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Episode 2092 - And His Disciples Remembered

John 2:17 & 22, In these two verses of Scripture, we can find the same exact phrase, “And His disciples remembered.” We see two of the workings of the Holy Spirit, one of them being to bring things to our remembrance. That is why I constantly preach that we must study the Bible and apply the Bible. When was the last time you opened your Bible?

Mar 28
Episode 2091 - What Gets You Going, Really Going

John 2:14-17, in these verses, we see a glimpse into things that Jesus really cares about. He went to the temple and found people selling and buying and exchanging money. He made a whip and drove them out, overturning their tables and everything. What would you have to see to cause you to act like that? Jesus wanted to maintain the holiness and respect that the House of God should have. What about you?

Mar 27
Episode 2090 - Jesus Cracks the Whip

John 2:12-22, in this episode we study about the time Jesus Cracks The Whip. He went to the temple and found it overrun with people selling things and changing money. He cracks the whip and chases them out of the temple. What would Jesus do if He walked into most churches in America? He’s already cracked the whip once, I think He’d do it again.

Mar 26
Episode 2089 - Do Not Let Fear Silence Your Praise

Matthew 21:1-11, In these passages we see the multitudes praising and worshipping Jesus as He entered Jerusalem on a donkey. Today, we call this day Palm Sunday, because people were raising their palms in praise to Jesus. What happened just a few days later when Jesus was crucified? The praise was changed to shouts to Crucify Him. What happened? FEAR. Don’t let fear silence your praise.

Mar 25
Episode 2088 - What is your price?

Selected verses from the Gospel of Matthew chapters 26-27 and the Gospel of John chapters 12 and 13. Judas put a price on the head of Jesus to betray Him. What is the price you put on His head? It might not be as much as you think.

Mar 22
Episode 2087 - Is The End Coming on April 8?

Selected Verses from Matthew 24. Is the end coming on April 8, 2024? Maybe. The fact is, no one living on this earth knows that answer for 100%. Could Jesus return April 8? Yes, He could. Could He return today? Yes, He could.

Mar 19
Episode 2086 - Characteristics of a Christian

In Psalm 34:12-24 David gives us several characteristics of a Christian. Things we must do if we want to live the life that God desires each of us to live. Are these characteristics found in your life?

Mar 18
Episode 2085 - Don’t Be So Sure

Selected Verses in Luke 22 and John 18, Think you have a strong faith in Jesus? Don’t be so sure. The devil is waiting to see what your faith is really made of.

Mar 15
Episode 2084 - Be Prepared

Luke 22:35-38, we must be prepared for the coming persecution and end times.

Mar 14
Episode 2083 - Words of Warning part 1

Luke 22:35-36. In Words of Warning part 1, we see Jesus teaching His disciples important things about the future. He reminded them of an earlier ministry field they took part in, and how they learned to trust in God because He met all their needs during that time. But, in the future, things will be different.

Mar 12
Episode 2082 - The Power of Rest

1 Kings 19:1-8, we see in these verses the power of rest. When was the last time you had a good nights sleep? Give God your worries and fears and troubles. Allow Him to give you rest.

Mar 11
Episode 2081 - what is your foundation

Matthew 724-29, Jesus is again challenging us asking what is your foundation? To have a strong faith, you must make sure you build a solid foundation. It can only be done when you not only hear the teachings of Jesus, but you do them, you put them into practice. that is how to build a rock solid foundation.

Mar 08
Episode 2080 - Two Questions For Life

Matthew 7:13-20, here in these verses, we see two questions for life, two questions we must answer that will ensure we have life with Jesus.

Mar 07
Episode 2079 - Pray For Wisdom

Matthew 7:7-12, these verses teach us that we need to pray for wisdom in judging. We are told to ask, seek & knock. God will give us wisdom to discern between right and wrong, if we seek Him before we cast judgement.

Mar 06
Episode 2078 - Not What They Seem

Matthew 7:21-23, Here Jesus is teaching us that everybody is not what they seem to be. That is why we need to judge the fruit that they bear. We need to test the spirits.

Mar 05
Episode 2077 - Test The Fruits

Matthew 7:15-20, here Jesus is teaching us to Test the Fruits. Not everyone who walks into church claiming to be a “missionary” or a “preacher” is actually one. We need to examine their fruits to see if they are true teachers and workers of the LORD. We will know a tree by its fruits.

Mar 04
Episode 2076 - Judge Yourself First

In Matthew 7:1-6, Jesus is challenging us to Judge Yourself First. Before we can share our faith with others, we must make sure our sin is dealt with. Is there any uncontested sin in your life? Why not ask God, then confess that sin.

Feb 29
Episode 2075 - Why Worry

In Matthew 6:24-34 Jesus asks Why worry? Jesus teaches us that worry is not part of the Kingdom of God, therefore, we should not worry about things. As we grow in our walk with Jesus, worry should become a thing of the past as our trust in Him grows more and more. What are you worrying about today?

Feb 28
Episode 2074 - Where is YOUR Focus

Matthew 6:22-23, Jesus is asking us an important question, Where is YOUR Focus? What things are you focused on? Are you focused on this things of God, or the things of this world?

Feb 27
Episode 2073 - Where is YOUR treasure

Matthew 6:19-21 Jesus asks Where is YOUR treasure? Is your treasure built around the things of this world, or the things of God and His Kingdom? Make sure your treasure is not built on the wrong things Check out today’s episode.

Feb 26
Episode 2072 - You are Salt and Light

Matthew 5:13-16. Jesus is teaching about salt and light. We, his followers, are salt and light.

Feb 23
Episode 2071 - Paybacks

Matthew 5:38-42. Here, Jesus is teaching about paybacks, or retaliation. It’s natural for us to payback someone evil for evil, but that is not what Jesus taught us. Instead, we need to do this. Listen to todays episode.

Feb 22
Episode 2070 - No Promises

Matthew 5:33-37. Here, Jesus is teaching us to make no promises. God knows full well that most promises we make, we have absolutely no intention of keeping. That is why He teaches us that a simple Yes! Or No! Will be sufficient.

Feb 21
Episode 2069 - Caught in Sin

John 82-12. In these verses, we see someone caught in sin. Caught in the very act of sin, then dragged to Jesus to see what should be done. Can you imagine if that was to happen to us today? Jesus challenged the accusers to look at their own sin before they expose the sin of someone else. What sin do you need to confess today?

Feb 20
Episode 2068 - Watch your desires

Matthew 5:27-32. Watch your desires is the topic of these verses. These verses specifically discuss things that are very relevant to our world today. The topics are adultery and divorce. Find out how to keep from adultery and divorce in your life.

Feb 19
Episode 2067 - Wrong Kind of Anger

Matthew 5:2-26. In these verses, we see a wrong kind of anger. It is an anger that destroys relationships. It’s the kind of anger that damages our relationship with God. Are you harboring the wrong kind of anger?

Feb 16
Episode 2066 - The Pharisee Spirit

Matthew 5:20. I firmly believe the Pharisee spirit is still alive and well in the world today. Jesus warned us about the Pharisees, and even had choice words to say about them. Find out the dangers of the Pharisee in this episode.

Feb 15
Episode 2065 - Backwards Ideas About Loving Others

Matthew 5:43-48. In Backwards Ideas About Loving Others, we look at how Jesus says we must love others. Are you ready to go the second mile in your walk with Jesus?

Feb 14
Episode 2064 - One Thing Paul wanted

Philippians 3:13-14. One Thing Paul Wanted was to be more like Christ. So much so that he was willing to loose all he gained in life for Jesus. He wanted an intimate relationship with Jesus. Is that your desire today?

Feb 13
Episode 2063 - One Thing Mary and Martha

Luke 10{38-42 is where we see the One Thing Mary and Martha. One thing was needed, to sit at the feet of Jesus to hear Him and worship Him. One did just that, the other was so busy doing, that she missed what she probably needed most.

Feb 12