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Feb. 26/24 - Strange Days with Lon Strickler

Monster hunter, author and researcher Lon Strickler joins us for his monthly segment called, 'Strange Days'. Lon is the owner and creator of, where he takes hundreds of reports, monthly, from every day people who have had experiences with unknown creatures. Become a supporter of this podcast:

2h 54m
Feb 27
Feb. 23/24 - Chasing Monsters & UFOs with Stan Gordon

Legendary monster hunter Stan Gordon returns for more about the monsters among us. For more than four decades, Stan has been searching for evidence and proof that creatures such as Bigfoot, Dogman and aliens are roaming our planet, even our own back yards. Become a supporter of this podcast:

2h 53m
Feb 24
Feb. 22/24 - UFOs and Contact in the Desert with Ron Janix

Ron Janix, known as Captain Ron in the UFO world, is a long time supporter of ufology. He's a podcaster with 'The Observation Deck'. He's also co-owner of the legendary conference Contact In The Desert, which is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Become a supporter of this podcast:

2h 54m
Feb 23
Feb. 21/24 - Ghosts of the Great White North

Our Paranormal Superstar 'MERLE' is back for Ghosts of the Great White North, as we discuss all things paranormal, ghostly and haunted. Tonight we are meeting with Jade and Mandy from the California team of Ghost Club Paranormal. Become a supporter of this podcast:

2h 53m
Feb 22
Feb. 20/24 - Theater of the Mind with Dave Schrader

Dave Schrader is the popular radio and podcast host of Paranormal 60. Dave is also very famous for being on a number of paranormal television projects. Now, Dave has delved into the the book realm, as he's authored a brand new book called, 'Theater of the Mind: Tales from the Darkness'. Become a supporter of this podcast:

2h 53m
Feb 21
Feb. 19/24 - Haunted America with Troy Taylor

Troy Taylor is the author of more than 140 books on history, hauntings, true crimes, the unexplained, and supernatural in America. He's the founder of American Hauntings Ink, and hosts the Haunted America Conference annually. Become a supporter of this podcast:

2h 54m
Feb 20
Feb. 16/24 - Searching for West Coast Bigfoot with Jacque Harmon

Jacque Harmon started her interest in Bigfoot, Aliens and Ghosts when she was just four years old. That's when the paranormal activity in her life began. Since then she's grown up in the bigfoot and paranormal communities. Looking for answers all along with the west coast of the continent.

2h 54m
Feb 17
Feb. 15/24 - UFOs, Aliens & Skinwalker Ranch with Mark Marinaccio

Mark Marinaccio grew up with a psychic mother and a sci-fi loving father. Which meant the topics of the weird and strange always encompassed him growing up. Now, he's a writer, producer and paranormal podcaster in Los Angeles, creating and producing television shows and traveling the world looking for ghosts, UFOs, and monsters in the forests.

2h 54m
Feb 16
Feb. 14/24 - Science Bob & Friends

Dr. Bob McGwier, formerly of Virginia Tech University takes a look at UFOs, UAP, Disclosure, MUFON and and everything else to do with ufology. Science Bob takes a look at the real science behind what is going on in the ufo world.

2h 10m
Feb 15
Feb. 13/24 - Filming the Unknown with Lee Strauss

Lee Strauss is someone who loves getting things caught on camera. From Washington State, Lee is best known for catching both UFOs and high strangeness in the forests of the state. As an experiencer himself, Lee is trying to solve the mysteries of the Pacific Northwest.

2h 54m
Feb 14
Feb. 12/24 - Why Is It So Hard To Believe with Robert Kalil

Robert Kalil is the host of the podcast 'Typical Skeptic'. He likes to look at these weird and strange topics with an open mind, but the questions of it all keep Robert at bay, staying focused to start the truth. Robert has experience with the paranormal and ufology. He now seeks the answers to the impossible questions.

2h 53m
Feb 13
Feb. 9/24 - Ghosts and Monsters of Texas with Becky Vickers

Becky Vickers has been seeking the answers to the paranormal since she was 17-years old, after losing her grandfather. Since then, she is one of the top ghost hunters in the state of Texas. Becky also chases down monsters as she's also well known for her chasing down the legendary 'Goatman'.

2h 53m
Feb 10
Feb. 8/24 - The Occult and Practices with Maja D'Aoust

Maja D'Aoust is a practicing witch and scholar of alchemy and occult lore. After completing her bachelor's degree in biochemistry, she earned her master's in transformational psychology with a focus on shamanism, the I Ching, and ancestors. She's also an accomplished author with three books and even has her own tarot card deck.

2h 53m
Feb 09
Feb. 7/24 - Veterans For UFO Truth With Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright is a veteran who's helping lead the charge for UFO truth. Kevin has 25-years of experience in Washington, DC, in public relations, communications, and issue advocacy. Kevin also advises the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies on a public affairs.

2h 53m
Feb 08
Feb. 6/24 - UFOs, Aliens and Our Contact with Melinda Leslie

Melinda Leslie is an intuitve and an ET Contactee. She's highly involved in the Disclosure Movement, and also goes as far as running her own tours for UFO skywatching in Sedona, Arizona.

2h 54m
Feb 07
Feb. 5/24 - Modern Dinosaurs and Monsters with Jason McLean

Jason McLean is an artist, podcaster, and Biblical paranormal researcher. His life is consumed by cryptids, ghosts, ufology, and everything else that is of high strangeness to try and understand the Bible's meaning of it all. He's also on the search for what shouldn't exist, like Bigfoot, Dogman, and the idea that dinosaurs are still roaming the earth.

2h 54m
Feb 06
Feb. 2/24 - The ET Connection with R Keith Andrews

R Keith Andrews returns for the 'ET Connection' where Keith takes audience questions to talk everything about extraterrestrial contact, UFOs, alien abductions and more.

2h 53m
Feb 03
Feb. 1/24 - Hunting Hauntings with Jacob Rice

Jacob Rice is a paranormal investigator, technology geek, and budding documentarian on all things haunted. His love for the paranormal started at an early age. The veteran of the United States Army is now living his dream on hunting down the haunted.

2h 53m
Feb 02
Jan. 31/24 - Paranormal Extremes with Shaun Burris

For more than 16 years, Shaun Burris has been looking into the paranormal trying to solve the unearthly mysteries. Shaun has hunted for everything from ghosts to demons, sasquatch to aliens. Nothing motivates him more than chasing down monsters.

2h 53m
Feb 01
Jan. 30/24 - Glowland and Letting Glow with Phill Webster

Phill Webster is a writer, actor and spiritual teacher. After losing his mother three years ago, he realised he'd been dismissing his spiritual calling his entire life. Since then he has trained with Shaman as well as world renowned psychich mediums to open up his inner voice.

2h 54m
Jan 31
Jan. 29/24 - Strange Days with Lon Strickler

Lon Strickler from is back for 'Strange Days'. Lon comes in telling us the latest in monster sightings and encounters that people, just like you, have had.

2h 53m
Jan 30
Jan. 26/24 - Chasing Down Monsters with Eric Altman

Eric Altman is part of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. In over 32-years of research, studying the paranormal and cryptid world, Eric loves searching for the hidden secrets of the monsters that live among us.

2h 54m
Jan 27
Jan. 25/24 - Our Cryptid World with Varla Ventura

Varla Ventura is one of the top cryptid writers in our time. She's an accomplished, published author who writes about the darker side of the paranormal and supernatural world.

2h 53m
Jan 26
Jan. 24/24 - The Sean Kirkpatrick Saga with Dr. Bob McGwier

Dr. Bob McGwier, aka 'Science Bob', comes in for a special segment, looking at what's currently happening with the former head of AARO, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick. Dr. McGwier looks to take on some of the statements of Kirkpatrick, namely, that UFOs and aliens do not exist on earth.

2h 53m
Jan 25
Jan. 23/24 - Spiritual Awakening with Sherri Divband

Sherri Divband felt her awareness shift after becoming a mother. She woke up having the desire to create a better environment in which had awakened within her. Her passion now is helping people spiritually connect within themselves.

2h 53m
Jan 24
Jan. 22/24 - UFOs Politically Speaking with Matt Ford

Matt Ford is the popular host of the YouTube channel 'The Good Trouble Show'. Matt has been in the UFO game for about the last 18-months, keeping track of the political side of UFO Disclosure. Are we any closer to confirmation?

2h 53m
Jan 23
Jan. 19/24 - Near Death Experiences with Nikki Williams

Nikki Williams is a spiritualist and a student of reincarnation and he spiritual lives we have led. Nikki has a unique approach to astrology and reincarnation. She helps people break through the barriers of the past and live in the now.

2h 54m
Jan 20
Jan. 18/24 - People Who Vanish with Steve Stockton

Steve Stockton runs the premiere YouTube Channel, Among The Missing. Steve and his team look into some of the strangest cases in the world where people vanish without a trace.

2h 54m
Jan 19
Jan. 17/24 - Ghosts of the Great White North

MERLE from the Paranormal Road Trippers joins us for the first time in 2024, to talk about ghosts, and paranormal stories. Tonight we are joined by special guests, Victor and Jasmine from Barrier Beyond in Los Angeles, California.

2h 54m
Jan 18
Jan. 16/24 - Weird World War III with Sean Patrick Hazlett

Sean Patrick Hazlett is a successful science fiction writer who takes a look at all the world's scenarios, linking them together into his 'Weird World War' series. He's appeared in dozens of magazines, and is an active member of the Horror Writers Association.

2h 53m
Jan 17