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Episode 1985 - What God Did and Did Not Give us part 1

2 Timothy 1:7. Today, we focus on what God has not given to us: A spirit of Fear. Fear should not be a part of our life in Jesus. Fear keeps us from doing what we are called to do. Fear paralyzes our faith. Don’t let fear keep you from doing what God has called you to do.

Sep 25
Episode 1984 - Listen for the Calling of God

1 Samuel 3:2-10, 19. Several times, Samuel heard someone calling. It wasn’t until Eli told him to respond with “Speak, Lord, for your servant listens.” Many of us could not respond that way because we are not listening for the voice of God. God is calling out to us today, are you listening?

Sep 22
Episode 1983 - Jesus can calm your storm

Mark 4:35-41. If Jesus has given you direction for your walk with Him, then you can trust that you will make it to your destination. No matter the trials or storms you will face, if Jesus said it, you can trust that He will get you there. Don’t let fear paralyze your faith when things fall apart. Keep you faith and trust in His leading.

Sep 21
Episode 1981 - God Desires Obedience

Selected verses from 1 Samuel 15. God desires 100% obedience from us. Do we follow God 100%, or do we do just enough to get by? To not fully obey God means disobedience, and disobedience has a price. For Saul, that price was loss of his kingdom.

Sep 18
Episode 1980 - Two Types of Religion part 2

James 1:26-27. In todays episode, we look at the religion that is acceptable unto God. It’s one where we go out, helping to meet the needs of others, where we keep ourselves from being influenced by the world.

Sep 15
Episode 1979 - Two Types of Religion part 1

James 1:26-27. In these verses, James contrasts a worthless religion and an acceptable religion. Which type most closely resembles your religion? In this episode, we look at the worthless religion and the power of the tongue and our words.

Sep 14
Episode 1978 - Do Not Play Hide and Seek with God

In today’s episode, we look at three examples in the Bible of people who were hiding from God instead of doing what they should have been doing. If you are hiding from God today, please, pray and get things made right with him.

Sep 13
Episode 1977 - Is there sin in your camp

Selected verses in Joshua 6-7. We all know, and I hope understand, that sin is what separates us from God. That sin can also affect the lives of others.. What are you hiding from God today.

Sep 01
Episode 1976 - Put Away, Grow Up, and Do the Will of God

Selected Verses. We must be certain that we are doing the will of God. Don’t be deceived by false teachers, and don’t join them. I know the previous sentences looked like warning labels, but it is what is needed today. We all fall victim to false teachings from time to time, but as we grow and mature, hopefully we will see those false teachings for what they are before we fall into them.

Aug 28
Episode 1975 - Are you using your freedom in Christ for the wrong reasons

Various verses. For the Christian, we have freedom in Christ. We have the freedom to choose whether we follow Jesus, or if we follow our old sin nature. One is beneficial and profitable to our life and faith. The other will cause us to miss our reward.

Aug 25
Episode 1974 - It is YOUR choice

Various verses. For the Christian, we have freedom in Christ. Yet, all too often we use that freedom for the wrong purposes. We use that freedom to indulge in our sinful nature. That is not what that freedom is for. If you choose to sin, that is your choice, no one else’s. Don’t bring sin into your life, into your family, into your home, or into your church in any form.

Aug 24
Episode 1973 - Go part 3

Finishing up our series on Go fro Matthews GospeL.

Aug 22
Episode 1972 - Go part 3 Go and Do What

As we continue our study on the Great Commission, I teach today on the topic of teaching. We are to go and to teach. Many of us, myself included, don’t consider ourselves teachers. Yet, as we see in todays episode, that is exactly what we are called to do.

Aug 21
Episode 1971 - Go part 2

Selected verses from Matthew 10. Jesus told us to “Go.” What did He mean? Go is an action word, it requires us to do something. We must share our faith with those in our homes, communities and workplaces. The church today seems to want people to “Come.” It’s up to us, the congregation, to go and be the hands and feet of Jesus in our homes, immunities and workplaces.

Aug 18
Episode 1970 - Go Series Introduction

For the next several days, we will be studying what we call today, the Great Commission. It’s our marching larders direct from Jesus. Today, I give a quick overview of what we are called to do.

Aug 17
Episode 1969 - Peace and Joy

John 16:33. Peace and Joy, 2 things that I believe are lacking from our lives. Yet, they are both readily available for the Christian.

Aug 15
Episode 1968 - When we could not help ourselves, God did

Romans 5:6,8. Today, we are talking about salvation, about getting the forgiveness of God. When we could do nothing to save ourselves, God stepped in, and gave us forgiveness through Jesus. Are you ready to accept that gift?

Aug 14
Episode 1967 - How To Be A Living Sacrifice part 4

By spending time studying and applying the Bible to our lives, that is the only way we will know what the calling of God is on our lives. It’s the only way we will be thoroughly equipped to handle that call. When was the last time you looked at your Bible?

Aug 11
Episode 1966 - How To Be A Living Sacrifice part 3

There are 4 things that we must do if we are going to have our mind renewed so that we can be transformed into the person that God wants you to be. Listen and discover those 4 tings needed to be a living sacrifice.

Aug 10
Episode 1965 - How to be a Living Sacrifice part 2

Romans 12:1-2. Did you ever realize that by living as a living sacrifice, you are giving a gift to God? I know that is one gift that will not be returned.

Aug 08
Episode 1964 - How To Be A Living Sacrifice part 1

Romans 12:1. Paul calls us to be a living sacrifice. What exactly does he mean by that? In this episode, we look at what a sacrifice is, the Old Testament sacrifice system, and what we must do to be a living sacrifice each day. This is part 1 of the series.

Aug 07
Episode 1963 - The Results of Doing Those Good Works

2 Timothy 4:6-8. After giving Timothy some instruction into doing his good works, Paul reveals the results of doing those good works. Paul lived a lift of sacrifice for the Lord, and now he knew his death was near. He wanted to encourage Timothy to hold fast in his faith till the end, to keep pressing on and to finish the course that God had for him to live. Use this as an encouragement in your journey.

Aug 04
Episode 1962 - An Example of Good Works

2 Timothy 3:17-4:5. God will equip you to do the job He has called you to do. In today’s episode, we look at our example, Timothy, and see what his calling was and how he was to do it. We can always trust God to provide our needs to complete His calling.

Aug 03
Episode 1961 - ScriptureLinks Daily

2 Timothy 3:16-17. God uses His inspired word to prepare us to do the good works He has called us to do.

Jul 31
Episode 1960 - a promise to remember

Romans 8:28. Even though you might not see it or understand it now, one day, you will see how the trial you’re going through now will lead to good things for you and your life.

Jul 28
Episode 1959 - Consider your ways

Haggai 1:2-5. At a time in when the Temple lie in ruins, Israel was too busy building up their houses farther than building up the house of God. For us today, we often sacrifice the things of God and the house of God to build up our bank account, our 401 that we neglect the house of God. Where are you building up?

Jul 27
Episode 1958 - The Truth about Death

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. Death is a subject that many of us would rather not discuss. Me too. Paul teaches us and the church at Thessalonica some important principles about death. Things that should bring comfort to the Christian.

Jul 25
Episode 1957 - a bit of mans wisdom

Selected verses from 1 Corinthians 1 and Psalm 103. In todays episode, I give you a little taste of mans wisdom, and show how the Bible disproves that wisdom.

Jul 24
Episode 1956 - what legacy are you leaving your children

2 Chronicles 33:21-23. Unfortunately, Manasseh’s son never repented of his sins. He lived and walked in the way of his father, before his father repented of his sin. As parents, we need to tell our children about Jesus, about God and about the Holy Spirit. If they don’t hear it from you, where will they hear it from?

Jul 21