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Podcast: Why Eli Drinkwitz names Brady Cook the Missouri Tigers’ starting quarterback

Missouri has a starting quarterback. The four-candidate competition concluded earlier this week when Coach Eli Drinkwitz announced Brady Cook would get the nod for the opening game. Cook’s ability to throw with accuracy and be a threat in the running game elevated him over Tyler Macon, Jack Abraham and Sam Horn. On today’s SportsBeat KC, Coach Eli Drinkwitz discusses his choice of Cook at the news conference, and you’ll also hear from Cook, who started last season’s bowl game. Jayden Jernigan, a defenisve lineman transfer from Oklahoma State, speaks to the strides made by the TIgers defense in training camp. Story link: Missouri names Brady Cook starting quarterback Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 11
Who’s moving up (and down) the Kansas City Chiefs’ depth chart? A SportsBeat KC podcast

Days away from the Chiefs preseason opener the team released its first depth chart and it mostly read as expected. But trhere were a couple of surprises. We talk about those and on today’s SportsBeat KC with beat writers Herbie Teope and Jesse Newell along with columnist Sam McDowell. Also, Rashad Fenton returned to practice this week, bolstering the cornerback position, and find out which players defensive backs coach Dave Merritt called the “Fab FIve.” Story link: Chiefs assistant coach has this nickname for players in the secondary Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 10
Kansas City Royals’ season pivots to the rookies. How to handle the new reality: podcast

The Royals’ future is now. Bobby Witt Jr., and MJ Melendez have been with the club all or most of they season. Now they’ve been joined by players like Nick Pratto, Michael Massey and Nate Eaton. The final weeks of the season are about getting them major league experience. That makes the season a little sad–it means the Royals are contending–but interesting at a time when a team with the Royals; record would be playing out the string. On today’s SportsBeat KC, beat writer Lynn Worthy and columnist Vahe Gregorian discuss a team in transition. The show started as a SportsBeat Live. Story link: How rookies are revitalizing KC Royals: ‘All of us ... are falling in love with them’ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 09
Podcast: Chiefs like their cornerback depth enough they cut a former first-round pick

The Chiefs made some roster noise on Sunday, cutting cornerback Deandre Baker, a former first-round draft pick who appeared in 10 games over the past two seasons in Kansas City. Also, Geron Christian, a fifth-year pro who joined the Chiefs this season, ran with the starters at right tackle. Beat writers Herbie Teope and Jesse Newell broke down those moves and added their practice observations on today’s podcast, which started as a SportsBeat Live. Chiefs training camp continues this week until the team plays its first preseason game, at the Chicago Bears on Saturday. Story link: KC Chiefs continue to try new faces at right tackle; Sunday was Geron Christian’s turn Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 08
SportsBeat KC: Carlos Dunlap wants all the snaps. Will the Chiefs accommodate him?

The Chiefs have a new defensive end, but even though Carlos Dunlap played only 38 percent of the defensive snaps last season as a member of the Seattle Seahaws, he’s says he wants to be an every-down player for the Chiefs. Dunlap revealed that and more when he spoke to reporters on Thursday. You’ll those comments and more on today’s SportsBeat KC. Chiefs beat writers Herbie Teope and Jesse Newell discussed Dunlap’s latest NFL stop and what happens with the defensive end rotation. Also, hear why rookie wide receiver Skyy Moore sits behind Patrick Mahomes in meetings, and how defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is challenged by the Chiefs’ rookies. Story links: What Steve Spagnolo sees from four Chiefs rookies, including this recent riser Skyy Moore talks about what it’s like working with Patrick Mahomes Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 05
Podcast: Chiefs brought huge draft class to camp. Who is making the most progress?

The Chiefs’ 10-player draft haul has made it through two weeks of training camp. What are the early returns? On today’s SportsBeat KC, beat writers Herbie Teope and Jesse Newell join columnist Vahe Gregorian in breaking down the progress of the drafted rookies. At least are headed for starting jobs and a majority should be part of the two-deep. We discuss the camp’s biggest surprises and disappointments? Also on today’s show, third-year linebacker Willie Gay Jr., is poised for his biggest season. He’ll tell you about his biggest areas of improvement. Story link: Willie Gay Jr., sets this lofty goal ahead of 2022 season Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 04
Welcome to KC Chiefs camp, Orlando Brown Jr. (now we can change the subject): podcast

For the first time since his contract situation became newsworthy, Chiefs left tackle Orlando Brown Jr., practiced with the team and spoke about his future. Brown arrived at training camp this week, and said he wanted to be a member of the Chiefs for the rest of his career. He also immediately practiced with the first team. You’ll hear from Brown along with beat writers Herbie Teope and Jesse Newell, along with columnist Vahe Gregorian. Also discussed: the special teams’ role in roster composition, and tight end Travis Kelce addresses his recent restructured contract. Story links: Orlando Brown’s return despite contract dispute reflects vital part of Chiefs culture Travis Kelce says he wants to be a Kansas City Chief for the rest of his career Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 03
Trade winds are blowing for the Royals. And Salvy’s home run went how far? Podcast

The Royals have been active in trades over the past few weeks, and now that the clock is ticking toward the end of the trade deadline, how much more work can they do? On today’s SportsBeat KC, beat writer Lynn Worthy and columnists Vahe Gregorian talk about the players who have arrived and those who might be leaving. Also, we challenge the distance of Salvador Perez’s home run in Chicago against the White Sox on Monday. Was it really just 452 feet? Pffft. Finally, you’ll hear a tribute from the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and its president Bob Kendrick to Buck O’Neil, the museum’s founder who was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame last week. Story links: Kansas City Royals add a pair of relievers, trade away third baseman Emmanuel Rivera Royals, fans think Statcast whiffed on 452-foot estimate of Salvador Perez home run Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 02
Podcast: A practicing Orlando Brown Jr. is good news for Kansas City Chiefs and Brown

Orlando Brown Jr., is back. Well, not quite back but headed in the right direction. The Pro Bowl left tackle didn’t participate in the first week of Chiefs training camp, but his agent said he’ll be at the camp site at Missouri Western for the second week. On today’s SportsBeat KC, beat writers Jesse Newell and Herbie Teope along with columnist Sam McDowell discussed the impact of Brown’s absence and his return. Also, Monday marked the first day of practice in pads. Who stood out? And was that Patrick Mahomes limping at the end of the workout? Yes, it was. Story links: KC Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes briefly leaves practice after injury scare, but is ‘OK’ Here are Andy Reid’s thoughts on Orlando Brown Jr.’s return to the Kansas City Chiefs Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 01
Podcast: How newly acquired Carlos Dunlap fits into KC Chiefs plans at defensive end

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Jul 29
Podcast: Why KC Chiefs’ JuJu Smith-Schuster had a good first day at training camp

JuJu Smith-Schuster is excited about his prospects in Kansas City. One day into training camp he spoke of lining up in different positions on the field and running more routes in one practice than he did in a season at Pittsburgh. Will he become Patrick Mahomes favorite target? We discuss Smith-Schuster and other Chiefs topics on today’s SportsBeat KC with beat writers Jesse Newell and Herbie Teope along with columnist Sam McDowell. Also, on the first day of veterans’ participation, we discuss who got the call at left tackle, cornerback and other positions of uncertainty. Story links: Here’s the change JuJu Smith-Schuster is most excited about The biggest victim of Orlando Brown’s absence from Chiefs camp? Himself. Let’s explain Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 28
Return of Salvador Perez means Royals will have to make some lineup decisions: Podcast

The Kansas City Royals figure to be an active participant in the final week before the Aug. 2 MLB trade deadline, which would continue a makeover for a team that’s getting younger by the week. Also, the Royals are winning. They’re an AL Central-best 19-16 over their last 35 games. So what happens when Salvador Perez returns to the lineup? We cover these topics and plenty more on SportsBeat KC, The Star’s sports podcast, with beat writer Lynn Worthy and columnists Vahe Gregorian and Sam McDowell. Also, baseball’s great ambassador Buck O’Neil got his day in Cooperstown, New York when he was enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday. Gregorian was there to cover the festivities and shares his experiences. Story links: Salvador Perez slated to begin a rehab assignment; Bobby Witt Jr., not in the lineup From Old Slave Mart in Charleston to Cooperstown: Buck O’Neil’s induction resonates When MLB players visit the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 26
Every day was Buck O’Neil’s day in the sun. Here’s what Ken Burns, others had to say about Hall induction

Buck O’Neil had his day in the sun. Then again, when did it ever feel like anything but a sunny day when you were around baseball’s greatest ambassador? O’Neil was enshrined in Baseball Hall of Fame. On Sunday, and Star columnist Vahe Gregorian was on hand to cover the event. On today’s show you’ll hear a conversation between Gregorian and filmmaker Ken Burns, whose 1994 documentary mini-series “Baseball” thrust O’Neil into the national spotlight. You’ll also hear a conversation between Bob Kendrick, president of the Negro League’s Baseball Museum in Kansas City–founded by Buck O’Neil–and former Star columnists Joe Posnanski. Poz worked with O’Neil on the book, “The Soul of Baseball,” as they traveled the nation and spoke with former Negro Leagues players. Story links: It’s official at long last: Buck O’Neil takes his place at Hall of Fame in Cooperstown From Old Slave Mart in Charleston to Cooperstown, Buck O’Neil’s induction resonates Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 25
Kicking a conference when it’s down is part of the realignment experience: a podcast

The college sports realignment adventure continued this week as commissioners from the SEC and ACC spoke at their respective football media days events, the Big 12 reportedly said it wasn’t interested in a merger with the Pac-12 (but was linked to an NBC deal with Notre Dame), and California Gov. Gavin Newsom demanded an explanation of why UCLA is leaving the Pac-12 with USC for the Big Ten. Whew. There is plenty to discuss, so we’re chatting on today’s SportsBeat KC podcast with K-State beat writer Kellis Robinett. We break down the week’s news, quotes and speculation and wonder whether there’s room for any empathy in the cold business of realignment. We also discuss the significance of Kansas State’s latest basketball commitment, Darrin “Dai Dai” Ames, a top-50 prospect from Chicago. Story links: Who won the realignment battle between the SEC and Big Ten? Look South says Greg Sankey Kansas State kicks off 2023 recruiting class with Darrin Ames Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 22
Podcast: Projecting next moves for Chiefs, Orlando Brown Jr., as training camp begins

Football’s off-season is about to end. The Chiefs’ training camp opens this week at Missouri Western in St. Joseph, where players and coaches will gather to see the building process of a team seeking to make it five straight trips to the AFC Championship Game. Quarterbacks and rookies only for the first few days. The rest of the squad is scheduled to begin on Wednesday. One of the early questions: When–or will– Orlando Brown Jr., show up? The team’s Pro Bowl left tackle didn’t come to terms with the Chiefs on a long-term deal and will play under the franchise tag this season. On today’s SportsBeat KC, beat writer Jesse Newell and columnist Sam McDowell discuss the Brown situation and the Chiefs’ options if Brown doesn’t practice. Story link: Chiefs, Orlando Brown fail to get long-term deal done before deadline. This is what it means Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 21
Podcast: Mizzou’s best team under Drinkwitz? Here’s what the Tigers had to say

Missouri had its day at SEC Kickoff in Atlanta this week with head coach Eli Drinkwitz, defensive back Martez Manuel, defensive lineman Isaiah McGuire and wide receiver Barrett Banister taking the stage. You’ll hear from the players today on SportsBeat KC. Manuel and McGuire spoke about a defense that looks to make big strides this season despite having a third coordinator in three years. After posting three straight seasons of break even records in the regular season, they’re ready to break through and become a division contender. Banister said there was no doubt he would return for a sixth season of eligibility of discusses the responsibility of being a leader.. Story links: Maybe third defensive coordinator in three years will be the charm for Missouri Tigers Mizzou has returners, a transfer and a freshman vying at quarterback. Any could win the job Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 20
SportsBeat KC: As trade season approaches, how will Royals approach non-vaccinated players?

Baseball resumes Friday after the All-Star Break, and the Royals likely will soon make some roster decisions. They’re not a contending team, so who will and won’t be part of the club as the second half unfolds? And will the recent news of players not having vaccinations and unable to travel to Toronto factor into decisions? Those are the primary topics on SportsBeat KC, The Star’s sports podcast. Beat writer Lynn Worthy and columnists Sam McDowell and Vahe Gregorian discussed the Royals and how players like Whit Merrifield, part of the group that didn’t get vaccines, might be viewed by the club. We also discussed the draft, with the Royals selecting position players with their first two picks, and college talent for their first 10. How soon can we see some of them in the majors? Story links: Here’s the mentality that helped the Royals produce the biggest upset in MLB this season Royals lean on college players early in MLB draft, see plenty of upside Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 19
A glimpse into what K-State, KU are thinking amid realignment: SportsBeat KC podcast

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Jul 14
SportsBeat KC: Visionary and rear-view mirror sightlines by Big 12 commissioners

For the first time, Big 12 Media Days opened with two commissioners at the podium. Brett Yormark, who starts the job on Aug. 1, shared the stage with outgoing boss Bob Bowlsby. On today’s SportsBeat KC, you’ll hear from both. Yormark provides his vision for the Big 12, and obviously the outlook is changing with the recent realgnment shuffle that is sending USC and UCLA from the Pac-12 to the Big Ten in 2024. Add navigating the Big 12 through the latest choppy waters to the to-do list, topped by landing the league’s new TV package. Bowlsby has been through it all in his decade as Big 12 boss. He opened up to reporters about the state of college sports, the successes of the league, and offered a surprising regret, or disappointment. Story link: As Bob Bowlsby leaves Big 12 commissioner’s role on high notes, here is his biggest regret Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 13
From trades to lineup, Kansas City Royals’ makeover is underway. What’s next? Podcast

Not a bad day for the Kansas City Royals on Monday. The team picked up two victories against the Detroit Tigers and three players from the Atlanta Braves. We discuss the haul and more on today’s SportsBeat KC podcast with beat writer Lynn Worthy. The Royals didn’t surrender a player in the trade, giving up a competitive balance round draft pick, No. 35 overall, in exchange for three minor league players. The closest to the majors is center fielder Drew Waters, who has been added to the 40-man roster and assigned to Triple-A Omaha. The deal prompts some questions: What does the deal say about the center field position going forward? And why surrender a draft pick? Also, as the Royals look to the future, rookies occupied the top three spots in the batting order for the second game on Monday, and produced in a big way. A couple of veterans also were in the news. Whit Merrifield’s club-record games played streak is over, and Andrew Benintendi is the team’s much-deserved All-Star selection. We discuss it all on SportsBeat KC. Story links: Here’s what the Royals trade means for center field and the MLB deadline Bobby Witt Jr. has four hit night as Royals complete doubleheader sweep Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 12
Playing offense, not defense appears to be Big 12’s position in this round of realignment: Podcast

The Big 12 isn’t exactly sitting out this round of realignment but the league didn’t take a direct hit this time. The latest move, USC and UCLA leaving the Pac-12 for the Big Ten, has thrown the college landscape into another period of uncertainty. What are the Big 12 options here? The league expanded after last year’s announcement of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC, and the conference could do the same again with remaining Pac-12 schools. On today’s SportsBeat KC, beat writer Kellis Robinett discusses how the Big 12 appears to be operating from a position of strength and not playing defense like it has in other rounds of realignment. After a break, we preview Big 12 media days that happen in Arlington, Tex., this week, and discuss the significance Kansas State’s latest football commitment, quarterback Avery Johnson. Story links: The question another school asked that led to Maize QB Avery Johnson picking K-State K-State picked fifth, KU last in 2022 Big 12 Conference preseason football media poll Winners & losers as college sports realignment sends USC, UCLA to Big Ten Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 11
Sporting KC’s role in World Cup bid and what it’s like covering world’s biggest event

Four years from now, the World Cup will be winding down in North America, and Kansas City will have been a part of it. On today’s SportsBeat KC, we continue to examine how our selection as one of the host cities came to be. Star columnist Sam McDowell breaks down the role of Sporting Kansas City and principal owner Cliff Illig in the World Cup process. The city’s soccer culture, which undoubtedly played a major role in the choice of Kansas City as a site, is due in large part to the presence and success of Sporting KC. After a break, we speak to The Star reporter who has covered a World Cup to get an idea of what to expect in Kansas City. Pete Grathoff spent a month in Germany in 2006 and took in not only the games but the sites and sounds. He shares that experience on today’s show. Story links: Can’t miss this opportunity: How Kansas City is thinking big as World Cup host This is how it will look and feel when the World Cup comes to Kansas City Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 06
Royals would be one of baseball’s hottest teams except for that pesky ninth inning. Podcast

Two innings have cost the Royals a five-game winning streak. Relievers surrendered walk-off home runs in two of the past three games to prevent the perfect stretch. But they’ve been playing better baseball lately, especially the starting pitching. On today’s SportsBeat KC hosted by Vahe Gregorian, KC Star writers break down the good and bad about the week and look ahead as the season closes in on the midway point. Who is on the trading block and who is off-limits? How’s Vinnie Pasquantino adjusting to major league pitching? The group bats around these questions and more. Story links: Royals’ bullpen collapses late, serves up walk-off loss at Houston Andrew Benintendi not sweating trade deadline, things he cannot control Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 05
Can Kansas State keep football recruiting momentum? Next pledge will tell. SportsBeat KC podcast

Kansas State has some momentum on the football recruiting trail. Last weeks, Coach Chris Klieman’s program picked up a commitment from standout running back Dylan Edwards from Derby and soon hope to be the landing spot from another Wichita-area product, quarterback Avery Johnson from Maize. On today’s SportsBeat KC, Kansas State beat writer Kellis Robinett talks all things Wildcats, including how the men’s basketball roster under new coach Jerome Tang is shaping up. Also, the BIg 12 has a new commissioner. Brett Yormark, CEO of Jay Z’s Roc Nation, an entertainment agency, will succeed Bob Bowlsby. What is the advantage of departing from the traditional college adminstrator route? Story links: Maize quarterback Avery Johnson will choose among K-State, Oregon and Washington in early July Big 12 makes bold move, targets Brett Yormark for new commissioner Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 29
How getting younger impacts Kansas City Royals’ timetable to contend: Podcast

The future is now for the Royals. With the call up of first baseman Vinnie Pasquantino, the Royals are likely to have three rookies in the lineup, along with infielder Bobby Witt Jr., and catcher MJ Melendez, for many games the remaining of the season. To get young, the Royals had to bid farewell to a veteran, and that’s what happened with the trade of 36-year-old Carlos Santana to the Seattle Mariners. On today’s SportsBeat KC podcast, Star columnists Vahe Gregorian and Sam McDowell break down the moves and look ahead to what might come next. Also, we discuss the return from the Mariners for the Santana trade, the thumb injury to catcher Salvador Perez that’s opened up playing time for Melendez, and more. Story links: A look inside Vinnie Pasquantino’s first day with the Royals “I lost all feeling in my body,” What call up of Vinnie Pasquantino means to the Royals Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 28
What Kansas City Chiefs player has the most to prove in 2022? We answer in podcast

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Actually, the questions were ours, too. On today’s SportsBeat KC, Chiefs beat writer Jesse Newell and host Blair Kerkhoff batted around some reponses to such questions as: *What Chiefs player has the most to prove this season? *Who fills the leadership role left by safety Tyrann Mathieu? *Which wide reciever leads the Chiefs in receptions? And more. We didn’t always agree on the answers but covered plenty of ground in the attempt. Let us know if we didn’t get it right. Story link: Juan Thornhill seeks to fill leadership void in absense of mentor Tyrann Mathieu Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 27
Why a time machine would complete KC Current’s new $18 million training center: SportsBeat KC podcast

With team owners, the league commissioner, some players on hand, the Kansas City Current cut the ribbon and opened their new training facility in Riverside, Mo. The $18 million structure includes the essentials except one, according to veteran midfielder Kristen Edmonds. “A time machine,” Edmonds said, “for me to get five years younger so I could play a little bit longer.” The facility is believed to be the first built exclusively for a women’s professional soccer team - in the U.S. or anywhere else. Owners Angie and Chris Long, along with Jessica Berman, commissioner of the National Women’s Soccer League and Edmonds spoke to setting the bar for women’s teams and you’ll hear their interviews on today’s SportsBeat KC. “People are talking about Kansas City in Europe,” Berman said. Finally, you’ll hear from Sporting KC’s Peter Vermes. I asked about Kansas City landing the FIFA World Cup in 2026 after the team’s U.S. Open Cup victory over Omaha Union on Wednesday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 23
How will NBA Draft play out for KU Jayhawks Ochai Agbaji and Christian Braun? Podcast

The NBA Draft has arrived and there’s a good chance you’ll hear a pair of Kanasas Jayhawks who played high school basketball in the Kansas City area hear their names called. Ochai Agbaji and Christian Braun helped KU win the NCAA championship in April. They take center stage once again in Thursday’s draft Agbaji is widely seen as a first-round selection, Braun a late first-round/second round pick. KU beat writer Gary Bedore breaks down the Kansas players’ draft prospects. After a break, you’ll hear from a KU player who won’t get drafted, Jalen Wilson. He recently announced is intention to return to KU and met with reporters this week. You’ll hear most of that interview here. NBA Draft first-round players from Kansas under Bill Self 2020 Udoke Azubuike 2017 Josh Jackson 2015 Kelly Oubre 2014 Andrew Wiggins 2014 Joel Embiid 2013 Ben McLemore 2012 Thomas Robinson 2011 Markieff Morris 2011 Marcus Morris 2010 Cole Aldrich 2010 Xavier Henry 2008 Darrell Arthur 2008 Brandon Rush 2007 Julian Wright 2005 Wayne Simien Story links: KU’s Ochai Agbaji grew into projected NBA Draft lottery pick in 4 years with Jayhawks Jalen Wilson in no hurry to leave KU Jayhawks for NBA: ‘I can’t rush a place like this’ Ochai Agbaji, Christian Braun look to join list of NBA first-rounders from KC area Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 22
Too soon to reconsider Kansas City Royals’ direction during this mini hot streak? Podcast

Thanks to some success on the current road trip, the Kansas City Royals no longer have baseball’s worst record. But is winning four of the last five enough to change the way fans should feel about the season and this team’s potential? On today’s SportsBeat KC podcast, beat writer Lynn Worthy and columnists Sam McDowell and Vahe Gregorian discuss the Royals’ mini-run, what it might mean and the importance of it being led by starting pitching. Also, we break down why the Royals now are keeping three catchers, and with Lorenzo Cain out in Milwaukee and contemplating retirement, we remember some of his great moments in a Royals uniform. Story links: Why Mike Matheny doesn’t like MLB limiting rosters to 13 pitchers Lorenzo Cain’s Royals legacy? Scoring from first and never a moment too big Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 21
Did Kansas City Chiefs get everything accomplished before training camp starts? Podcast

It’s vacation time for the Chiefs. What, amounts to an off-season, five weeks between the end of organized team activities and the beginning of training camp, has arrived. The Chiefs wrapped up their Arrowhead practices last week. On today’s SportsBeat KC, beat writers Herbie Teope and Jesse Newell wrap up the workouts and break down what some Chiefs veterans like Chris Jones and Juan Thornhill had to say last week. Did the Chiefs check all the OTA boxes? After a break, Patrick Mahomes field questions about the Tyreek Hill podcast and other topics. Also covered: The signings of players like Jerrick McKinnon and Chris Lammons, the World Cup’s impact on Arrowhead Stadium, training camp information and more. Story links: Why Kansas City’s World Cup 2026 host duty could hasten end of Arrowhead as we know it ‘I’m a little surprised.’ Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes responds to Tyreek Hill podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 20