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Combating Crows, the Enemy of the Harvest

Have you ever witnessed someone growing in their faith and then suddenly there is a horrible spiritual attack? Jesus warned there is an enemy of the harvestcrows that are bent on snatching the seeds scattered in the fields before strong roots can take hold. We may not like to think about it, but Satan is eager to discourage and snatch away believers. In this message, Jill Briscoe encourages all the saints to get in the fight, disciple those around them, and help people grow strong roots in their faith. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Aug 10
Tending the Kingdom's Garden

It's easy to see when a garden needs watering. The plant leaves begin to wilt, the ground becomes dry, and cracks appear. And if the plants aren't tended to, they're at risk of withering and dying. It's the same with people who need Jesus. In this message, Jill Briscoe helps us understand what's at risk and asks us to dedicate ourselves to impacting people in our sphere of influence. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Aug 09
The Power of the Seed

Can an orchid grow in a putrid and smoldering garbage pile? Yes, and it has. That's the power of life within the seed. And so it is with the Good News. Are you all out for Jesus, scattering news of Him wherever you go, no matter how dirty or unwelcoming the circumstance might be? In this message, Jill Briscoe encourages us to believe that God's Word will always find good soil. It's up to us to take advantage of every opportunity so that the fields will be ready for someone to come along and harvest to the glory of God. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Aug 08
Thirsty for Living Water

Christ came to seek and to save that which was lost. When we respond to Him, He comes to indwell us by His Spirit. He lives within to lend us His passion, give us His vision, and infuse a sense of mission into the very fabric of our lives. If Jesus Christ lives in you, it is His job to win souls. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Aug 05
The Silent Years

Luke is the only Gospel writer who records this part of Jesus' life. Jesus is now a pre-adolescent. These years are known as "the silent years." To support this ministry financially, visit:

Aug 04
Dealing with Our Differences - Chiseled

What is God using to chisel you into the image of Christ? Will you lie still in His hand and let Him do it? For Jeremiah, God was using his ministry partner, Baruch, to chisel and hammer him into shape. Jeremiah, too, was chiseling Baruch. Without the encouragement of the other, neither would have had faith enough to finish when their ministry got difficult. In this message, Jill describes how we can learn to work with and celebrate the differences between us and the people in our lives. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Aug 03
His Plan in My Life - His Words in My Mouth

Do you ever find yourself running away from God’s plans because you feel inadequate? Jeremiah felt inadequate when God called him to be a prophet. But God spoke a promise to Jeremiah saying, "My plan will be in your life, My work will be in your hand, and My words will be in your mouth." In this message, Jill teaches how to have the kind of faith that believes that God will enable and equip us to do everything He asks of us. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Aug 02
Great Is Thy Faithfulness - Morning by Morning

Trying to walk in faith is a day-by-day lesson in leaning on God. It's figuring out moment-by-moment what a Christian life looks likeand it's not easy. Jeremiah had to learn how to have faith like this when he was in the pit, when he was fighting despair and doubt. During this time, God was teaching Jeremiah to put his mind on Him, instead of on the troubles of life. Jeremiah's testimony of learning faith morning by morning is a great lesson for us in pursuing faith, even in doubts and trials. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Aug 01
Sublime Women

It's common today to see women fight in the military, hold political office, and work jobs formerly dominated by men. But 2,000+ years ago, women had few rights and little worth in society. That didn't matter to JesusHe had a heart for women, and it's shown in every conversation and interaction He had with them. Jill's series teaches about women in the Bible who spent time with Jesus. But if you go deeper, you'll discover its real lessonno matter what your story is or where you've come from, no matter if you've lived a good life or made mistakes, every woman (every human for that matter!) has the same thing in common. We all need a Savior. Listen closely and hear how much you are valued and loved by God's son. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 29
Story Women

In this message, Jill takes us to Matthew 25 and the parable of the talents. The question is, how faithful are you in maximizing what God has given you? To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 28
Single Women

If you're a single woman, know a single woman, or are the mother or father of a single woman, this message is for you. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 27
Successful Women

Mary and Martha opened their home to Jesus. The two were very different types of women. Martha had the gift of hospitality and was a doer. Mary has other, mystical gifts, and was content to sit at the feet of Jesus. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 26
Sexual Women

Has your perception of sexuality been warped? Our culture feeds us an idolized image of sex that is dramatically distant from God's intent. But just as the world is explicit about sex, so is God's Word! He clearly outlines His intent for the sexual experience. During His ministry, Jesus demonstrated perfect love to all kinds of sinful peopleincluding women known for their sexual sin. Jill points to Christ's encounters with these women, to reveal Jesus' standard for sexual behavior and of His grace when we fall. Can we accept His truth about sex and live according to His grace? To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 25
Sinful Women

Mary of Nazareth, mother of Jesus, was the best woman that ever graced this earth. Good, so good, but not good enough to get into heaven without the Savior she bore. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 22
Teach Us to Pray

While here on earth, Jesus himself sought communion with God through prayer. His disciples were to do likewise. He gave us a pattern to follow. For those who ask, seek, and knock, God is more than willing to answer. He is even more willing than friends or an earthly father, as Jesus explains through the parables. But the Christian's prayer requests need to be in line with Jesus' model prayer. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 21
Teach Us to Listen

One of the things that matters most to Jesus is our personal relationship with Him. This matters to Him even when it doesn’t matter to us! He offers the human race an incredible invitation. He says, "Let's talk." What does this mean? It involves listening to His Word and responding in prayer. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 20
How to Be an Example to Others

Our kids often look at famous athletes, singers, and actors to be their role models or examples of how they want to be. But did you know that they often follow your actions and examples, too? And you may not realize it, but there may be other people in your life who look to you to set a good example. In this message, Jill discusses the importance of being a good example and gives us practical ways we can do so. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 19
How to Worship

Is worshiping God the central focus of your life? Well, if it isn't, it should be. In this message, Jill Briscoe looks at the book of Exodus and focuses on the tabernacle that Moses built to help us gain a better understanding of what it really means to worship God. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 18
How to Discover My Gifts

What kind of spiritual gifts do you have? For many of us, it’s hard to know. But it's easier than you think to discover the wonderful gifts God has given you. In this message, Jill explains how by just looking at our lives and our day to day activities we can discover how to use our talents for God’s will and purposes. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 15
How to Be Holy

Most of us can think of a time when we had a craving for something sweet... a cookie, ice cream, or a brownie. For some, this kind of craving can result in an internal battle. The flesh says yes, but the mind may be thinking of the ramifications and may want to say no. The same is true with the sin in our lives. The mind may understand that it's a bad thing to do, but the body may just react and sin out of habit or discouragement. In this message, Jill shares how we can combat sin and be holy. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 14
How to Obey the Bible

Many of us live a Christian life that’s like a saggy bed. We're rock firm on one end and rock firm on the other. We know we've accepted Christ, and we know we're going to heaven when we die. But we sag in the middle. So how do we fix the sag? In this message, Jill helps us learn to obey and apply what the Bible teaches so that we can grow in our faith. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 13
How to Grow as a Christian

Often times, you'll hear runners talk about the "wall" they hit when they are running. They can either stop running or push through the wall. Although it's hard to push through the wall, the reward is great because they usually experience a surge of energy and feel like they could run forever. As Christians, we can hit a "wall" that makes us feel stuck in our Christian walk. Although it's hard to push through it, when we do, we see a huge growth spurt. In this message, Jill explains how we can push through our "wall" to grow as a Christian. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 12
How to Witness

When you think of witnessing, what comes to mind? Many think witnessing is scary and intimidating. Others think it's something that just pastors and ministry leaders should do. But God believes witnessing is everyone's job, and He has given each and every one of us the tools to do it. In this message, Jill explains how we can learn to witness. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 11
Heart Ache

Sometimes we think that if we could only get what we want, we would finally be happy. Solomon thought that, too. He had a "getting" obsession, never denying himself anything he wanted, and he became "greater by far than anyone in Jerusalem before [him]." But all these things didn't bring Solomon the happiness he was looking for. Solomon and you and I are all trying to soothe a heart ache that can't be cured by "things" but only by finding our purpose, the reason we were made! To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 08
Heart Cry

Ever feel like something is missing, like you just don’t belong? You probably feel that way because it is true! God created us for Himself and put eternity in our heartswe were not made for here. So how do we make the most of this life where "everything is meaningless, a chasing after the wind" (as Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes) in a world which is not our home? To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 07
Knowing God

When we are bogged down with feelings of inadequacy, or when we are burdened by expectations, it's a great time to pray. But sometimes it can be hard for us to know what to pray or even how to pray. In this message, Jill walks us through the Old Testament prayer process that was followed within the temple and compares it to New Testament times to help us understand the importance of prayer and learn how to deepen our prayer life. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 06
Discretionary Time

Think for a moment about how you spend the majority of your dayworking, attending school, raising children, running errands... Now, how do you spend the time that remains? Have you set aside time for the Lord each day? In this message, Jill encourages us to be intentional in connecting with God in all that we do and to make each moment count for Him. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 05
The Wisdom of Solomon

We have to make a lot of choices every day... financial decisions, relational decisions, parenting decisions. From making a very small decision to dealing with what seems like an impossible situation, we often find ourselves looking for wisdom and striving to follow God's will. We're seeking to make wise choices. In this message, Jill looks at the life of Solomon to help us understand how we can develop wisdom. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 04

When you come to familiar Scriptures, do you tend to pass them by? Most of us have heard Psalm 23, describing the Shepherd's relationship with His sheep. Take time and allow the Lord to give you a fresh revelation on these verses as Jill Briscoe shares her heart and perspective on one of her favorite passages in Scripture. To support this ministry financially, visit:

Jul 01
The Cry of My Heart

Even though the Bible continues to be the leading best seller, fewer people are actually reading it. That's unfortunate because God's Word is just as powerful and life changing today as it has always been! To support this ministry financially, visit:

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