Springwind Sonic Soul Collage

Alan Springwind


This is a seed sprouting. I want to share music with everyone who listens and spread peace and love. Let's dance.

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Sitting Here In Limbo A Long Way From Home

Fresh for 2022. Jerry Garcia would have been 80 years old on August 1. He left this lifetime on August 9, 1995. And I turn 74 Monday. What a small but infinite journey we are on.

Aug 08
Calling Up Young Spirits from the 3rd Rock From The Sun

The best music to beat the heat is surf. Let's explore live tunes with The Shadows and Dick Dale.

Aug 01
Do You Wanna Rock & Roll in Paradise?

A fun ripple featuring live John Prine and Sturgill Simpson, Keith Richards and much more. Your flag decal won't get you into heaven anymore.

Jul 23
I've Got Those Hobo Blues

I miss rocking out in a crowd of people. I would love to see Charlie Musselwhite. He has a new album out. We sammple that then ldive into his solo work and more recently teaming up with Elvin Bishop. Some fine fine blues and more.

Jul 17
Dancing Out Of Control In The Light

Getting back to the roots of my love of rock & roll. We start with The Rolling Stones Live in the mid 60's then a little journey through the 70s. Starting with their latest single.

Jul 12
Pulling Up In A Ring Of Fire

A great little look at Gang Of Four, live, both in the early 80's and then 2016. Lead Singer Jon King keeps it going. Let's explore some damaged goods. Some nice treats from Talking Heads, Oingo Boingo and Wall Of Voodoo get us started.

Jul 04
Damaged Goods in a Ring Of Fire

A playful, mysticalRockin. ripp;e rooted in the early 80s. Featuring Gang Of Four then and now. Talking Heads and others getting us started.

Jul 03
Emily Plays In The Heart Of The Sun

Going back to 1967 to listen to live Pink Floyd blossoming with Syd Barrett in an analog, psychedelic world. Pure creative genius.

Jun 17
Are The Pretty Things Going To Hell?

A delicious ripple featuring Tin Machine. The band formed by David Bowie in 1988, taking a 4 year break from his solo career. Zappa and Beefheart also.

Jun 03
Silver Rocket From Mars in 1880 Or So

A fantastic ripple featuring a great live version of Sister Ray by The Velvet Underground in 1967. Some rarely played Television and Sonic Youth, live, get us started.

May 31
Twentieth Century Man on the Last of the Steam Powered Trains

A dive into the Kinks early career of live performances. Beginning in 1964 through the 70s. What movies of sound they created with their lyrical storytelling imaginations.

May 22
Strange Things Through a Purple Haze

Some more rare live cuts from Jimi Hendrix and early Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention. Brilliant perspectives on society and human culture.

May 14
Travelling Across The Univers with Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds

A wonderfully uplifting ripple of alternative versions of great Beatles songs. Remembering the masters that were The Beatles.

May 11
Boogie and the Human Condition

A fun little ripple peaking with Canned Heat and Wishbone Ash. The Gun Club and Captain Beyond get us going.

May 05
From The 60s with T Bone Burnett

A delightful and relevant ripple through the musical life of T Bone Burnett, who has helped develop the highest quality analog recording medium to date. That made we want to jump in and get to know T Bone better.

May 01
Guitar Shorty's Guitar Does The Talkin'

A tribute to the great blues guitarist, Guitar Shorty who passed away on 4/20 at the age of 87. Let's celebrate his soul..

Apr 26
Remake, Remodel & Turn You On

A wonderful exploration of Roxy Music live in the 70s. An often overlooked group of masters, ahead of their time. Bryan Ferry singing & Phil Manzanera on guitar and other great musicians.

Apr 22
Extremely Cool on 420

Celebrate 420 with a mysterious journey through some very dynamic singing, storytelling and playing. Joe Strummer gets us started and Patti Smith takes us home. With a journey for the mind in the middle.

Apr 21
Stray Cat Leaving The Brokedown Palace

A philisophical ripple with a rock & roll edge. Early Stones live. Some energy raising with Pavement and rockin' out to early Fleetwood Mac. When they were maybe the greatest young blues rock band of the era.

Apr 12
Opening Pandora's Box in 1967

A wonderful ripple ofbands who were alive around Sunset Strip in 1967. The Standells and The Chocolate Watchband played in the movie "Riot On Sunset Strip". And Love and The Doors took off to rule LA for a moment in time. Taking everyones attention and then they were gone.

Apr 02
The Old Man & The King Of Freaks

A great and unusual rockin' little ripple featuring Buzzcocks, The Pretty Things and much, much more. We deserve to dream. Join me.

Mar 29
A Bohemian Like Me & The Men Who Ruled The World.

A cosmic trip with live early David Bowie and others doing Bowie songs. And some surprises. There is nothing else like it.

Mar 25
Don't Know Where I'm Goin' But Take Me Back

A sweet sonic journey starting with the Million Dollar Quartet, made of Elvis Preseley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins & Jerry Lee Lewis we visit Kentucky Headhunters and Keith Richards & X-Pensive Winos

Mar 17
The Prodigal Son Is 2000 Light Years From Home

A sweet journey through some live Rolling Stones from the 60s. We miss Brian Jones

Mar 12
I'm Not A Young Man Anymore Lou Weed

A wild ripple featuring some wonderful live Velvet Underground from 1967 & 69. And much more including Steve Miller's homage to Jimi Hendrix.

Mar 09
Hungry Freaks & The Brain Police

Exploring the live music of Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention from 1968 to 1971.

Mar 03
A Salty Dog on the Blue Danube

Gary Brooker, front man and creative force with Procol Harum. I had the privilege of seeing him with Procol Harum in 1968 or 69. Whiter Shade Of Pale was so moving live. Tonight we explore a ripple of his career.

Feb 26
20th Century Man In The Future

A wonderful rockin' journey with live Kinks, Jeff Beck and early Grateful Dead. Plus one brand new from Bob Weir & Wolf Bros. Let's get tribal.

Feb 22
Keef, Yusef & Java James A Long Time Ago

A sweet, mellow bluesy and jazzy ripple featuring Keith Richards and Yusef Lateef. With a dash of The Blues Project. Remembering a long time ago, groovin with Java James.

Feb 05
Tripping South of the Border and Back In Time

A wonderful psychedelic ripple from the 60s. Mexico to Argentina and many stops in between. Hop on board.

Jan 22