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Transform Onstage: A Dive into HR Innovation and Challenges

In this riveting episode of HR's most dangerous podcast, Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman take the stage at Transform in Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside a distinguished panel of HR leaders. Carolyn Frey from Hungry Root, Jessica Swank from Box, and Joey Lee from Panda share their unfiltered insights on a broad range of pressing HR topics. From leveraging AI in talent acquisition and management to navigating the complexities of remote work, this episode is packed with thought-provoking discussions. The panelists delve into how their organizations are pushing the envelope in HR technology, addressing talent shortages, and fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in today's evolving workplace. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that punches the recruiting industry right where it hurts, all while offering loads of snark and invaluable perspectives on HR's future.

Apr 01
Indeed's New Buffet on Your Budget

This week on Chad & Cheese, Blueboard has shut down due to financial struggles. Indeed is rumored to be changing its policy on how employers can contact veterans, while apparently eliminating organic traffic in the US. Microsoft appoints Mustafa Suleyman as CEO of its AI division to compete with OpenAI, Google, and other Big Tech companies. Anthropic's Claude 3 Opus surpasses GPT-4 on the Chatbot Arena leaderboard, marking the first non-OpenAI model to do so. Mark Zuckerberg is also personally recruiting Google DeepMind talent for Meta AI without requiring interviews. HR AI is also on the rise, with Toronto-based Borderless AI and its HR assistant Alberni securing $27 million in seed funding. Hippocratic AI raises $53 million in Series A funding, bringing its valuation to $500 million. Economists argue that immigration has been a major boon for the economy, boosting employment and consumer spending. Policymakers like Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell acknowledge the benefits of migration on labor shortages. BMW is testing robot workers at its South Carolina plant, and a controversy at a Florida school over a mother's OnlyFans account sticker on her car led to the expulsion of nine students.

Mar 29
Shredded: Job&Talent, Seek, Culture Amp, Borderless AI, ZayZoon, Cloverleaf & More

The Shred is a weekly roundup of who’s raised funds, who’s been acquired and who’s on the move in the world of recruitment. The Shred is brought to you today by Jobcase.

Mar 28
Money Power with Nico Simko

Paying employees as soon as they clock out of a grueling day of work seems like science fiction, but it shouldn't. That's why we invited Nico Simko, founder & CEO at Clair, a company who helps employees get paid as soon as possible to the podcast. Nico's also a Forbes 30 Under 30 and a Harvard grad. Founded 2019, they've raised $194.6M, and have 80 employees. But while it's as common sense idea, it's not without its detractors, including those who claim businesses like his are just a payday loan scam preying on the poor and desperate. So, an invaluable tool to improve retention and solve the problem of absenteeism, or the devil? You decide.

Mar 27
Shredded: LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Daxtra, Hippocratic AI, NOVA & More

The Shred is a weekly roundup of who’s raised funds, who’s been acquired and who’s on the move in the world of recruitment. The Shred is brought to you today by Jobcase.

Mar 26
AI Guru Strikes Again

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of employers or the vendors that service them quite like the threat of a lawsuit. These days, legal challenges and the opportunity to take a business to court are aplenty ... compliments of artificial intelligence. Whether it's an entire block of countries like the EU, or individual states like California and New York, the risk of new laws and regulations putting an organization at risk are higher than they've ever been. That's why we had to get Guru Sethupathy, co-founder and CEO at FairNow, a company that helps ensure your AI solutions are compliant and well-governed, on the show for a quick check-in not the current State of AI. Whether it's the UK adopting it’s own alternative approach to regulating AI, California's Safe and Secure Innovation for Frontier Artificial Intelligence Systems Act, NYC Local Law 144 or even India's latest regulations on hiring, we need a guru - yep, pun intended - to help us better understand what's going on. It's a must-listen if your hiring practices leverage AI or if your company provides such services to employers.

Mar 25
LinkedIn Plays Games

In today's episode, we're diving into the world of LinkedIn, where reports suggest the platform is dipping its toes into gaming with puzzle-based experiences like "Queens" and "Inference." But is LinkedIn playing games or getting serious about engagement? We'll discuss. But first, let's talk funding. Milan's Talentware just secured €800,000 for its AI-driven SaaS platform, while NOVA, a freelancer hub, snagged $1.75M in seed funding. Talent management software is hot, folks, and NOVA's growth from a private Instagram page to a powerhouse in the freelance world is impressive. Now, onto the self-serve saga. Big retailers like Dollar General, Target, and Walmart are rethinking self-checkout due to theft concerns and customer experience woes. Dollar General's pulling out self-checkouts in some stores, while Target's implementing "express self-checkout" with item limits. Who would've thought petty crime would lead to job creation?

Mar 22
Creating a Talent Collective with Natalie Stones

Join us on "The Chad and Cheese Podcast" for a lively and enlightening conversation with Natalie Stones, the founder of Talent Collective. In this episode, titled "Unleashing Talent: The Natalie Stones Interview," we delve into Natalie's passion for talent acquisition, her journey from corporate recruiting to building a thriving community for women in recruiting, and her adventures in fractional recruiting. Natalie shares her insights on AI in recruiting, the challenges of unbiased hiring, and the current trends in talent acquisition. We also discuss the changing landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, the rise of fractional work and its impact on women, and the evolving dynamics of the workforce post-pandemic. Don't miss Natalie's candid thoughts on LinkedIn and the role of recruiting technology in shaping the future of talent acquisition. Tune in for an episode packed with humor, snark, and thought-provoking discussions that redefine the world of recruiting.

Mar 20
Shredded: Paradox, iCIMS, ZipRecruiter,, Talentware, HRPanda & More

The Shred is a weekly roundup of who’s raised funds, who’s been acquired and who’s on the move in the world of recruitment. The Shred is brought to you today by Jobcase.

Mar 19
Unholy Trinity: The Greatest Threats to Job Boards

The last time Chad & Cheese welcomed Jeff "The Job Board Doctor" Chasey-Dickens to the podcast, chaos ensued as Cheese's Four Horsemen of the job board apocalypse rode wild in a healthy debate on the future of job boards. This time, the doc brings his own flavor of death and destruction he sees for the job board industry, dubbed Unholy Trinity. Three isn't as much as four, but the despair is no less frightening. If you're a job board owner or employee, it's a must listen.

Mar 18
Paradox Crowning, PageUp Selling and Jobiqo Evolving

This week on "Live from Transform," we're broadcasting straight from the heart of Las Vegas, bringing you the most sizzling updates from the business and work sector. Expect nothing less than the hottest of hot news! First up, we delve into Paradox's latest move – appointing a brand-new CEO. This change at the top has the industry buzzing, and we're here to analyze what this means for the company's future direction. Then, we're going TMZ-style, uncovering a high-profile industry veteran caught in an unexpected situation Down Under. Rumors are swirling about a potential acquisition in the works, and we've got the inside scoop that's heating up the business world. But that's not all! We're also talking about Veritone's latest strategic play, joining forces with one of the largest job board networks globally. This partnership could reshape the landscape of job seeking and recruitment, and we're breaking down all the implications. If these fiery topics don't get you all jacked up, you've got to ask yourself – why are you even listening? Tune in for an episode packed with insights, intrigue, and insider info from the world of work. It's all happening right here, live from Transform in Las Vegas!

Mar 15
Voice of Innovation: Qualifi's Journey and the Future of Recruiting

The podcast episode features Darrian Mikell, co-founder and CEO of Qualifi, discussing the evolution of his company and its impact on the recruiting industry. Mikell shares insights on Qualifi's journey from a simple phone interview automation tool to an end-to-end screening solution, emphasizing the importance of capturing the voice of candidates beyond resumes. He also delves into the challenges of market education and the potential of using AI and automation in recruiting while maintaining a focus on diversity and inclusion. The conversation also touches on Mikell's personal journey, his experience working with family in business, and his competitive spirit, reflecting both in his athletic background and business ambitions.

Mar 13
Attrition is Killing You with Dr. Jim

In this episode of the podcast, the boys dive deep into the world of talent strategy and employee satisfaction with Dr. Jim Kanichirayil, VP of growth at EngageRocket, researcher, writer, podcaster, and a seasoned professional in the tech industry. Dr. Jim sheds light on the dissatisfaction brewing among workers within traditional employment structures, pointing towards the rise of freelance work and the gig economy as potential alternatives. We explore the phenomenon known as the "Great Resignation" and its lasting impact on the workforce, uncovering underlying issues like stagnant wages, layoffs, and limited career growth opportunities. The financial toll of attrition on organizations is also brought to the forefront, highlighting the significant costs associated with replacing employees. As Chad and Joel question why talent acquisition professionals aren't taking more proactive measures to address retention and productivity concerns, Dr. Jim suggests that short-term fixes often take precedence over long-term talent management strategies. He stresses the crucial role of effective leadership and managerial support in retaining employees. Throughout the discussion, we delve into key aspects of employee retention and development, including brand integrity, onboarding processes, and the importance of clear communication. Dr. Jim draws parallels between corporate practices and military training, emphasizing the need for continuous learning and development. We also explore shifting attitudes towards stability and career paths among different generations, advocating for a more flexible and entrepreneurial approach to career management. Ultimately, the conversation underscores the importance of organizational adaptation to meet the evolving expectations and aspirations of employees, fostering long-term engagement and loyalty.

Mar 11
ZipRecruiter is Lost

As usual, this week, Chad & Cheese dive into the latest news and developments in the HR and technology sectors, featuring updates on Deel, Klarna's AI integration, Google's data deal with Stack Overflow, and lots more. Drink it in: DEEL's Acquisition Spree: We start with Deel, the HR startup making waves with its recent acquisition of African-based PaySpace, following last week's purchase of Zavvy. This marks Deel's largest acquisition yet, as it aims to strengthen its presence in Africa and reach $500M in annual recurring revenue, with plans for an IPO in 2025/2026. ZipRecruiter and Appcast's Pricing Changes: While Deel celebrates its growth, others like ZipRecruiter are facing scrutiny for a nearly 74% price hike without clear additional value. Meanwhile, Appcast is transitioning its business model away from supporting customers below the $20K/mo. spend, raising questions about its strategy and impact on agencies. Klarna's Efficiency with AI: Klarna's partnership with OpenAI has resulted in significant efficiency improvements, with its chatbot managing two-thirds of customer service chats in 23 markets and 35 languages. The integration is expected to increase profits by $40 million in 2024, raising questions about the impact on recruiting. Google's Data Deal with Stack Overflow: Google's Gemini chatbot will now utilize Stack Overflow's Q&A for coding assistance, marking Stack Overflow's first customer for paid access to content used to train AI chatbots. This deal could have significant commercial implications for Stack Overflow. Indeed's Missteps: Finally, we touch on Indeed's recent controversies, including a disappointing Willy Wonka chocolate factory experience and a racist job ad that was posted on the platform. These incidents raise questions about Indeed's oversight and use of AI in job postings. It's enough to make you forget politics, global conflict and the increase in prices at Chipotle. You're welcome.

Mar 08
Shredded: Deel, Lattice, Craigslist, wagely, Remofirst, Healthee, PeopleForce, RemotePass & More

The Shred is a weekly roundup of who’s raised funds, who’s been acquired and who’s on the move in the world of recruitment. The Shred is brought to you today by Jobcase.

Mar 07
Recruiting with Grit and Wit with Michael Goldberg

Dive into the irreverent world of talent acquisition with Michael Goldberg, the Senior Director of TA and Sourcing at US Renal Care, on The Chad and Cheese Podcast. Recorded live from TA Week, this episode is not your typical HR talk. Michael, with over two decades in the recruiting game, shares his unfiltered take on balancing tech and human touch in the industry. Expect a mix of hard-hitting insights, candid anecdotes, and a good dose of humor as Michael talks about transforming decent recruiters into exceptional ones, all while navigating the AI-dominated future of hiring. From snarky remarks to deep dives into the soul of recruiting, this episode is a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of talent acquisition. Tune in for an episode that's as much about laughs as it is about learning.

Mar 06
Firing Squad: SmartRank CEO Keith Hulen

In case you missed it, automation, ranking candidates, DEI and managing applicants are all pretty popular solutions in the HR tech stratosphere. But all things for a 80 percent of the non-enterprise market? Well, that's a tough task to say that least, but startup SmartRank thinks they've got the secret sauce, promising to stack-rank and filter job applicants without using a resume, and helping companies achieve their DE&I initiatives by removing unconscious bias from the screening process. That's not all, but you get the idea. Do they have a better mousetrap or just another pile of mouse droppings? Gotta listen to find out.

Mar 04
Workday Sucker Punches Eightfold and Beamery

This is the kitchen sink of episodes for us. The stars have somehow aligned and we got news drop from all your favs this week: ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Indeed, Deel ... and of course, OnlyFans. We even mention the likes of CareerBuilder, Monster and HotJobs. Hell, we even through background check talk along with AI lawsuits on hiring practices with some of the most well-known companies in our space. Seriously, settle in for this one, grab a bourbon and enjoy. We're about to cause chaos and rock like Amadeus.

Mar 01
Shredded: Workday, Deel, First Advantage, ZipRecruiter, HiredScore, Zavvy, HelloHive, Glean & More

The Shred is a weekly roundup of who’s raised funds, who’s been acquired and who’s on the move in the world of recruitment. The Shred is brought to you by Jobcase.

Feb 29
HelloWork Heats Up & JobiJoba Eyes America

This week on The Chad & Cheese Podcast Does Europe, the boys dive into the world of recruitment aggregators and the challenges they face with the rise of AI in talent acquisition. They discuss how some aggregators are adapting with personalization and AI capabilities, while others struggle to evolve and invest, potentially leading to their demise. The podcast also covers the potential rise of pay-per-apply models driven by AI predictions. Plus, they share their thoughts on recent industry news, including the shutdown of Finnish HRtech startup Workfellow, the launch of Amsterdam-based Samen Slimmer AI's venture Qneiform, the legal ruling affecting anonymity of reviewers on sites like Kununu, HelloWork's impressive growth and the birth of JobiJoba (what?) and a whole lot more.

Feb 28
LinkedIn Changes and Why Recruiters Hate Them

Live from TA Week in San Diego from the Qualifi booth, the boys chat with Brian Fink, a TA partner at McAfee, and discussed the recent changes to LinkedIn and the impact on sourcing and recruiting. The conversation also touched on the competition between LinkedIn and other platforms like Google, Bing, and X. Specifically, Fink details the recent changes to the way LinkedIn displays profiles, which can affect how recruiters find and engage with potential candidates. He also highlighted the importance of using different search engines like Google and Bing to find candidates and the potential benefits of each. The role of Microsoft in the competition between LinkedIn and other platforms was also discussed, with the potential impact on recruiters and job seekers being a key point of interest. The rise of alternative platforms like Polywork and the potential for new competitors to emerge in the recruiting space were also mentioned. Fink emphasized the importance of recruiters being adaptable and not relying solely on one platform like LinkedIn for sourcing candidates. He also stressed the need for recruiters to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to finding and engaging with candidates.

Feb 26
LinkedIn Loves Your Data

It was another wild week in the world of work. The boys cover a wide range of topics. Here's a breakdown of some of the highlights: PageUp: U.S. tech investor Battery Ventures is looking to cash out of talent management platform PageUp, which it funded in 2018. Despite efforts to expand globally and through acquisitions, PageUp struggled to gain traction in the U.S. market. HireRight: Investment funds affiliated with General Atlantic and Stone Point Capital are acquiring background check solution HireRight for approximately $1.65 billion. The sale suggests a smart move to sell while the stock is high. Beamery: Beamery's CTO and co-founder Michael Patterson has exited the company, amid rumors of acquisition by Workday. However, Workday may wait to acquire Beamery at a lower price, as Beamery has faced layoffs and client loss. The Hatch: Australian startup The Hatch has raised approximately $4.6 million to create a job platform targeting Gen Z professionals, aiming to disrupt traditional job boards by using AI to match users with jobs based on their values and skills. In addition, Chad and Joel discuss various topics related to current events and news, including the National Labor Relations Board's disputes with Amazon, SpaceX, and Trader Joe's, LinkedIn's legal troubles, North Korean hackers using AI for phishing scams, and more. Join us for a lively discussion on labor rights, privacy, and corporate ethics!

Feb 23
Shredded: LinkedIn, Fiverr, HireRight, Fama, SocialCrowd, Hatch, TrueBlue, Idenfit & More

The Shred is a weekly roundup of who’s raised funds, who’s been acquired and who’s on the move in the world of recruitment. The Shred is brought to you today by Jobcase.

Feb 22
The Power of Employer Branding with Carrie Corcoran

Live from TA Week at the Qualifi booth, the boys sit down with Carrie Corcoran, a leading expert in employment branding and recruitment marketing. With her extensive experience in the industry and her passion for helping businesses create inclusive and diverse work environments, Carrie is a force to be reckoned with. In this episode, we dive deep into the world of employer branding and discuss its importance in attracting top talent. Carrie shares her insights on how companies can leverage technology to improve the candidate experience and create a positive employer brand. As the founder of Carrie Cares Employment Brand Consulting, Carrie has helped numerous businesses develop and implement effective strategies to improve their employer brand and recruitment efforts. She is also a strong advocate for the over 50 workforce, believing that they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer companies.

Feb 21
Torin Ellis Truth Bombs on 'Wokeism' Backlash, Supreme Court Missteps & More

Torin Ellis, a self-described coach, consultant, and speaker specializing in diversity and inclusion joins the boys for a Black History Month check-on on the current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Torin shares his perspective on the importance of universal design and organizational redesign in fostering inclusivity, addressing the backlash against "wokeism," the challenges in advancing DEI, and the need for a collective voice to combat setbacks, such as Supreme Court decision to terminate Affirmative Action. Torin emphasizes the significance of taking action and not just relying on discussions, urging organizations to address issues like pay inequality actively. The trio explores strategies to navigate the socio-political landscape and drive progress in DEI initiatives. Then we discuss a controversial statements made by Governor Ron DeSantis, equating slavery to a work training program, and emphasizing the importance of addressing racism and inequality beyond just conversations in black churches but spreading awareness in various communities. The conversation delves into the challenges of building relationships, advocating for honest discussions around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Torin shares insights into the increasing demand for diversity and inclusion education in companies, highlighting the need for CEOs to make a genuine commitment, allocate resources, and be held accountable for diversity initiatives. The discussion also touches on the performative nature of some diversity efforts and the importance of tangible outcomes. Torin reflects on the debate between Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, emphasizing the need for action in addition to public discourse. Finally, as it is Black History Month, Torin shares his personal connection to the month and encourages understanding and support from individuals, acknowledging the potential for positive change when addressing interference in achieving diversity goals.

Feb 19
HiBob Buys a Pento, Earnings Disappoint & Biden Loves Chips

In this episode, we discuss the acquisition of Pento, a Copenhagen-born payroll automation platform, by HiBob, an Israeli-based HRIS. The terms of the deal remain undisclosed, but the acquisition aims to create an all-in-one solution, streamlining the entire payroll workflow. Founded in 2017, Pento had raised around $54 million. The acquisition is expected to save time for various teams by simplifying the traditionally cumbersome payroll process. We also delve into the latest earnings reports from various companies in the HR and recruiting industry. Recruit Holdings reported a decrease in revenue due to a contraction in hiring activities in the U.S. and Europe. DHI Group, the owners of Dice and Clearance Jobs, experienced a decline in revenue, primarily driven by a decrease in revenue from Dice. Randstad reported a drop in revenue, attributing it to global economic uncertainty. Monster revenue was also down. Despite a roaring U.S. economy, these companies are facing challenges, including upskilling, less job-hopping, and the need for internal networking. In other news, the Biden administration announced a $5 billion investment to support research and development in advanced computer chips. This initiative aims to reverse the decline in the U.S. semiconductor manufacturing industry and boost domestic production of advanced semiconductors. However, companies are struggling to adapt quickly enough to a convergence of tech, generational turnover, and the fast pace of change. About 44% of workers' skills are set to be disrupted in the next five years, and about 60% of workers will require training in the next three years. Jobster, the company behind the world's first predictive job advertising platform, is making a comeback. Jobster, first famous in the mid-2000s, is now back under new ownership. The return of Jobster could signal a new programmatic ad solution in the job market. Lastly, Neon Money Club, a fintech platform, has launched a new dating app called Score, which requires users to have a credit score of at least 675. Users who are denied access will be directed to resources to improve their financial literacy and credit scores. The app has received mixed reactions due to its exclusionary nature, with some viewing it as aspirational and others seeing it as perpetuating class divides. Neon Money Club has raised over $10 million in venture capital and is the first Black-owned tech business to launch a credit card with AMEX.

Feb 16
Shredded: Indeed, HiBob, iCIMS, Dice, Monster, Glassdoor, Deazy, Geektastic, Qneiform & More

The Shred is a weekly roundup of who’s raised funds, who’s been acquired and who’s on the move in the world of recruitment. The Shred is brought to you today by Jobcase.

Feb 15
Making Sense of Gen Z with Author Anthony Onesto

Who's ready for a new generation to enter the workforce? Well, like it or not, Gen Z is on their way in, and - stop me if you've heard this one before - they're different from all the preceding generations. How exactly? Well, no clue. That's why we invited Anthony Onesto, advisor, chief people officer, Gen Z & Future of Work Visionary and author of The New Employee Contract to the podcast. All kidding aside, a generation who's grown up in the shadow of 9/11, the Great Recession and a global pandemic, all while never knowing a world without internet and a smartphone are bound to introduce a wide variety of nuance to the world. And that, of course, includes recruitment and retention in new and sometimes scary ways. If you're hiring Gen Z, and hoping they stay awhile, you owe it to yourself to tune into this episode.

Feb 14
Firing Squad: OnLoop CEO Projjal Ghatak

No one in the world of work likes form-filling, complex systems and bureaucracy. Yet, teams need to feel motivated, aligned, and accountable on the job, which usually means a lot of that stuff we hate. So what's an employer to do? OnLoop is here to turn every manager into a supercharged coach, and CEO and founder Projjal "JJ" Ghatak is on Firing Squad to try and prove his company has the juice to fulfill that promise and take it to established players like Lattice, 15five, Culture Amp and others. Does this former Uber executive's startup have what it takes to survive Chad & Cheese? Gotta listen to find out.

Feb 12
Google Pulls Out, Lyft Puts Out & Apple Tells Porn "Get Out!"

It's a Chad-less week, as Serge Boudreau of The Recruitment Flex podcast fills in. We've got some follow-up from last week's show: Google unexpectedly shut down its job-advertising test due to performance issues, leaving speculation about staffing cuts and competing priorities. In other news, Appcast analysis shows an increase in clicks and applies per job posting in 2023, but the median cost per click fell. Moving on, Fora, an Executive Relationship Management platform, has launched with $3.8 million in pre-seed funding. Featuring industry veterans like Joe Essenfeld and Susan Vitale, Fora aims to revolutionize decision-making for executives with tailored AI technology. Lyft is making waves in the U.S. ride-hailing industry with weekly earnings guarantees for drivers, aiming to attract more to its platform amidst competition with Uber. Starship Technologies has secured $90 million to expand sidewalk delivery robot operations, while the NYPD ends its AI-driven security robot deployment in Times Square. And guess who's back? NYPD's K9 robot Digidog returns to service. Lastly, Apple's Vision Pro VR headset disappoints buyers as it blocks access to VR porn. Despite anticipation, users can't access explicit content, sparking frustration on social media and Reddit.

Feb 09