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Spring Cypress Presbyterian Church is a body of believers, called by the Holy Spirit, transformed by the Gospel to enjoy and glorify God as we proclaim the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. Our church is located in Spring, TX.

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The Powers Fall - Audio

In today’s passage, the Prophet speaks against the ruling establishment for their egregious violations of God’s covenant, ultimately announcing the pending fall of their entire civilization. But what does this have to do with us? Join us as we explore Micah’s vital message to us in our present context.

Aug 14
The Hope of Heaven - Audio

Join us as guest speaker Rev. Tim Hoke preaches from Revelation 21, discussing the hope of heaven that is ours in Christ.

Aug 07
When Preaching Advances Wickedness - Audio

In today’s passage we learn that for the original audience, idolatry had reduced them to a brutish “might makes right” state. This was aided and abetted by unfaithful preaching of the Word that resulted in a fundamentally wrong idea of God and how they should live. Join us as we explore the impact over time of the “preaching diet” we are fed.

Jul 31
The Sovereign Seeker - Audio

Rev. Paul Miller preaches on Luke 19:1-10.

Jul 17
Confidence in the Lord - Audio

Guest Preacher Rev. Ken Thurman preaches on Psalm 27.

Jun 26
Prayer and Care in the Body - Audio

As we conclude our study of this letter, James gives us picture of how life should be in the local church. He underscores the culture of prayer and practical caring that should describe our congregation and he demonstrates that we ought to develop a climate of intimacy, transparency, and accountability. Join us as we explore this passage together!

Jun 19
Patience and Integrity Amidst Duress - Audio

Writing to Christians experiencing various troubles, James encourages his readers to bear in mind that Jesus is coming soon. How does the return of Christ inform and shape our behavior in the troubles of our present lives? Join us as we explore this passage together!

Jun 12
Warning to the Wealthy - Audio

In today’s passage James dons the mantle of prophet and delivers an oracle of judgment against “the rich” - the cultural ‘haves' who were leveraging their wealth to oppress the cultural ‘have nots’ that are the less fortunate, including many Christians. James delivers a stern warning in which their materialism and gross ambivalence and abuse of others is addressed. But what does this passage have to say to those inside the church? Join us as we explore James’s warning to the wealthy!

Jun 05
Deo Volente - Audio

The pride of life tells us to make much of ourselves and our will. Yet this is the key to despair and anxiety rather than the way to encourage human flourishing. Instead, today’s passage picks up on a theme pervasive throughout Scripture, namely that we are small, and ought to reckon with and rest in the fact that it is the purposes of God that prevail. Join us as we learn what it means to live our lives Deo Volente.

May 29
The Cure for Destructive Defamation - Audio

James concludes this section on conflicts within the Body by calling us to display the meekness of humility rather than the brazenness of pride. A quiet and gentle spirit that does not see the need to stick its nose in other people’s business unnecessarily will go a long way toward ensuring peace in the congregation… and in our lives!

May 22
The Path to Peace, Pt.2 - Audio

As we continue this section in which James describes the origin and nature of the external conflicts in which we find ourselves, James shows us how God addresses our divided loyalties, subduing us to himself, that we might live the purpose for which he saved us. Join us as we continue our study!

May 16
The Path to Peace, pt. 1 - Audio

We desire peace, and yet conflict and strife seem to be the norm for us. Why so? In today’s passage James confronts us with the true cause of much of the turmoil that characterizes our lives. Join us as we do the difficult job of diagnosing our problem as we make our way down the path to peace.

May 08
The Lord is My Light and My Salvation - Audio

In this meditation on the first six verses of Psalm 27 we are challenged to depend on the Lord, who has shown himself to David, and us, to be trustworthy.

May 01
Heavenly Wisdom Described and Demonstrated - Audio

Every civilization and culture operates with a prevailing “wisdom” - an agreed upon and accepted perception of what is important and right and good. Yet as Christians we often fail to recall that we are citizens of a heavenly Kingdom, and as such out to be characterized by our adherence to the wisdom of our King. Join us as we reflect upon the wisdom that should describe us and our actions.

Apr 24
Why We Need the Resurrection of Christ - Audio

When we think of all that Jesus did, how does his resurrection fit into it all? Join us as we explore the resurrection and its implications not just for Jesus, but also for you and me!

Apr 17
Taming the Tongue - Audio

In today’s passage, the longest continuous treatment in Scripture about our speech, we learn that in the great spiritual war into which we’ve been drawn we are either advancing the purposes of the Kingdom of God or the purposes of Hell. Join us as we learn the great power and potential of our speech, and why we must exert great control over our mouths.

Apr 10
Faith Justified - Audio

Today’s passage is difficult precisely because James uses the same language as Paul, but in a way that at first glance seems to directly challenge and contradict Paul. However, bearing in mind that context “is everything,” in today’s passage we learn that the fruit of a living faith are what vindicate, or “justify” our claim to have faith. Join us as we study this famously controversial passage of God’s inspired and infallible Word!

Apr 03
Faith That Saves - Audio

It is common for people to ask, “what does saving faith look like?” And in today’s passage we are given a poignant message about what faith is and isn’t. Join us as we explore with James the characteristics of true faith.

Mar 27
The Impropriety of Partiality - Audio

In today’s passage James teaches us that we in the church are to learn the culture of heaven, and to live in accordance with the laws of our King. As such, behaviors that may be acceptable in the eyes of the culture around us but are nonetheless antithetical to the Gospel, must be eschewed. Join us as we learn how the priorities of God are to be modeled by us, his children.

Mar 20
Pure Religion - Audio

As he continues to develop the idea that true faith is principally manifest not in acts of religiosity but rather in one’s manner of life, in today’s passage James draws out three key traits of true Christian faith. Join us as we get to the heart of what it looks like to have a heart for God.

Mar 13
Traits of True Christian Faith: Response to the Word - Audio

In this section we are introduced to the premise that at its core, the Christian life is about rightly receiving and responding to the Word. In this passage James teaches us that who we are socially is the same us that we bring into God’s presence, so our attitude, demeanor, and behavior in all facets of life must be brought into submission to the Word. Join us as we explore how to bridge the gap that often exists between what we confess and what we do.

Mar 06
A Matter of Life and Death: Trials, Temptations, and God's Gifts - Audio

In today’s passage our Lord’s brother encourages us with assurances of what God’s character means for our experience of the various trials we face. Join us as we learn what an active awareness of God’s presence and promises means for our interaction with the various situations we face.

Feb 27
The Way of the Righteous and the Wicked - Audio

Guest speaker Rev. Ken Thurman leads us through an examination of Psalm 1, differentiating the way of the righteous and the way of the wicked.

Feb 20
The Christian's Need for Wisdom - Audio

Building on the exhortation in verse 2 to “count it all joy” when we face various difficulties, James addresses our need for godly wisdom in order for us to have the perspective and disposition that will enable us to rejoice even when the circumstances of life are hard. Join us as we explore what this passage has to say about God and ourselves in our walk of faith.

Feb 13
The Way to Maturity - Audio

Maturity in life comes as a result of growing through lessons and experiences, many of them painful. The same is true with maturity in our spiritual life: it is developed by how we endure and engage with our many and various trials. Join us as we learn from James the attitude that should inform our daily walk in pursuit of maturity!

Feb 06
Introducing James - Audio

In today's message we are introduced to the book of James as well as to see of the controversies that have plagued it throughout history. At a fundamental level this book confronts our tendency toward nominalism with the reality that the faith that saves is a faith that is alive. Join us as we begin our study!

Jan 30
Time Marches On - Audio

In today’s passage we encounter “another” early genealogy, this time culminating with the birth of Abram (Abraham) and his brothers. In the context of these words we are invited to see God’s marvelous wisdom and sovereignty even as we are summoned and invited to trust in his providential rule of all creation. Join us!

1h 30m
Jan 23
What is Our Hope in Times of Change? - Audio

Guest speaker Rev. Joshua Rieger leads us through an examination of Psalm 90. This prayer of Moses exhorts us, as Christians, to have an eternal perspective and to trust in the Lord with confidence through all of life's fleeting days.

Jan 16