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River City Church of Jacksonville, Florida is all about awakening people to the transforming presence and power of God's love.

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Sometimes We Need Trials | Bob Sorge

Bob Sorge is “the speaker who can’t talk” — that is, he is reduced to a whisper because of a debilitating vocal injury he suffered over 30 years ago. Through the journey, God has given him an empowering message that explores God’s purposes in fiery trials. It’s not the fire that changes you but your pursuit of God in the fire that changes you. Bob has a unique way of helping us process our journey so we stay in the race and overcome. Whether you’re reading one of his books or listening to him, you’re about to receive a message from the heart of God that will strengthen your faith and draw you into greater intimacy with Jesus. Find out more at bobsorge.com

1h 6m
Jan 28
Power of Words | Jared Davis

Pastor Jared discusses the power and impact of words, emphasizing the need for self-control and responsibility over our language. He highlights the destructive nature of uncontrolled language and the significance of aligning our words with Gods intentions. He urges us to reflect on our words power, confess sinful patterns, and seek healing through prayer. 

Jul 30, 2023