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The Sportsmen’s Empire Western Big Game feed is a collection of outdoor hunting podcasts dedicated to the big game hunter. These podcasts cover hunting strategy, hunting gear, and hunting stories of big game species in North America. Topics include elk hunting, mule deer hunting, antelope hunting, and all things western big game.

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Western Rookie - Adventures From Oregon to Idaho

On this episode of The Western Rookie Dan talks with friend and fellow western hunter Tucker Johnson about Tucker’s transition from chasing blacktail deer in Oregon to Elk in Idaho. Tucker grew up in Oregon hunting  everything from ducks and geese to big game like black tail deer, mule deer and Roosevelt elk. After high school he joined the Marine Corps and did deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Upon leaving the Marines Tucker moved to Idaho and continued his passion for hunting elk, mule deer and whatever else he could find. Tucker now works for Eberlestock as their retail store manager. In Idaho Tucker met his wife and started a family. They now have 2 boys who love the outdoors and they spend a lot of time in the mountains and on UTV trails exploring their great state! Connect with Dan Mathews and The Nomadic Outdoorsman  On TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Shop Dan's Podcast Gear and Hunting Gear Shop Vortex  Online or Connect On Instagram, TikTok, Youtube Facebook Connect with Tucker Johnson On Instagram   Shop Eberlestock

1h 7m
Aug 09
Houndsman XP - Professional Coon Hunters and Trainers: The Blackwells

Have you ever thought of yourself as a hard hunter? Do you know when the last time you missed a night in the woods with your hound? Bub Blackwell is a HARD hunter and his wife Jane and son Austin are no slackers either.  The Blackwells come from several generations of hard coonhunting families and they bring it all together to carry on the tradition. Chris has known Bub and his dad, Doug, for many years and has respected their hunting prowess and the work they are willing to put into making a nice hound and keeping them right. This podcast has gems in it and listeners will hear how the Blackwells work together to train young hounds and keep them on top of the game. They are known across the United States and respected in the coonhound world.  Meet the Blackwells, the full time, professional coonhunting family.

1h 12m
Aug 08
Houndsman XP - The Truth with Steve Yant

Steve Yant needs no introduction.  His accolades are many, and his hunting experience is well known.  So join us this week as Josh makes a return to Houndsman XP to sit down with one of his good friends and mentors as they talk about everything from Zeb 3, to Flatrock Thrasher, to the current state of competition coon hunting and how it has changed over the years.  As always Mr. Yant holds nothing back, and as always it makes for more hard hitting truths that Steve and Houndsman XP are known for!

1h 39m
Aug 05
Hunting Gear Podcast - Annihilator Broadheads

On this episode of the Hunting Gear Podcast, Dan talks to the guys at Annihilator Broadheads about everything from the initial idea to process of bring the final product to market. Brandon and Micah talk about how the first time this idea was shared was at an elk camp where another hunter hit a bull but was never able to recover it. From there, the brainstorming started and eventually led to a prototype. The guys were blown away by the initial testing that had shown very large would channels thus reducing the drag on the arrow and causing more penetration.  This is another awesome episode that shows how passion for bowhunting can drive us to create some pretty amazing technology. Material, design, flight path, and engineering are all topics of discussing in this weeks episode. Enjoy!  

1h 26m
Aug 04
Average Conservationist - Coming Full Circle with Mark Jones

This week on The Average Conservationist Podcast, Marcus sits down with Mark Jones. Mark is the owner of newly 2% Certified Citrus Arrow Coffee Co. The guys start their conversation talking about Mark's path that led to him starting his own coffee company and what one of the driving factors was for giving back. Growing up in California, Mark has always had a deep love and appreciation for the ocean and the wildlife that inhabits it. Through Citrus Arrow, Mark is able to work with a handful of local and national organizations to give back and help keep our oceans clean. If you're looking for a good cup of joe that supports conversation in the process, be sure and check them out!

Aug 03
Ohio Outdoors - Tales of an Old Derelict Bow Hunter Part 3

The final episode with Dr. Ashby discusses factors 7-12 from his arrow penetration research.  The final show will also have some insight from our friend Troy Fowler, the Ranch Fairy.  Troy joins the end of the show to give some of his insight as well and discuss the future direction of the Ashby bowhunting Foundation.  We hope you found this trilogy interesting, and perhaps will help you to tinker with your arrow set up for the fast approaching whitetail deer season! Lottery hunt applications are closed, and results should be out in the next week or so.  The Deerassic Classic is happening this weekend in Cambridge OH.  The state fair continues to roll on into it’s second week.  Hunting season is closing in, but don’t forget to get out and take advantage of some of the great fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities in the great state of Ohio! GoWild Profile Tethrd First Lite Instagram: @the.o2.podcast Twitter: @Ohiohunt

2h 24m
Aug 03
Houndsman XP - The Journey - Gettin’ Down…Bear Season

Heath takes a trip up into the Catskills to spend a few days chasing bears, with good friend Bob Melville. Bob has been in the retriever world over forty years and hunted with Heath for over twenty. Bob judges AKC junior and seniors hunt tests, along with competing in the AKC field Trials, qualifying dogs at each level. Heath and Bob talk about the hounds they are hauling this season. What they are and what they expect by season’s end. Bob and Heath walk back in time with dogs of the past. They wonder how dogs of today compare. Better grab your leads, pull boot laces tight and get those garmins charged. It’s that time of year we all wait for. IT’S GO TIME… Sponsors:

Aug 03
Western Rookie - Beginner Elk Hunting Strategy

On this episode of The Western Rookie Dan talks with Colorado native Chase Seilheimer about his adventures chasing elk in the Rocky Mountains.  Chase is a self admitted elk addict. He grew up wishing he could go elk hunting with his dad but was too young so he stayed home and shot everything that moved with his BB gun. As soon as Chase could hunt he was following his dad through the mountains. It wasn’t until later in life that Chase’s love for archery hunting really took off. In his own words, “The mountains are like a second home to me and they unlock something in my family bloodline that is like nothing I have ever felt before.” Needless to say Chase is hooked and he’s continuing to be a student of elk and elk hunting. Chase shares all about his early hunts and how his strategy has evolved as each season passes. Dan and Chase talk about gear, tips, daily strategy and so much more as they make final plans for the upcoming hunting season. Connect with Dan Mathews and The Nomadic Outdoorsman  On GoWild, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Shop Dan's Podcast Gear and Hunting Gear Shop Vortex  Online or Connect  On Instagram, TikTok, Youtube Facebook Connect with Chase Seilheimer On Instagram

1h 3m
Aug 02
Missouri Woods & Water - Talking Gear With Adjustable Red Dot

This week we get to talk with Tim and Abby Zelenka of Adjustable Red Dot bow sights about their interesting product that gives a different look to shooting a bow.  ARD uses red dot technology and their adjustable mount for archery set ups and gives people who may not have the ability to shoot their bow anymore or just looking for something different another option for a sight.  Thanks for listening!     Adjustable Red Dot Website Adjustable Red Dot YouTube Channel   Check out the MO Woods & Water Linktree for show and partner links OnX  Use code MWW20 for 20% off  Camofire Black Ovis  Use code MWW10 for 10% off Midwest Gun Works  Use code MWW5 for 5% off Cuddeback  Use code MOWW22 for 10% off Rivers Edge Treestands  Use code Missouri10 for 10% off Hang-Ons and Ladder Stands Lucky Buck

1h 9m
Aug 02
Wisconsin Sportsman - Share Your Hunt

In this episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast, Josh talks with Rob Nally and Rudy Nunez of TACTACAM about point of view and cellular trail cameras. Rob and Rudy are avid outdoorsmen who prioritize time afield each fall and have a passion for sharing their hunts with others. Rob hunts mostly out east, and Rudy hunts mostly out west, so between the two, they’ve got the nation covered! Beyond just being outdoorsman, Rob and Rudy are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to TACTACAM’s products, best practices, and how to maximize your cameras for both scouting and sharing the hunt. If you’re interested in a simple way to preserve your hunting memories on film, this episode is for you. Enjoy! Big thanks to our partners! TACTACAM and REVEAL cell cameras Huntworth DeerLab - use code WISCONSIN for 20% off of any plan!

1h 0m
Aug 02
Houndsman XP - Point Blank: Black Bears and Mange

The Houndsman XP Team comes together to discuss the hottest topics facing Houndsmen. This Point Blank is fun and light but also get down to business and discusses the mange outbreak that is devastating the American Black Bear population in the Shenandoah region of Virginia and spreading out to regions beyond to include bordering states. The team goes on to discuss a topic that will have a deep impact on Houndsmen that routinely hunt in the state of Virginia if success is found in the courts. Right to Retrieve is a term that is common to houndsmen and it has been challenged and is under attack.  Houndsmen across the country need to pay attention and tune in. This podcast is an example of what can happen in your home state.  Know the facts; control the narrative.

1h 17m
Aug 01
Huntavore - Deer Ribs, Brisket, and Sidemeat

On this episode of Huntavore, joining Nick on this in depth discussion is returning guest, Nathan Judice, the RecreationChef. Together they unpack the rib quarter of deer; the location, characteristics, and sound cooking treatments of these muscle groups.  Along the way, the guys add tips and tricks to get the most out of this very finicky quarter.  If you’ve been wanting to better utilize your deer’s midsection, make it easier to bone out for burger, or elevate these under-appreciated cuts to center stage,  tune into this episode of Huntavore. Ribs, Brisket, Sidemeat Location:  extends from the lower neck to the pelvis, as high as vertebrae and extending the length of the rib to the sternum. Muscle groups/cuts: intercostal muscles: rib meat, attached between each rib, layers of muscles with pockets of hard fat. flank muscles: attached near the groin and ending at the last rib.  Thin in profile, long muscle fibers, lean, some  diaphragm: AKA Skirt Steak, internal muscular wall, works the lungs.  Located along the inside of the ribs brisket: front chest muscles.  Connects from the sternum to the shoulder.  Thin profile, pronounced grain Things to watch for:Thick layers of fat: cut out any thick layers of hard fat, mostly on the outside layers of the ribs.  Does not render, very waxy.  Not to be confused with soft fat that is striated in the meat. Blood meat: Naturally from a dispatch shot to the lungs, there will be some loss to blood and fragmented bone. Nothing to salvage on damaged flesh.  Surface blood can be cut and scraped off an intact muscle. Membrane filled with blood can be removed. Punctured Paunch: Burst Gut material inside the rib cage can compromise the inside cuts.  Thick membrane on the inside wall does protect outside muscles.  If gut shot and left to lay, the harvestable parts can spoil.  If during field dress the gut is nicked, quickly remove the gut, and flush with cold water for several minutes. How to Prepare Each Cut (in our opinions) All cuts can be added to the trim pile.  Tip: cut from the ribs, chill flat, makes finding globs of fat and removing this thick fat easier.   Rib: Nick: Two Stage Cooking, low and slow at first, finish at high heat to crisper.  Nate:Low and Slow Smoked, 2-3 hrs on smoke, 2-3 hours wrapped in foil, then finished on a hot grill or in your oven on broil. Option 2; Pressure cooker with jus to cover (30 mins to 1 hour) then finish over a hot grill with favorite BBQ sauce Dish: Nick: Venison Rib Lolly Pop Nate: Venison McRib Sandwich  Flank/Diaphram/Brisket: Nick: marinaded, followed by high heat, sliced thin cross grain. Nate: Agree with the above 100%, one tip for last minute marinade is to vacuum seal or chamber seal with the marinade to aid in quicker penetration. Or inject marinade  Dish: Nick: Steak and Frites Nate: Venison Pinwheel. Marinade, pound it out, season all sided, slather with pesto and/or roasted garlic, roll that bad boy up (paying attention to the grain so you’re slicing against the grain), truss or tooth pick it and sear on all sides hot and fast! Serve it with a nice summer salad or ratatouille

Aug 01
Houndsman XP - Caring for Hounds on a Budget Part 2

We left you hanging but, the wait is over! Chris and Shorty catch up and talk about how to care for your hound and other hunting critters on a budget. The economy is in the tank, gas prices outrageous and dog food is expensive.  Shorty runs through a list of antibiotics, the types their uses and where to get them. Chris and Shorty have been caring for hounds for decades and have found sources for antibiotics that may not be labeled for hounds but they contain the same ingredients. DISCLAIMER: Chris Powell and Shorty Gorham are not veterinarians. The information provided in this podcast is for reference only. Dog owners should do their own research and consult a veterinarian for any medical questions. Houndsman XP is not liable for any misuse of any antibiotic or for the medical care or treatment of listeners hounds. “Our Code of Ethics is do your own research.” Shorty Gorham

1h 38m
Jul 29
Hunting Gear Podcast - Predictive Deer Movement with DeerCast

On this episode of the Hunting Gear Podcast, Dan talks with Matt Drury of Drury Outdoors about their predictive deer movement app, DeerCast. DeerCast is based off of an algorithm that includes several weather data points like temperature, barometric pressure, and precipitation that updates hourly throughout the day that inform you on the best days and times to hunt. That, mixed with several years of deer hunting experience and deer behavior observation from Mark & Terry Drury. This is a really great conversation we are sure you will enjoy!

Jul 28
Nomadic Outdoorsman - Improving Your Hunting Habitat

On this episode of The nomadic Outdoorsman Dan is joined once again by Ben Williams to talk about what we can all be doing between now and hunting season to create a better habitat and ecosystem on our hunting properties. Ben runs Ol' Tin Cup Habitat Restoration and Enhancement and works at Future Forest Properties LLC. Ol’ Tin Cup’s goal is to take your property on your budget and turn it into what you've always wanted it to be. Not only with hunters in mind but all landowners looking to maximize habitat and property for the benefit of the wildlife and overall greater ecosystem health. Creating happy land owners and more successful hunters afield is what Ben is all about. Ben works hard to help landowners get quality work done at a price they can afford. His goal is to help everyone get their property moving toward. “Healthier Habitats, Healthier Wildlife, and a More Enjoyable Outdoor Experience.” Dan and Ben discuss dozens of ways to prepare for the upcoming season that will benefit wildlife.   Connect with Dan Mathews and The Nomadic Outdoorsman  On GoWild, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Shop Dan's Podcast Gear and Hunting Gear   Connect with Ben Williams On Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Online   Sign up for GoWild HERE

1h 14m
Jul 28
DIY Sportsman - Arrow Weight Testing Revisited

On this episode of the DIY Sportsman podcast, Garrett discusses results from an in-depth round of testing different arrow weights and speeds for hunting. These ranged from setups shooting over 315 fps down to setups shooting around 200 fps. Test data included energy and momentum readings both out of the bow and at 40 yards, time of flight to the target, bow noise, arrow noise, broadhead grouping with both fixed and mechanical heads, and range estimation forgiveness for misjudging yardage around 30 yards as well as 60 yards. With Garrett's setup, he learned that the "happy medium" arrow setup he had been using probably wasn't the optimal choice for whitetails. 

Jul 28
Average Conservationist - Building Relationships w/ Dr. Sarah Marino

Sitting down this week on The Average Conservationist Podcast is Dr. Sarah Marino. Sarah is the owner of her own practice, Marino Medica, located in the greater Austin, TX area. The two start the conversation off discussing Sarah's practice, what type of medicine she's practicing and the different approach she is taking to the Dr-Patient relationship. Sarah is hoping to build strong relationships with her patients, much like she grew up with, instead of a more transactional way that many of us have become accustomed to. Along with her desire to continually be learning, Sarah has also become passionate about the outdoors. Knowing the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle, it's easy to make the connection between her practice and conserving our wild places. This is a great conversation and if you're in the greater Austin area, you should definitely check out her practice.

1h 4m
Jul 27
Ohio Outdoors - Tales of an Old Derelict Bow Hunter Part 2

This week on the Ohio Outdoors podcast, the guys continue their discussion with Dr. Ed Ashby. Dr. Ashby begins discussing his 12 factors for arrow penetration. The science in this episode is over the hosts heads, but hopefully you can learn a thing or two. A lot of the information presented is common knowledge, but Dr. Ashby puts it all into one list for simplicity. This is part 2 of the series, and will cover the first 6 factors of the list. Island Paul is back and better than ever. A week of vacation and he’s ready to roll. Both guys have been out tuning arrows and getting things ready. Andrew’s fighting his target panic with a hinge release, but really might just need some Xanax. The hunting season is fast approaching, with just about 60 days left until Deer Archery around the state. The state fair begins this week from July 27- August 7. Lottery hunt applications are due July 31!!! GoWild Profile Tethrd First Lite Instagram: @the.o2.podcast Twitter: @Ohiohunt

2h 0m
Jul 27
Houndsman XP - The Journey - Rally Point

Rally Point is a place where people come together to recap the adventure, share stories, determine the direction and discuss plans for the future of The Journey. Military units, bikers, hikers and now houndsmen will come together at the Rally Point to talk, review and plan the next move. Heath and Chris hit the Rally Point to discuss and recap The Journey we have been on. The Journey has featured the highest level trainers and experts in their field and Heath and Chris boil it all down and talk about how police dog training and working dog breeding applies directly to houndsmen.  There is a lot to discuss, so, tie those hounds up, grab a seat and break out the Jet Boil and brew you up cup. Welcome to The Rally Point on The Journey.

1h 25m
Jul 27
Western Rookie - From Southern Deer to Western Elk

On this episode of The Western Rookie Dan talks with Travis Thornton, a Louisiana native who has become a passionate elk hunter. Travis started out as a kid hunting with dogs. He killed his first deer when he was 10 and has been fishing in the gulf since he was 8 or 9. From there he transitioned to a lease in West Texas then found a Missouri lease during college. Around 6 years ago he started elk hunting and it quickly became his number one outdoor passion. To date Travis has harvested two bulls and the desire he has for chasing elk is unmatched. Dan and Travis discuss everything from fishing the gulf to transitioning from southern deer to elk in the mountains. Connect with Dan Mathews and The Nomadic Outdoorsman  On TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Shop Dan's Podcast Gear and Hunting Gear   Shop Vortex  Online or Connect On Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Facebook   Connect with Travis Thornton On Instagram

1h 17m
Jul 26
Houndsman XP - Are You Being Complacent?

This is your midsummer wakeup call! We are all looking forward to cooler temperatures and cool autumn weather to get those hounds in the woods. However, are you prepared for the attacks from the animal extremists in the next legislative session?  Brian Lynn of the Sportsmen's Alliance makes another appearance on the Houndsmen XP Podcast to recap a successful year and discuss current and upcoming challenges we will face in the near future. Brian also rolls out one of the coolest programs to hit the ground in recent memory. This program is a sustainable action that if fully implemented will change the tide in our war against animal extremism. You need to check it out!

1h 17m
Jul 25
Houndsman XP - The Truth with Dick Brothers

On this week's episode of The Truth Steve sits down with long time houndsman and World Champion Dick Brothers. He shares from his early beginnings of trapping with his Grandad to getting introduced to hunting with hounds. Steve and Dick discuss winning a world championship with a hound of generations of his own breeding. He shares about some health issues he faced and the many friends he's made through these hounds. Follow along as we unravel the trails along Charly Creek of the last 50+ years. Sponsors:

1h 26m
Jul 22
Nomadic Outdoorsman - The Best From the US and Canada

On this episode of The nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks with 2 fellow podcasters Sheldon Grant and Chase Dreilich from America’s top-hat about their podcast Panoramic Outdoors and their adventures chasing elk, moose and deer throughout Canada. Sheldon Grant is one of the founders of the group, and leads the way in design and marketing. Sheldon spends a lot of time literally at the drawing board! Doing Line-work for his day job, he does take advantage of his time off at his dad’s property scouting for deer. His interests include: Tequila, perk coffee, archery, hockey, campfires and music while his dislikes include snags, coyotes, wet cigars and haircuts. Chase Dreilich is also one of the founders of the group and one of the main editors of all content for their podcast, YouTube and social media. Being the family man of the group, he is often found with his partner and two kids taking in activities, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. His likes include: big game, whiskey, cast iron, wood smoke, first frost’s while he strongly dislikes: mosquitos, whitecaps, over cooked steak and bug spray. Dan and the boys have a great time with this episode as they pair up to co-host and co-record for both podcasts. This is an episiode like you haven’t heard before.   Connect with Dan Mathews and The Nomadic Outdoorsman  On GoWild, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Shop Dan's Podcast Gear and Hunting Gear Connect with Chase, Sheldon and Panoramic Outdoors  On Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Online Sign up for GoWild HERE

1h 38m
Jul 21
Hunting Gear Podcast - Lite Boots

On this episode of the Hunting Gear Podcast, Dan gets Brooks Tinsley of Lite Boots on the show to talk about their one-of-a-kind pull over boot. Brooks talks about the thought process behind the idea that eventually became the final product, the material that they use in their boots and how it is different than your traditional rubber boot, and overwhelming reaction they get from their customers when they hold their boots for the first time.

Jul 21
Houndsman XP - The Journey to Building a Better Breeding Program

The Journey takes a trip to Auburn University, Heath chats one on one with Bart Rogers, the Chief K9 Instructor over the K9 performance program. Bart oversees the training and development of their working dogs, the breeding and selection program, validation tests for the puppy and working dog selection, all for their Vapor Wake program. Bart recalls his childhood where his grand dad had redbones and walker dogs and where his love for dogs started.  Heath and Bart break down the breed options, out crosses, line breeding and inbreeding. What to look for in making the different crosses. Some of the things Bart uses when picking the breeding pair, from traits, genetics and deficiency. They break down the two outcrosses Heath has made with his male and talk about the litter he is raising now. Bart gives his opinion on how Heath should make the next cross with the two litters he has. This is the podcast for you if you want a better hound and breeding program. Come join us as the Journey continues. Here is the inbreeding Coefficient calculator

1h 20m
Jul 20
Ohio Outdoors - Tales of an Old Derelict Bow Hunter

This week on the Ohio Outdoors podcast, the guys start the first of their series with Dr. Ed Ashby of the Ashby Bowhunting foundation. Dr. Ashby has spent nearly 30 years researching arrow flight, penetration, and overall physics of what works best in a hunting arrow. From Antelope to Hippos, he’s spent time testing arrow weight, broadhead design, fletching set up and many, many more aspects to arrow design. This episode will cover Dr. Ashby’s background and how he got into the research arrow research.  Island Paul is in full effect this week enjoying some RnR down south. Paul took a fishing trip to Lake Erie last week in Port Clinton and was very successful! Andrew turned a year older, and got himself another (probable) torn meniscus in his “good knee”! YEA to getting old! The archery hike is complete, and congrats to Justin Ross and his crew for a spectacular event!! We are closing in on 2 months to opening day for deer archery season, and even closer to dove season. Hunting season is coming!!! GoWild Profile Tethrd First Lite Instagram: @the.o2.podcast Twitter: @Ohiohunt

1h 30m
Jul 20
Average Conservationist - Leave No Trace w/ Neil Keown

This week on The Average Conservationist Podcast, Marcus is joined by Neil Keown from Sawback Technologies. Sawback Technologies is a geo-data collection service based out of Calgary, Alberta. The guys kick off the conversation talking about Sawback and the path that led Neil to starting his own company. Sawback uses an old technology in a new way to help oil and gas companies, construction companies and the agricultural industry to survey land and what's under it to help minimize potential incidents when digging. Neil was introduced to the outdoors later in life and has since cannonballed into both fishing and hunting. Neil knew that when he started Sawback he'd have an opportunity to use his company to help wildlife and lessen his overall footprint while doing so. This is a great conversation full of great information as it pertains to surveying our wild places.

1h 2m
Jul 20
Missouri Woods & Water - Western Hunting Preparation With Camofire/Black Ovis

This week we have cofounder of Camofire/Black Ovis, Kendall Card, on to talk about the basics of going out west to hunt.  First, Kendall talks about the western hunting mentality and how "flatlanders" can build their confidence when going west to hunt.  Then we talk about some essential gear to look into when thinking about heading west.  We get into things like mapping services, boots, knives, socks, base layers, game bags, food, broadheads, and much more.  Thanks to Kendall for coming on and talking with us and make sure to check out Camofire and Black Ovis when thinking about going out west.      Check out the MO Woods & Water Linktree for show and partner links Camofire Black Ovis  Use code MWW10 for 10% offMidwest Gun Works  Use code MWW5 for 5% off Cuddeback  Use code MOWW22 for 10% off Rivers Edge Treestands  Use code Missouri10 for 10% off Hang-Ons and Ladder Stands Lucky Buck OnX  Use code MWW20 for 20% off 

2h 3m
Jul 19
Western Rookie - All Around Fitness for the Everyday Hunter

On this episode of The Western Rookie Dan talks with Jeremy Koerber from Fit To Hunt about becoming a better hunter, father, spouse and person through mental, physical, financial and spiritual fitness. Fit to Hunt’s mission is to provide outdoorsmen and women with the proper training and fitness programs to take on ANY adventure. Fit To Hunt programs were forged by human instinct and the desire to press on, built by personal trainers that are there to help you achieve success. Jeremy’s desire is to prepare people for the hunt of a lifetime and to hunt for a lifetime. Jeremy has been in the fitness industry since 1997 but hunting has been a lifetime affair for him. Jeremy grew up watching his grandfather and uncle pack the camper shell of a pick-up with sleeping bags & gear to head for an outdoor quest (and being a little ticked off when told he was too young to go).  Jeremy’s wife can thank his grandpa for making her a hunting widow every Fall.   “Grandpa never forced hunting on me.  He asked if I wanted to go with him and most importantly, gave me his full attention; I have mirrored Grandpa’s passion and habits as I introduce my kids to the outdoors.”  Jeremy believes hunting can be a lifetime activity if you make it a priority to take care of your body.   Connect with Dan Mathews and The Nomadic Outdoorsman  On GoWild, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Shop Dan's Podcast Gear and Hunting Gear Shop Vortex  Online or Connect On Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Facebook Connect with Fit To Hunt On GoWild, YouTube, Instagram, and Online

1h 3m
Jul 19
Huntavore - Rikki Folger, Wild and Foraged

On this episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by Colorado resident, Rikki Folger. Rikki is an accomplished chef who desires to bring wild game and foraged food to the forefront. Armed with a culinary background, she launched the handle @wild_and_foraged, sharing recipes and her adventures. They talk about a shared pastime of disc golf, attempting bottom round burnt ends, and making a seasonal berry sauce that will elevate any steak dinner. Be ready to up your summer game with this episode of Huntavore. Rikki Folger is an accomplished chef who has worked in Napa, California and now in Colorado. While also being a Somalia, someone who is trained in wine tasting, she also creates whole dishes in the kitchen. Nick, however, skips over all that and dives into a shared recreational game between them, disc golf. Lots of parallels between disc and ball golf, but one area that disc has focused on, is playing among the established habitat. For Nick, his foraging game has greatly improved, because of bad throws into the woods. Rikki turns her attention to improving Nick’s attempt on venison burnt ends. Immediate issue was the marbling and fat contact of the bottom round. The smoking and keeping the moisture in was achieved, but the crust and char was not up to par. Rikki offered to increase the surface area when broiling. Now one of the best parts of summer are the seasonal fruits that ripe for the picking. Rikki takes an already beautiful piece of grilled venison steak and adds a berry sauce. She chose blueberry as a sweet and tart sauce that would elevate a simple steak into fine dining. Tappecue Meat Probes Instagram: @tappecue Website: Coupon Code 10% off: HUNT10

Jul 18