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TRSAC 2023 – Compo IV (Animation/Video, 4K Intro, 64K Intro, Oldschool Demo, Newschool Demo) with SceneSat Staff

The last compo block of the last TRSAC (ever! – or so they say), and you do not want to miss this one. It’s going to be epic!

1h 49m
Oct 21
TRSAC 2023 – Compo III (Live Acid Techno) with SceneSat Staff

The Animation/Video Compo has been pushed back to the last compo block, so now this one will be ONLY ACID!

Oct 21
TRSAC 2023 – Compo II (Streaming Music) with SceneSat Staff

More music compo from your favourite TRSAC, Streaming Music time! \o/

Oct 21
TRSAC 2023 – Compo I (Oldschool Music) with SceneSat Staff

The first compo of TRSAC 2023 is about to start, and it’s going to be music! \o/

Oct 21
The ZINE Radio Show - Episode 31 with Axel, Okkie and Ziphoid

Everyone loves themselves a good movie, just like a good realtime-rendered scene - and as we do with the latter, some people take their passion obscenely far in making their favourite movies the best they can be. We talk with Bobson Dugnutt about fanedits, a small scene that might seem familiar in all but its final products.

1h 48m
Oct 09
Nordlicht 2023 – Compo III (Oldschool Demo, Newschool Demo, Wild) with SceneSat Staff

This will be the last compo block of Nordlicht 2023! It’ll start out with the 512 Bytes Intro compo (not covered in this show), followed by oldschool and newschool demo compos, and to top it off there will be a Wild compo, too!

2h 37m
Sep 09
Nordlicht 2023 – Compo II (Streaming Music) with SceneSat Staff

Another compo block, directly from Nordlicht 2023! And it’s another music compo, the Streaming Music compo! Get your stomp on!

Sep 09
SoS7 Reveal Special - Part 4 with Ziphoid and Firefox feat. ALPA and Dyrgrip

The final stretch of the reveal special where even more tracks will be played and we'll get some more insights from people who have been highly involved in the creation.

1h 57m
Sep 02
SoS7 Reveal Special - Part 3 with Steph and Kevman

Steph & Kevman shows off even more gems from the massive compilation!

1h 6m
Sep 02
SoS7 Reveal Special - Part 2 with Bombe

The reveal continues! Bombe brings the tempo up and shows off some more aural delight!

1h 1m
Sep 02
SoS7 Reveal Special - Part 1 with Sir Garbagetruck

The first part of the release evening where Truck will play some tracks and ramble some words!

1h 11m
Sep 02
Evoke 2023 – Compo III (Interactive, Alternative Platforms 256 Byte Intro, Alternative Platforms, PC 4k Intro, PC 64k Intro, PC Demo) with SceneSat Staff

The last compo block of Evoke 2023. If you missed all compo blocks until now and also miss this one, you missed all of Evoke!

3h 40m
Jul 29
Evoke 2023 – Compo II (Ogg/MP3 Music) with SceneSat Staff

More compo blocks, more music compos! \o/

Jul 29
The ZINE Radio Show - Episode 30 with Axel, Okkie and Ziphoid

As we learn in this episode, the executable graphics competition just celebrated its 18th birthday! High time we talk to one of the most regarded creators of those little programs - yx is joining us to talk about the creation process and the community behind it.

1h 15m
Jul 11
Encore500 Release Party with Ziphoid and Firefox plus friends

It's music. It's Amiga. It's a bunch of new remixes of legendary Amiga tunes - both game soundtracks and demoscene tunes - given new life by legendary musicians! This is the release party of the full compilation, playing all the tracks and having a chat with more than one of the involved arrangers! Don't miss this! :)

3h 36m
Jun 10
Cozy Corner with Ziphoid

Just a mini-edition of a Cozy Corner, simply because it's been way too long...

1h 33m
May 17
Revision 2023 - part 4 with SceneSat Staff

Music compos and more!

1h 28m
Apr 09
Revision 2023 - part 3 with SceneSat Staff

It's H0ffman time!

1h 41m
Apr 08
Revision 2023 - part 2 with SceneSat Staff

Part deux. Moar compos! More stuff!

Apr 08
The ZINE Radio Show - Episode 29 with (Axel), Okkie and Ziphoid

Is there more to gimmicks and satire than just blatant knee-slappers and cheap audience-pleasing? Does humour free oneself from too many expectations and limitations? Or is it limiting in its own ways? With the topic so close to his own heart, okkie chats with jco, who has been leaving audiences somewhere between laughing and confused about story-driven productions with characters such as Kevin and Evilbot, all while also developing impressive tool chains and technologically apt productions that don't have to hide behind the absurdity... or do they?

1h 37m
Apr 04
Scenes from the Burgh with Steph and Kevman

Steph and Kevman are finally back with a new show! Please join us!

2h 1m
Mar 26 - ROTY Awards 2022 with SLAY Radio Staff

The time has come to celebrate and acknowledge the remixers' work in the C64 and Amiga community by presenting the yearly ROTY Awards, as voted by the users at So, join us as we go through some highlights of 2022 and announce the runner-ups and winners of each category!s

3h 19m
Feb 26 20-year Anniversary with Ziphoid and Firefox

Oh, 20 years already. That's quite a bit. Here's a little show to celebrate this fact where we'll try to pick out some favourite remixes as well as bringing up some original tracks that we might think SHOULD be remixed instead. Join us!

2h 26m
Feb 24
Launch Show re-experience with SceneSat Staff

So, 14 years have passed. We think they've been pretty good, but can be even better. Let's relive the show that started it all!

5h 45m
Feb 07
The ZINE Radio Show - Episode 28 with Axel, Okkie and Ziphoid feat. lug00ber and Shana

It was the end of the year, so our producers joined the hosts to wind down, have some fun and reminisce about their first year as part of the team. We give some insights and thoughts from behind the scenes, talk about our favourite episodes, parties and anything that happened in 2022 - and give some first hints what's to come for 2023.

1h 30m
Jan 17
Soothing Sounds with Steph

New year, new Soothing Sounds! Join Steph for some relaxing music on a rare Monday show!

2h 0m
Jan 16
Soothing Sounds with Steph

Squeezing in one last show before the end of 2022!!

2h 4m
Dec 18, 2022
A cozy Drum and Bass Advent with dojoe

dojoe has friends over and plays some relaxed DnB for them, and he's taking y'all along for the ride!

2h 45m
Dec 18, 2022
The ZINE Radio Show - Episode 27 with Axel, Okkie and Ziphoid

With the season turning colder, h0ffman and kiero join us on a virtual bonfire to intimately share their experiences, feelings and anecdotes about competing.

1h 30m
Nov 15, 2022