Stand and my Relevant Radio interview on how to live in the present moment: --- Support this podcast:

Feb 27
How Can You Live In The Present Moment? 🤔

Every day is different, yet so many people say their life is "same old, same old"... it wouldn't be if they were aware and living today fully. How do you do it and why? Listen in... --- Support this podcast:

Feb 24
The Body Hates Change - So What Do We Do? 😲

Let's review yesterday and learn from our triumphs and struggles. We can make it an adventure instead of a challenge! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 23
Day One And Struggling Already, It Is Decision Time!

Had the moment of truth staring me in the face this morning. What was I going to do? Well, listen in and maybe it will help you! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 22
Let's Grab God's Hand And Jump!

It's time, some last minute preparation for the big day tomorrow! Let's get excited and throw all our trust into God's hands! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 21
Already Losing Confidence In Your Lenten Decision? 🤪

If you are worried that the Lenten sacrifice you chose may not be successful, then you need to listen to this! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 20
If You Decide with Passion, You Will Do It

If you really want to succeed with something in your life, even if it is challenging, your emotional commitment is just as important. Let's do this before Lent! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 17
Satan's Tricks Are Getting Old ... If You Are Paying Attention

It's time to stop letting Satan pull you down over and over again. If you pay attention, you can see it plainly. We talk about how o be more aware and live with purpose! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 16
Go Through This Process Before You Decide What To Do For Lent

This is a long one, combined with how we have our emotions programmed and how we can deprogram them as well as the 'come to Jesus' type of Lenten decisions we all need. --- Support this podcast:

Feb 15
My Heart Needs A Flood The Likes of Noah

Happy St. Valentine's Day! Let's talk about our hearts and love ... not what, but who ... and how it is so simple, the road to mind, body and soul health! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 14
Feeling Heavy, Weighed Down, Lazy?

Sometimes we aren't feeling our best and aren't giving our best to Jesus, Others or You. Listen to hear how to get that JOY back into your day, now! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 13
Replace Your Emotions And Get Healthy

Need help on your mind, body, soul journey? Send me an email at Let's talk about replacing evil emotions with the Holy Spirit and watch your health turn around! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 10
Your Negative Emotions Are Killing You

You can control your thoughts and reverse all of the negative effects on your health! But, how? 🤔 --- Support this podcast:

Feb 08
Is God Really The Center of Your Life?

Sometimes we need to check ourselves to see who we are centering our lives around, us or God! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 07
How Does Light Impact Your Health?

Today, we read about God making light and dark, day and night. Do you think about why He did that and how earth and light were there to help His creatures thrive and be healthy? Don't forget to check out my free rosary meditations! Rosary Meditations with Kendra Von Esh: --- Support this podcast:

Feb 06
Be Satisfied But Don't Be Satisfied ... What? 🤪

We should be satisfied and NOT satisfied at the same time. What do I mean by that? Listen in...need help with prayer or your life, let's talk! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 03
Have A Change You Want To Make, But Don't Know How? 🤔

We need to ask for help, people, especially for those big changes, cuz we need encouragement and inspiration on the journey! Send me an email at or check out my video prayer course at --- Support this podcast:

Feb 02
Let's Talk About Stress Baby

It's all connected and many of us don't even know stress in our lives and what it can do to our mind, body and soul! --- Support this podcast:

Feb 01
How Do You Master Your Emotions? 🤔

Many have issues controlling their emotions, so how do you do it? We talk about the difficult but empowering journey of mastering your emotions as we continue with mind, body, soul... --- Support this podcast:

Jan 31
I'm Baaaaaack! 😁

I missed you all! Let's get caught up, shall we? --- Support this podcast:

Jan 30
Are You Enjoying or Hating The Process of Change?

Sometimes we are upset with the timing of change in our life, but we don't always know why that is...we talk about trying our best to pay attention to God in our life and accept where He has us now. --- Support this podcast:

Jan 18