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Spawn/WildCATS #1-4 - The Complete Spawn Chronology - The Daily Spawn

SPAWN/WILDCATS #1-4 - Writer - Alan Moore, Pencils - Scott Clark, Inks - Sal Regla, Colors - LeAnne Clark, Letters - Tom Orzechowski Spawn's past, present and future collide in this epic adventure from the legendary Alan Moore. When Spawn is seemingly attacked by members of the WildCATS, he searches out the team to find answers. When the attackers are revealed as faux CATS, it leads to an adventure in the future that no one is really prepared for. As Spawn discovers that someone from his past is closer than he realizes, it turns out the answer to averting disaster may not lie in the past, present or future, but within Spawn himself and his devotion to family.

Mar 31
DC Spotlight March 26, 2024

Jace and Rocky chat about the DC Comics for the week of March 26, 2024. Detective Comics sees Batman return to Gotham City finally, are we entering the end phase of this long run for Detective? We also see an alternate version of Batman in Dark Age, but is it the same universe as Superman: Space Age? Alan Scott Green Lantern continues to be excellent on several levels and we are so impressed by the character week. Also the first serialized installment of Primer has it reaching new readers including us and it is outstanding. Join us to hear about all these books and more.

2h 33m
Mar 26
Syphon Vol 2 Spotlight with Mohsen Ashraf

Jace welcomes writer Mohsen Ashraf back to the show. They talk about the second volume of Syphon and how it builds on the story of Sylas and his empathic abilities. The duality themes remain, ideas of pleasure and pain are introduced and the scope and history of the powers are greatly expanded on. Plus a lot more of Sylas's romantic partner Liv and a couple of intriguing new characters. Listen in and tell your retailer you want to order a copy of the TPB for Volume 2.

Mar 23
Curse of Spawn #'s 17-19 | The Complete Spawn Chronology - The Daily Spawn

CURSE OF SPAWN #15-16 - Story - Alan McElroy, Pencils - Dwayne Turner, Inks - Danny Miki, Letters - Tom Orzechowski, Colors - Todd Broeker & Mark Nicholas Actions from his past have come back to haunt Vito Gravano. When we find out who is after him and why, that's only the beginning. Gravano his to dig deep to survive and we see the ruthlessness he displayed in his youth that allowed him to become the feared mob boss with his own empire. Now that he is older, does he still have it in him to survive, triumph and rebuild?

Mar 22
Heroes and Zeroes Kickstarter Spotlight with Paul Eza

Jace is joined by aspiring comic creator Paul Eza to chat about his current Kickstarter campaign. It is a comic set in a world where nearly everyone has a special ability and those without are a bit forgotten. What happens when a tragedy occurs and the "Zeroes" might be the only ones who can get to the bottom of what happened? Well, that's the question this comic will answer. Part X-Men, part Scooby Doo mystery and all out comic goodness, this is a project you won't want to miss. Paul gives us some insight into how the comic came about, some of his creative decision regarding the tone of the story and his collaboration with co-creator and series artist, Kasey Quevedo. So be sure to listen in and go check out the campaign.

Mar 19
DC Spotlight March 19, 2024

Jace and Rocky chat about the DC titles for the week of March 19, 2024. Superman ends it second arc which is actually a big story that has been going on since the launch of this volume. Does it reach a satisfying conclusion? You'll have to listen in to find out. Meanwhile, Green Lantern: War Journal continues to feel absolutely epic, be sure to go listen to our interview episode with series writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson. The word 'fun' continues to come up over and over when we chat about Justice League vs Godzilla vs King King and rightly so. It has been a long time since an event has brought so much action, excitement and pure superhero joy. Regular Wonder Woman artist Daniel Sampere takes a break from interiors this month on Wonder Woman as we see Diana and Clark search an intergalactic shopping mall to find Bruce the perfect birthday gift. This story has so many heartfelt moments, silly puns and wonderful gags, that it reminds us of some of the best comics of our youth, when continuity, decompressed storytelling and writing for the trade weren't so prevalent. A great week of books, so we hope you join us for our thoughts.

2h 38m
Mar 19
Green Lantern: War Journal #7 Spotlight with Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Jace welcomes writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson back to the show. It's time to talk about what happened in the first arc of Green Lantern War Journal and teases what's to come. Phillip talks about how well-received the first arc was with fans relating to John's vulnerability and sense of impending loss. Also the guys chat about the collaboration with Montos on art and the specific motifs the team is leaning into for each Lanterns constructs. Finally, Phillip teases what's to come for John as he finds himself in a strange place thanks to the Revenant Queen, Daughter of Olgrun. We love how it ties back to Phillip's Action Comics run. It's clear the Green Lantern mythos is heading somewhere huge with Phillip and fellow Lantern writer Jeremy Adams at the helm. Listen in for clues about where things may be headed.  

Mar 14
DC Spotlight March 12, 2024

Jace and Rocky chat about the DC titles for the week of March 12, 2024. It's a fantastic week with just about every book being worth a read. Highlights are The Outsiders, though Jace rates it much higher than Rocky, Suicide Squad Dream team where Nicole Maines really impressed and Sinister Sons which paves the way for a great series. We expect years of great interactions from Sinson and Lar-Zod going forward. 

2h 29m
Mar 12
Wallow Crowdfunding Spotlight with Lucas Lee-Garza

Jace chats with aspiring comic creator Lucas Lee-Garza about his current Indiegogo Campaign for Wallow. A bug fantasy story taking inspiration from beloved stories such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft and more! Lucas is also drawing personal inspiration from his own family to tell the story of a family uprooted by war trying to find each other again amidst the upheaval. There's some great rewards to be had in this campaign for very affordable prices, plus some huge names in the comic industry ready to provide alternate covers if stretch goals can be reached. Lucas has big plans for this series, so go check it out and pledge to be in on the ground floor of this exciting new story.

Mar 09
Wonder Woman Spotlight with Tom King and Daniel Sampere

Jace welcomes writer Tom King and artist Daniel Sampere back to the show. The guy are here to talk all about their Wonder Woman run. Plenty of talk about art and composition discussion and some teases about the inevitable meeting between Wonder Woman and the Sovereign. It's a fun discussion with plenty of insight into the creative decisions.   

1h 1m
Mar 05
DC Spotlight March 5, 2024

Jace and Rocky from the Comic Boom! YouTube Channel chat about the DC titles for the week of march 5, 2024. It's a great week filled with some pretty big events for the DCU overall. We have a big death in Kneel Before Zod, The Joker and Batman seems to have their origins tied more closely together than ever and DC's latest Black Label series explores the earliest days of Batman. Join us to hear our thoughts on these titles and a whole lot more on this week's DC Spotlight.

1h 48m
Mar 05
Gungnir Spotlight with Matthew Medney, Jim Krueger and Steve Orlando

Jace welcomes the creators and founders of the up and coming publisher Gungnir to the show. Comic boom industry veterans Matthew Medney, Jim Krueger and Steve Orlando talk about the goals of the publisher and how they aim to be different from other publishers out there. Plus some teasers about some of the upcoming stories and plenty of talk about how Gungnir is hoping to reach new audiences, new creators and hopefully help to author a new age for stories. Join us for an engaging conversation and be sure to go and visit the Gungnir website,

Mar 01
The Art of Chad Hardin Vol. 4 Zoop Spotlight With Chad Hardin

Jace welcomes comic creator Chad Hardin back to the show to talk about his Zoop campaign for the fourth volume of Chad's art books. Filled with lesser seen pieces from private commissions and rare variants it is a must-have for art lovers. Chad talks about the process of picking out which pieces to put in the book, other offerings for the campaign and much, much more. It's always a blast when Chad stops by, so listen in and you can't help but smile at Chad's infectious loves of comics, art and fans.

Feb 28
DC Spotlight February 27, 2024

Jace and Rocky from the Comic Boom! YouTube channel talk about the DC comic releases for the week of February 27, 2024. It's a bit of a down week and there are some unfortunate reviews in this one, but it all comes from wanting the best for one of our favorite publishers. One book that stands out in quality is The Penguin with Batman Brave and the Bold having some excellent stories also. Join us to hear about these books and more.

2h 1m
Feb 28
Bat-Man: The First Knight Spotlight with Dan Jurgens and Mike Perkins

BAT-MAN: FIRST KNIGHT - Writer - Dan Jurgens, Artist - Mike Perkins, Color Artist - Mike Spicer, Letterer - Simon Bowland RELEASE DATE #1 - March 5, 2024   Jace chats with Dan Jurgens and Mike Perkins about their DC Black Label project featuring the earliest days of Batman. Dan talks about finding his relatable point to Bat-Man and how he planned out the story to fit into the current cannon if DC decides to go that way. Also Mike discusses the Art Deco influences and how he balanced that with the grittiness of Gotham City in the 1930's. An interesting talk about the colors for the project as well, with a change in the overall feel of the colors early on. Lots to unpack in this one so listen in and be sure to pick up your copy. 

Feb 26
Spawn Witchblade (2018) #1-4 - The Complete Spawn Chronology - The Daily Spawn

SPAWN WITCHBLADE #1-4 - Writers - Brian Haberlin and Brian Holguin, Art - Brian Haberlin, Colors - Geirrod VanDYKE, Letters - Francis Takenaga Not the Medieval Spawn you may be looking for, but an intriguing take nonetheless. A mystery as to who this hellspawn is, but that doesn't stop him from teaming up with a new bearer of the Witchblade who is learning her place in the legacy of the legendary artifact. The story borrows from many classic plot points in fantasy, but the layers of characterization make for an interesting story that feels like it could be built upon with many of the characters having the potential to carry a series of their own.

Feb 22
DC Spotlight February 20, 2024

Jace and Rocky from the Comic Boom! YouTube channel chat about the DC Comics releases for the week of February 20, 2024. It is an exceptional week with every book hitting the mark which means there are tons of entertaining books. That being said, although many were considered for Book of the Week, both guys ended up picking the same issue. Which one was it? You will have to listen in to find out.

2h 9m
Feb 20
Spawn Witchblade #1-3

SPAWN WITCHBLADE #1-3 - Writer - Garth Ennis, Pencils - Brandon Peterson, Inks - Batt, Joe Weems, Colors - Ashby Mason, Letters - Chris Eliopoulos The Spawn Fan Edition was packaged with the Overstreet Fan magazine back in the 90's. It's a bit of a harder story to find, but definitely worth the effort. We get the story of the Norse Spawn, Nordik. Proof that the hellspawns are clearly influenced by who they were in their lives before they died. We get other new characters as well, including what may be the most formidable angel in all of heaven. Great art and an entertaining read.    

Feb 20
Spawn Fan Edition #1-3

The Spawn Fan Edition was packaged with the Overstreet Fan magazine back in the 90's. It's a bit of a harder story to find, but definitely worth the effort. We get the story of the Norse Spawn, Nordik. Proof that the hellspawns are clearly influenced by who they were in their lives before they died. We get other new characters as well, including what may be the most formidable angel in all of heaven. Great art and an entertaining read.

Feb 19
Bad Dream and Suicide Squad Dream Team Preview with Nicole Maines

Jace is joined by actress and writer Nicole Maines. They talk about her special connection to the character and why she means so much to Nicole. After bring the superheroine to life on the small screen, Nicole shares her excitement about continuing the adventures of Dreamer in the pages of two upcoming DC Comics projects. Nicole will explore the darker side of Dreamer in the pages of Suicide Squad: Dream Team, while Bad Dream: A Dreamer Story will explore the emotional journey of Dreamer as she discovers her powers. There's plenty of talk about the challenges of writing and fan's reaction to Nicole's work portraying Dreamer and writing her adventures, so listen in!  

Feb 16
Spawn Rat City Preview Spotlight with Erica Schultz

Jace is joined by writer Erica Schultz to talk about her upcoming series set in the Spawn Universe, Rat City. Erica tells us all about the main character Peter Cairn and how he is both similar and different than Al Simmons. Erica also talks a lot about the legacy of Spawn and how she will be tying back to some threads, but focusing on telling a new, fresh story. Plus some talk about the world of Rat City, the supporting character and, of course, gorgeous art from Ze Carlos. Join us to learn all about it and be sure to pre-order with your retailer.  

Feb 15
DC Spotlight February 13, 2024

Jace and Rocky celebrate Valentine's Day by taking a look at the DC Comics titles for the week of February 13, 2024. It's a great week with the debut of Sinister Sons and Red Hood: The Hill. Green Lantern feels like it's beginning to grow in scope. Batman City of Madness comes to a close with some great ideas that we wouldn't mind seeing in the main universe and both Batman and Action Comics have great second issues of their arcs. Join us for our thoughts on these titles and more.

1h 43m
Feb 14
Horror Show Kickstarter Spotlight with Michael Katz and Darryl Banks

Jace is joined by the co-creators of Horror Show, a new comic on Kickstarter filled with action, suspense and layered horror beats. Set in 1975, the story follows Viet Nam veteran and former police officer Ben Horowitz as he is thrust into action. Brought together with incredible visual storytelling by the veteran comic artist, Darryl Banks, the linework is recognizable as Banks, but also feels like something new. Darryl himself talked about about this in the interview so be sure to listen to what he has to say about challenging himself. Writer Michael Katz is clearly paying homage to a very underappreciated movie from the early 80's but brings in some great parallels for Ben and the monster he ultimately has to take on. It makes for an engrossing read, that feels complete, but Ben is a character we would certainly love to see again. Fantastically entertaining. Listen in and be sure to go check out the campaign.

Feb 09
DC Spotlight February 6, 2024

Jace and Rocky chat about the DC Comics titles for the week of February 6, 2024. We get a closer look at the Joker's earliest days, Fire and Ice have the end of their time in Smallville and it's action-packed and the Birds of Prey finish one mission only to learn they immediately must go on another. Also Poison Ivy has her origin enhanced while Guy Gardner headlines the Valentine's Day special. Join us for our thoughts on these titles and more.

1h 30m
Feb 06
Ghost Machine #1 Spotlight

Jace and Rocky talk about the new publishing imprint at Image, Ghost Machine. Geoff Johns has recruited some of the best creators in the industry to tell the stories they want to tell with characters they are invested in and own. The guys talk about each of the stories and the characters that are teased on the issue. The first three series all have new #1 issues coming in April, so now is the time to let your retailers know you want them all!

Jan 30
DC Spotlight January 30, 2024

It's the fifth Tuesday of the month so that means Annuals and Anthologies. Jace and Rocky chat about several of these from DC Comics for the week of January 30, 2024. Also the end of Titans Beast World and what the fallout will likely be. The World's Finest annual may lead into the rumored DC Ultimate Universe coming later this year, but only time will tell. Batman Off-World and Alan Scott Green Lantern both continue to be excellent and they get our nods as Books of the Week. Join us for our thoughts on these titles and more.

1h 47m
Jan 30
DC Spotlight January 23, 2024

Jace and Rocky chat about the DC Comics titles for the week of January 23, 2024. We get a HUGE reveal in Titans Beast World as Doctor Hate is unmasked, while the Penguin shows how evil and manipulative he can truly be. In Batman Brave and the Bold, the close ties of Batman and Joker date back to their first interaction, but it's the Wild Dog story that really shines in this issue. Plus a nearly silent Power Girl issue and Batman is confronted by an interesting antagonist who may be calling the shots in the "afterlife" desert he finds himself in.

2h 25m
Jan 23
Spawn Spotlight 2024 with Todd McFarlane

Jace is joined by the legendary comic creator Todd McFarlane. They discuss all the upcoming events for Spawn in 2024 including the upcoming 350th issue. Additionally, there are 7 new series coming from Todd McFarlane Productions this year, all set in the same universe as Spawn. Todd also hopes to have news regarding the Spawn movie this year with a possible release date in 2025 to be announced. Todd also chats about his upcoming Kickstarter campaign for what he calls "the most detailed action figure" he has ever made and reveals some of his plans to celebrate 30 years of McFarlane Toys. Plus they guys discuss the early days of Spawn and Todd's recruitment of some of the top writers of the early 90's to writer issues of Spawn. There's tons of information and lot of fun to be had as we celebrate the longest running independent comic character of all-time.

1h 7m
Jan 19
DC Spotlight January 16, 2024

Jace and Rocky break down the DC Comics titles for the week of January 16, 2023. We get the end of Superman Lost which has the guys struggling to decide if it was a worthy ending for the series or not. We also have an excellent issue of Jay Garrick that expands on the origin of STAR Labs and Garrick himself. Superman is in the old west and both Titans and Nightwing deal with fallout from Beastworld. Plus the JL may have an unlikely ally in their battle against the giant monsters unleashed by the Legion of Doom. Join us for our thoughts on these titles and more.

2h 12m
Jan 17
DC Spotlight January 9, 2024

Jace and Rocky chat about the DC Comics titles for the week of January 9, 2024. We get the first issue of a brand new era of Action Comics, a flashback in Green Lantern that gives some context for the current state of the Green Lantern Corps and The Outsiders explore a new mystery. Plus, the villain in Wesley Dodds, Sandman is revealed ... or is he?

1h 25m
Jan 09