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Spring Cypress Presbyterian Church is a body of believers, called by the Holy Spirit, transformed by the Gospel to enjoy and glorify God as we proclaim the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. Our church is located in Spring, TX.

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Raised for Our Justification - Audio

The resurrection of Jesus is the central tenet of our faith. Join us as we explore what it teaches us about Jesus and ourselves, that we might live properly in light of this most significant historical event!

Mar 31
The King's Verdict: Lamentation - Audio

In today’s passage we read our Lord’s expression of sorrow at the coming judgment upon the House of Israel, and we see his tenderness and compassion displayed even as he prepares to vacate the Temple. Join us as we explore these verses to uncover what our Lord has for us!

Mar 24
Gideon's Struggle of Faith - Audio

Join us as our guest speaker, Rev. Ken Thurman, exposits Judges 6 & 7.

Mar 17
The King's Verdict: Woe to You - Audio

In this passage we’re presented to the strongest language of condemnation used by Jesus in the Gospels. But what does it mean for us? Join us as we explore these verses and learn the verdict of the King.

Mar 10
The King Delivers His Verdict: Warnings to His Followers - Audio

In today’s passage, the conflict of the preceding chapter has concluded and the King has silenced his opponents, as he prepares to issue his judgment, he first addresses his disciples and the crowd of onlookers. Join us as we catch a glimpse of the heart of Jesus toward what should rightly characterize our lives in the sight of God.

Mar 03
Confrontation with the Religious Establishment: The Blitz and Counter - Audio

In today’s passage the confrontation between Jesus and the religious leaders enters its second phase as the authorities “strike back.” Join us as we study this important episode in the ministry of Jesus.

Feb 25
Confrontation with the Religious Establishment: Three Parables - Audio

In today’s passage we see the religious authorities question the authority of Jesus, and he replies by telling three parables against them. These parables juxtapose the patient love of God on the one hand with the stubborn hard-heartedness of the religious leaders on the other hand. Join us as we explore the significance of these verses for us!

Feb 18
Lessons from a Cursed Fig Tree - Audio

In today’s passage Jesus engages in what is known as a “symbolic action” meant to convey a truth bigger than the action itself. Join us as we explore what Jesus’s cursing of a fig tree meant in his day and for us in ours.

Feb 11
The King Judges the Temple - Audio

In today’s passage we learn of the famous “cleansing of the temple.” What had happened to cause it to be in need of “cleansing?” And what does the state of affairs at the temple in Jesus’s day have to do with us today? Join us as we explore the significance of these verses together!

Feb 04
The Triumphal Entry - Audio

In today’s passage Jesus presents himself as king. This presentation is met with wild acclaim by his followers… but there was a vast gulf between the type of king they were expecting and the type of king Jesus is. Join us we explore this famous passage together!

Jan 28
Two Blind Men - Audio

Today’s passage might seem like “just another” healing story, and we might thus be tempted to skim past it. However, this episode was significant enough that all three of the synoptic Gospel writers included it. In truth, this passage showcases the tender mercy of Jesus and presents a short form model of the life of discipleship. Join us as we explore these verses!

Jan 21
Greatness in the Kingdom - Audio

In this passage Jesus shares the great purpose of his coming. This great purposes shapes and informs our own understanding of greatness. Join us in unpacking these verses!

Jan 14
The Parable of the Field Workers - Audio

In today’s passage we see the sovereign right of God to show mercy on full display. What’s more, we learn that the orientation of our own heart will dictate whether we find God’s graciousness to be beautiful or odious. Join us as we explore this passage!

Jan 07
Coming to Jesus - Audio

In today’s passage we are presented with a wealthy young man of social prominence who comes to Jesus wanting to know what must be done in order to earn eternal life. In our Lord’s interaction and response to the man we learn much about what it means to receive the Kingdom and thus inherit eternal life. Join us as we explore this passage together!

Dec 31, 2023
From Slave to Beloved Child...and Heir! - Audio

Join us as Pastor Ben helps us see how the work of the Holy Spirit helps us in our times of difficulty and how we are being preserved for a glorious future. In view of this, we can be of good cheer!

Dec 24, 2023
The Son was Sent Forth for Us - Audio

Today’s passage teaches us about the conditions and purpose of Christ’s coming. In these words we find a cause for great comfort and joy… join us!

Dec 17, 2023
The Advent of the Deliverer - Audio

Please join us as we receive a message from Daniel 6 delivered by our guest speaker, Rev. David Stoddard.

Dec 11, 2023
God is Guiding Your Steps - Audio

As adults it can often from challenging to feel merry or joyous at Christmas. How does the advent of our Lord provide a basis for joy? Join us as we explore the implication of God’s lordship and orchestration of history for our own lives!

Dec 04, 2023
Jesus Teaches on Marriage (and Divorce) - Audio

Today’s passage is famously cited for what Jesus teaches related to divorce, but often overlooked is what he teaches about marriage which is what informs his teaching on divorce. Join us as we explore these verses together to get a better understanding of the will of God for our marriages!

Nov 26, 2023
Paul's Conversion - Audio

Please join us as our guest speaker Rev. Julian Zugg delivers a message from Acts 9.

Nov 19, 2023
Jesus, Our Good Shepherd - Audio

Please join us as our guest speaker Rev. Paul Miller delivers a message from John 10.

Nov 12, 2023
The Call and Commissioning of Gideon - Audio

Please join us as our guest speaker Rev. Ken Thurman delivers a message from Judges 6.

Nov 05, 2023
Is the Reformation Still Relevant in 2023? - Audio

The Reformation undeniably reshaped the world. To this day its consequences are still observed and felt. Yet, at 506 years old, are the principles of the Reformation still relevant? Join us as we seek to answer that question!

Oct 29, 2023
The Disciple's Call to Forgiveness - Audio

In any age or culture, people find it difficult to forgive. Yet this is a non-negotiable aspect of the Christian life: as people who have been forgiven much, we are called to be forgiving toward others. Join us as explore the rationale and basis of forgiveness along with what this means for us!

Oct 22, 2023
Lessons in the Life of Faith - Audio

In this section of Matthew we are given several small vignettes which serve to underscore various facets of what it looks like to live the life of faith. Join us as we explore these verses together!

Oct 15, 2023
The Transfiguration - Audio

Having taught his followers that the call to discipleship is a summons to take up their cross, Jesus preemptively addresses their fears and concerns with the transfiguration. What does this unveiling of his Divine glory teach us? Join us as we explore these verses and this important event!

Oct 08, 2023
Theology of the Cross - Audio

The cross is central to understanding both Christ and Christian discipleship. Yet we recoil from the path that involves suffering, hardship, or personal denial. Nonetheless, in today’s passage we learn the essential and central role of the cross in the Christian life. Join us as we learn!

Oct 01, 2023
The Confession on which Kingdom and Authority Rest - Audio

In today’s passage, a pivot point in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus poses a question to us: who do we say that he is? The confession of Jesus as God’s anointed Messiah is the confession that determines our destiny and serves as the foundational principle upon which his church, his kingdom, is built. Join us as we unpack these important verses!

Sep 24, 2023
Watch and Beware - Audio

In today’s passage we learn that unbelief and worldly-mindedness threaten to undermine our faith and so, per the warning of Jesus, we must be on guard. Join us as we explore the importance of remembering all the blessings God has given us so that we can stand firm when we face hardship or difficulty!

Sep 17, 2023
The Unworthy Receive Grace pt.2 - Audio

This passage confronts us with the startling scene of Jesus (apparently) balking at aiding a woman who is begging him for help. Join us as we continue our study of what this passage is and isn’t teaching us about the Kingdom of Grace, and how we enter it.

Sep 10, 2023