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More Soybeans for Tennessee Farmers

No foolin, farmers are set to really get started this week planting their two main crops, corn and soybeans.

Apr 01
New Ford Vehicle for Tennessee Young Farmer

Cumberland County’s Matthew McClanahan is still riding high after his January competition at the American Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer and Rancher discussion meet where he was named the national winner and as part of the prize received $35,000 dollars towards the purchase of a new Ford vehicle.

Mar 29
New State FFA Officers Selected

Eight new Tennessee State Officers have been selected. New State President, T. Wayne Williams of the Woodbury FFA Chapter, talks about what it means to be selected and what he hopes to accomplish in his year of service.

Mar 28
Will Kemp Named Star Farmer

Will Kemp of the Chester County FFA Chapter is the 2024 Tennessee FFA Star Farmer. Kemp explains whatbthe award means to him and why farming is so important in his life.

Mar 27
Stars In Gatlinburg

The 96th Annual Tennessee FFA Convention is underway in Gatlinburg. On Monday several State Star Awards were announced. Thomas Capps has the latest from Gatlinburg.

Mar 26
Blue Jackets Back In Gatlinburg

Around 4,000 FFA students from across the state are in Gatlinburg this week for the 96th Tennessee FFA Convention. Current FFA state officers explain what they're looking forward to this week, and why it means so much to them.

Mar 25
Ag Day Every Day

We’re closing out the week-long celebration of National Agriculture week, and Tennessee's 7th District congressman Mark Green says we should always be mindful of the service that our farmers and the ag industry provide for all Tennesseans and all Americans.

Mar 22
SEC Overreach On Farms

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission have recently proposed greenhouse gas reporting rules for farms across the country. Fortunately that rule has been paused for now, but still remains a threat for family farms. Members of the U.S. House Financial Services Committee recently came to Tennessee to hear from Tennesseans on how this rule would impact them.

Mar 21
Ag Day On the Hill

To Celebrate National Ag Day farmers and lawmakers gathered at the capitol in Nashville for Ag Day on The Hill. The annual event featured live farm animals on the hill, and a friendly straw bale tossing competition between all three branches of state government.

Mar 20
National Ag Day

Today is National Ag Day. People across the US are pausing to celebrate the industry that feeds us. Tennessee Farm Bureau President Eric Mayberry explains why it's important to take a day to celebrate agriculture.

Mar 19
National Ag Week Begins

It's National Ag Week. In Tennessee lawmakers understand the importance of agriculture and why it's important to protect it.

Mar 18
Advocating For Farm Policy

Farmers from across Tennessee advocated for pro agriculture policy at the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville this week. They say it's well worth their time to spend a day in Nashville meeting face to face with their lawmakers.

Mar 15
Three Franklin County Natives Elected as State Officers

New 4-H officers were elected at the Tennessee 4-H Congress. Jadian Keith was elected as Governor, Cali Alonso Speaker of The House, and Speaker of The Senate Summer-Grace Kelly Speaker of The Senate. All three are from Franklin County. It's the first time all three officers are from the same county.

Mar 14
Farmers Visit Lawmakers In Nashville

Farmers from across Tennessee are in nashville visiting with their lawmakers. They're sharing their needs and issues that they are facing on their farms.

Mar 13
McLerran Wins National Collegiate Discussion Meet

Clay County Native, Ella McLerran, is the 2024 AFBF Collegiate Discussion Meet winner. She won the competition at the AFBF Fusion Conference in Omaha, Nebraska.

Mar 12
Lifetime In Agriculture With A Story to Tell

Dale Woods is the new Warren County Farm Bureau President. He and his wife raise angus beef cattle on their family farm. He says he's determined to be active in his community and better tell the Ag story.

Mar 11
New SEC Climate Disclosure Rule a Win for Farmers and Ranchers

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently released its final emissions reporting rule without Scope 3 requirements. Chad Smith has more on the good news for U.S. agriculture. Smith: The SEC’s final climate disclosure rule doesn’t contain Scope 3, which would have seriously burdened U.S. farmers and ranchers. Travis Cushman, Deputy General Counsel for Litigation and Public Policy with the American Farm Bureau, says the final rule is notable for what it doesn’t include. Cushman: What it does not look like is the way the proposal was two years ago, which would have included Scope 3. Scope 3 would have required public companies to report on the greenhouse gas emission of their supply chain, meaning that farmers would potentially have to be tracking all their emissions constantly. Anytime you sell a bushel of corn, we'd have to say these are how much of seven different types of greenhouse gases were emitted for every bushel I'm selling. Smith: The final rule means Scope 3 is off the table, for now, everywhere except California. Cushman: This is a final rule. Two years ago, the Securities and Exchange Commission put out their proposal which included Scope 3, and this final rule has fully eliminated it, which we are incredibly excited and thankful for. In terms of what comes next, California recently passed a rule that would also require disclosure of Scope 3 for anyone to do business in California. We have sued California over this as well. Smith: The Scope 3 victory is a result of hard work done by both the Farm Bureau and its grassroots members across the country. Cushman: This is an example of how well Farm Bureau works when it works together. It’s advocacy. It’s grassroots. We had our members send 20,000 messages to SEC and Capitol Hill, explaining to them how this could really hurt them. All those things together helped create this result. Smith: For more information, go to fb.org. Chad Smith, Washington.

Mar 08
The Dangers of the Job

Farming is no doubt one of if not the most dangerous occupation.  And safety should be on the minds of every farmer every day of the year, but especially we bring attention to it this week, during Ag Safety Awareness Program week.

Mar 07
Mack Moss Retires From TDA

After more than 38 years as a livestock grader with TDA, Mack Moss is retiring. He reflects on his more than three decades career serving producers across the state.

Mar 06
A Few Days Away from Planting

The weather sure has been mild for the past several weeks and there’s no doubt getting into their fields has been on the minds of row crop farmers here in Tennessee and across the midsouth.

Mar 05
Marketing Tennessee Wood Products Around the World

A successful international trade mission recently to India is drawing a lot of interest in one of the Volunteer State’s most important renewable resources, timber and the products produced from our abundant forests.

Mar 04
Preds Ag Night

A little more than 100 FFA students participated in Preds Ag night. The students who participated got listen to a panel of people with different careers in agriculture to learn about the different opportunities in the industry. After the panel they got to attend the Preds game.

Mar 01
A Tennessee Farm (& Gin) Show Like No Other

Hard to believe that the 72nd annual Mid-South Farm and Gin show is upon us once again, but as the calendar turns to March, thousands will converge for the 2-day show in downtown Memphis to take in the exhibits and educational sessions. https://www.farmandginshow.com/

Feb 29
Bill Johnson Recognized by TCC

Bill Johnson has a rich history in Tennessee agriculture. He previously served at President and CEO of Farm Credit Mid-America, and now is a professor at the Herbert College of Agriculture at the University of Tennessee. Johnson was recently recognized by the Tennessee Council of Cooperatives for his support for co-ops and training for the next generation. Thomas Capps Recognition for dedication to cooperatives and rural Tennessee. Hello, and welcome to Tennessee Home and Farm Radio, I'm Thomas Capps. Bill Johnson If you want things to be better, you have to be involved. Bill Johnson Thomas Capps Bill Johnson's roots in Tennessee agriculture runs deep. He recently served as president and CEO of Farm Credit Mid-America, and now he's a professor at the Herbert College of Agriculture at the University of Tennessee. He teaches business strategy there. Johnson was recently recognized by the Tennessee Council of Cooperatives at the Young Leaders Conference for his years of support of cooperatives, and to the ag industry. Bill Johnson When you're recognized for something that you really love to do, and that's to help young people become leaders. It's very humbling. But if much as anything, it just draws light to what this program really means, and the support it has across all phases of the industry. And I think that's something that you know, the people they meet the experiences they have the perspective they gain from very diverse speakers is something that will make them again, better farmers and ranchers but also better citizens of Tennessee. Thomas Capps Johnson now working with young people at UT sees how critical it is to train up the next generation of agriculturalists. He sees great value in programs like the Young Leaders Conference and the Tennessee Farm Bureau, Young Farmers and Ranchers. Bill Johnson We think about the future of agriculture, and the future of agri businesses. Learning how to lead, understanding our role in the communities and this program not only teaches important skills for their farming operation, but it teaches them to be even better citizens. And one of the things I think Tennessee really has going for it with this program, and they make lifelong friends will be at conferences, and they'll reminisce about when they were in the Young Farmer program, and how much it meant to them and their family. And what it's done for them really in their career. Thomas Capps For Tennessee Home and Farm Radio. I'm Thomas Capps. Thanks for listening and have a great day.

Feb 28
Ag Crime Unit Protecting Tennessee’s Most Important Industry

Agriculture is vulnerable to crimes everyday. The Tennessee Agriculture Crime Unit works to protect the industry from these crimes. Tennessee Ag Crime Unit, Special Agent Greg Whitehead, explains how they protect agriculture, and why it's so important. Thomas Capps Agriculture's protection against crime. Hello and welcome to Tennessee Home and Farm Radio, I'm Thomas Capps. Greg Whitehead I believe our job is very important because like I said their industry of agriculture. It's very important one of the number one industries in the state of Tennessee. Thomas Capps It's not something that a lot of people think about but ag related crimes happen every day. In fact, just this month alone, there have been 95 crime cases related to agriculture in Tennessee, including things like theft, livestock related and wildfires. That's where the Tennessee Ag Crime Unit comes in where agents like Greg Whitehead work every day to help protect our state's most important industry. Greg Whitehead It is preyed on by criminals because of the the millions of dollars involved in this industry. And there's 1000s and 1000s upon dollars there it can it happened in livestock thefts and with the price of livestock going up now and the cost of everything going up and livestock is also very expensive now and we can see as livestock prices rise. We do see more theft going on and people still in livestock there are units dedicated on tracking these things down. Thomas Capps Agriculture has an $89 billion economic impact in Tennessee, which explains why it's such a large target for crime. The Tennessee Ag crime unit has presence in all 95 counties in Tennessee and worked with neighboring states as needed. While theft and livestock related cases make up a large chunk of their response. Greg Whitehead Whitehead says their biggest calls are for and spring and fall we have a we have a lot of wildfires. So we investigate all the wildfires in the state of Tennessee and we have we're very busy during that time of year we have also a lot of the animal calls. So we'll go out on from theft from abuse to a lot of sister running a large. Thomas Capps Working hard to protect a billion dollar industry that every Tennessean relies on daily. Greg Whitehead I'm glad and proud of our unit all they do to protect protect this state Tennessee Thomas Capps For Tennessee Home and Farm Radio. I'm Thomas Capps. Thanks for listening and have a great day!

Feb 27
Ag Research Crucial for our Future

Dr. Hongwei Xin recently addressed participants at the Tennessee Young Leaders Conference on the importance of Ag Research.

Feb 26
FFA Legislative Breakfast

Tennessee FFA students wrapped up National FFA Week by meeting their lawmakers at the FFA Legislative Breakfast. Students who participated got the unique opportunity to meet their lawmaker in person and tell them what the blue jacket means to them. Thomas Capps Blue Jackets at the Capitol. Hello and welcome to Tennessee Home and Farm Radio. I'm Thomas Capps. Chloe Crum It means a lot for us to be able to get this big opportunity and come and meet everybody that really supports us. Thomas Capps Tennessee FFA students are wrapping up National FFA week by getting to know their lawmakers. The annual Tennessee FFA legislative breakfast was on Thursday, and for students like Ben Green of the Christian Community White House FFA chapter, meeting lawmakers in person is an experience I'll never forget. Ben Green It's been really special to be here with lawmakers and congressmen and just to hear them make their speeches and just inspire the next generation of agricultural leaders. And yeah, it's been an amazing experience. Thomas Capps Chloe Crum is the president of the Clarksburg FFA chapter. She's glad to have the opportunity to share with legislators what the blue jacket means to her. Chloe Crum The blue jacket to me means leadership is the big one and loyalty and citizenship. And it just means a lot to be able to put it on and represent everybody and take a role in society. Thomas Capps Mostly state lawmakers come to the FFA breakfast, but both Congressman John rose and US Senator Bill Hagerty, were there this year. Hagerty, a former FFA member himself, sees such value and what FFA teaches our youth. Senator Bill Hagerty It really is a rewarding organization, and as I looked across the audience today, all I saw was promise serving the United States Senate right now, I can tell you, we need strong leadership coming up through the pipeline, and again, I feel so optimistic to see these young people here today. Ben Green I just think it's really, you know, exciting to be here and just hear about just how God's working in Tennessee through the FFA, and how so many people have such good career opportunities in the future by just being in the FFA and doing this education is just going to take us really far in our lives and it's just really great to have this education as an opportunity. Chloe Crum It's not every day you get to speak to him. So when you speak to him, you know you want to make an impact. Thomas Capps FFA students today taking their place in the ag industry where tomorrow for Tennessee Home and Farm Radio I'm Thomas Capps. Thanks for listening and have a great day.

Feb 23
Phillip Berry Receives Kubota Tractor

Phillip Berry of Wayne County received his Kubota Tractor for finishing second in the Tennessee YF&R Achievement Competition. Berry gets to use the tractor for up to 250 hours. He explains what he plans on using the tractor for and what it means to him finish second in this competition.

Feb 22
Pick TN Conference

Around 700 farmers of all kinds recently came to Franklin for the annual Pick TN Conference. The Pick Tn Conference features growers that grow agriculture products in Tennessee, and also has sessions on new trends and practices in growing food. Thomas Capps Pick Tennessee product growers coming together. Hello and welcome to Tennessee Home and Farm Radio. I'm Thomas Capps. Amy Tavalin If you're a small time farmer or large farmer, there's something here at this conference for you. Thomas Capps In it's eighth year the Pick Tennessee Conference brought 700 farmers of all kinds together in Franklin. The conference highlights pick Tennessee products which are products grown in Tennessee. It also has several sessions covering topics to help people start, grow, and evolve, growing and producing agriculture products. That's what conference Executive Director Amy Tavalin says it's all about. Amy Tavalin As agriculture and homesteading gets more popular, our mission is just to provide sustainable agriculture for Tennessee. We're trying to get young farmers in who are interested in becoming farmers. So the classes that we offer span young and old, small and large businesses. Richard Brown Melissa and Buddy Hand live in Bedford County and are just now getting into homesteading, but they hope to grow into something bigger. Melissa Hand We want to take that to the next level and become you know, for profit farmers. We love being here because we are exposed to so many different ideas. We know what we love, but we also are looking at these new things now, because we've now been exposed to those things and learn more about them here at this conference. And it's been amazing. Buddy Hand For new farmers, it's fantastic because you really don't know what you don't know. And you can take a large variety of classes from experts, you know, governmental people that are there to help you learn your county extension agents and what not, the Farm Bureau I mean just a lot of things that are assets that we never knew we had. Thomas Capps The Pick Tennessee conference is driven to bring new people into agriculture and teach them to grow their own food, keeping that industry alive even with more urban sprawl in our state. For Tennessee Home and Farm Radio. I'm Thomas Capps.

Feb 21
Young Leaders Taking Their Place In Agriculture

Each year the Tennessee Farmer Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers along with the Tennessee Council of Cooperatives put on the Young Leaders Conference. The conference is focused on giving young leaders a place to come together to learn about the latest issues in agriculture to network with each other.

Feb 20