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The Cult of Trump Hatred

The cult of Trump hatred. More upsets in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Pro-Palestine protests at Vanderbilt University. Trans Day of Visibility. California raises minimum wage to $20/hr. NIL deals with college athletes. Weekend movie box office numbers. Squatting issue in the US.

1h 49m
Apr 01
Trump Attends Wake of New York Policeman Shot on Duty

Trump attends wake of New York policeman shot on duty. Sunny Hostin accuses black author arguing for 'colorblind America' of being 'used as a pawn by the right'. The Pop-Tart movie. Death of 'bullied teen' Shaylee Mejia listed as accidental. Robots are taking over NYC, replacing humans in spas and doctors' offices. Exciment over the April 8th solar eclipse. Chris Christie turns down No Labels candidacy. Trump seeks to dismiss Georgia charges claiming free speech. Sam Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years in prison for orchestrating FTX fraud.

1h 49m
Mar 29
Latest Updates on the Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Latest updates on the Baltimore bridge collapse. Are you eating your sandwich wrong? Biden campaign to raise $25m ‘money bomb’ at event with Obama and Clinton. Jon Stewart benefited by 829% ‘overvalue’ of his NYC home even as he labels Trump’s civil case ‘not victimless’. Larry David blasts Trump in CNN interview. Qatar Airways creates first AI flight attendant.

1h 49m
Mar 28
Investigators Still Trying to Piece Together How Ship Took Out Baltimore Key Bridge

Investigators still trying to piece together how ship took out Baltimore Key Bridge. NBC News ousts Ronna McDaniel after network’s anchors launch unprecedented on-air rebellion. Supreme Court skeptical of efforts to restrict access to abortion pill. Woke Wednesday. NFL changes rules for kickoff. Trump now selling $65 bibles. April 8th solar eclipse.1 person wins Mega Millions billion dollar jackpot. P Diddy being investigated for human trafficking. Zach Abraham, Bulwark Capital, talks latest trends in the stock market.

1h 49m
Mar 27
Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapses After Being Hit by Ship

Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapses after being hit by ship. N.Y. appeals court reduces Trump's bond in his civil fraud case to $175 million. TikTok Tuesday. Shohei Ohtani breaks silence on interpreter gambling scandal. Diddy's Los Angeles, Miami homes raided by federal agents. Moscow concert hall attack suspects appear in court as Russia defends security services. MSNBC hosts criticize NBC News for hiring Ronna McDaniel. Workplace burnout. Supreme Court hears oral arguments on mifepristone abortion pill case.

1h 49m
Mar 26
How Tish James Will Go After Trump's Bank Accounts and Other Assets

How Tish James will go after Trump's bank accounts and other assets. ISIS claims responsibility for attack at Moscow-area concert venue that left at least 60 dead. Kate Middleton reveals cancer diagnosis. Former RNC chair Ronna McDaniel faces sharp criticism after NBC hiring. Weekend movie box office numbers. Shohei Ohtani set to speak Monday as theft allegations against his interpreter spur investigation. Oakland's In-N-Out closes due to ongoing crime. The insanity of ESG.

1h 49m
Mar 25
Will Trump's Assets Be Seized?

Will Trump's assets be seized? Americans still trying to get out of Haiti. Shohei Ohtani carries on as betting, theft scandal engulfs interpreter and Dodgers. DOJ sues Apple over iPhone monopoly in landmark antitrust case. NCAA Men's Tournament starts. Sound Salad. Zach Abraham of Bulwark Capital talks latest trends in the stock market. Talking Tech with Paul Limon.

1h 49m
Mar 22
Hunter Biden Business Deals Spark Contentious House Hearing

Hunter Biden business deals spark contentious House hearing. Senate mulls TikTok ban amid US national security concerns. Man arrested after allegedly boarding Delta flight using photo of another passenger’s ticket. New York AG pushes back on Trump's 'extraordinary' request to stay $464M fraud judgment. Planet Fitness stock plummets after woman's membership canceled for taking picture of man in women's locker room. 5 favorite dog breeds. Dry promotions. Fed-up homeowner arrested after tense standoff with squatters ‘stealing’ $1M house she inherited from parents.

1h 49m
Mar 21
Supreme Court Allows Texas to Begin Enforcing Controversial Immigration Law, but Lower Court Puts It on Hold

Supreme Court allows Texas to begin enforcing controversial immigration law, but lower court puts it on hold. What would the media be without Trump? Latest news from Haiti. Milley and McKenzie critical of delays in decision making during Afghanistan withdrawal. Woke Wednesday. Finland named World's Happiest Country. Young girls suffering from anxiety and depression. Hunter Biden's ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski slams him for 'running away' from House Oversight Committee. MLB Opening Day. Biden losing support of latino voters. Immigration and assimilation.

1h 49m
Mar 20
Young Woman Does Not Understand How Credit Cards Work

Young woman does not understand how credit cards work. Supreme Court likely to reject limits on White House social media contacts. TikTok Tuesday. Kate Middleton conspiracy theories. Trump is unable to make $464 million bond in civil fraud case, his lawyers tell court. Aaron Taylor-Johnson to be the next James Bond. Trump reveals he will make decision on abortion stance 'pretty soon' that will make 'both sides happy'. Laken Riley’s father angry that her name has been exploited for political purposes.

1h 49m
Mar 19
What the Media Takes Out of Context

What the media takes out of context. Joe Biden attends the Gridiron dinner. NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament teams set. Gordon Chang discusses TikTok and China. Bad Bunny sues fan for posting concert video. Putin wins re-election in Russia. Supreme Court to debate whether White House crosses First Amendment line on social media disinformation. Female athletes sue NCAA over transgender policy. Cyclist recalls horrifying cougar attack. Stores removing self checkout lanes due to crime.

1h 49m
Mar 18
Debate Over TikTok Ban in Congress

Debate over TikTok ban in Congress. Gordon Chang discusses the bill in Congress to ban TikTok. Friday Funnies. Elections in Russia. The sting of inflation. Zach Abraham of Bulwark Capital talks latest economic trends.

1h 49m
Mar 15
House Passes Bill to Ban TikTok

House passes bill to ban TikTok. Fight over voter ID continues. Don Lemon says Elon Musk canceled his deal with X after ‘tense’ interview. Jelly Roll regrets 98 Percent of his tattoos. Judge dismisses some charges against Trump in the Georgia 2020 election interference case. Another Boeing plane has to make an emergency landing. Swaying undecided voters to vote.

1h 49m
Mar 14
Special Counsel Robert Hur Testifies on Biden Classified Documents Probe

Special counsel Robert Hur testifies on Biden classified documents probe. Boeing whistleblower who warned of aircraft safety flaws found dead. Ben Shapiro defends raising retirement age to 68 as Trump talks cuts to Social Security. House to vote on bill that could ban TikTok. Woke Wednesday. Nick Saban wants players to be able to get paid, but 'I don’t want them to be employees'. 2024 will be a rematch between Trump and Biden. Putin warns again that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty is threatened.

1h 49m
Mar 13
Oakland Taco Bell Goes Drive Thru Only Due to High Crime

Oakland Taco Bell goes drive thru only due to high crime. Boeing continues to have problems with its jets. Chris Cuomo sits down with Tucker Carlson. Gang leader named ‘Barbecue’ is now most powerful man in Haiti as US evacuates Americans. TikTok Tuesday. Oscar awards ratings. Congress closer to banning TikTok.

1h 49m
Mar 12
Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time. Protests at the Oscars. State Deparment urges US citizens to leave Haiti. Bill that could ban TikTok in the U.S. to be debated in Congress. Inflation making getting by difficult. Hollywood and DEI.

1h 49m
Mar 11
State of the Union Speech Breakdown

State of the Union speech breakdown. Chad's Oscar picks. Zach Abraham, Bulwark Capital, talks about what's happening in the stock market. Jim Kennedy, Kennedy Institute for Public Policy Reseach, breaks down the State of the Union speech.

1h 49m
Mar 08
Biden to Deliver State of the Union Tonight

Biden to deliver State of the Union tonight. Gov. Hochul deploys 1,000 National Guardsmen, state cops to carry out bag checks in NYC subways. ‘Rust’ armorer convicted of involuntary manslaughter in fatal shooting by Alec Baldwin on movie set. Biden forced to address the immigration issue. Haitian leader, unable to return to country, faces pressure to resign.

1h 49m
Mar 07
Super Tuesday Primary Results

Super Tuesday primary results. Nikki Haley drops out of the presidential race. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema announces she will not seek reelection. KY lawmaker criticized for implying pedophiles could benefit from ‘child sex dolls’. Woke Wednesday. Jim Kennedy, Kennedy Institute for Public Policy Research, breaks down the Super Tuesday results.

1h 49m
Mar 06
Supreme Court Rules States Cannot Remove Trump from Ballot for Insurrection

Supreme Court rules states cannot remove Trump from ballot for insurrection. Keith Olbermann calls for SCOTUS to be ‘Dissolved’ in tantrum over Trump’s victory in ballot case. Super Tuesday primaries. TikTok Tuesday. Released files show debate by transgender health authority. Man stung by scorpion at the Venetian hotel. White rural rage.

1h 49m
Mar 05
Haley Ends Trump's Undefeated Run with Victory in DC Primary

Haley ends Trump's undefeated run with victory in DC primary. Why you shouldn't drink coffee first thing in the morning. Haiti declares state of emergency after armed gangs storm two of the country’s largest prisons. Once again, Voter ID is being challenged. Attorney Rich Lenkov breaks down Supreme Court decision to restore Trump to ballot in Colorado. Vice President Kamala Harris calls for Israel-Hamas war immediate cease-fire "given the immense scale of suffering" in Gaza. Disturbing video shows teens sucking, licking each other’s toes at school-sanctioned event as agency investigates. EJ Antoni, Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, talks about why grocery prices are so high. Humanoid robots at Amazon provide glimpse of an automated workplace.

1h 49m
Mar 04
Biden and Trump Take Separate Trips to the Border

Biden and Trump take separate trips to the border. At least 2 dead as largest wildfire in state history tears through Texas panhandle. Israel accused of opening fire on Gaza civilians waiting for food. California governor pushes back against criticism of fast food minimum wage law. Movies opening this weekend. Young adult men leaning more conservative. Zach Abraham of Bulwark Capital talks latest inflation numbers.

1h 49m
Mar 01
Trump up in Newest Poll

Trump up in newst poll. Mitch McConnell to step down from GOP leadership position in the Senate. Biden and Trump making trips to southern border. Execution of Idaho inmate halted after problems with lethal injection. Glasgow Willy Wonka experience called a ‘farce’ as tickets refunded. Georgia AG lays blame for student’s murder ‘squarely at the feet of Athens’ mayor’. 'Rent-a-moms' help college students feel at home. Biden goes for annual phsyical.

1h 49m
Feb 29
Michigan Primary Results

Michigan primary results. Google's AI disaster. Bad therapy is stunting our kids. The culture war in America. ‘Uncommitted’ protest vote in Michigan against Biden's stance on Israel. Pride flags will be largely BANNED in classrooms across Tennessee. Macy's to close 150 stores. Woke Wednesday. San Francisco plans to apologize to Black residents for racist laws.

1h 49m
Feb 28
Michigan Holding Both a Primary and a Caucus

Michigan holding both a primary and a caucus. Biden makes an appearence on Late Night w/ Seth Myers. SCOTUS hears cases regarding free speech and social media. How inflation is changing our buying habits. Fast food surge pricing. TikTok Tuesday. MSNBC's Joy Reid suggests Alabama Republicans want forced birth, slave labor in rant on embryo ruling. Biden says Israel ready for Ramadan cease-fire.

1h 49m
Feb 27
Trump Wins GOP South Carolina Primary

Trump wins GOP South Carolina primary. Voters looking at inflation as a top issue in 2024 election. Supreme Court cases could reshape social media. Weekend movie box office numbers. College basketball player injured when fans stormed the court. The need for immigration reform. Man self-immolates outside the Israeli embassy in Washington.

1h 49m
Feb 26
South Carolina Primary Preview

South Carolina primary preview. US lands on the moon for the first time since the 1970's. Human error blamed for massive cell phone outage. Paying passengers being bumpED from flights for illegal immigrants. Florida Man games. Google removes it new AI system. CPAC convenes in Washington DC. Zach Abraham, Bulwark Capital, talks latest market trends.

1h 49m
Feb 23
Food Prices Still High

Food prices still high. Major cell phone outage across the US. Biden's dog, Commander, bit Secret Service personnel in at least 24 incidents. Biden considers Executive Action to limit asylum seekers. The homeless industrial complex. Colorado man dies after bite from Gila monster he illegally kept as a pet.

1h 49m
Feb 22
Money Matters More Than Polls in the 2024 Election

Money matters more than polls in the 2024 election. Gas prices expected to rise as spring/summer approaches. 2 adults charged with murder of Lisa Lopez-Galvan at Chiefs parade. Woke Wednesday. Kanye West's fan base still strong as latest album debuts at #1. Ezra Klein: another Democrat calls for Biden to step down. American Airlines plans to raise checked baggage fees. Even with high inflation, casinos making record profits. Biden cancels $1.2 billion in student debt. Paul Limon talks tech.

1h 49m
Feb 21
Trump Voted Worst President

Trump voted worst president. Trump ordered to pay more than $450 million in business fraud penalties. Nazi protests in Nashville. Julian Assange makes last-ditch attempt in UK court to avoid extradition to the US. Gen Z ghosting employers. Amazon scams. What Biden can do to fix the border issue.

1h 49m
Feb 20