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Broadcasting from Liverpool, England. Our presenter, Stephen Rimmer, is a post-graduate researcher, and is currently exploring health and wellbeing for his PhD in Educational Studies.

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Children facing racist bullying at school often lack support from teachers

In the academic year 2020-21, there were 1,198 instances of racially motivated bullying reported in Scottish schools – up from 409 in 2016-17. These are the highest recorded figures to date. New research explores the impact of racist bullying like this – bullying motivated by prejudice against someone’s race, ethnicity, culture, citizenship or religion.

Jan 15
Why winter walks at the seaside are good for you

Dreary weather, freezing temperatures, long dark days, no festivities to look forward to – it’s beginning to feel at lot like the middle of January. The idea that there is a “Blue Monday” somewhere around the middle of the month where people feel most miserable may be a bit of a myth, but seasonal affective disorder is real enough. No wonder many people take off at this time of year in search of winter sun.

Jan 15