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There is no competition

In this episode of the art of networking, Sherman On focuses in on the perspective that the rising tide raises all boats. There’s opportunities to create strategic alliances in the mist of what you would most people consider a competitor. The reality in business is there aren’t any competitors, there’s enough business for everybody. --- Support this podcast:

Sep 29
Lead with your WHY

In this art of networking episode, Sherman talks about the benefit of leading with your why and purpose when you describe why you do what you do professionally --- Support this podcast:

Sep 28
If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong

In the art of networking, you need to choose activities and events that you enjoy doing so that way you’re not working the way that fits well with you --- Support this podcast:

Sep 27
Connecting Digitally: The Art of Networking

I have to catch someone face-to-face make sure that you connect with them digitally as well right now the main platform for business online is LinkedIn. Also, if you’re looking at continue to build your network virtually through phone calls and zooms, this is another tip to connect beyond LinkedIn. --- Support this podcast:

Sep 22
Value in Volunteering: The Art of Networking

There’s an absolute power in volunteering on your time and being of value to others as your network through volunteer work. --- Support this podcast:

Sep 21
Fantastic Follow-Up: Art of Networking

Our follow up is going to be our Achilles’ heel to our networking process. We have to consistently follow up until they tell us to stop bugging them. No remember not every single person isn’t meant to be followed up on in terms of not going after the same niche. --- Support this podcast:

Sep 20
The art of networking: seek to be a value

As you’re networking with others, think about how you can be a value to them and making the right introductions and also keep the list of your net work in front of you, so you can be reminded of who you should be connecting people together in your network --- Support this podcast:

Sep 19
Art of networking: fantastic follow up

Our fantastic follow up will definitely differentiate ourselves from competitors --- Support this podcast:

Sep 18
Art of networking: having an attitude of gratitude

We need to have an attitude of gratitude because that’ll permeate how we communicate with people at the event and also how we follow up with people when we’re grateful to build relationships and connect with people and to take relationships deeper and how we could be a value to each other that were true networking happens. --- Support this podcast:

Sep 18
Be A Connector

In the art of networking, it becomes extremely powerful. When you’re connecting people together in your net work, look for ways that you can be a value and a go giver. --- Support this podcast:

Sep 15
Be interested, not interesting

In the art of networking, you want to make sure you allow that others person to talk first and you be armed with good questions to know what do they do? What does the company do and what is their niche what brings them to the Networking Event? --- Support this podcast:

Sep 15
Networking is not selling

Too many people have it in their mind said that they’re only gonna net work when they want to sell their product or service or they’re looking for a new job. That is not networking that is trying to do something for yourself networking is about connecting and building relationships of Trust --- Support this podcast:

Sep 14
Art of Networking: Shut up and listen

Proactive listening, is utilizing our eyes and our ears to allow others to be heard. --- Support this podcast:

Apr 14
Art of networking: asking better questions

A crucial talent table to develop. Is that an asking good questions when you’re networking and talking to people for the very first time. Being able to know what they do and how they do it and how you can be a value not only in the short term, but in the long term can make Shirley valuable for your net work What questions you like to ask? --- Support this podcast:

Mar 07
The Art of networking: mindset shift

The goal of networking is to build relationships of trust, and to be a value and a connector to those in your net work. --- Support this podcast:

Mar 03
Blue Ocean strategies: getting into the specifics

In this episode, we dive into specific blue ocean strategies: niche, marketing, service offerings and product creation --- Support this podcast:

Feb 28
Blue Ocean marketing strategies for the Client building businesses

I discuss with blue Ocean marketing is and some thoughts and ideas of how that can be implemented as you’re building your client base --- Support this podcast:

Feb 23
Whole Brain Selling

Send a brain what connect to the motions to fix the left side of the brain, logic justify the payment. It’s important to be able to connect to boost sides of someone’s brain in order to help them make a decision. This achieving pleasure avoiding pain. --- Support this podcast:

Feb 22
The four pillars of building a client base

The four pillars are activity, marketing, profit and loss and pipeline management --- Support this podcast:

Feb 16
Goals: treat them as checkpoints

Visualization is a powerful tool to identify what goals your truly one. At our emotions surrounding the goals that we write down, can help us identify if we really want to pursue them. --- Support this podcast:

Feb 14
Mindfulness and looking for qualities in the future

In this Crazy Asian episode, we discuss with Mimi Tran, on mindfulness and the value of finding talent that possess qualities that you want in the future. --- Support this podcast:

Feb 10
Always be learning

In this episode in season seven, we focusing on the strategies and tactics to build a client building business. In this episode, I hone in on the value of leveraging your time in order to have that student mentality and always be learning that way in your capacity, you’re able to take advantage of time and relationships, in order to improve and develop. --- Support this podcast:

Feb 09
Riches in Niches

When it comes to Marketing, you wanna focus on for May niches in order to have your networking targeted on a specific demographic that you want to bring value to and you have lots of commonality --- Support this podcast:

Feb 08
How are you planning out your day and your week?

In order to be successful in growing out your business, you need to become very deliberate with your time how you plan out your day and your week will help determine your true success. That all quote applies here: “ if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.“ --- Support this podcast:

Jan 17
2022 Recap and 2023 Focus

In this episode, Sherman talks about what stood out in his Spotify rapt summary, and where he wants to take the podcast in 2023. --- Support this podcast:

Jan 06
My thoughts on Gaining Spiritual Momentum

I reference the General Conference Talk by President Russell M. Nelson from April 2022. How do you get discuss how we can gain spiritual progression --- Support this podcast:

Aug 15, 2022
Lessons from an Afghan Refugee

I recently had a chance to learn from an Afghan refugee about how good I have it --- Support this podcast:

Jan 13, 2022
If you want something we’ve never had we must be willing to do something we’ve never done

I share with you one of my favorite quotes especially as we start the new year and think about setting goals --- Support this podcast:

Jan 06, 2022
Happy 2022! The Messy Middle

Talking about the Messy Middle when it comes to the setting of goals to the final accomplishment. --- Support this podcast:

Jan 04, 2022
Building Business Relationships

I talk about how people need to learn how to build stronger relationships. I use an example of connecting and building a relationship with Chris & Jennifer Behan. --- Support this podcast:

Dec 23, 2021