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Do you qualify for free solar panels in San Diego?

A new program in San Diego offers free solar installations to customers who qualify. It's called the San Diego Solar Equity Program, and it's a partnership between the city of San Diego, SDG&E and the Center for Sustainable Energy. Union-Tribune energy reporter Rob Nikolewski has more.

Aug 12
AAPI communities and others face harassment on public transit

Since March 2020, there have been more than 11,000 hate incidents against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in the United States. A stunning 40 percent of those incidents have happened in California, and many of those incidents take place on public transit. To address this, State Sen. Dave Min introduced Senate Bill 1161.

Aug 10
Here’s what the $369 billion climate bill could mean for San Diego

The narrowly passed $369 billion climate package approved by the Senate on Sunday could bring money to San Diego. That funding could be used on rooftop solar, zero-emissions vehicles and more. Nationally, it's expected to reduce emissions by 40 percent over 2005 levels. Union-Tribune reporter Deborah Sullivan Brennan has more.

Aug 09
Meet Taylor McCabe, artist, vintage clothing lover, cult expert

Taylor McCabe is an artist with an upcoming project at the children's museum, a vintage clothing pro who works at La Loupe Vintage and a degree-holder in relgious studies with an emphasis on cults.

Aug 08
The Backstory: Union-Tribune honored with 38 awards, including top honors, from the Society of Professional Journalists San Diego Pro Chapter

Immigration reporter Kate Morrissey, Baja California reporter Wendy Fry, lead video journalist Alejandro Tamayo, managing editor Lora Cicalo, and editor and publisher Jeff Light discuss the award-winning work from Union-Tribune journalists.

Aug 07
Old Town Urban Market draws locals to a well-known tourist destination

Old Town has long been a tourist destination, but that could be changing. Since the Old Town Urban Market opened nine months ago, even locals are flocking to the outdoor food hall. Located at Congress and Twiggs streets, the market is home to eight local Latino-owned businesses. U-T food writer Pam Kragen visited the space recently.

Aug 06
Police conclude investigation of alleged rape by SDSU football players

Last October, a 17-year-old girl was allegedly raped by five San Diego State University football players at an off-campus party. San Diego Police Department said Thursday it has concluded its criminal investigation and will submit its findings to the District Attorney. The university, however, is just starting its own investigation, nine months after the incident.

Aug 05
Getting informed and fighting the stigma of monkeypox

Monkeypox has now reached a state of emergency in California. The state has seen about 800 cases so far, with about 40 so far in San Diego County, which declared its own state of emergency on Monday. You can find more information about vaccines and how to protect yourself at Fernando Z. López, executive director of San Diego Pride, has been helping to inform the community.

Aug 04
Why California can't just conserve its way out of the drought

The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board spoke with executives from the San Diego County Water Authority on Tuesday. They discussed rate increases, what's needed to secure Southern California's water future, and why we can't conserve our way out of the drought. Here's an excerpt from the conversation.

Aug 03
Meet Mike and Peter Wu, owners of Mongolian Hot Pot

The Wu family, who owns Mongolian Hot Pot restaurant in Clairemont, came to the United States from Inner Mongolia, China, in 1995. The parents, Gary and Mindy Wu, left their home and jobs as artists and architects to come to the United States and start restaurants. It was a struggle at first, but soon after the family found success, opening a Rice King restaurant, then many others. Their sons Mike and Peter join me today to talk about the journey.

Aug 01
Introducing the U-T's new San Diego guides initiative

The San Diego Union-Tribune has always been a great way to learn about San Diego, and it just got even better. The U-T has launched a guides new initiative to help readers get to know the city by sharing things to do, places to go and more. Abby Hamblin is the editor of Community Guides and Pacific Magazine.

Jul 29
Border wall construction will move forward at Friendship Park

A new border wall is going up at Friendship Park. The binational park at the U.S.-Mexico beach border has been closed since the pandemic began. With plans to add two 30-foot border walls through the park, some fear it will never reopen. Reporters Kate Morrissey and Wendy Fry explain.

Jul 29
San Diego City Council approved the 101 Ash Street settlement deal. Now what?

Part of the 101 Ash Street saga is settled, and the city of San Diego will take ownership of the building. The San Diego City Council voted 6-3 Tuesday to settle the city’s lawsuits over leases for 101 Ash St. and Civic Center Plaza. Watchdog reporter Jeff McDonald explains.

Jul 29
Trash pickup is free for single family homes in San Diego. Should that continue?

In the city of San Diego, single family homeowners do not pay a fee for trash pickup, while businesses and condo owners do. The law is 103 years old, and known as the People's Ordinance. This November, voters will have a change to repeal it. David Garrick covers the city for the Union-Tribune.

Jul 27
Seaport San Diego project gets mixed reviews at public meeting

Seaport Village might be a step closer to its long-awaited makeover. Last week, the Port of San Diego Commissioners reviewed a new proposal from 1HWY1, which would add hotels, retail space, offices, parks, piers and more. Business reporter Jennifer Van Grove joins me to talk about the project.

Jul 26
Meet Isabelle DeMillan, owner of San Diego's first zero-waste grocery

Isabelle DeMillan is the owner of The Mighty Bin, San Diego's first no-waste grocery store. The shop on El Cajob Boulevard sells plastic-free, package free, organic food, personal care items and home goods. In this interview, DeMillan discusses how she got started, how owning less can make you happier, and how you can start your own zero-waste lifestyle.

Jul 25
The Backstory: Covering Comic-Con during a pandemic

Union-Tribune managing editor Lora Cicalo, arts and entertainment editor Michael James Rocha, and community guides and Pacific San Diego editor Abby Hamblin discuss what it’s like to cover Comic-Con during the pandemic.

Jul 24
Cosplay 101 at San Diego Comic-Con

If you've ever heard of San Diego Comic-Con, you've also probably heard of cosplay. Cosplay is a portmanteau of "costume" and "play," and it's when people dress up as characters from video games, anime, TV, film and more. At Comic-Con on opening day, cosplayers were out in full force.

Jul 22
San Diego's surveillance ordinance moves forward with amendments — and criticisms

The San Diego City Council moved forward this week on an ordinance that will govern how surveillance technology is used in the city. But not all residents are happy with the proposal. Here to talk about it is public safety reporter David Hernandez.

Jul 21
San Diego police response times are the worst in a decade

San Diego police response times were worst they’ve been in more than a decade. Police are getting to emergencies like deadly shootings in minutes, but all other types of calls have much longer wait times. Union-Tribune reporter Lyndsay Winkley explains.

Jul 20
Gas prices fall below $6 per gallon in San Diego. Will it last?

You may have noticed, but gas prices in San Diego have fallen slightly. The average price for regular-grade gas is now less than $6 per gallon in San Diego. But can it last? Here to discuss is Union-Tribune energy reporter Rob Nikolewski.

Jul 19
Meet Dr. Bradley Bond, expert in parasocial relationships and how they shape us

Dr. Bradley Bond is chair and associate professor of communication studies at University of San Diego. Dr. Bond studies parasocial relationships, our relationships with fictional characters, celebrities and other people we don't know. His research looks at how these one-sided relationships shape our identities, choices and even sexuality.

Jul 18
The Backstory: Is reporting about the monkeypox virus stigmatizing the LGBTQ community?

Max Disposti, executive director of the North County LGBTQ Resource Center, joined Union-Tribune health care reporter Paul Sisson, topics editor Tarcy Connors, managing editor Lora Cicalo, and editor and publisher Jeff Light to discuss how a public health story has the potential to stigmatize an entire community without the proper context.

Jul 17
Little Blue Penguins now live at the Birch Aquarium

First the first time ever, Little Blue Penguins are on view on the West Coast. Little Blues are the smallest penguins on Earth, about the size of a California burrito. The new habitat is biggest addition to the Birch Aquarium in 30 years. Aquarist Laura Reid joins me to talk about it.

Jul 16
Get ready for San Diego Pride parade and festival this weekend

After a two year hiatus, San Diego Pride is back in full swing this year. Festivities kicked off July 7 and continues through the 19th. Fernando Z. López is the executive director of San Diego Pride.

Jul 15
San Diego Comic-Con survival guide: how to plan, what to wear and more

San Diego Comic-Con is back, in person, for the first time since the pandemic began. It kicks off Thursday, July 21st, through Sunday, July 24th, at the San Diego Convention Center. U-T columnist Karla Peterson and super fan Jerry McCormick have been attending for more than 20 years.

Jul 14
Friendship Park could close to cross-border reunions forever

Friendship Park at the U.S.-Mexico border has been closed since the pandemic began. But now, with the Biden Administration set to replace the border wall with a taller structure, advocates are worried it might close forever. Kate Morrissey is the immigration reporter at the U-T.

Jul 13
San Diego establishes an Office of Immigrant Affairs

The City of San Diego has established its first-ever Office of Immigrant Affairs. The goal of the office is to welcome immigrants to San Diego, and help them get established in their new lives.

Jul 12
Meet Jeni Smith, SeaWorld rescue team supervisor

Jeni Smith is from San Diego and grew up knowing she wanted to work with animals at SeaWorld, and she made her dream come true! Today she's the supervisor of SeaWorld's rescue team, which helps all kinds of marine animals in distress, including Freeway, the sea lion who has traveled inland a few times in the past couple of years.

Jul 11