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Your daily rundown of the issues affecting Illinois farmers. RFD Radio hosts Rita Frazer and DeLoss Jahnke are your boots on the ground, keeping you up to date on the news stories, market trends and weather outlooks that could affect your farm.
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RFD Illinois August 12

It's State Fair Time! Illinois Director of Agriculture Jerry Costello previews the Illinois State Fair. Brian Sager, Junior Livestock Department Superintendent shares the events for the weekend. Melissa Rhode, Illinois Farm Bureau Marketing Director about Illinois Farm Bureau’s sponsorship of the web broadcast of the livestock shows. Rod Weinzierl, Illinois Corn Growers executive director talks ethanol and green energy. Report day preview, early morning markets and weather.

Aug 12
RFD Illinois August 11

Rita Frazer visits with Illinois Farm Bureau President Richard Guebert about the call to action regarding the Inflation Reduction Act. DeLoss was on the road yesterday and visits with Dennis Smith, Vermillion CFB president at the Georgetown Fair. Jim Taylor has the early morning markets and weather.

Aug 11
RFD Illinois August 10

DeLoss Jahnke talks with Mike Wilson, Wabash Valley FS, on the results of a way too wet July. Matt Kaye reports on Climate Change Emission reduction legislation being discussed in Washington D.C. Rita Frazer provides coverage of the dedication and ribbon cutting at the John Wood Community College Ag Sciences Complex/Fred Bradshaw Learning Center at the Orr Research Center in Pike County. Jim Taylor has the early morning markets.

Aug 10
RFD Illinois August 9

Rita Frazer talks with Congressman Darin LaHood at the Illinois Corn Growers 50th Anniversary celebration. She also shares a report with FarmWeek Crop Watcher Todd Easton, Coles County. DeLoss Jahnke has the USDA crop progress and conditions report and northern rainfall numbers. Kent Casson reports from SE Livingston/Northern McLean County.

Aug 09
RFD Illinois August 8

Mark Gebhards provides an update on the Senate’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and next steps for the bill along with details of the Call to Action for Atrazine. Terry Swails, long-time TV meteorologist in the Quad Cities talks recent rain patterns that kept going to the same areas. Early morning markets and weather.

Aug 08
RFD Illinois August 5

Matt Kaye reports on the Grassley bill that would target foreign ownership of US farmland. Bill Bodine Illinois Farm Bureau Director of Business & Regulatory Affairs as IFB follows the potential impact of ICC filings last week by utility companies. We learn about Bio-Based fertilizer with Anuvia. Precision Planting’s Dale Cook on Radical Agronomy. Early morning markets and weather.

Aug 05
RFD Illinois August 4

Matt Kaye reports on “Inflation Front and Center for Agriculture”, Illinois Soybean Association District 13 Director Ed Murphy talks with Rita Frazer about crop conditions and ISA activities from Carlinville in Macoupin County. DeLoss talks with GROWMARK CEO Mark Orr and board president John Reifsteck from their system summit.

Aug 04
RFD Illinois August 3

Rita Frazer has a visit with the Illinois State Fair team, State Fair Manager Rebecca Clark, IDOA Director Jerry Costello, Deputy Director Kristi Jones and Public Information Officer Krista Lisser. DeLoss talks with Clayton Pope, Clayton Pope Commodities about market uncertainty and Jim Mintert, Purdue/CME Ag Barometer talks about how that uncertainty is reflected in this months index. Jim Taylor has the early morning markets and weather.

Aug 03
RFD Illinois August 2

Jim Taylor speaks with Illinois Farm Bureau Vice President Brian Duncan about the July Resolutions Committee Meeting and the next steps. DeLoss Jahnke covers the crop progress and conditions report and shares a FarmWeek Crop watcher report from Josh Sullivan in Christian County and Farm Broadcaster Kent Cassan in Livingston County. Early morning markets and weather.

Aug 02
RFD Illinois August 1

Thomas Titus President of the Illinois Pork Producers and Logan County farmer talks crop conditions and county fair, plus looks ahead to the Illinois State Fair. Josh St. Peters Executive VP Illinois Beef Association previews IBA events at the Illinois State Fair. Eric Snodgrass, Nutrien, on the heat that’s coming and the dry conditions for at least the first half of August.

Aug 01
RFD Illinois July 29

Mark Gebhards Executive Director Governmental Affairs and Commodities Illinois Farm Bureau talks about the Inflation Reduction Act, work by the Illinois Farm Bureau Resolutions Committee and filings with the Illinois Commerce Commission for transmitting utilities. Scott Wilson, GROWMARK Energy talks recent decrease in fuel prices. Matt Kaye reports on the Senate Confirmation hearing for USDA Chief Ag Negotiator, Doug McKalip. Early morning markets and weather.

Jul 29
RFD Illinois July 28

Matt Kaye reports on the Senator John Thune Bill that is taking aim at a Securities & Exchange Commission proposed rule that could force famers to keep an inventory of climate emissions. Jennifer Tirey Executive Director Illinois Pork Producers talks with Rita Frazer about USDA’s the Spot Market Hog Pandemic Program and payments finally going out to pig farmers. Ivan Dozier talks about the history and purpose of NEPA – National Environmental Policy Act. DeLoss Jahnke covers business news and talks with Sherman Newlin, Risk Management Commodities, about a 3-day win streak for corn and soybeans. Jim Taylor has the early morning markets and weather.

Jul 28
RFD Illinois July 27

Rita Frazer spoke with Mark Litteken, a Clinton County farmer about the July 26 rain event and reports on his sound soil response to the downpour and lack of field runoff. Litteken is a part of the cover crop and regenerative ag movement that is working under the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy. DeLoss Jahnke was on the road yesterday at the Info Ag Conference. He spoke with Macoupin County Farmer and Panel Member Tom Connors and The Fertilizer Institute President and CEO Corey Rosenbusch. Jim Taylor has the early morning markets and weather.

Jul 27
RFD Illinois July 26

Matt Kaye reports on movement of a computer chip bill in the Senate. Travis Meteer U of I Beef Extension Specialist talks with Rita Frazer about pasture and hay crop conditions and the Dixon Springs Cattle Field Day Aug 2. DeLoss Jahnke shares USDA Crop progress and conditions report, a conversation between Crop Watcher Dan Herriott in Champaign County and Jim Taylor. Kent Casson, reports from SE Livingston County. Early morning markets and weather.

Jul 26
RFD Illinois July 25

Political and Market reaction to the Turkish brokered deal to free up Ukrainian grain exports. FarmWeek’s Dan Grant shares a conversation with Derrell Peel Oklahoma State Ag Economist covering the Cattle Inventory and Cattle on Feed Report. Barbara Close of Mercer County, the 2022 recipient of the IAA Foundation Legacy of Leadership Scholarship, talks about the importance of this recognition. Coverage of weather and dry conditions. Early morning markets and weather.

Jul 25
RFD Illinois July 22

Rita Frazer visits with Illinois Farm Bureau's Executive Director of Governmental Affairs & Commodities about legislative and regulatory issues. Lana Shovlin with Illinois Pork Producers Association tells DeLoss Jahnke details on Pig Wings, now on sale for a limited time at Sam’s Club. Jim Taylor has the early morning markets and Freeze Notis weather.

Jul 22
RFD Illinois July 21

House advances FY 2023 funding, Matt Kaye reports on crop insurance testimony in D.C. Rick Clark Indiana farmer talk with Rita about his 7-crop rotation and diving into no-till and cover crops. Tracy Tomascik, Texas Farm Bureau gives DeLoss an update on drought conditions and the cattle market. Jim Taylor has the early morning markets and weather.

Jul 21
RFD Illinois July 20

Matt Kaye reports on Senator Chuck Grassley’s expectations for continued high fuel prices next year. Highlights from the Annual Meeting of the AISWCD this week in Springfield with Tom Byers, President, & Grant Hammer, Exec Director, of the Association of Illinois Soil and Water Conservation Districts. AFBF Economist Danny Munch talks COVID shipping and transportation challenges that continue to be an issue to the industry. Early morning markets and weather.

Jul 20
RFD Illinois July 19

Rita visits with Scott Halpin State Executive Director FSA from the Association of Illinois Soil & Water Conservation Districts Annual Meeting in Springfield. Illinois Director of Ag Jerry Costello talks about good partnerships in the state in the name of conservation and stewardship, as he attends Illinois Farm Bureau’s Nutrient Stewardship Field Days. DeLoss has a recap of weather and the USDA crop progress and conditions report. FarmWeek crop watcher and Jefferson County Farmer Brent Corners talks about soybean conditions – for both his early planted and double cropped fields. Kent Cassan provides a report from Livingston, McLean and portions of Woodford County. Jim Taylor has early morning markets and weather.

Jul 19
RFD Illinois July 18

Matt Kaye reports on a Federal Reserve Economist’s prediction for an agriculture economy slow down late this year or early next. Clinton County Farm Bureau will be hosting a nutrient management field day. Rita visits with Clinton CFB member Cliff Schuette on event details and crop conditions in his part of the state. DeLoss has a recap of weekend weather and visits with Kevin Clausen, John Stewart & Associates, on concerning downward market trends. Jim has early morning markets and weather.

Jul 18
RFD Illinois July 15

Adam Brown, Macon County Farmer talks to Jim Taylor to recap his testimony before the House Ag Committee on challenges for young farmers to venture into farming. Profit Watch Energy with Bridget Chenowth Growmark Energy Risk Management, talking fuel and diesel prices.

Jul 15
RFD Illinois July 14

Matt Kaye reports on the big hit that family farms could take from a Biden Build Back Better pass-through tax hike. Dr. Matt Montgomery Pioneer Field Agronomist talks with Rita Frazer about recent rains, corn development, fungicide and disease management. DeLoss Jahnke has inflation talk with commentary from Mike Doherty, Illinois Farm Bureau. Jim Taylor has the early morning markets and weather.

Jul 14
RFD Illinois July 13

Matt Kaye reports from Washington as he talks with Senator Chuck Grassley about his cattle market reform legislation. Rodney Knittel Assistant Director Transportation & Infrastructure talks about Operation Safe Driver Week. Lana Shovlin Illinois Pork Producers previews IPPA’s plans for the Illinois State Fair. WASDE and market reaction with Curt Strubhar Advance Trading. Matt Bennett and David Hartke on crop conditions to this point.

Jul 13
RFD Illinois July 12

Rita Frazer visits with Mark Gebhards, Illinois Farm Bureau, who shares an update on Federal issues. DeLoss has crop conditions and progress report numbers and Jim Taylor talks with Farmweek Cropwatcher Dave Mool in NE McLean County. We also hear from fellow farm broadcaster Kent Casson.

Jul 12
RFD Illinois July 11

Matt Kaye reports on the Ethanol Industry’s hopes of a permanent fix for restricted summertime E15 sales. Bob Cavney Farm Programs Manager Illinois Department of Natural Resources talks with Rita Frazer about farm lease opportunities and the Regional Conservation Partners Program. A reprieve from higher temperatures and slim precipitations changes with Brad Rippey, USDA. Bill Tierney, Ag Resources talks with DeLoss Jahnke on seasonality in the markets. Jim Taylor has the early morning markets and weather.

Jul 11
RFD Illinois July 8

Matt Kaye reports on the growing signs of global hunger as a result of Russian’s war on Ukraine. Dr. Megan Niederwerder Associate Director of Swine Health Information Center. Profit Watch Energy with Parkland College’s Advanced Applicator Training program. Nathan Losey, Ag Resources talks livestock markets.

Jul 08
RFD Illinois July 7

Matt Kaye reports on recession fears and downward pressure on oil, gas, and ethanol prices. Rita Frazer visits with Shelbi McCray of Bond County. She talks county and state fair plans and looks ahead to obtaining a double major in ag from SIUC. DeLoss Jahnke shares the June weather summary from state climatologist Trent Ford and a preview of the OnRamp Ag and InfoAg conferences. Jim Taylor has the early morning markets and weather.

Jul 07
RFD Illinois July 6

Matt Kaye reports from Washington on potential impacts of mid-term Elections on the next farm bill. Rita Frazer visits with Tasha Bunting Associate Director Livestock & Dairy Programs Illinois Farm Bureau, who also talks about the 2023 Farm Bill as it was discussed recently at a Dairy Working Group meeting in D.C. DeLoss Jahnke shares highlights from the weekly crop progress and condition report. FarmWeek Crop Watcher Ken Reinhart in Mercer County shares a report on conditions and precipitation from western Illinois and Kent Cassan shares a crop condition and wheat harvest report from Livingston County. Summary of the Purdue CME Ag Barometer for June. Jim Taylor has the early morning markets and weather.

Jul 06
RFD Illinois July 5

Rita Frazer catches up with Gordie Siebring in the Ukraine for an update on wheat harvest and other conditions. Tim Gross, National Weather Service in the Quad Cities on heat and high overnight temps this week. Joe Camp, CommStock Investments…are we oversold yet? Jim Taylor has the early morning markets and weather.

Jul 05
RFD Illinois July 4

An update from Gordie Siebring, a former Iowa resident, now farming in the Ukraine. He updates us on wheat harvest and other current events in the war-ravaged country. July 4 weather observations from National Weather Service. Veronica Nigh, AFBF, on the cookout survey results and the impact of inflation. Jim Taylor has a preview of the markets and early morning weather.

Jul 05