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My WHY is to leave a legacy by positively impacting others. I love people & want to share ideas w/ u Support this podcast:

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Lessons from an Afghan Refugee

I recently had a chance to learn from an Afghan refugee about how good I have it --- Support this podcast:

Jan 13
If you want something we’ve never had we must be willing to do something we’ve never done

I share with you one of my favorite quotes especially as we start the new year and think about setting goals --- Support this podcast:

Jan 06
Happy 2022! The Messy Middle

Talking about the Messy Middle when it comes to the setting of goals to the final accomplishment. --- Support this podcast:

Jan 04
Building Business Relationships

I talk about how people need to learn how to build stronger relationships. I use an example of connecting and building a relationship with Chris & Jennifer Behan. --- Support this podcast:

Dec 23, 2021

Are you finding yourself underpaid under appreciated and undervalued? Don’t allow any more time to be stuck. I talk about some different strategies on how to unleash yourself from this kind of situation --- Support this podcast:

Oct 13, 2021
Level up

I discuss the great quote by Michael Jordan about leveling up and getting people on your level. --- Support this podcast:

Oct 08, 2021
Making Changes for the Better

Since I’ve last minute changes as we see things shifting in our life. I sure do you have a new company change in the industry to where I see the blue ocean --- Support this podcast:

Oct 04, 2021
Creating a Team Culture in a socially distant office

Are you prepared to create culture beyond the zoom room? Are you embracing the digital structure that we’re going through right now in order to win? --- Support this podcast:

Aug 25, 2021
Digital disruption

After the work from home and schooling from home we’ve experienced a digital Stretchin an electronica acceptance like no other. There was the industrial revolution the technology revolution and right now we are currently living in the digital revolution --- Support this podcast:

Aug 17, 2021
Leadership Reset Meeting

When being promoted amongst your peers it might be really helpful to have a reset meeting. Understand that it requires different skills to grow new organization and lead seasoned managers and leaders --- Support this podcast:

Aug 17, 2021
WHY am I online?

Sherman On goes through his why of the desire to leave a legacy by positively impacting others. He shifts then about how you can improve yourself to be 1% better each day. --- Support this podcast:

May 08, 2021
Message of encouragement to Mile Berry

My buddy Mike is in a fight for his life against the effects of COVID-19. He’s been over 70 days in the ICU in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He is a devoted husband, a loving father, a pillar of strength, a workout buddy, mentor, business owner, leader, disciple of Christ and my friend. I’m sending him this message for some laughs and some encouragement as he continues to battle! --- Support this podcast:

Apr 17, 2021
How to get hired!

If you find yourself unemployed under employed or overlooked at your current job or career then it’s time to do something different. Understand that transitioning to the next job changing industries it’s gonna require you to do some different things and how you’ve applied in the past --- Support this podcast:

Mar 12, 2021
The comeback concept

You always come back stronger from the comeback then you do from the setback --- Support this podcast:

Mar 12, 2021
2020 Changed us. Never going back.

Call do you think about what’s occurring right now in the world when it comes to voice and it’s virtual reality and what we experience in 2020 we’re never going back be ready to adjust to hell things will be now and in the future --- Support this podcast:

Mar 12, 2021
Personal branding will be the next thing for 2020’s

Personal branding is the next thing in only the business room but the personal room to build a share your story. I would encourage everybody to put their digital resume out there. Look at a personal platform to get involved with like Facebook or Instagram. Last tip advice is to have a look at podcasting audio is the next frontier of search. --- Support this podcast:

Mar 03, 2021
The Immigrant Edge

When you come from a perspective of lacking in things you see opportunity when we grow up with certain things in life like running water electricity opportunity to education opportunity and access to the Internet we don’t take the opportunity to truly grow at times. Very much be like an immigrant and take advantage of all the abundance in front of you --- Support this podcast:

Mar 02, 2021
Be prepared and be patient

I talk about how we were able to endure the Texas winter of February 2021 in the mess of no electricity and no water for quite some time. --- Support this podcast:

Mar 02, 2021
Personal Branding: Tell your story

We have the ability to share our story like never before it’s a chance that we can curate what’s being said about our selves and our company in amazingly impactful way and with greater control it ever before. From Instagram to Facebook to Twitter to clubhouse to podcasts to YouTube videos we have a chance to be able to share our story the way that we want people to see it. How are you doing in telling that story? --- Support this podcast:

Feb 12, 2021
Getting Known: Be interested not interesting

When you want to get known in a particular community organization or industry you want to see how you can be a value first. Am I being able to ask good questions about what others are doing and what they’re looking for that’s how you can take your networking skills to the next level. --- Support this podcast:

Feb 05, 2021
How to get hired in 2021

Getting Hired is there require patients persistence and getting uncomfortable. It is a full-time job to get hired when you are unemployed. Realtors have a phrase when buying a home location location location when it comes to getting hired it is contact contact contact. Adjust your resume to reflect the words in the job description. Reach out to the recruiter at the company that you applied at. And finally make sure that you’re reaching out to people and knowing specifically what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. Good luck out there! --- Support this podcast:

Jan 29, 2021
Motivation is only the entrance fee

In life motivation was is what gets us there or habits and daily decisions are what keeps us on the path towards achieving those specific ambitions and goals. We discussed the value of setting up your environment to achieve those specific goals by looking at your daily actions. --- Support this podcast:

Jan 25, 2021
Attitude of gratitude

A grateful mindset can heal us. Our attitude can rise is up --- Support this podcast:

Jan 21, 2021
Leadership: People will leave. Are you prepared?

First part of the episode is talking about the value of being consistent. Then we talk about how as leaders it’s important to be able to have a healthy mindset when it comes to building your organization especially when people need to move their career away from the role or the organization that you’ve set up. --- Support this podcast:

Jan 06, 2021
Happy 2021!

In this episode Sherman covers setting of goals reviewing those goals be able to accomplish great things especially as you look at the context of long years. Being patient with yourself is crucial when it comes to accomplishment of life’s aspirations and goals. We then jump into the topic of being able to leave a legacy and putting forth to work to get there --- Support this podcast:

Jan 01, 2021
Attitude of gratitude

There is power in recognizing the positive things in our lives --- Support this podcast:

Dec 11, 2020
Grateful for 2020 & 21 days to go ALL-IN

I took out the value being grateful in your personal life for the occurrences of 2020 and I also talk about the value of being grateful in your business of what you’ve accomplished here in 2020. Also I jump into the idea that it’s not yet 2021 don’t assume that you’ve got it because there’s 21 days left in the year and it’s 21 days to build a habit so let’s go after the life that you want and start today December 10, 2020 --- Support this podcast:

Dec 11, 2020
How to get hired in 2020 and 2021

Customize your resume, adjust your words to that of the job description, have an online presence, connect with the recruiter and be prepared to interview. --- Support this podcast:

Nov 13, 2020
A career in financial services

Why we’re constantly hiring and why someone would be interested --- Support this podcast:

Nov 06, 2020
How can you improve your mindset?

Adjusting our personal and professional perspective is crucial especially during this time. --- Support this podcast:

Oct 30, 2020