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Tapping The Keg Ep 500 (feat Murph: Moments, Memories, What Ifs & What's Next

Tapping The Keg Ep 500 (feat Murph: Moments, Memories, What Ifs & What's Next by Charlie Tritschler

1h 4m
Mar 26
Marquette 'What Ifs' After an Electric Night of Sweet 16 Basketball

The Daily Tap podcast features Marquette Golden Eagles/Sweet 16 discussion, Milwaukee Bucks, and Milwaukee Brewers. 0-16 minutes; Charlie talks about what could have been for the Marquette Golden Eagles after watching Kansas State & Michigan State. Charlie also discusses why the UConn win is looking better 16-27 minutes; Charlie discusses the mountain weekend for the Milwaukee Bucks who take on the Utah Jazz and the Denver Nuggets. And why Friday matters more than you think 27-35 minutes; Matt Arnold has a big weekend ahead of him. What will do with Keston Hiura v Luke Voit and Gus Varland 35-45 minutes; Free talk on TikTok bans and strip clubs.

Mar 24
Bucks Understand The Importance of The One Seed This Year

Today's edition of The Daily Tap podcast is talking Milwaukee Bucks, Green Bay Packers, and the Milwaukee Brewers. Tune in if you're fan of all or just a fan of one. 0-15 minutes: Charlie discusses Grayson Allen's comments about the one seed and how the Milwaukee Bucks learned their lesson from last year plus understanding the path to the NBA FInals is a lot easier. 15-31 minutes: Charlie talks about the New York Jets dealing Elijah Moore. What might that mean for an Aaron Rodgers trade? And why Charlie has a new theory on why there has been virtually no conversation between the Jets and Packers 31-43 minutes: Charlie takes an unfortunate victory lap on the Corbin Burnes arbitration story. Why hiring a new agent says a lot and what it might mean for the Milwaukee Brewers long-term plans.

Mar 23
Five Questions About Brewers Before The Start of The MLB Season

On today's edition of the podcast, Charlie is talking Brewers baseball, Green Bay Packers' quarterback backups, and how things got tougher for Marquette. 0-24 minutes; Charlie asks five questions about the Milwaukee Brewers' season and what might come of it. Expectations, 'the freshman', bullpen and much more. 24-35 minutes: Charlie makes the case that the Packers should at least check in on Cam Newton if he's committed to being a backup quarterback. Charlie also talks about other options that might make sense. 35-45 minutes: Lastly, Charlie discusses how the Big East got better with the hiring of Rick Pitino to St. John's and Ed Cooley moving from Providence to Georgetown.

Mar 22
Marquette Wakes Up Earlier Than Expected From Their Dream Season

The Daily Tap is here for your Monday edition talking Marquette basketball, Green Bay Packers-New York Jets in a leverage war, and the Milwaukee Bucks 0-12 minutes; Charlie reflects on the Marquette season that ended too early. Why he’s choosing to focus on the good versus the bad and wants people to remember things more fondly than the final outcome 12-22 minutes; Charlie gives five takeaways from the Michigan State-Marquette game. What he thinks went wrong. Why Shaka needed to be more aggressive and the moment that will haunt him. 22-36 minutes; Charlie talks about the great leverage war that is going on between the Jets and the Packers. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Plus why things got weird with Pat McAfee 36-45 minutes: Charlie discusses why Brook Lopez could be the reason why the Bucks are holding up another trophy in June.

Mar 20
Reactions From Marquette Finally Winning In Round 1 of March Madness

Charlie is back for another special edition of The Daily Tap where he talks about only Marquette and their win against Vermont + a preview of the Michigan State game and some thoughts on the East Region. 0-13 minutes: All about the game on Friday where Marquette took care of business against Vermont. Why Kam Jones played a huge role. Why Kolek felt the pressure & much more. 13-25 minutes: Marquette-Michigan State preview. Why it might come down to Kolek v Hoggard. Thoughts on the coaching matchup and much more. 25-30 minutes; Thoughts about what has happened in the East Region already with Purdue losing. Why Charlie still thinks Duke is the favorite at this point.

Mar 18
Biggest Storylines From Aaron Rodgers' Jets Request Interview

The Daily Tap is back today with a show mostly about Aaron Rodgers with some about Marquette and a little about March Madness viewing advice. 0-35 minutes: Charlie talks about his thoughts about the day that Rodgers decided to leave the Green Bay Packers before diving into the biggest storylines that have come from Rodgers saying he wants to be a Jet 35-48 minutes: Charlie breaks down Marquette's matchup with Vermont and what are things that need to happen for the Golden Eagles to stay the course 48-52 minutes: Charlie hands out advice to watching games at the bar for March Madness.

Mar 16
Bucks' NBA Finals Opponent Excitement Rankings

Charlie is back for another edition of The Daily Tap podcast talking about the Milwaukee Bucks, Marquette Golden Eagles, and Packers' free agents that are no longer packers. 0-26 minutes; Charlie discusses the NBA Finals opponent excitement rankings. Who would you be the most excited to play? Where do the Suns and Kings fit into that discussion? Plus a recap of Bucks-Suns 26-36 minutes: Charlie talks about a stat that you like if you're a Marquette fan and a stat that scares you if you're a Marquette fan for the NCAA Tournament 36-46 minutes: Charlie wraps up the show by talking about the Green Bay Packers free agent departures. What to make of Allen Lazard not being there and Jarren Reed leaving could mean a big role for T.J. Slaton.

Mar 15
The Aaron Rodgers "Hostage" Outcome Breakdown

Charlie kicks off the podcast talking about Aaron Rodgers, free agency day 1 for the NFL, and Bucks-Kings 0-26 minutes: Charlie talks about the weird day that Aaron Rodgers had. What might come of this? Will he end up going to the New York Jets after all? Charlie has some thoughts 26-36 minutes: Charlie goes over the free agent signings by the NFL specifically in the NFC plus some thoughts on Keisean Nixon being back as a Packer 36-48 minutes: Charlie wraps up the show by discussing how much fun Bucks-Kings was last night. Questions from the Bar make their return than some Golden Kegs are handed out.

Mar 14
Marquette's Tournament Chances + Picking The Full Bracket (Feat ShayKenn) | Tapping The Keg 499

Mitch & Charlie are back with a special edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast. They talk about Marquette's chances in the NCAA Tournament then pick the entire bracket + some WI sports rapid fire. We are joined by ShayKenn for this one too. Topic 1: Before the bracket is picked, Charlie asks ShayKenn & Mitch for their unbiased opinion on the Marquette seed, their path, and much more. Topic 2: They pick the entire bracket. They go through the whole bracket and find a winner. Why something will happen for the first time since 1997? Sign up for Tapping The Keg Madness today https://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/mens-basketball-bracket/group/18764/invitation?key=0331393f28b380a3. Topic 3: The boys run through a disappointing Warriors loss for the Bucks then talk about Rodgers.

1h 14m
Mar 13
Marquette's Dream Season Continues With Owning The Big East Tournament

Charlie pops on for a special Sunday edition of the podcast. He talks about Marquette's dream run in the NCAA Tournament. Why he is flying high after the wins against UConn and Xavier. Why the Uconn one mattered a touch more. Then some thoughts on the players' performance this week. What a team.

Mar 12
Marquette Feels The Pressure of March But Finds A Way To Win

Charlie is back for a very late edition of today's Friday podcast. He talks about Marquette Golden Eagles, the Milwaukee Bucks, and Aaron Rodgers. 0-20 minutes: Charlie talks about the Marquette Golden Eagles' tough win against St. John's. Why they felt the pressure of March but found a way to win plus some thoughts on the UConn matchup tonight. 20-30 minutes: Charlie talks about how great Brook Lopez has been and showed it again versus the Brooklyn Nets last night. He needs to be appreciated. Also some golden kegs for talk with Nets & Magic 30-36 minutes; Where we stand with the current Rodgers situation.

Mar 10
Bucks Confidence Meter Check-In With the Top Bucks Topics | Tapping The Keg 498

On this week's edition of The Tapping The Keg podcast, Charlie & Mitch talk about the Milwaukee Bucks, Green Bay Packers news that isn't Aaron Rodgers, and Marquette Golden Eagles basketball + some Wisconsin hoops too. Topic 1: Charlie asks Mitch 'How confident are you?' in several different Bucks topics such as the Khris Middeton's health, Jae Crowder's minutes, Bucks-Sixers, the West Coast road trip & more Topic 2: The boys talk a little bit about Aaron Rodgers before discussing the positions that the Packers should sign in free agency. Discussions around the running back position, EDGE, safety, and more. Topic 3: Charlie asks the question will people jump on the Marquette bandwagon this March with the exodus of Wisconsin basketball? Will they get the same amount of attention across the state? They also talk about Wisconsin losing to Ohio State & what it means for Greg Gard.

1h 4m
Mar 09
Previewing Marquette & Wisconsin's 2023 Conference Tournament Chances

Charlie is back with another edition of The Daily Tap talking about Marquette & Wisconsin's tournament chances this week along with some Green Bay Packers talk 0-20 minutes: Charlie opens up with Marquette and talks about them at the one seed. What does a rematch with Butler or St. John's look like? Why it might be fun to take down UConn and much more 20-34 minutes: Charlie on the Badgers' chances. Did they change their complete identity before the tournament starts? How many wins are they going to need to get in? Will there be a Marquette-Wisconsin round two matchup possibility? 34-38 minutes: Quick UWM recap 38-51 minutes: All of the weird Packers stories makes Green Bay look terrible and dysfunctional plus what to make of the Trey Wingo report that Aaron Rodgers talked with the New York Jets on Monday night.

Mar 07
Bucks' Good & Bad Things About Their .500 Weekend

Charlie is here with your Monday podcast talking all things Milwaukee Bucks, Marquette Golden Eagles, and Aaron Rodgers. 0-25 minutes: Charlie goes into talking about the best & worst things about the Milwaukee BUcks' weekend. While it was great they won on Sunday v Washington, they did have a bad collapse on Saturday vs the Sixers. 25-34 minutes: Charlie talks about the Marquette Golden Eagles winning on Saturday then discusses some initial thoughts about the Big East Tournament for the team. 34-42 minutes: Will we get an Aaron Rodgers' decision this week? Why Charlie is still unsure about how it all works out for Rodgers & the team?

Mar 06
5th Annual Bucks Get No National Media Respect Podcast | Tapping The Keg 497

Charlie and Mitch are BACK after a bit of a layoff. The boys discuss the Milwaukee Bucks, March Madness, and Aaron Rodgers. Topic 1: Charlie & Mitch do what seems to be an annual podcast on the Milwaukee Bucks getting very little to no respect in the national media landscape. Why does this happen? What could make it change? Topic 2: What makes March Madness painful for the viewer? Bad start times. Being the sexy team. On the bubble and much more. Topic 3: Charlie & Mitch finish the show resetting the Aaron Rodgers topic and figuring out where Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers go from here.

1h 3m
Mar 03
Wisconsin Sports Importance Rankings For March

Charlie has the Wisconsin sports importance rankings ready for everyone then talks Bucks/Magic before going into bracketology. 0-37 minutes; Wisconsin sports importance rankings. The most important things on the calendar. And why even with March Madness, it goes back to Aaron Rodgers 37-44 minutes: Another impressive Milwaukee victory as their winning streak goes to 16 games 44-55 minutes; Where the bracketologists have Marquette and Wisconsin before the final game of the season.

Mar 02
Marquette’s Final Exclamation Point in Return to CBB Prominence

The Daily Tap is here for the Wednesday edition of the show. Charlie is talking about Marquette, Milwaukee Bucks, and the Green Bay Packers. 0-17 minutes: Charlie leads off by talking about Marquette's win against Butler and clinching the Big East title. How Marquette went from being a program with apathetic fans to a reengaged fanbase in two years. 17-28 minutes: Bucks flip the switch and bury the Brooklyn Nets. Charlie discusses how the Bucks took care of business last night against Brooklyn with a dominating second half & also hands out some Golden Kegs. 28-38 minutes: Brian Gutekunst did talk out of both sides of his mouth about Aaron Rodgers yesterday but why Charlie came away with more sympathy towards him than expected?

Mar 01
Bucks Show Their Scary Good Potential This Weekend

Monday's podcast is talking about the Milwaukee Bucks, Marquette Golden Eagles, and the Milwaukee Brewers/San Diego Padres misinformation 0-20 minutes: Charlie talks about how scary good the Bucks can be and they showed it this weekend even without Giannis Antetokounmpo. They have the deepest team in the league and a surefire contender. He also runs through Golden Kegs for the last two games. 20-30 minutes: Charlie breaks down Marquette's win against DePaul. Why they went through the motions in the second half and why it was vital that they did not celebrate too much after winning a share of the Big East title. 30-38 minutes: Charlie clarifies the idea of the San Diego Padres is a small market team. It isn't true, and anyone trying to sell is lying to you.

Feb 27
Bucks Golden Kegs For Season So Far: Who Played The Best, Who Played The Worst?

Charlie wraps up the week with The Daily Tap talking Milwaukee Bucks' Golden Kegs for the best & worst this year, Aaron Rodgers, & a weekend preview 0-25 minutes: Charlie talks about the best & worst Bucks from this season so far. There are some obvious ones for the best like Giannis but the ones who are struggling also get a mention 25-31 minutes: Charlie explains why the Aaron Rodgers darkness retreat coverage was very overblown and unneeded 31-42 minutes: Charlie gets you ready for a great weekend of basketball featuring Marquette trying to clinch the Big East and the Bucks looking to make a statement.

Feb 24
Top WI Sports Topics, Takes, People We're Giving Up In 2023 | Keg Jams

Tapping The Keg's favorite DJ Shaykenn is back with another edition of Keg Jams. The boys talk about the Green Bay Packers & the Milwaukee Bucks in depth with a whole lot in between. Topic 1: In honor of the Lenten season, the boys find things that they would give up for Lent starting with Aaron Rodgers and ending with Grayson Allen trades Topic 2: ShayKenn & Charlie talk about Aaron jones' contract and the impact that it has on the rest of the Packers offseason. They also discuss why we're all waiting on Aaron Rodgers Topic 3: Early NFL Draft thoughts about the Green Bay Packers and who they might take. Topic 4; Favorite Buyout guys for the Milwaukee Bucks Topic 5: Who needs to step up for the Bucks in Giannis' absence?

1h 11m
Feb 23
Marquette's Big Win Should Make You Believe They're a Final Four Contender

Charlie is back for another edition of The Daily Tap podcast. He is talking about a huge Marquette victory against Creighton, Milwaukee Brewers making some signings, and more momentum for Jordan Love Topic 1 (0-22 minutes) - Charlie recaps the massive Marquette win against Creighton and why he thinks this game convinced him they’re contenders for the Final Four Topic 2: (22-32 minutes) - Brewers add some depth pieces by signing Luke Voit and Tyler Naquin. Why Charlie likes the move and thinks it’s something good for them moving forward Topic 3 (32-42 minutes) - More positive Jordan Love news and why Charlie believes that this seems to be coordinated against the starting quarterback.

Feb 22
Giannis Won All-Star Weekend But Is His Wrist Okay?

The Daily Tap is back for its Monday edition, and we are talking Giannis with his wrist injury, Aaron Rodgers' leaks, Aaron Jones being back and Marquette getting screwed. 0-14 minutes: Giannis is awesome during the all-star festivities but news about his wrist does not make anyone feel great. 14-21 minutes; Rodgers' leaks spring up that make everyone feel like it's Jordan Love time in Green Bay 21-27 minutes: Aaron Jones returns to the Packers. Does it help Rodgers or Jordan Love more? 27-37 minutes; Marquette gets robbed in the first committee rankings as they're a four seed and not the expected three seed.

Feb 20
How To Make Sense Of Brewers & Corbin Burnes' Arbitration Drama

Charlie is back solo for the Friday edition of the podcast. He's talking a lot of Brewers for the first time in awhile then some Bucks w/ a dash of Marquette & snow shoveling. 0-15 min: Corbin Burnes' arbitration hearing was a mess but the Brewers did the right thing. It's not about $750k. 15-25 minutes: Charlie touches on the Brewers fanbase and why the team needs to work on bringing its online community back together. 25-33 minutes: Why the Bucks win tonight is a great reminder of the depth they have as a team. 33-42 minutes: Some talk about Marquette's bracket placement when the official top 16 teams get announced on Saturday and also a PSA/rant on snow shoveling early.

Feb 17
Bucks at The Break: What's Going Well, What Isn't & What To Look Forward To | Tapping The Keg 496

Charlie & Mitch are back in the saddle for another edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast. They're talking about the Milwaukee Bucks at the All-Star Break, Marquette's improbable season, and Wisconsin sports business. Topic 1: We talk about the Bucks at the All-Star Break. There are some things that Mitch & Charlie want to see after it as well as discuss what has happened so far. Topic 2: Charlie recaps an unbelievable Marquette game that he was lucky to be a part of then talks about the improbable nature of Marquette's season and wonders if there are any others that are similar Topic 3: Charlie & Mitch go over what's happening with business dealings with the different sports teams. The Brewers' bill, Haslams wanting a piece of the Bucks, and Bally's demise.

1h 4m
Feb 16
Lessons Learned From Bucks-Celtics Round II

The podcast returns today to talk about Bucks-Celtics, Aaron Rodgers’ comments then bracketology for the Wisconsin college teams. 0-23 minutes: Lessons learned from the Bucks-Celtics game where Boston did not have all their guys. Can we still take stuff away from this one? Absolutely. We also give out some golden kegs. 23-32 minutes: Aaron Rodgers talks about Green Bay being home, and his continued war with the media, and Charlie explains why he thinks Rodgers doesn’t know what he plans to do. 32-45 minutes: Charlie checks in on bracketology seeing where Marquette, Wisconsin, and Milwaukee all fit in at the moment.

Feb 15
Packers Need To Show Guts With Their Aaron Rodgers' Feelings

The podcast is back on Monday to help your Super Bowl hangover. We're talking about the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers, Marquette, and the Milwaukee Bucks 0-15 minutes: Why the Packers need to have some guts with Aaron Rodgers and tell him how they really feel. 15-26 minutes: Jim Jackson said Marquette isn't the best team in the Big East despite their record. What to make of that comment 26-43 minutes: Bucks preview for both the Celtics and Bulls game than a guide for how to navigate Valentine's Day + some quick Super Bowl thoughts.

Feb 13
Bucks Adding Jae Crowder Gives Off 2021 Vibes

Charlie finally talks about what the Milwaukee Bucks did on the trade deadline, Bucks-Lakers, courtside at UWM, and much more. 0-17 minutes: Charlie discusses what the Milwaukee Bucks did by bringing Jae Crowder to the team. What impact he could have. Why they're running it back from 2021 with getting a guy who likely has a PJ Tucker impact on the team 17-27 minutes: Charlie recaps Bucks-Lakers and talks about the Golden Kegs from that game as well plus why AD and Giannis isn't a matchup worth talking about 27-37 minutes; Charlie talks about being courtside at UWM's game last night against Detroit. What he saw and what it's like to be that close. 37-44 minutes: Weekend preview + a show announcement

Feb 10
Ranking Giannis Antetokounmpo's Biggest Rivals | Tapping The Keg 495

Charlie & Mitch are back for another edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast where they're talking Milwaukee Bucks, Green Bay Packers, and the NBA Trade deadline. Topic 1: In honor of the matchup against LeBron James, we break down the biggest rivals for Giannis. Charlie mentions how Giannis-LeBron's rivalry never reached its peak and then ranks some of the best rivals Topic 2: With the Super Bowl on Sunday, Charlie wonders what the Green Bay Packers need to do to get the Super Bowl next season. Topic 3: With the NBA Trade Deadline happening today, Charlie & Mitch make predictions on what might go on with the Milwaukee Bucks and what might make us mad.

1h 14m
Feb 09
Aaron Rodgers' Darkness Retreat Survival Guide

On today's podcast, it was supposed to be a quick one but it went to a full 40 so you, the listener, should enjoy this one. 0-19 minutes: Charlie talks about all of Aaron Rodgers' comments from the Pat McAfee Show along with his commentary on the darkness retreat. Charlie creates how he would do it. Could he survive it? Plus why the watch is important. 19-29 minutes: Charlie goes over what happened in the Marquette game as the Golden Eagles get shellacked by UConn. He talks about why the starts need to be better and why more is needed from the start players. 29-38 minutes: Wisconsin Bracketology. Marquette sitting at the three seed 38-42 - LeBron + some final thoughts.

Feb 08