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Take control of your sports career and start DOMINATING your competition. The "I'm Not You" Sports Domination Podcast is hosted by Former All American and NFL Running Back Olaniyi Sobomehin ( Niyi Sobo ) , and he walks you through the specific strategies, habits, and most important MINDSET that you need to take your game to the NEXT level. You'll learn how to master your emotions, how to set goals and crush them, and the mindset of the worlds best athletes so you can get the results you want. This show will feature interviews with NFL, NBA, MLB and Professional Soccer players so you can leverage their experience to reach your sports goals!

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BARS: "Real Bosses Don't Cry Over Losses" (Wisdom from Tee Grizzley)

What do you do after losses? How do you respnd to adversity? Listen to Tee Grizzley break down how bosses need to respond to pain. 

Dec 29, 2023
Dominate the Year Planning System: 2024

My gift to you: A complete 21 step strategic planning process, without interruption, designed to show you how to create powerful and practical plans to dominate the 2024 year. Make sure to share the love by sending this to 3 of the people who most need this powerful tool. Go to to download the planning formula worksheet. Share this episode with at least 3 of your friends, teammates or family who you want to go along this journey with you. (00:00:00) Intro // (00:01:58) Step 1: WINS (00:11:02) Step 2: LOSSES (00:25:16) Step 3: NEW GAME (00:35:25) Step 4: RUN THAT BACK (00:42:21) Step 5: STANDARD OF PERFECTION (00:51:54) Step 6: OFFLINE (00:57:37) Step 7: DRAFT DAY (01:09:02) Step 8: THE DALIO TECHNIQUE (01:18:53) Step 9: EASY MONEY (01:26:37) Step 10: BUILDING BLOCKS (01:35:00) Step 11: MILESTONES (01:42:23) Step 12: MAJOR KEYS (01:50:22) Step 13: INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENTS (01:55:12) Step 14: WEST COAST ANTICIPATION (02:06:52) Step 15: MASTER YOUR ENVIRONMENT (02:13:48) Step 16: BULLETPROOF ACCOUNTABILITY (02:18:09) Step 17: DARK SIDE MOTIVATION (02:23:53) Step 18: DIVINE MOTIVATION (02:27:45) Step 19: GOAL MASTER PLAN (02:31:14) Step 20: THE CLOSE (02:37:04) Step 21: AGGRESSIVE ACTION (02:47:12) Conclusion //

2h 48m
Dec 26, 2023
BARS: Stop taking pride in being a SUCKA (Wisdom fro Jay-Z)

Far too many "competitors" take pride in crying abut their challenges, instead of rising to the challenges and making t look easy. Acept this wisdom and begin behaving like a warrior, instead of a mama's boy. 

Dec 01, 2023
You need to be MORE extreme

There will be many people who attempt to make you feel guilty or weird for the things you do to dominate life....In this episode I share advice with you on how to deal with these feelings.

Nov 17, 2023
When you're not getting the playing time you deserve

What do you do when you are not getting the playing time you want and deserve? In this epsiode I break down the mindset and strategy you need to approach this challenge. 

Nov 14, 2023
How to dominate your tryout, 10 day contract or "one shot" opportunity

There will be times in your career where you have one shot to prove all you're worth, and you can never be sure you'll get another chance at your deam. In this epsiode I give you the keys for how to show up more prepared than you've ever been and perform at your best when it matters most. 

Nov 10, 2023
Bars: "Every Jab I've Parried It"(Bar from Jay Electronica)

In any industry, sport, or business, there are always invisible standards, rules and values. And what's true is that very often these values are not the same as your own. What we usually see is people who make it to a level of success, yet end up sacrificing what they really want and who they really are. They allow themselves to be a victim of their environment. Jay Electronica is not one of those people, and he explains how and why, on his new album "A Written Testimony". #Bars

Nov 07, 2023
Bars: It's about the come up (Throwback Classic Tupac Interview)

All of us, at some point or another, have to do things we don't want, in a way we don't want to, and be subject to circumstances or even people outside of our control. But it's how you respond, and how long you stay in this position that really matters. In this classic Tupac interview, 'Pac explains the real crime in being "pimped" as his interviewer calls it, and why the "come up" is the most important thing. #BARS

Nov 02, 2023
Don't go soft (Stay Jungle)

In this episode I detail and shed light onto a deadly mistake that many make on their quest to greatness. The goal is for you to not make this mistake. 

Oct 31, 2023
The keys to staying balanced under pressure

In this episode I share some critical advide that will help you to gain a level of balance as you struggle and strive towards greatness. 

Oct 27, 2023
How athletes should handle dating and relationships with women

There are many things we are never taught, and this lack of knowledge can (and often does) lead to costly mistakes. In this epsiode I share somekey wisdom an dadvice for athletes on how to relate to women and relationships. 

Oct 20, 2023
4 strategies for dealing with tough emotional times

In this epsiode I share some powerful strategies for dealing with grief, depression and all varieties of emotional pain. 

Oct 13, 2023
Should I get married? (Advice for Athletes considering marriage)

In this epsidoe I share some powerful and practical things to consider before any athlete gets married. 

Oct 10, 2023
Dating and Relationship Advice for Athletes (Masterclass)

In this epsiodes I give a complete breakdown on how athletes should approach dating, relationships and all of the chalenges that come with it. 

Oct 06, 2023
How to stop caring what other people think about you

In this epsiode I break down practical steps to start building an authenitc confidence and stop caring so much about what others think of you. 

Oct 03, 2023
The "Game 7" Lifestyle

This a thorough breakdown of a mentality that will alter the way you look at competition, success and life. 

Sep 29, 2023
How to be cold as ICE

How do you develop the poise under pressure that the most elite performers have? How do you get yourself to the point where you know how to master your emotions, and utilize them instead of avoid them? In this epsidoe I break down how to develop the most important skill any competitor can have.   

Sep 22, 2023
7 hacks to gain more confidence

You can never have too much confidence, and in this episode I share some actionable tips for how to become more confident and perform at a higher level. 

Sep 19, 2023
BARS: How to get to the next level FASTER

In this episode, I break down some practical and game changing advice from Wallace D Wattles, author of the classic "Science of Getting Rich". 

Sep 15, 2023
How to make sure you don't FALL OFF your habits and discipline

It's a great feeling to be locked in and motivated, and doing all you need in order to accomplish your goals. But how do you make sure you don't fall off when things get difficult? In this episode I share some strategic guidance on how to make sure you stay disciplined even throuhg the most difficult of times. 

Aug 29, 2023
A Pattern of Control

Domination is about control. In this epsiode I break down the steps to develop a pattern of control. 

Aug 25, 2023
BARS: Should I Leave Her? (Wisdom from Larry June)

In this epsiode I break down some wisodom from Larry June about when to know when to DELETE someone who is bringing drama into your life. 

Aug 22, 2023
Am I doing too much?

Have you ever been going so hard, you begin to wonder if you're doing too much? Thoughts come up of..."Do I need a break"? "Do I need some time off?" In this epsiode I help you through this challenge and give you some reality to chew on. 

Aug 18, 2023
What do when you're frustrated with your training gains

How should you handle getting frustrated with your training?  What should you do when your training isn't yeilding the gains yo thught it would be? Go through these powerful questions in order to beter access yourself and make a good plan moving forward.  

Aug 15, 2023
BARS: Treat yourself like a KING (Wisdom from 48 Laws of Power)

In this epsidoe I break down a bar from Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power, which encourages us to treat ourselves like the kings that we are. 

Aug 11, 2023
BARS: Quit looking for shortcuts (wisdom from Felix Dennis)

Enjoy this brutal wake up call from legendary entreprenuer Felix Dennis, on the dangers of looking for shortcuts. 

Aug 01, 2023
How to stay disciplined and on point while traveling

There's noting worse than being locked in and on point for months and weeks, only to lose momentum once you have to travel. Most athletes (and many entreprenuers) have a lifestyle that includes constant traveling, which makes it very diffciult to keep momentum and maintain gains.  In this epsiode I break down the mentality and strategy required to stay locked in regardless of travel.  Share this epsiode with someone you know who needs it. 

Jul 28, 2023
BARS: Kobe Bryant's philosophy on leadership

In this episode I share powerful insight from Kobe Bryant on leadership, and lay out a practical framweork you can use to turn yourself into an authentic leader.  CLICK HERE TO GAIN THE KILLER INSTINCT.

Jul 21, 2023
5 daily habits every KILLA needs to have

These 5 habits will turn you into the ultimate competitor. CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT MINDSET COACHING.

Jul 18, 2023
Do this when you're overwhelmed with tons of goals and challenges

This is a powerful method I created in respose to recently being overwhelmed by what felt like an abundance of challenges and uncertainty. Use this step by step procccess to help you gain clarity, relieve the tension and make progress. 

Jul 14, 2023