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He’s a multiple world champion pro wrestler, lead singer of Fozzy, and a New York Times best-selling author. Listen in as Chris Jericho interviews some of the biggest names in wrestling, entertainment, comedy, and the paranormal. Don’t miss his unique, engaging, weekly take on all things pop culture.

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TIJ 900 - Who's Next... GOLDBERG!

GOLDBERG is a WWE Hall of Famer! He’s one of the greats in the business! And now he’s TIJ special guest 900!! And yes, the infamous locker room fist fight is discussed! Goldberg also talks about his WCW debut, his WWE debut, the origin of the spear, working with Hulk Hogan and Brock Lesnar, and how he feels about the bad blood with Bret Hart. He comments on why he thinks he never faced Stone Cold Steve Austin in the ring, Halloween Havoc 1998 vs Diamond Dallas Page, what brought him back to wrestling and the WWE in 2016, his relationship with Vince McMahon then and now, and the cult horror classic, “Santa’s Slay!” Thanks to our sponsors! The FanDuel Sportsbook App & use promo code JERICHO to get your “No Sweat First Bet” up to $1000  STAY CONNECTED Instagram:@chrisjerichofozzy Twitter: @IAmJericho @TalkIsJericho @WebIsJericho TikTok: @TalkIsJericho YouTube:

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Aug 12
This Is GWAR

This Is GWAR documentary director Scott Barber, filmmaker Tommy Avallone, and GWAR bandmembers bassist/singer Michael Bishop aka Blothar The Beserker and drummer Brad Roberts aka Jizmak Da Gusha talk about the making of the new doc streaming now on Shudder and A&E+. They share stories about GWAR’s early days including what inspired their elaborate stage costumes and props, and the infamous spew. They detail what it takes to design and make everything, how they travel with it all when touring, and why it originally prevented them from getting booked on festivals! They explain the impact that MTV and Mike Judge’s “Beavis & Butthead” animated series had on the band’s success and longevity. And they reveal how they’ve managed to stay together for 30 years despite the loss of bandmembers including their leader and singer Dave Brockie who passed away in 2014. They talk about the brotherhood of GWAR, why they consider themselves an art collective as opposed to a band, and how the demise of hair metal and emergence of grunge actually worked in their favor. Plus, they discuss GWAR’s future and future projects which may or may not include a feature film! Go to or and use promo code THISISGWAR for a FREE 14-day trial. Thanks to our sponsors! The FanDuel Sportsbook App & use promo code JERICHO to get your “No Sweat First Bet” up to $1000  STAY CONNECTED! Instagram:@chrisjerichofozzy Twitter: @IAmJericho @TalkIsJericho YouTube:

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Aug 10
The Fall of Vince McMahon

Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter returns to discuss the circumstances around the shocking retirement of Vince McMahon from the WWE. He details how he found out about the allegations about Vince, how the story was leaked to the press, and what may have forced Vince to leave after he said he wasn’t going anywhere. Dave talks about Stephanie McMahon and Triple H leading the company, and how Stephanie and Nick Khan may handle their new co-CEO situation. He speculates on the creative and cultural changes at WWE, how much of a hand Vince will have in creative from the sidelines, what kind of impact this will have on AEW and the industry at large, and what the future may hold for WWE including a possible sale.

1h 5m
Aug 05
Metal Missionary – A Tribute To Michael Bloodgood

On Friday, July 29th, the world lost Michael Bloodgood, one of the pioneers of Christian metal music, and founding member and bassist of his namesake band. Michael had suffered a stroke in February just one night after the band debuted their upcoming documentary, “Trenches of Rock,” with a special sneak screening and Q+A session hosted by Chris Jericho, followed by what turned out to be Michael Bloodgood’s last live concert performance. So to honor Michael’s life, and celebrate the documentary release on August 30th and the upcoming 3-day Immortal Festival in Versailles, Ohio on Labor Day weekend, we’re releasing that special Q+A session. Michael and the band were in great spirits telling stories about their early days, their ministry, and overcoming adversity. They shared details about their songwriting and creative process, and told tales from the road. Les Carlsen also spoke to Chris a couple of days after Michael’s passing to shed some light on Michael’s last few months on Earth, and reminisce about his best friend and musical partner.  Pre-order “Trenches of Rock”: Immortal Festival tickets: Chris Jericho will be the special emcee at Immortal Festival & hosting a Q+A with Barren Cross on Saturday, September 3rd.

1h 14m
Aug 03
Jericho's Wrestlemania Matches - Live In Belfast

The Jericho Chronicles hit Belfast earlier this month, and featured stories from Chris’ many Wrestlemania appearances. Hear great details about his first-ever Wrestlemania match - a three-way with Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, including why that particular match has always confused him. He recounts all the circumstances leading up to Wrestlemania 17 and his match with William Regal, what it was like to follow The Rock vs Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 18, and what inspired his Money In The Bank idea at Wrestlemania 21. He tell stories about working with Mickey Rourke, popping Adam Sandler in the front row at ringside, the Festival of Frienship and Kevin Owens, his best Wrestlemania payday, and why he knew it was time to leave WWE after Wrestlemania 33.

1h 17m
Jul 29
The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich

British wrestler Hannah Taylor is a filmmaker, and a World War II history buff (thanks to her father), and made a short film about Auschwitz. Hannah took a small camera crew to Auschwitz, and describes what she observed and learned about the largest of the German operated concentration camps, and the horrific ways the regime abused, tortured, and exterminated those forced to inhabit it. She also talks about the rise and fall of the Third Reich, their imagery and propaganda, and what happened to many of the high-ranking officers after Germany fell to the Allied nations. Plus, Hannah shares some of the remarkable survivor stories and tales of resilience she encountered while making her short film.

Jul 27
Punk Rock Anarchy with Lars Frederiksen

Guitarist/singer Lars Frederiksen of Rancid is a huge wrestling fan, and explains how that led to AEW’s Ruby Soho using Rancid’s song as her entrance theme and character name. And while Lars loves wrestling, he’s also all about punk music! Rancid’s been going strong for over 30 years so he knows the scene, the players, and the history! He makes a really good case for why Lemmy & Motorhead should be considered punk, and talks about the role that Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols played in the scene. Lars shares stories about his own background growing up in working-class San Francisco, who inspired him to pick up a guitar, his love of KISS, and what happened the first time he met Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley. Lars also discusses what made the punk scene so relevant back in the day, the punk attitude, the difference between punk and Oi! music, punk’s contribution to fashion, pop culture, diversity and inclusion, and the importance of the scene’s lyrics and messaging. Plus, he lists his favorite bands, and reveals who he believes will carry the torch for punk music in the future.

1h 1m
Jul 22
Clark Connors' Strong Style

New Japan Pro Wrestling rising star, Clark Connors, explains how he got the last-minute opportunity to wrestle at the AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door PPV after Ishii’s injury. He shares a detailed look at the inner workings of New Japan’s LA dojo and what it’s like to train under Shibata. He talks about being a “young boy” (aka rookie), his first trip to Japan, the G1 tour, wrestling at the Tokyo Dome, learning to speak Japanese, and eating horse! Clark also reveals how a young kid from Seattle, Washington was able to convince his mom to let him pursue pro wrestling, how he ended up at Lance Storm’s wrestling school, and what it was like being in the inaugural match for Prestige Wrestling.

Jul 20
Alan Parsons - From The Rooftop to the Dark Side Of The Moon

Producer/engineer Alan Parsons is the guy wearing the orange shirt, black tie and striped jacket in Peter Jackson’s “Get Back” documentary about The Beatles. Alan worked for Abbey Road Studios at the time, and explains what his role in the rooftop concert was, how he first met The Beatles, what he learned from Producer George Martin and longtime Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick, and how The Beatles were in the studio during the making of the “Abbey Road” album. Alan also engineered the Pink Floyd masterpiece, “Dark Side Of The Moon,” and shares the stories behind creating the incredible sound effects for “Time” and “Money,” and the echoey vocals on “Us And Them.” He comments on Mike Myers using the Alan Parsons Project in the Austin Powers movie, scoring his first hit record with the band Pilot, and what inspired him to start his own band, The Alan Parsons Project. Plus, Alan has details about his brand-new solo studio album, “From the New World,” which is available now wherever you buy or stream music. 

Jul 15
Jesse Ventura For President

Jesse Ventura sued Vince McMahon and won! He shares details about that story along with the Tito/Chico Santana story and the time that Mad Dog Vachon opened the door to Verne Gagne’s plane mid-flight! Jesse also reveals his possible 2024 Presidential plans, and speaks to his relationship with Andrew Yang, and their hopes for changing the American political system! Is there a new party in the works? And Jesse discusses his new substack venture and podcast, “Die First Then Quit” ( which he’s undertaking with his son! 

1h 2m
Jul 13
How I Survived A Pulmonary Embolism

Chris Jericho tells the whole story behind his health issue last December that resulted not only in Fozzy cancelling shows for the first time ever, but also the formation of the Jericho Appreciation Society in AEW! Chris details the symptoms that started during Fozzy’s UK Tour that led to his hospitalization and pulmonary embolism diagnosis in London. He speaks candidly about the harrowing days having trouble breathing, watching his oxygen levels drop, and seeing specialists to help turn his condition around. He discusses his extended hospital stay, being stuck in London unable to fly before the holidays, and the hard work he put in once he was able to return home to Tampa. He talks about his physical transformation, and how that directly contributed to his heel turn in AEW, teaming up with 2.0 and Danny Garcia, and launching the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Jul 08
The Impractical Jokers Appreciation Society

Sal Vulcano and Brian “Q” Quinn from the Impractical Jokers return to talk about Chris Jericho’s special guest spot on this Thursday’s (July 7, 2022) episode of Impractical Jokers on TruTV, and how one “joke” almost resulted in hypothermia for Q. Sal & Q relive some of their funniest, worst, and most embarrassing pranks on the show including deliberately bombing an opening set for the band, Imagine Dragons, pulling many “emergency stops” on the Universal Studios tram tour, and getting awful tattoos. They also discuss filming during COVID, the departure of childhood friend and longtime partner, Joe Gatto, and how they’re able to continue pulling stunts and pranks on an unsuspecting public despite being 10 years in and more easily recognizable!

1h 4m
Jul 06
The Pride & Glory of Anthony Bowens

Anthony Bowens is one half of AEW’s The Acclaimed tag team, and is ready to ditch the wheelchair and get back in the ring after recovering from a knee injury! Anthony talks about rehabbing his knee, utilizing his injury to help develop his character, and what he enjoys most about working with the Gunn Club. He speaks to his chemistry and friendship with Max Caster, the origins of The Acclaimed, creating their popular music videos, the controversial scissor greeting, and The Acclaimed’s quest for gold! Anthony also shares his journey to AEW, his WWE tryout stories, what he learned from William Regal, and how his YouTube channel impacted his wrestling career. Plus, Anthony speaks candidly about coming out, the support, encouragement, and acceptance he received from his family, friends, and wrestling peers, and most importantly, his boyfriend, Michael.

1h 3m
Jul 01
The Ghost of Ted Bundy

Did demonic possession drive one of America’s most prolific serial killers to murder his female victims?  Patrick Kaufenberg & Mike from the PARAnomalyZONE podcast discuss that very theory about Ted Bundy, and the many ghost sightings and paranormal experiences that surround Bundy and his victims. They share eye witness accounts from survivors and law enforcement who describe Bundy’s strange black eyes, and the spontaneous foul odor that seemed to erupt from him when talking about his crimes. They recount the bizarre happenings at Ted Bundy’s childhood home as well as The Ritual House in Utah where Bundy allegedly tortured and killed Debra Kent. They also talk about the paranormal events at the Chi Omega Sorority House the night Bundy attacked, and the ghost sightings at Bundy’s execution. They chronicle details from Ted Bundy’s family tree and background that indicate possible paranormal experiences, and theorize on whether serial killing still exists in the world today.

Jun 29
Classic Album Clash – The WWF Album vs WWF Piledriver

It’s the return of the Classic Album Clash, and this time it’s all about the WWF – “The Wrestling Album” vs “Piledriver.” And the panel includes Jericho’s oldest wrestling friend in the biz and friend of the pod, Lance Storm, the Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez, and Big Vinny V! They talk album covers, production, music videos, lyrics, and performances as they do the track-by-track breakdown and head-to-head battle. They have great stories, memories, and fun facts about Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Honky Tonk Man, Hillbilly Jim, Jimmy Hart, Slick, Koko B. Ware, and Mean Gene Okerlund. They explain how Cyndi Lauper, Rick Derringer, and even Meatloaf got involved in the albums and music, and of course, they pick a favorite album when all is said and done.

1h 39m
Jun 24
Backstage with Metallica & The Rolling Stones

Heather “Foster” Kjollesdal has been touring with Metallica and the Rolling Stones for over 20 years! She’s the Dressing Room Coordinator by title (but so much more in reality) for both bands and that means she’s responsible for the backstage area and sets up everything from their personal dressing rooms to the band community rooms and catering to their show wardrobe and quick changes. Foster explains how she originally got the gigs, and what it was like meeting Metallica and the Stones for the first time. She breaks down the 9 Metallica rooms backstage, the 15 individual rooms on the Stones’ tour, the various details that go into each, and how she keeps track of furniture, knick-knacks, and special equipment and requests on each stop of the tour. She also talks about walking Metallica and the Stones to the stage each night and the preparations she makes for that walk, and then what happens post-show. She has amazing stories about the late, great Stones drummer Charlie Watts, Lars Ulrich, and the many celebrity VIPs she’s met over the years including Johnny Depp. Plus, she talks about being tour manager for Van Halen with David Lee Roth, and spending time on the road with U2.

Jun 22
UFOs, UAPs, Aliens and the US Government with Dave Schrader

“Paranormal 360” host, and longtime friend of the show, Dave Schrader, returns to talk about UFOs and the recent Congressional hearings. Dave has some thoughts and theories as to why the government is finally acknowledging UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) as they refer to them, and the timing of all these disclosures. He’s talking about the significance of the hearings, breaking down who was there, and the importance of the government’s agenda. He’s also explaining some of the documented sightings and footage captured by military and commercial pilots, and even major airports like Chicago O’Hare. He runs through the Battle of Long Beach, and the Gimble Footage, and analyzes UFO sightings that date back to the Renaissance and are depicted in paintings by master artists of the time. Plus, Dave details his own personal experiences with UFOs, including some of the incredible sightings he’s witnessed at Trout Lake, Washington. 

Jun 17
Daniel Garcia – From Pro Wrestler to Sports Entertainer

Daniel Garcia has worked hard for his success in wrestling, and chronicles that story in great detail from the moment he decided to start training to the day he signed with AEW. Daniel talks about the Buffalo wrestling scene, meeting AEW’s The Blade (aka Pepper Parks), his WWE tryout, tearing it up on the indies with Wheeler Yuta, Lee Moriarty, and Kevin Blackwood, and what finally prompted him to sign with AEW. He shares his thoughts on Tony Khan, wrestling Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley, and being AEW champion. And he explains why the PWG title means so much to him, his hopes for a NJPW belt, and how he feels about already have one 5-star match under his belt. Plus, Daniel tells the story about the horrific car accident that nearly put an early end to his wrestling career.

1h 0m
Jun 15
Toni Storms Into AEW

Nobody was more shocked by Toni Storm’s WWE departure than she was! Toni explains the surprise decision to leave and her reasons behind it. She talks about her last days at the company, and how she viewed her future in wrestling at the time of her leaving. She also explains what it was like being stuck in London during the height of the pandemic, how it was to wrestle to an empty arena, what she learned from Shawn Michaels, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Road Dogg, and what Vince McMahon said to her just before she quit. Plus, Toni talks about her love of Japan and why she hopes to wrestle there again soon, her AEW debut, her joy in being able to creatively express herself, and who she’s looking forward to working with at AEW.

Jun 10
Jurassic World & The Newest Dinosaurs in the Dominion

Paleontologist Steve Brusatte consulted on the new “Jurassic World: Dominion” movie, and helped director Colin Trevorrow introduce new species of dinosaurs into this final installment of the franchise. Steve shares some of the new dinosaurs you’ll see in the film, the knowledge he contributed about colors, sizes and behaviors to the design team, and how he helped Chris Pratt with pronunciation during filming! Steve also discusses his favorite dinosaurs, why so many species have been discovered in the last 10 years, the new things scientists have learned about dinosaurs’ life spans, evolution, and extinction, and how each newly discovered dinosaur is named. Plus, Steve previews some cool details about wooly mammoths, sloths, and saber tooth tigers from his new book, “The Rise And Reign Of The Mammals,” available now wherever you buy books!

1h 3m
Jun 08
John Lennon, the Mobster & The Lawyer

Attorney Jay Bergen represented Beatle John Lennon in court in a 1975 case with ties to the mafia! Jay chronicles the story and the case in his new book, “Lennon, the Mobster, and the Lawyer” (which is available now wherever you buy books). In 1975, Morris Levy, the mafia-connected owner of Roulette records, released “Roots,” an unauthorized version of a rock & roll oldies album that John Lennon was had been producing with Phil Spector. Morris Levy claimed John Lennon had verbally agreed to let Morris release and market the album on TV worldwide. When Morris released “Roots,” John Lennon’s official label, Capitol/EMI quickly released the official “John Lennon Rock & Roll” album, and that resulted in Morris Levy filing two lawsuits against John Lennon and Capitol/EMI. Jay walks us through the case, the outcome, and how he ended up representing John in this little publicized trial. He recalls meeting John & Yoko, spending time with them during the trial, and what John Lennon was like on the witness stand. He also shares great stories about Yoko’s input during the trial, the role her swami played, and why he was summoned to the Dakota to meet with Yoko by herself.

Jun 03
The Hardy Boys Return – Extreme & Elite

The Hardy Boys are back together and at AEW! Matt and Jeff have reunited in what they’re calling The Hardy Boys Final Run!  Matt and Jeff recount what it took to get Jeff to AEW the day after his WWE contract ended, how they both felt about WWE’s Hall of Fame offer to a solo Jeff Hardy, and the moment Jeff knew his time there was done. Jeff speaks to the drug allegations, how he was being utilized in his final days with WWE, and what it’s been like to have creative freedom at AEW.The Hardys talk about bringing back their original ring gear and entrance music, their connection with The Young Bucks, working with Darby Allin and Sting, and their AEW debut match. Plus, they’ve got stories about the evolution of Jeff’s face paint, their favorite matches, the legacy of the TLC match, their worst injuries in the ring, and some super funny stories about the late, great Owen Hart.

1h 9m
Jun 01
The Jericho Appreciation Society Origin Story

The Jericho Appreciation Society are Sports Entertainers. Period. And if you wanna know what makes a Sports Entertainer, then listen up! Jericho, Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, “Daddy Magic” Matt Minard and “Cool Hand Ang” Angelo Parker school you in names, image, wardrobe, and the art of ridiculousness! Jericho explains what inspired this faction idea, why he was set on bringing Daniel Garcia and 2.0 into the fold, how he pitched the whole thing to Tony Khan, and the bartering he did with Bryan Danielson to ensure Garcia’s availability. And in between the story of how it all began, you might also hear a couple of Triple H impressions, the tale of an Abu Dhabi hitman, some details about a $5million dollar baseball lawsuit, and the reading of one text message from a former Jericho BFF.

1h 8m
May 27
Terror of Sallie House – America’s Most Haunted

Rob, Dave & Jesse from the Hometown Ghost Stories podcast share the terrifying tale of the Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas! They reveal the house’s history that may have unleashed the extreme paranormal events that plagued Tony & Debra Pickman 100 years later! They discuss the many and often violent experiences the Pickman’s endured during their 18 months in the house including spontaneous fires erupting, the unexplained and bloody attacks on Tony, recurring scratch patterns, stuffed animals and other objects moving of their own accord, and Tony’s frequent run-ins with the ghost of a little girl. They theorize on why Tony took the brunt of the paranormal attacks, while his wife and baby were left relatively unscathed. They explain what happened when Deb & Tony solicited the help of a psychic medium, and the surprise they encountered when they finally moved out of the house. Plus, Rob grew up in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and recounts his own paranormal experiences living in a haunted house in the heart of the infamous Bridgewater Triangle! 

May 25
Sweeping The Leg with Martin Kove

Martin Kove is Sensei John Kreese on “Cobra Kai” and the “Karate Kid” trilogy, and has a great story about how he landed the role in the first place! He talks about the casts’ initial reaction to the “Karate Kid” script and movie, his then-wife’s review of the Kreese character, bringing Sensei Kreese back to the “Cobra Kai” series, and working with his son, Jesse on the show too. Martin also talks about his friendship and working relationship with Sylvester Stallone, his love of Westerns, and doing “Dancing With The Stars.” Plus, Martin and his son Jesse talk about the projects they’re filming together, and their new podcast, “Kicking It With The Koves,” which focuses on Cobra Kai & Karate Kid trilogy!

May 20
The Anatomy Of A Pro Wrestling Referee

So what exactly does it take to be a great pro wrestling referee? Former WWE ref Marty Elias has a few thoughts about that. Marty breaks down the skills and knowledge needed to be a top ref in the biz, how he learned and who he learned from, the importance of in-ring chemistry, and what he instills in the students he trains at Rocky Mountain ProWrestling in Colorado. Marty talks about the worst bumps he’s taken in the ring both accidentally and by design, some of his favorite matches (Jericho vs Steamboat in Japan, Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25), how being a jack-of-all-trades at WWE helped his career, and what it was like being the Great Khali’s talent handler for a year. Marty also details his big return to the ring as referee for Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide in Mexico.

1h 8m
May 18
Max Creeps - The Most Influential Punk Band of All Time

The long-awaited, highly-anticipated, and critically-acclaimed Max Creeps album “Nein” has finally arrived! And we’re celebrating its release with an exclusive interview with the most influential punk rock band in history! Max Blastic and PC Bullshit of Max Creeps share their unbelievable story from their first meeting at David Bowie’s 1973 concert at the Hammersmith Odeon to their time on a working cattle boat to their unfortunate falling out and ultimate break-up. They discuss the circumstances that led to their reunion, their songwriting process, how they feel about bands like The Clash, the Sex Pistols, and the Germs stealing their song ideas back in the day, why they don’t consider “Nein” their debut album, and how it feels to have influenced everyone from Slash to Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong to Henry Rollins and Fozzy. Purchase Max Creeps "Nein" album - Max Creeps on Night Flight - Tune in at 11PM ET on NFTV

May 13
Busted Open's Favorite Matches of All Time

It’s favorite match time with Busted Open’s Dave LaGreca and Gabby LaSpisa! They run down their respective lists and explain why they chose the matches they did. That means plenty of stories about Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, The Undertaker, Bret and Owen Hart, Thunder Rosa, Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Hulk Hogan, the Stadium Stampede, Kevin Owens and the Festival of Friendship, Wrestlemania 3, Wrestlemania 25, and Eddie Guerrero and Art Barr in Mexico. And Jericho weighs in with details on what really happened behind the scenes before his big match with CM Punk at Wrestlemania 28.

1h 5m
May 11
Fozzy's Boombox EXPLODES

The new Fozzy album, “Boombox” is here, and the band’s celebrating its release with a killer behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album! Guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey, bassist P.J. Farley, and drummer Grant Brooks talk favorite songs and performances, album artwork, and touring. Grant and PJ also recount how they came to join the band during the middle of a pandemic! And Rich Ward and Chris detail the creative process with producer Johnny Andrews, why Chris recorded his vocals at his house in Tampa, and why the pandemic lockdown was the best thing to happen to “Boombox!”

1h 22m
May 06
Spittin Knowledge with Swerve Strickland

Swerve Strickland’s signed with AEW about a month ago, and explains how and why that happens. He talks about his time at WWE, the formation of Hit Row with Ashanti “Thee” Adonis, Top Dolla & B-Fab, what led to the faction’s demise, and Swerve’s ultimate release from WWE. He speaks to the fall out from social media rap during Hit Row’s feud with Jinder Mahal, the rap cypher he did on live TV, his relationship with Triple H, what he learned from Shawn Michaels, and the feedback he received from Willian Regal. He has stories from his run with Lucha Underground including the inspiration behind the Lt. Jermaine Strickland character, the evolution of his masked Killshot gimmick, and what he thinks led to Lucha Underground’s cancellation. Plus, Swerve just attended the GRAMMY Awards, befriended one of Kanye West’s producers and songwriters, and shares how he plans to elevate his own rap game! 

1h 3m
May 04