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Seller Sessions is the largest Amazon FBA and Private Label podcast for Advanced Amazon Sellers. It is the first of its kind, in terms of being raw, non nonsense and straight to the point. A lot of Amazon podcasts that came after has followed by example... Seller Sessions is published 4 times per week and often breaks new trends first in the industry.

Host Danny McMillan, is a world renowned public speaker and veteran Amazon Seller, Danny is also the co-founder of DATAbrill. DATAbrill manages Amazon PPC and advertising automation for 6, 7 & 8 figure Amazon brands.

Danny also works with Amazon in the UK to provide webinar content for their 3rd party sellers.

Each year he hosts Seller Sessions Live the annual conference for Amazon Sellers in the UK, bringing the worlds best speakers on the cutting edge of marketing on and off Amazon.

He is also the founder of SellerPoll, the official annual awards for Amazon Sellers and Brands.

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The Broad Match Show - Adam had a stroke, The W**d Farm and Rouge 99 Designer Steals A Seller Design

DANNY AND ADAM'S RETURN Danny and Adam return for the second BROAD MATCH episode, diving into some wild seller stories. Beyond business, Adam shares insights on recovering from a stroke he suffered at 41. HEALTH CHALLENGES AND RECOVERY INSIGHTS Adam Heist's journey took a dramatic turn with a sudden stroke in Bali, triggered by a chiropractic adjustment. At 41, the ordeal highlighted the unpredictability of health and the critical nature of swift recovery strategies. Adam's path to regaining his balance, mobility, and a sense of normalcy underscores the essence of overcoming such health challenges. THE WEED FARM DILEMMA A startling discovery by one of Danny's clients—a weed farm hidden within their warehouse—spells trouble. Leasing out space led to unwanted ties with a criminal element, escalating to compromised security and a complex legal bind. This segment explores the ordeal of dealing with crime and property rights, emphasizing the gritty realities of business operations. THE ROGUE DESIGNER INCIDENT Copyright infringement hits one client hard, tracing back to a designer on 99designs who sold a stolen design. The confrontation, initially poised for legal battle, turns towards a negotiated understanding, highlighting the perils of intellectual property theft and the importance of vigilance in business practices. THE 1 MILLION EURO DEBACLE McMillan shares the tale of navigating a financial maelstrom, with a client owed 1 million euros. The saga of recovery, through dogged determination and strategic alliances, showcases the criticality of cash flow management and the value of resilience in the face of adversity. These narratives from the BROAD MATCH SHOW peel back the curtain on the seldom-discussed trials entrepreneurs face, delivering a raw glimpse into the resilience required in the business world. SELLER SESSIONS LIVE May 11, 2024 Grab tickets – Get €50 off using Discount code: 202450 Brought to you by: Databrill Exhibitors Include: Uncapped, Getida, VAA, AVASK, Ecom Brokers, Kata Logistics, Data Dive Tools, Mint Accounting, MultiplyMii, Zignify, Intellivy, East West Basics, and Ecomcy. P.S. Interested in Sponsoring? Get in touch. Michele Venton: "The first of its kind!” Steve Consalvi: "Best seller event so far!" James Cissel: "Insightful and actionable.” LOOKING FOR A FREE PPC AUDIT? Visit  

Mar 28
7 Figure Sales Off Amazon

7 FIGURE SALES OFF AMAZON Today, Danny is joined by Phil and Ian to discuss their multi 7 figure Amazon business and the hard yards they have put in to reach 7 figures off of Amazon as well as on it. BACKGROUND AND INITIAL SUCCESS: __ __ STRATEGIC INSIGHTS AND TACTICAL WISDOM: __ __ THE PATH TO SCALING: __ __ KEY TAKEAWAYS FOR ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS: __ __ CONCLUSION AND FORWARD LOOK: Ian and Phill’s journey is a testament to strategic agility, customer-focused innovation, and the power of community engagement in the e-commerce landscape. As they steer their business towards the eight-figure horizon, their story offers invaluable lessons on growth, resilience, and the entrepreneurial spirit. UPCOMING EVENTS AND CONTACT: Stay tuned for upcoming developments from Ian and Phill, and don’t miss out on connecting with them through LinkedIn for more insights and collaborative opportunities. * SELLER SESSIONS LIVE May 11, 2024 Join us at the forefront of e-commerce innovation and strategy at Seller Sessions Live in London. Secure your spot and take advantage of the knowledge shared by industry luminaries like Brandon Young, Colin Rodger, Steve Simonson, and many more. Grab your tickets now at and enjoy a special discount using code: 202450. This event is a must-attend for anyone serious about scaling their online business and staying ahead in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. Brought to you by: Databrill Exhibitors Include: Uncapped, Getida, VAA, AVASK, Ecom Brokers, Kata Logistics, Data Dive Tools, Mint Accounting, MultiplyMii, Zignify, Intellivy, East West Basics, and Ecomcy. TESTIMONIALS: __ __

Mar 14
Getting Out of Amazon Jail

  GETTING OUT OF AMAZON JAIL NAVIGATING AMAZON'S COMPLEX LANDSCAPE: INSIGHTS FROM NIR RAVEH AND ADAM HEIST Adam Heist engages in a comprehensive discussion with Nir Raveh, a seasoned expert in the realm of Amazon selling. Their conversation offers an in-depth exploration of the MULTIFACETED CHALLENGES and STRATEGIES associated with selling on Amazon, providing listeners with a blend of technical wisdom, practical advice, and forward-looking insights. FROM ADVERTISING TO AMAZON MASTERY Nir shares his journey from the advertising world to becoming a pivotal figure in the Amazon marketplace. His transition from a strategic planner and business development manager to an Amazon expert illustrates a deep understanding of MARKET DYNAMICS and the importance of adapting to the evolving e-commerce landscape. Nir's ability to pivot and harness his advertising acumen within the Amazon framework underscores the significance of AGILITY and STRATEGIC FORESIGHT in today's fast-paced market. ADDRESSING AMAZON'S OPERATIONAL QUIRKS The podcast delves into the intricate details of Amazon's operational challenges, such as LISTING SUSPENSIONS, ACCOUNT SHUTDOWNS, and the nuances of APPEAL PROCESSES. Nir's expertise shines as he discusses the importance of proactive measures, the intricacies of navigating Amazon's compliance requirements, and the strategic approach to resolving disputes with Amazon. His advice on dealing with Amazon’s complexities offers a roadmap for sellers seeking to safeguard their businesses and maintain a smooth operational flow. TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS AND SELLER STRATEGIES Highlighting Amazon's technological advancements, Nir discusses how sellers can leverage these developments to their advantage. The conversation covers the importance of staying updated with Amazon's evolving algorithms, image recognition capabilities, and the potential implications for sellers’ listings and overall visibility. These insights are crucial for sellers aiming to OPTIMIZE THEIR PRESENCE and PERFORMANCE on the platform. EMPOWERING SELLERS THROUGH KNOWLEDGE AND PREPAREDNESS Nir emphasizes the power of KNOWLEDGE and PREPAREDNESS in the Amazon selling process. By understanding Amazon's guidelines, anticipating potential issues, and being equipped with well-thought-out strategies, sellers can navigate the platform more effectively and mitigate risks associated with their Amazon ventures. SUMMARY: A CONVERGENCE OF EXPERTISE AND STRATEGY This episode with Nir Raveh is a treasure trove of wisdom for Amazon sellers at all levels. The detailed discussion provides a comprehensive overview of the strategic, operational, and technological aspects of selling on Amazon, equipping listeners with the knowledge to navigate the platform’s complexities confidently. The insights shared by Nir, combined with Adam’s probing questions, make this a must-listen for anyone looking to master the art of selling on Amazon. * SELLER SESSIONS LIVE May 11, 2024 Grab tickets – Get 50 off using Discount code: 202450 Brought to you by: DATABRILL Exhibitors Include: Uncapped, Getida, VAA, AVASK, Ecom Brokers, Kata Logistics, Data Dive Tools, Mint Accounting, MultiplyMii, Zignify, Intellivy, East West Basics, and Ecomcy. P.S. Interested in Sponsoring? Get in touch. Michele Venton: "The first of its kind!” Steve Consalvi: "Best seller event so far!" James Cissel: "Insightful and actionable.” Looking for a Free PPC Audit?  

Mar 06
China’s Slow Meltdown For Amazon Sellers

CHINA’S SLOW MELTDOWN FOR AMAZON SELLERS Welcome to another enlightening episode of SELLER SESSIONS, where host DANNY MCMILLAN engages with the ever-insightful STEVE SIMONSON. This session dives deep into the evolving dynamics of global logistics, supply chain intricacies, and the strategic foresight needed in today’s unpredictable market landscape. UNPACKING THE LOGISTICS LANDSCAPE: A 2024 OUTLOOK __ __ STRATEGIC FORESIGHT AND ADAPTIVE PLANNING __ __ CHINA’S ECONOMIC CONUNDRUM: IMPACT ON GLOBAL SELLERS __ __ DIVERSIFICATION AND GLOBAL MANUFACTURING SHIFTS __ __ LEADERSHIP AND ORGANISATIONAL GROWTH __ __ SUMMARY / ROUND-UP This episode with Steve Simonson offers a treasure trove of insights, from the intricacies of global logistics to the strategic nuances of leadership in uncertain times. As businesses navigate the unpredictable waters of 2024, Simonson’s advice stands as a beacon for adaptable, forward-thinking strategies that can help steer companies towards sustained growth and resilience. Stay tuned for more enriching discussions on SELLER SESSIONS, your go-to podcast for expert insights into the e-commerce world. * SELLER SESSIONS LIVE May 11, 2024 Grab tickets – Get £50 off using Discount code: 202450 Brought to you by: Databrill Exhibitors Include: Uncapped, Getida, VAA, AVASK, Ecom Brokers, Kata Logistics, Data Dive Tools, Mint Accounting, MultiplyMii, Zignify, Intellivy, and Ecomcy. P.S. Interested in Sponsoring? Get in touch. Michele Venton: "The first of its kind!” Steve Consalvi: "Best seller event so far!" James Cissel: "Insightful and actionable.”

Feb 29
The Challenge of Amazon's New Fee

THE CHALLENGE OF AMAZON'S NEW FEE Host Danny McMillan and guest James McConnel Jr. delved into the complexities of Amazon's newly introduced fee structure. James, with over 40 hours dedicated to dissecting this topic, shared his profound understanding, emphasizing not just the INCREASED WORKLOAD FOR SELLERS but the NUANCED CHALLENGES it presents. This conversation is crucial for Amazon sellers looking to navigate the murky waters of Amazon's fee adjustments with STRATEGIC FORESIGHT. UNDERSTANDING THE FEE'S COMPLEXITY James McConnel Jr.'s analysis begins with acknowledging the INHERENT COMPLEXITY of the new fee. Unlike straightforward increases in FBA or referral fees, this fee intricately ties into a seller's operational workflow, significantly affecting CASH FLOW and demanding a higher level of STRATEGIC INVENTORY MANAGEMENT. It's not just about adjusting prices to cover increased costs but understanding the MATHEMATICAL AND LOGISTICAL IMPLICATIONS behind the fee structure. The fee's complexity lies in its basis on HISTORICAL STOCK LEVELS and its application to future orders, compelling sellers to meticulously plan their inventory levels to avoid penalties. STRATEGIC INVENTORY MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING One of the standout insights from James revolves around the STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF INVENTORY LEVELS. The fee calculation, relying on historical data, places immense pressure on sellers to maintain adequate stock levels. This approach by Amazon, while aiming to streamline inventory management, introduces a layer of unpredictability for sellers. It necessitates a shift from reactive inventory management to a more PREDICTIVE AND STRATEGIC MODEL. Sellers are advised to not only monitor their current stock levels closely but also to analyze sales trends and forecast future stock needs more accurately. NAVIGATING AMAZON'S CALCULATION METHODS James pointed out the OPACITY OF AMAZON'S CALCULATION METHODS for this fee as a significant hurdle for sellers. The fee is computed weekly, with its roots in past inventory levels but does not account for inbound shipments until they're officially checked in. This discrepancy creates a blind spot for sellers, making it challenging to align their inventory strategy with Amazon's fee calculation timeline. It underscores the necessity for sellers to adopt a CONSERVATIVE APPROACH TO INVENTORY MANAGEMENT, ensuring they have a buffer to account for any delays or inaccuracies in Amazon's stock level calculations. THE COMPLEXITY OF PARENTAGE AND VARIATION MANAGEMENT For sellers with products that come in multiple variations, the new fee introduces additional layers of complexity. James emphasized how the fee calculations take into account the entire parent SKU, affecting inventory management decisions for individual child SKUs. This scenario presents a double-edged sword; on one hand, it offers an opportunity to balance stock levels across variations to MITIGATE FEES, while on the other, it risks penalizing sellers for underperformance in just one of the variations. Sellers must meticulously manage their product variations, potentially reorganizing their product listings to OPTIMIZE FOR FEE EFFICIENCY. JAMES'S INVENTORY MANAGEMENT CALCULATOR In response to the challenges posed by this new fee, James McConnel Jr. developed a calculator designed to aid sellers in estimating the optimal inventory levels to minimize fees. This tool is a testament to the need for PRECISE AND INFORMED DECISION-MAKING in inventory management. By inputting product dimensions and weight, sellers can receive tailored recommendations on stock levels that balance the risk of incurring the new fee against the costs associated with holding excess inventory. This calculator represents a significant step towards empowering sellers with the DATA-DRIVEN INSIGHTS needed to navigate Amazon's evolving fee landscape strategically. CONCLUSION AND STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATIONS The conversation between Danny McMillan and James McConnel Jr. sheds light on the critical aspects of Amazon's new fee structure, emphasizing the need for sellers to adopt a more ANALYTICAL AND STRATEGIC APPROACH to inventory management. The insights shared by James, from the importance of understanding the fee's complexity to strategic inventory planning and the utilization of specialized tools like his calculator, are invaluable for sellers aiming to navigate this new challenge effectively. Sellers are encouraged to not only digest these insights but to actively engage with tools and strategies that can help them OPTIMIZE THEIR INVENTORY levels. The key to success in this new fee environment is a combination of VIGILANT INVENTORY MANAGEMENT, STRATEGIC PLANNING, and leveraging available resources to make informed decisions. As the Amazon marketplace continues to evolve, staying informed and adaptable will be crucial for sellers aiming to MAINTAIN PROFITABILITY AND OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY.   REFERENCED ARTICLE: SELLER SESSIONS LIVE ANNOUNCEMENT: - Event Date: May 11, 2024 - Ticket Information: Available at Seller Sessions Live 2024 - Organizer: Databrill - Exhibitors: Uncapped, Getida, VAA, AVASK, Ecom Brokers, Kata Logistics, Data Dive Tools, Mint Accounting, MultiplyMii, Zignify, Ecomcy, and more. - Sponsorship Opportunities: For those interested in sponsoring, please get in touch. Praise for Seller Sessions Live: - Michele Venton heralds the event as "The first of its kind!" - Steve Consalvi calls it the "Best seller event so far!" - James Cissel describes it as "Insightful and actionable."

Feb 20
Unlocking Amazon's Algorithm with Colin Raja: A Deep Dive into Ranking, Indexing, and Keyword Strategies

UNLOCKING AMAZON'S ALGORITHM WITH COLIN RAJA: A DEEP DIVE INTO RANKING, INDEXING, AND KEYWORD STRATEGIES In this INSIGHTFUL EPISODE of the podcast, host DANNY MCMILLAN welcomes back COLIN RAJA, a NEW YORK-BASED BRAND BUILDER who skyrocketed his startup from a modest investment to a MILLION-DOLLAR ENTERPRISE within 18 months. The duo embarks on a detailed exploration of Amazon's ranking mechanics, discussing INDEXING, KEYWORD LINKING, and the future of Q&A FEATURES. INDEXING INSIGHTS: __ __ KEYWORD LINKING MASTERY: __ __ SUNSETTING OF Q&A AND ITS IMPLICATIONS: Highlighting an imminent shift in Amazon's platform, Colin predicts the phasing out of the Q&A FEATURE. He advises sellers to capitalise on the current functionalities to enhance PRODUCT VISIBILITY and KEYWORD RELEVANCY, underscoring the dynamic nature of Amazon's algorithm and the need for sellers to stay INFORMED and ADAPTABLE. SUMMARY: This episode is a TREASURE TROVE OF STRATEGIES for sellers looking to navigate Amazon's complex algorithm. From the nuances of indexing and the power of keyword linking to adapting to platform changes, Colin Raja and Danny McMillan offer INVALUABLE INSIGHTS into achieving ECOMMERCE SUCCESS. SELLER SESSIONS LIVE May 11, 2024 Grab tickets – Brought to you by: DATABRILL Exhibitors Include: UNCAPPED, GETIDA, VAA, AVASK, ECOM BROKERS, KATA LOGISTICS, DATA DIVE TOOLS, MINT ACCOUNTING, MULTIPLYMII, ZIGNIFY, and ECOMCY. P.S. Interested in Sponsoring? Get in touch. Michele Venton: "THE FIRST OF ITS KIND!" Steve Consalvi: "BEST SELLER EVENT SO FAR!" James Cissel: "INSIGHTFUL AND ACTIONABLE."

Feb 15
Unlocking Amazon Success in 2024 with Kevin King

UNLOCKING AMAZON SUCCESS IN 2024 WITH KEVIN KING Kevin King returns, a name synonymous with cutting-edge strategies in the world of Amazon. This deep dive explores Kevin's top picks for the year, offering listeners a blend of forecasting, strategic advice, and actionable insights aimed at navigating the evolving landscape of our community. STRATEGIC HIGHLIGHTS AND EXPERT INSIGHTS: __ __ SUMMARY AND TAKEAWAYS: This episode of Seller Sessions with Kevin King is a treasure trove of insights for e-commerce sellers aiming to stay ahead in 2024. From strategic product sourcing to the adept use of AI and the importance of multi-channel branding, Kevin offers a roadmap for success in an increasingly competitive online marketplace. Listeners are encouraged to embrace change, leverage technology, and focus on building meaningful connections with their customers to achieve long-term success. * SELLER SESSIONS LIVE May 11, 2024 Grab tickets – Brought to you by: Databrill Exhibitors Include: - Uncapped, Getida, VAA, AVASK, Ecom Brokers, Kata Logistics, Data Dive Tools, Mint Accounting, MultiplyMii, Zignify and Ecomcy. P.S. Interested in Sponsoring? Get in touch. Michele Venton: "The first of its kind!” Steve Consalvi: "Best seller event so far!" James Cissel: "Insightful and actionable.”

Feb 07
Exploring Google Business Profiles with Norm Farrar

EXPLORING GOOGLE BUSINESS PROFILES WITH NORM FARRAR INTRODUCTION TO GOOGLE BUSINESS PROFILE In this insightful episode of SELLER SESSIONS, host DANNY MCMILLAN welcomes NORM FARRAR, a seasoned entrepreneur and host of Lunch with Norm, to delve into the world of Google Business Profiles (GBP). Farrar shares his vast experience and knowledge, offering valuable insights for businesses looking to leverage GBP for enhanced visibility and growth. KEY INSIGHTS FROM NORM FARRAR __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ SUMMARY AND ROUND-UP Norm Farrar's discussion with Danny McMillan on SELLER SESSIONS provides invaluable insights into the effective use of Google Business Profiles for enhancing brand visibility and engagement. The strategic use of GBP, integrating with Google's array of tools, and focusing on user-generated content and reviews can significantly impact a brand's online presence and SEO performance. This episode is a must-listen for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to leverage GBP for their growth and online marketing strategies. SELLER SESSIONS LIVE May 11, 2024 Grab tickets – Brought to you by: Databrill Exhibitors Include: Uncapped, Getida, VAA, AVASK. Ecom Brokers, Kata Logistics, Data Dive Tools, Mint Accounting, MultiplyMii, Zignify, and Ecomcy. P.S. Interested in Sponsoring? Get in touch. Michele Venton: "The first of its kind!” Steve Consalvi: "Best seller event so far!" James Cissel: "Insightful and actionable.”

Jan 24
The Broad Match Show with Adam Heist

THE BROAD MATCH SHOW WITH ADAM HEIST AMAZON SELLING: NAVIGATING THE 2024 LANDSCAPE __ __ CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION: THE NEW FRONTIER __ __ PERSONAL IDENTITY IN BUSINESS __ __ LOOKING AHEAD: 2024 AND BEYOND __ __ SUMMARY/ROUND-UP __ __ * SELLER SESSIONS LIVE May 11, 2024 Grab tickets – Brought to you by: Databrill Exhibitors Include: Uncapped, Getida, VAA, AVASK. Ecom Brokers, Kata Logistics, Data Dive Tools, Mint Accounting, MultiplyMii, Zignify and Ecomcy. P.S. Interested in Sponsoring? Get in touch. Michele Venton: "The first of its kind!” Steve Consalvi: "Best seller event so far!" James Cissel: "Insightful and actionable.”

Jan 24
Advanced Level Landing Page Optimization (Walkthrough) for 2024

ADVANCED LEVEL LANDING PAGE OPTIMIZATION (WALKTHROUGH) FOR 2024 In the constantly evolving digital landscape of 2024, landing page optimization remains a pivotal element for online marketing success, especially for Amazon sellers with their own websites. This In-Depth podcast we walk you through the ANATOMY OF AN EFFECTIVE LANDING PAGE, ESSENTIAL DESIGN STRATEGIES, and the CRITICAL NUANCES that distinguish high-converting pages in 2024. THE ANATOMY OF A LANDING PAGE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS: __ __ DESIGN AND COPYWRITING STRATEGIES: __ __ EXAMPLE - AMAZON'S PRODUCT DETAIL PAGE (PDP): Amazon's PDP showcases effective button placement and color, aligning with typical user eye movement patterns. While it deviates from the single conversion goal norm, Amazon successfully employs multiple conversion opportunities, though this strategy may not suit all brands. NOT ALL LANDING PAGES ARE CREATED EQUAL Long landing pages with flashy, hypnotic text might work for certain products like diet pills, but this approach can be detrimental for premium brands like Apple. Good design equates to trust. , , and are generally more effective. For more technical products, a combination of video and copy with specialized language may be necessary. The "" (KISS) principle often applies here. ISSUES WITH MOBILE Mobile optimization is challenging due to limited screen space. The message and design must work together to create a better user experience. This means being and ensuring that the design is . Check out the Seller Sessions Youtube Channel to follow along. KEY QUESTIONS FOR LANDING PAGE STRATEGY __ __ TARGETING EXAMPLE FOR SELLER SESSIONS LIVE LANDING PAGE For paid ads targeting ages 30-55 on desktops, this approach considers that the core audience is likely to engage more deeply with content on a larger screen, especially for higher-priced items. The convenience of switching between tabs for additional research is crucial, less so on mobile. However, a separate mobile campaign can be developed later, targeting users by device. Conversely, for those entrenched in the Amazon FBA community, landing pages are constructed with an inherent warmth, considering the audience's familiarity with the brand and speakers. For email campaigns, mobile optimization is crucial as the platform on which customers open emails is less predictable. Subscribers have already shown interest, so the approach is tailored accordingly. LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY FOR OPTIMIZATION Browser compatibility is a significant factor in conversion rates. Tools like BROWSER STACK, which costs about $60 per month, are invaluable. They allow you to test every browser and operating system configuration, identify bugs, and ensure compatibility. The tool’s page tester provides screen grabs across browsers, helping to quickly identify and address issues, a common use for this technology. CONCLUSION Don’t let your landing page be a leaky bucket and waste precious time and ad dollars on lazy quick pages, the wins are in the details and the payoff is higher conversion rates. SELLER SESSIONS LIVE May 11, 2024 Grab tickets – Brought to you by: Databrill Exhibitors Include: - Uncapped, Getida, VAA, AVASK. Ecom Brokers, Kata Logistics, Data Dive Tools, Mint Accounting, Zignify and Ecomcy. Cheers Danny P.S. Interested in Sponsoring? Get in touch. MICHELE VENTON: "THE FIRST OF ITS KIND!” STEVE CONSALVI: "BEST SELLER EVENT SO FAR!" JAMES CISSEL: "INSIGHTFUL AND ACTIONABLE.”

Jan 18
Amazon’s AI Listing Writer with Brandon Young

AMAZON’S AI LISTING WRITER WITH BRANDON YOUNG RECONCILIATION SCORE __ __ FUNCTIONALITY The entity with the highest reconciliation score on an attribute level (not listing level) gets its changes accepted. If Amazon changes the title, for instance, it doesn't affect the bullet points unless Amazon also has a higher reconciliation score for bullet points. SELLER STRATEGIES: If Amazon changes a listing, and a seller wants to revert or modify it, they need to have a higher reconciliation score. This often involves interacting with the brand registry and sometimes escalating cases to regain control over listing attributes or deleting and rebooting with flat files. AI LISTING WRITER __ __ STRATEGIES FOR AMAZON SELLERS __ __ This episode provides valuable insights for Amazon sellers, especially regarding navigating the challenges posed by Amazon's AI-driven listing changes and maintaining control over their product listings. It also underscores the importance of a balanced approach, combining AI tools with manual oversight for optimal listing creation and maintenance.

Jan 08
Mina Elias Unpacks Amazon DSP: A 20-Minute Expert Guide

MINA ELIAS UNPACKS AMAZON DSP: A 20-MINUTE EXPERT GUIDE INTRODUCTION TO AMAZON DSP Welcome to another enthralling episode of Seller Sessions with host Danny McMillan. Today's special guest, Mina Elias, brings invaluable insights into the world of Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP). This session promises to be a goldmine for Amazon sellers eager to harness DSP's capabilities to elevate their business. UNDERSTANDING AMAZON DSP Mina Elias kicks off by demystifying Amazon DSP, clarifying its role beyond Amazon's delivery services. He describes DSP as a unique advertising platform, rich with Amazon's first-party data. This includes critical insights into customer behaviors, like views, purchases, and demographics. Elias notes that DSP ads are similar in appearance to traditional Amazon display ads but offer a far more extensive reach and functionality. TARGETING AND PLACEMENT STRATEGIES IN DSP Elias delves into DSP’s core features: targeting and ad placement. Unlike typical Amazon PPC strategies focused on keywords or products, DSP targets individual customers, allowing for precise audience selection and varied ad placements. This includes Amazon-owned and third-party sites, highlighting the platform's extensive reach. MAXIMIZING IMPACT WITH DSP FUNNEL STRATEGIES The discussion shifts to who benefits from DSP. Elias highlights that brands excelling in PPC can significantly gain from DSP's advanced funnel strategies. He discusses targeting different customer segments, like retargeting, cross-selling, and enhancing brand loyalty, emphasizing the need for creative ad design and Amazon's responsive e-commerce template. BUDGETING IN DSP: MINIMUM SPEND AND EFFICIENCY Elias touches on an essential aspect of DSP: budgeting and minimum spend. He shares insights from successful campaigns operating with budgets as low as $2000 per funnel segment and advises on strategic fund allocation across DSP components. PRODUCT CATEGORIES AND DSP EFFECTIVENESS In this segment, Elias discusses the varied success rates of DSP across different product categories, stressing the importance of tailored approaches and avoiding generalizations in strategy. BUILDING AND OPTIMIZING DSP CAMPAIGNS Elias explains the intricate process of building and optimizing DSP campaigns, emphasizing frequency optimization and bid management to ensure ads reach the target audience effectively. KPIS AND ATTRIBUTION IN DSP Addressing DSP performance measurement, Elias highlights the role of KPIs tailored for different funnel stages and discusses the challenges and solutions in DSP attribution models. FINAL INSIGHTS ON AMAZON DSP Concluding the session, Elias reiterates DSP's power, especially for consumable products. He advises leveraging DSP as a strategic tool to expand overall presence and drive more traffic to Amazon listings.  

Jan 03
Ads Versus Authenticity: Does PPC Undermine Organic Search Relevance on Search Results?

ADS VERSUS AUTHENTICITY: DOES PPC UNDERMINE ORGANIC SEARCH RELEVANCE ON SEARCH RESULTS? EPISODE SUMMARY: In this insightful episode of Seller Sessions, Danny McMillan welcomes Elizabeth Greene, an Amazon advertising expert and co-founder of JUNGLR. They delve into the dynamic world of Amazon advertising, discussing the platform's latest changes and what they mean for sellers looking to scale their businesses. From exploring the nuances of PPC strategies to the evolving role of AI in Amazon's ecosystem, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to stay ahead in the competitive world of Amazon. DANNY MCMILLAN'S DISCUSSION ON AMAZON'S SEARCH MATCHING SYSTEM Danny McMillan expands on this by discussing the evolution of Amazon's search matching system. He explains that Amazon initially used a lexical matching system where single words were indexed. Over time, this evolved into semantic matching, which considers the context of the words, and further advanced with the introduction of BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers). BERT enhances the understanding of language, allowing for more human-like interpretations of search queries. CONCERNS ABOUT ADS IN AMAZON SEARCH RESULTS Despite these advancements, Danny points out a significant concern: the search results pages on Amazon are increasingly populated with ads. This heavy ad presence pushes down organic search results, potentially conflicting with Amazon's goal of delivering the most relevant search results. Danny questions whether there might be a shift in focus to increase relevance in search results around ads, as Amazon's primary goal is to ensure a great search experience, regardless of whether they come from organic search results or paid ads. SPECULATIONS ON THE FUTURE OF AMAZON'S SEARCH RELEVANCE He also speculates about the future of Amazon's approach to handling the balance between ad-driven and organically relevant search results. He acknowledges that while there are certain limitations on what keywords can be targeted in ads, the control largely lies with advertisers who are paying for ad placements. This creates a dynamic where the relevance of search results could be at odds with paid ads in terms of overall relevance. Danny suggests that this might lead to customer frustration if they don't receive the level of relevant search results and ponders how Amazon will address this issue going forward… If indeed they will, as this is a massive profit center for them. KEY TOPICS DISCUSSED: __ __ RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: __ __ CONCLUSION: This episode of Seller Sessions with Elizabeth Greene offers valuable insights into the current trends and future directions of Amazon's advertising landscape. Whether you're a new seller or looking to scale your existing business, understanding these dynamics is crucial for success on the platform.  

Dec 27, 2023
Optimizing Conversions and Scaling Traffic with Mansour Norouzi For Amazon Sellers

OPTIMIZING CONVERSIONS AND SCALING TRAFFIC WITH MANSOUR NOROUZI In this episode of SELLER SESSIONS, Danny McMillan interviews MANSOUR NOROUZI, ecommerce expert and director of advertising and partner of INCREMENTAL DIGITAL, about OPTIMIZING CONVERSIONS and SCALING TRAFFIC on Amazon. KEY TAKEAWAYS __ __ OPTIMIZING LISTINGS FOR CONVERSION Mansour shares various tips for OPTIMIZING Amazon product listings: __ __ DRIVING TARGETED TRAFFIC When SCALING ADVERTISING, Mansour emphasizes monitoring CONVERSION RATES and being disciplined with budgets to maintain profitability. He outlines a few key TRAFFIC driving tactics: __ __ Mansour reminds us not all keywords are equal and many low commercial intent keywords that drive mainly browsing aren't worth aggressive paid targeting.

Dec 20, 2023
A9 Bot - How To Get The Most Out Of Your Listing Optimisation

A9 BOT - HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR LISTING OPTIMISATION In this informative episode of Seller Sessions, host Danny McMillan gives listeners an inside look at the A9 Bot available exclusively through his website. This specialised bot aims to help sellers better grasp Amazon's ever-evolving A9 ranking algorithms and optimisation factors by synthesising key learnings from extensive scientific literature and patents. LAYING THE GROUNDWORK AROUND A9 UNDERSTANDING Before demonstrating the A9 Bot tool itself, Danny emphasises how this fits into his broader mission to equip Amazon sellers with more technical competency on the inner workings of Amazon search. He’s compiled and working through 1234 scientific papers and has written at depth on subjects sellers may find confusing or conflicting when trying to rank higher. __ __ This scientific grounding informs the A9 Bot's capabilities for listing optimisation tied to ranking factors. Danny emphasises digesting this background will prove useful for sellers aiming to "level up" their Amazon search education. INTRODUCING KEY MATCH TYPES: LEXICAL VS. SEMANTIC VS. BERT CONTEXTUAL As Danny shifts into demonstrating the tool itself, he starts by outlining three key match types critical to understand: __ __ While lexical matching should remain core to any keyword targeting strategy, Danny urges sellers not to limit themselves to only indexing keywords. The semantic and BERT matches within A9 paint a fuller picture of what customers may search for — and how listings can evolve to reach more searchers. SEEING THE A9 BOT IN ACTION: LISTING REWRITES To illustrate the bot's capabilities, Danny provides a demo using a beard oil product as an example. He prompts the bot to rewrite the listing bullets targeting first lexical matches, then semantic matches, and finally keyword matches informed by BERT's contextual analysis. The output shows clear differences highlighting how each match type shapes results. The lexical rewrite sticks closest to exact keyword matches in the original beard oil listing. Meanwhile the semantic match incorporates more contextual phrases that extend meaning like beard grooming and shaping tools. Finally, the BERT rewrite recognises entities and relationships to recommend additional keywords around skin conditioning, packaging format, and product feel during application. This small demo begins to showcase how tapping scientific advances in language AI can assist sellers in reaching more customers. While their manual testing and listing quality control remains imperative, leveraging innovations like BERT as an input can spur new optimisation ideas. KEY TAKEAWAYS AND PARTING THOUGHTS In concluding his A9 Bot intro, Danny shares a few final recommendations: __ __ With innovations in contextual language understanding racing ahead, Danny emphasises sellers must stay on the pulse of Amazon advancements to remain competitive in organic search. Tools like the A9 Bot point to a future where semantic search capabilities will only grow more advanced. Though testing and high-quality listings remain essential, embracing these new frontiers in AI can help uncover more opportunities. Link to A9 Bot: PROMPTS FOR A9 BOT Examples (adjust accordingly to your requirements): I am launching a beard oil product. Can you generate a list of 10 search queries that would represent lexical matching. Then explain what this match type is and how it impacts ranking 1.I am launching a beard oil product. Can you generate a list of 10 search queries that would represent semantic matching. Then explain what this match type is and how it impacts ranking 2.I am launching a beard oil product. Can you generate a list of 10 search queries that would represent BERT matching.Then explain what this match time is and how it impacts ranking 3.Take this title and rewrite it based on Lexical, Semantic and Bert matching “Beard Oil Conditioner Sandalwood Scent (Large 2 Oz) - Natural Organic Formula with Tea Tree, Argan and Jojoba Oils for Men - Promotes Growth, Softens, & Hydrates - Striking Viking “ and use all of the knowledge base for other factors that could improve conversion and Click through rate then summarise and explain why to you did them? 4.Take these bullet points and rewrite it based on Lexical, Semantic and Bert matching “ • Invigorate Your Senses - Our beard oil for men is non-greasy and made with nothing but pure all natural ingredients, leaving your beard looking and smelling its best __ __ 5.Write a unique and compelling product description for the above bullet points and title, including tips on how to use it and how it can improve {the pain your product solves}.

Dec 18, 2023
Ranking and Product Launches on Amazon With Colin Raja

RANKING AND PRODUCT LAUNCHES ON AMAZON WITH COLIN RAJA INTRODUCTION: Danny interviews e-commerce expert Colin Raja, an experienced Amazon SELLER from India now based in New York. Colin shares his PROVEN pre-launch strategies for OPTIMISING product listings and RANKINGS on Amazon. KEY TOPICS COVERED: __ __ TAKEAWAYS: __ __ The show covers SPECIFIC LAUNCH STRATEGIES as well as high level BEST PRACTICES for RANKING PRODUCTS. Colin EMPHASISES STARTING with the PRODUCT METADATA first before INVESTING in PROMOTIONS.

Nov 29, 2023
Amazon / Life Year in Review 2023 with Danny McMillan & Adam Heist

  RECAPPING 2023 IN THE AMAZON SELLER WORLD - MAJOR TRENDS AND PAIN POINTS PERSONAL AND BUSINESS CHALLENGES FACED IN 2023 - INCLUDING HEALTH ISSUES, FAMILY EMERGENCIES, AND DAY TO DAY STRUGGLES REFLECTING ON IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY, HEALTH, AND RELATIONSHIPS OVER BUSINESS AND MATERIAL SUCCESS MAINTAINING PERSPECTIVE AND FINDING MEANING AMIDST LIFE’S UPS AND DOWNS 2023 AMAZON SELLER TRENDS AND CHALLENGES:  “Post-COVID hangover” - sales declined 30% for many sellers, increased competition and costs -Success is now about differentiated, high-quality products with good branding and customer experience - Organic SERP littered with ads - mastering Amazon PPC essential  - Overall industry seems to have shrunk, with fewer new sellers entering market  - Agencies struggling as more sellers view them as commodities, quickly switching between providers COPING WITH PERSONAL CRISES AND HARDSHIPS: - After business exit and dream lifestyle, Adam experienced emptiness and depression  - Had to re-ground himself amidst divorce and 40% revenue declines  - Perspective change - happiness not tied to outcomes, but rather presence, intuition, and relationships EMERGENCY WITH TEENAGE DAUGHTER: Shattering call from Danny’s daughter Maia - “I can’t feel my legs” after bad car accident - Long wait for emergency responders - incredibly stressful time with daughter in jeopardy - Thankful her injuries not worse in the end LOSING BELOVED FAMILY DOG COOKIE TO CANCER: - Already sleep-deprived, agonising decline was drawn out over weeks \- Reached breaking point - had to step away briefly to regain composure ONGOING CRISIS FOR FRIENDS IN ISRAEL: - Adam feels deep connection to affected communities now after years in the Amazon space  - Heart goes out to all impacted families - unimaginable turmoil and displacement \- No easy words of comfort, but expressing solidarity and grace SUMMARY The "post-COVID hangover" brought declining sales, fierce competition, and rising costs for Amazon sellers in 2023. Success now depends on high-quality, differentiated products with strong branding and customer experience. As organic rankings faded behind ads, mastering Amazon PPC became essential. Personally, after a business exit and the dream lifestyle, Adam experienced emptiness and depression, needing to reground himself amidst divorce and revenue drops. True happiness rests not in outcomes, but presence, intuition, and relationships. A shattering call from Danny's daughter after a bad car accident left her immobile tested their strength. Thankfully her injuries were not worse. Losing their beloved family dog Cookie to cancer after weeks of agony also pushed them to the edge and required stepping back briefly to regain composure.

Nov 23, 2023
World’s Largest Resource For Amazon’s A9 (with Danny McMillan & Adam Heist)

  INTRODUCTION: In this episode of Seller Sessions, hosts Danny and Adam have an insightful discussion about shifts they are seeing in how Amazon ranks products in search, and what this means for sellers going forward. They talk about moving beyond a primary focus on keywords to a more holistic optimisation strategy. KEY TOPICS DISCUSSED: __ __ ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS: __ __ OUTRO: Danny is building a free knowledge base of Amazon search insights at and access to his A9 Bot. He welcomes ideas and feedback from the community to produce more helpful content based on the science literature.

Nov 23, 2023
What's New In Amazon's AMC

AMC IS A CLOUD-BASED DATABASE THAT GATHERS SIGNALS FROM ALL OVER AMAZON TO PROVIDE INSIGHTS INTO CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR. It still requires technical expertise like SQL to maximize its potential. Since the last episode, AMC has expanded the data it provides beyond just sponsored ads. It now includes things like TV streaming ads, Alexa ads, etc. AMC makes it easier to analyze the customer purchasing journey across multiple touchpoints. Often purchases take 7-8 days and involve multiple ad exposures rather than a direct path. You can use AMC to build targeted audiences in DSP, like people who searched related terms but didn't convert or added to wishlist. Look at gateway products that lead to further purchases and maximize exposure. See which products have the highest overlap/cross-sell. APPOINT SOMEONE IN YOUR TEAM OR AGENCY TO BECOME THE AMC EXPERT THROUGH CERTIFICATIONS AND TRAINING. Queries take practice but it's accessible. Get AMC set up ASAP to start gathering historical data, even if you don't use it right away. The instance backfills 13 months of data. New-to-brand data is only available in AMC for sponsored product ads. See which keywords drive incremental sales. OTHER NOTES: __ __ PODCAST DETAILS: __ __

Nov 12, 2023
8 Figure Amazon Seller Mels Terlouw Goes Deep On Data

8 FIGURE AMAZON SELLER MELS TERLOUW GOES DEEP ON DATA INTRODUCTION Danny McMillan welcomes MELS TERLOUW, an Amazon seller from the Netherlands, to the podcast for his first time on Seller Sessions. ABOUT MELS __ __ OBSESSED WITH LISTING OPTIMISATION __ __ THE EVOLUTION OF AMAZON __ __ 3 TYPES OF AMAZON SELLERS __ __ UNDERSTANDING THE AMAZON ALGORITHM __ __ ADAPTING TO THE CHANGES Can still succeed in SATURATED MARKET with the right approach: KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER + SELLING FUNDAMENTALS. THE ICEBERG ANALOGY __ __ VIDEO LESSON FROM JORDAN BELFORT ON SELLING Key points: __ __ THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD FOR AMAZON LISTINGS __ __ KEY QUESTIONS TO ASK __ __ BRAINSTORM EXTENSIVELY __ __ DEVELOP LISTING THEME Focus on WINNING THE CLICK, CONVERTING THE CUSTOMER, COUNTERING OBJECTIONS. Weave together into cohesive theme for listing. TEST AND VALIDATE __ __ CASE STUDY: DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB Upstart disrupted market by simplifying down to core job of razors - conveniently replace dull blades monthly. Didn't get caught in FEATURE ARMS RACE. Addressed ROOT CONSUMER FRUSTRATION. TYPES OF AMAZON SHOPPERS Different groups have different needs. Most sellers focus only on "NEED BASED" SHOPPERS. But many other opportunities exist. Be creative. CONNECT ON AN EMOTIONAL LEVEL __ __ FOCUS ON THE BUYER, NOT YOU OR THE PRODUCT __ __ EXECUTE THE LOST ART OF SELLING __ __

Nov 01, 2023
Sourcing and Manufacturing Options Outside of China - With Mike Michelini

SOURCING AND MANUFACTURING OPTIONS OUTSIDE OF CHINA - WITH MIKE MICHELINI INTRODUCTION In this episode of Seller Sessions, host Danny McMillan interviews Mike Michelini, an expert on sourcing and manufacturing in Asia, specifically Thailand. They discuss the pros and cons of manufacturing in Thailand compared to China. KEY TAKEAWAYS __ __ COMPARISONS OF MANUFACTURING IN CHINA VS THAILAND __ __ SOURCING SUPPLIERS IN THAILAND __ __ TIPS FOR MANUFACTURING OUTSIDE CHINA __ __ MIKE'S JOINT VENTURE BRAND IN THAILAND __ __ CROSS BORDER SUMMIT IN THAILAND __ __ CONCLUSION Thailand offers a compelling option for sourcing quality products outside China. With the right expectations and preparation, you can find great partner factories to produce your products. The Cross Border Summit provides an opportunity to network and meet potential suppliers in Thailand. KEYWORDS: Thailand manufacturing, China manufacturing, sourcing outside China, finding suppliers in Thailand, Cross Border Summit

Oct 28, 2023
Paul Nicol - Sued By His Own Buyer

In this episode, we engage in a conversation with Paul Nicol about the tumultuous journey of his life in and around Amazon. Paul hails from humble beginnings in Scotland and was predominantly raised by his grandparents. As a child, Paul was reserved and found solace in martial arts. He spent several years in the corporate world before realizing he yearned for more autonomy. While short contracts and some flexibility were appealing, he craved something greater.  Paul's introduction to Amazon marked a turning point. In private, he made a bold move, investing $4,000 from the family savings, as failure was not an option. At the time, $4,000 represented a substantial sum for his family. As he gained momentum, Paul poured more and more of his time into Amazon. In 2020, he launched a line of hand sanitizers well before the March surge. Describing its success as remarkable would be an understatement. Despite frequently adjusting prices to maintain inventory, demand remained robust, with some customers willing to pay over $200 due to the prevailing panic. Subsequently, a buyer approached Paul, and they finalized a deal. However, what followed was less than favorable. Issues emerged post-deal, primarily concerning the product listing, leaving the buyer dissatisfied. The situation deteriorated rapidly, with Paul facing the looming threat of a multi-million-dollar lawsuit. As the problems escalated, so did the stakes. Fortunately, a turning point arrived, and they managed to find common ground, ultimately opting to collaborate in resolving the issues. Paul went as far as setting aside personal matters to become a paid consultant for the venture. To learn more, be sure to explore this episode and discover firsthand the lessons gleaned from navigating such challenging situations.

1h 4m
Oct 24, 2023
Amazon Seller Health Check

AMAZON SELLER HEALTH CHECK   Maintaining Your Health During the Stressful Q4 Season: Insights from Amazon Sellers   The Q4 season is a crucial time for Amazon sellers, with increased competition and sales targets to meet. However, it's important to prioritise your health during this time to avoid burnout and maintain productivity.   1. PRIORITISE EXERCISE   Exercise is key for maintaining your health during the Q4 season. Matt Phipps, an Amazon seller and fitness enthusiast, shared that exercise is crucial for his daily routine. It helps him stay clear-headed, productive, and connected to the world. By prioritising exercise, you can reduce stress, improve your mood, and boost your energy levels. Phil Hadfield, another Amazon seller and health advocate, also emphasised exercise's importance in reducing anxiety and depression, common issues faced by Amazon sellers during Q4. Incorporating exercise into your routine improves overall health and well-being.   2. TAKE BREAKS AND REST   Taking breaks and resting is vital for maintaining your health during Q4. Danny McMillan, the host of the Seller Sessions podcast, noted that many guests recommended breaks and rest to prevent burnout. Though it may seem counterintuitive during a busy season, giving your body and mind time to recharge is essential. By taking breaks and resting, you can reduce stress, improve focus, and boost productivity. Preventing burnout has long-term positive effects on your health and business. Prioritise rest by taking short walks, meditating, or napping during Q4.   3. GET ENOUGH STEPS   Getting enough steps is another important aspect of maintaining your health during Q4. Danny McMillan noted that even during the busiest times, it's important to prioritise movement and physical activity. Even on vacation, you may end up getting more steps than when working from home. Sufficient steps improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress, and boost energy levels. They also prevent health issues like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Incorporate movement into your routine by taking walks during lunch breaks, using a standing desk, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.   4. ADDRESS COMMON HEALTH ISSUES   Addressing common health issues faced by Amazon sellers during Q4 is crucial. Phil Hadfield discussed issues such as back pain and eye strain caused by long hours of sitting and screen time. He recommended stretching and moving around during breaks and using blue light filters to reduce eye strain. By addressing these issues, you can prevent long-term health problems and improve overall well-being. Invest in an ergonomic chair, take regular stretch breaks, and use blue light filters on screens to address any health issues you may face.   CONCLUSION:   Maintaining your health during the Q4 season is crucial for avoiding burnout and maintaining productivity. Prioritise exercise, take breaks and rest, get enough steps, and address common health issues to take care of your body and mind during this busy time. Remember, your health is your most valuable asset, and taking care of it will ultimately benefit your business in the long run. By incorporating these tips into your daily routine, you can maintain your health and well-being during the Q4 season and beyond.

Oct 23, 2023
Ryan Edkins - When The Aggregator Copies Your Brand

* Key Points: *   __ __ *   * In a recent conversation between Danny McMillan, an Amazon expert, and Ryan Adkins, an experienced seller, they delved into the murky waters of unethical behavior by some aggregators in the Amazon space. This issue has been a growing concern for many sellers who have had their business models replicated or even stolen. *   * Ryan shared his personal experience of being approached by an aggregator, only to discover later that one of their employees had started a competing brand using the same products and suppliers. This situation highlighted the difficulty of proving intent behind such actions, especially when there is a lack of concrete evidence. *   * The incident underscored the importance of keeping sensitive information confidential. When dealing with aggregators, it's crucial to read Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) carefully. These documents should clearly outline what information can be shared and how it can be used. If not handled properly, this could lead to significant damage to your business. *   * Ryan's experience also shed light on the impact such situations can have on a seller's business. It's a stark reminder of the need for sellers to protect themselves and their intellectual property. *   * However, it's important to note that not all aggregators engage in such unethical behavior. As Danny pointed out, the industry as a whole has been beneficial for many sellers. The rise of aggregators has provided opportunities for sellers to exit their businesses profitably and has brought more professionalism and structure to the marketplace. *   * Despite these benefits, the challenges of competition remain. Sellers must stay vigilant and ensure they are protecting their brands. One way to do this is by staying true to your own brand and authenticity. In a competitive market like Amazon, authenticity can set you apart and help build a loyal customer base. *   * In conclusion, while the Amazon space offers immense opportunities, it also comes with its share of challenges. Unethical behavior by some aggregators is a concern that sellers need to be aware of. However, with the right precautions and a strong commitment to your brand's authenticity, you can navigate these challenges successfully.

Oct 20, 2023
Q4 Roundtable with Danny McMillan, Cara Sayer, Joe Jakes, Matt Parker, Matt Phipps, Nick Eary, and Ryan Edkins

* In this insightful episode of the Seller Sessions Podcast, host Danny McMillan brings together a panel of e-commerce experts to discuss Q4 strategies. As the holiday season approaches, this episode offers invaluable insights for Amazon sellers aiming to optimize their strategies. *   * GUEST LINEUP AND BIOS: *   * CARA SAYER: Cara is the inventor of SnoozeShade - a global baby brand that has helped hundreds of thousands of parents, won 80+ awards, and is recommended by the world’s leading baby experts. Passionate about her journey, Cara loves sharing her experiences and the reality of running and growing a 7-figure business in her signature straight-talking style. * JOE JAKES: Joe successfully transitioned his multigenerational family business from 100% wholesale to 100% D2C. Regularly achieving seven-figure months and big six-figure days, the business now sells millions of units per year. * MATT PARKER: * Founder of the digital media agency 'Trendlution', Matt has been a part of the e-commerce world for over 15 years. Having created over 250 top-selling items across Amazon, Ebay, and Woocommerce, he is also a part of the external pro trader and Ebay development program globally. Matt recently helped beta test the personalization feature and next-day service pre-release on and * MATT PHIPPS: Matt, along with his wife Kata, began selling on Amazon in 2018. They achieved 7-figures by the end of their first year and sold the brand within three years. Currently, Matt is building a second 7-figure brand and coaches top-tier 7 and 8-figure sellers inside the Titan Network. * NICK EARY: Nick began his Amazon journey in 2017 and successfully exited two of his 7-figure companies in 2021. Having launched over 300 products worldwide, he now runs and operates 3 brands, scaling them towards 8 figures. * RYAN EDKINS: An author, pilot, and serial entrepreneur with 3 exits, Ryan began selling on Amazon in 2021. In just two years, he scaled his FBA brands to mid 7-figures and beyond. He regularly coaches Amazon sellers, sharing his experiences and guiding them towards achieving financial freedom. *   * KEY TAKEAWAYS: *   * 1. RYAN EDKINS: THE POWER OF VIDEO Ryan emphasizes the effectiveness of sponsored videos, especially during high-traffic events like Black Friday and Prime Day. He also touches upon the challenges of sponsor positions and the importance of adjusting brand store images for seasonal sales. * 2. NICK EARY: GIFTING AND PHOTOGRAPHY Nick shares his brand's focus on gift-able items and the potential of product photography in enhancing sales. He also highlights the importance of basic deal management, promotions, and the challenges faced in the German market due to VAT number discrepancies. * 3. MATT PHIPPS: KEYWORD MASTERY Matt P. delves into the significance of keyword research and the utilization of past performance reports. He suggests creative additions like ribbons for gift-able products and the potential of brand-tailored promotions for retargeting. * 4. MATT PARKER: CAROUSEL ADVERTISING Matt P. (yes, another Matt!) discusses the effectiveness of the carousel feature in advertising. He stresses the role of creative angles, the importance of negative keywords, and harnessing the power of hashtags on platforms like Pinterest and TikTok. * 5. JOE JAKES: AMAZON'S EVOLVING ALGORITHMS Joe provides insights on top search adjustments and the ever-evolving Amazon advertising algorithms. He also underscores the role of deals in increasing visibility and sessions. * 6. CARA SAYER: STRATEGIES BEYOND Q4 Cara offers a fresh perspective for businesses that might not peak during Q4. She talks about the importance of housekeeping, optimizing listings, and shares success stories from the Australian market. Cara also gives recommendations on stock management with Amazon during non-peak seasons. * SPECIAL MENTION: Danny also gives a shoutout to the upcoming Seller Sessions social event in December. It promises to be an excellent opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing. *   * CLOSING THOUGHTS: This episode of the Seller Sessions Podcast is a must-listen for anyone in the e-commerce space. With the holiday season fast approaching, the insights shared by the panel can be the difference between a good Q4 and a great one.

Oct 09, 2023
John Hefter - Thrasio to Go North

Insights from John Hefter, Co-founder of Thrasio: A Conversation on Entrepreneurship and the Future of Sellers In this episode of the Seller Sessions Podcast, Danny McMillan interviews John Hefter, co-founder of Thrasio. John shares his journey as an entrepreneur and offers predictions for the future of sellers. They delve into the challenges and opportunities of running a successful Amazon business, the impact of the recent layoffs at Thrasio on the seller community, and the upcoming trends that sellers should be aware of. With his wealth of experience and knowledge, John provides valuable insights and advice for anyone looking to succeed in the world of e-commerce. Key Takeaways: __ __ Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and advice for individuals who are interested in achieving success in the realm of e-commerce, especially those who are contemplating selling their products on Amazon.

Oct 05, 2023
Canton Fair October 2023 - Expert Tips with Kian Golzari

* CANTON FAIR OCTOBER 2023 - EXPERT TIPS WITH KIAN GOLZARI In this episode of Seller Sessions, host Sharon Even welcomes back Kian Golzari - expert on sourcing and manufacturing products in China. Their engaging discussion centers around the Canton Fair scheduled for October 2023. Kian shares invaluable insights into preparing for such events. He emphasizes the necessity of walking in with a clear objective, a deep understanding of the product, and, if possible, a specification sheet or actual sample in hand. The two delve into the intricacies of supplier interactions, highlighting the importance of trust. Kian stresses the value of face-to-face negotiations, noting potential savings and improved production methods that can arise from these direct conversations.  Sharon and Kian discuss cultural nuances, like the significance of business cards in Chinese business etiquette, and how bonding over shared interests, like basketball, can foster smoother dialogues. A major takeaway from Kian's insights is the central role of preparation, trust, and transparency in fostering successful supplier relationships, whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a newbie. * *

Oct 04, 2023
Amazon AntiTrust Lawsuit Roundtable with Steve Simonson, Tim Jordan, Adam Hiest, Liran Hirschkorn and Paul Rafelson

Amazon AntiTrust Lawsuit Roundtable with Steve Simonson, Tim Jordan, Adam Hiest, Liran Hirschkorn and Paul Rafelson   Today, I am joined by Steve Simonson, Tim Jordan, Adam Hiest, Liran Hirschkorn and Paul Rafelson. The topic of this roundtable is the lawsuit filed by the FTC which has been gaining momentum over the last few days.   Key parts of the lawsuit   ANTI-DISCOUNTING MEASURES: Amazon's fair pricing policy makes it impossible for sellers to offer lower prices on competing platforms.    PRIME ELIGIBILITY: It's claimed that Amazon conditions a seller's ability to have their products marked as "Prime" on using Amazon's fulfilment service, which can be costly.      SEARCH RESULT BIASES: There are concerns that Amazon might be prioritising its own products in search results, even if other products are of better quality.   HIGH FEES FOR SELLERS: The FTC points out that Amazon charges various fees to sellers, which can amount to nearly 50% of their total revenues.   DEGRADING THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE BY REPLACING RELEVANT, ORGANIC SEARCH RESULTS WITH PAID ADVERTISEMENTS—and deliberately INCREASING JUNK ADS that worsen search quality and frustrate both shoppers seeking products and sellers who are promised a return on their advertising purchase.   AMAZON’S SURMISED RESPONSE?   Amazon is contesting a lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), arguing that the lawsuit is misguided and would, if successful, harm consumers and the many businesses that sell on Amazon.   1. *CUSTOMER-CENTRIC INNOVATIONS:*    - Amazon believes its innovations and customer-centric focus have benefited consumers through low prices and increased competition in the retail industry.    - The company has cooperated with the FTC in the past and respects its role in protecting consumers and promoting competition.   2. *MISGUIDED LAWSUIT:*    - The current lawsuit by the FTC is seen as a radical departure from its role, with Amazon arguing that it is misguided and would force Amazon to engage in practices that actually harm consumers and businesses, such as featuring higher prices and making Prime more expensive and less convenient.   3. *ALLEGATIONS OF ANTICOMPETITIVE PRACTICES:*    - The FTC alleges that Amazon's pricing practices, Fulfilment by Amazon offering, and Amazon Prime are anticompetitive, revealing a fundamental misunderstanding of retail by the Commission.    - Amazon argues that its model is pro-competitive, and the lawsuit could negatively impact consumers and businesses selling on Amazon.   4. *LOW PRICES AND COMPETITIVE OFFERS:*    - Amazon is proud of the low prices and competitive offers it provides to customers and has enabled third-party businesses to sell their products alongside Amazon’s.    - The company invests in tools and education to help third-party businesses offer competitive prices and does not highlight or promote offers that are not competitively priced.   5. *SUPPORT TO INDEPENDENT SELLERS:*    - Amazon has lots independent businesses selling on its platform and provides support and services to help them succeed.    - The company has invested billions in resources and services to support sellers at every stage of their journey, providing them with data, insights, and various features to manage their businesses effectively.   6. *FULFILMENT BY AMAZON (FBA):*    - FBA is an optional service where Amazon handles product storage, packaging, shipping, returns, and customer service, allowing sellers to focus on growing their businesses.    - Amazon argues that FBA is competitively priced and offers significant benefits to independent businesses, contributing to job creation and investments in the economy.   7. *INNOVATION AND AMAZON PRIME:*    - Amazon continues to innovate to delight customers, with Prime being a prime example, offering more than just free shipping.    - The company has invested in making Prime better for customers, achieving faster shipping speeds and allowing sellers to offer Prime shipping on their own sites, which has been beneficial to both consumers and sellers.     8. *THRIVING RETAIL INDUSTRY:*    - Amazon operates in a vibrant and varied retail industry where over 80% of all retail products are still bought in physical stores.    - The company argues that the FTC’s complaint grossly mischaracterizes the retail industry and ignores the dynamic competition that benefits consumers, with numerous options available to consumers and sellers.    - Amazon sees itself as a part of a massive and robust retail market and not as a monopolistic entity, with the FTC attempting to narrowly define markets to make Amazon appear more dominant than it is.   9. *COMMITMENT TO CONSUMERS AND SELLERS:*    - Amazon is proud of its role in spurring low prices, innovation, and competition across retail.    - The company fundamentally disagrees with the FTC’s allegations and approach to antitrust, vowing to contest the lawsuit and continue inventing to put consumers and businesses first.    - Amazon believes that the FTC’s approach, if successful, would harm consumers, hurt independent businesses, and upend long-standing and well-considered doctrines.   Final Summary: Amazon is defending its practices and innovations, asserting that they have always been in favor of consumers and sellers, providing low prices, options, and competition in the retail market. The company sees the FTC lawsuit as fundamentally flawed, misrepresenting the retail industry and Amazon’s role in it. Amazon is committed to contesting the lawsuit, maintaining that the success of the FTC in this case would result in anti-consumer and anti-competitive outcomes, harming both consumers and the independent businesses selling on Amazon.

Sep 29, 2023
Amazon OG Frankie Thorogood's Near Fatal Crash To Spectacular Exit in 18 Months

Amazon OG Frankie Thorogood's Near Fatal Crash To Spectacular Exit in 18 Months -  - *About Frankie*: Not commonly found in traditional FBA circles like Facebook groups or events, Frankie is an old-school seller who's carved out his unique path in the FBA community. ### The Early Years: Starting on eBay - Frankie shares that he got his start in 2012 on eBay. - Frankie recounts how eBay served as his starting point before Amazon became the juggernaut it is today. - He believes eBay offered essential lessons in understanding marketplace dynamics. ### Frankie's Iconic First Product: The Snood - Frankie reveals he started by selling football snoods that gained popularity among Premier League players. - A spike in sales occurred when the Football Association banned the product. ### Tackling Marketplace Dynamics - Frankie discusses the challenges of maintaining a business amidst stiff competition. - He notes that these hurdles encouraged him to look for more sustainable, unique products. ### Transitioning into Compression Sportswear (early years) - Frankie shifts focus to compression sportswear, a booming category. - Shares his experience visiting the Canton Fair in China to source quality suppliers. - Talks about how he broadened his product range and brand. ### The Jump to Amazon - Frankie initially was hesitant about moving to Amazon due to its complex Flat file process. - Decided to take the leap, which coincided with Amazon becoming a dominant marketplace. ### Building a Brand - Danny questions Frankie about his journey in brand building. - Frankie admits initial resistance to Amazon but couldn't ignore its market significance. - Frankie summarises his journey and the unique aspects of his compression sportswear brand.    - *Lemon Market Concept*: A marketplace scenario where product quality is unknown until after the purchase. - *Focus on Sportswear Fabric*: Quality relies heavily on fabric and fit.    - *Customer Feedback*: Importance of involving customers in product development.    - *Pitfalls of Rapid Scaling*: Discusses how expanding too quickly nearly led him to bankruptcy.    - *Decision to Sell Business*: Explored selling the business after a near-decade in operation.    - *Brand Milestones*: Overcame cash flow issues between 2014 and 2018. #### The Exit Strategy and Beyond: - Frankie and Danny discuss exit strategy planning, valuations, and Frankie's new ventures post-exit.

Sep 25, 2023
In-Depth with Amazon seller Michael Fenech

IN-DEPTH WITH AMAZON SELLER MICHAEL FENECH     ### Introduction - Host Danny McMillan welcomes entrepreneur Michael Fenech to the Seller Sessions Podcast. - Brief overview of the episode's focus on the entrepreneurial journey, mindset, and success in various business ventures.   ### Michael Fenech's Brief Intro - Michael and his wife are Amazon sellers with three SKUs. - A four-year Amazon journey preceded by experiences in Dropshipping and network activities.   ### Inspirations - Michael's background growing up in a high-achieving family. - The influence of his three brothers who are professional athletes and his entrepreneurial father.   ### Mindset and Early Life - How Michael's early life was shaped by his family's dedication to discipline and success. - The role of his brothers as major sources of inspiration.   ### Education and Early Career Aspirations - Michael as an above-average student who didn't attend university. - Initial career aspirations to be a professional golfer and the lessons learned from not pursuing it.   ### Mindset in Sports and Business - Comparison between the mindset required for sports, particularly golf, and business. - The vital role mindset plays in achieving success.   ### Recovering from Not Making It in Golf - The emotional and psychological transition after not making it as a golfer. - A deep dive into self-awareness and strength application.   ### Transition to Business and Belief in Mindset - Transferring life lessons from sports to business, focusing on discipline, delayed gratification, and mindset. - Why success isn't solely about resources or money, but also one's mindset.   ### Moving Forward - The importance of directing your strengths properly. - Accepting and acknowledging one's limitations as a positive step towards growth.   ---   ### The Entrepreneurial Bug - Michael's foray into entrepreneurship at around 22 years old. - Initial ventures into real estate and technology.   ### High-Profile Business Ventures - Creating a media technology in 2010 that facilitated radio station connections. - Forming an executive team from ex-Facebook and Yahoo! execs, leading to increased confidence.   ### Dropshipping, Amazon, and Beyond - The challenges and learnings from running dropshipping stores. - Transitioning to Amazon FBA in 2018-2019 and growing a brand to over seven figures.   ### Community Building: The End Game Network - The inception of the End Game Network and its objectives. - Impact on the Australian Amazon Community and two success stories from the network.   ### Other Business Ventures - Danny queries about 'SKU Drop', a response to high shipping costs. - Michael shares that SKU Drop is used by over 500 brands and discusses its unique features.   ### Hosting an Amazon Seller Conference - Michael shares insights into hosting a large Amazon seller conference in Australia.   ---   ### Final Thoughts - Danny applauds Michael's strong community building as a significant factor behind his success. - Summary of the episode and the vast scale of Michael’s impact in various business sectors.     **Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Seller Sessions Podcast!**

Sep 07, 2023