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Ron J in New Jersey

Ron J shares his ESH into his recovery journey.

Jun 17
Dave F & Mark H - Next Steps to Emotional Sobriety

Dave F & Mark H - Share on experiencing emotional sobriety and Step 1 the Spiritual Malady

1h 21m
Jun 14
Mike L in California - Gift of Desperation

Mike shares on the transforming Power of the Gift of Desperation.

Jun 11
William R - Seattle 2019

Enjoy William R in Seattle speak on recovery.

Jun 08
Scott H in Portland

A talk given by Scott on the monthly Portland Saturday meeting.

Jun 05
Matt D - Surrender

An amazing talk on Surrender from Matt D

Jun 02
Daniel T - 6 Years

Daniel T from Israel giving his Six Year Anniversary Talk

May 29
David G - More About Alcoholism

David G From OK - Big Book Unveiled Series - Pages 30-39

May 26
David M - The 12 Traditions Daily

This talk from David M. is his introduction to a more in depth SA 12 Traditions study. For anyone who is interested in pursuing the rest of that 12 Traditions workshop see https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17utIUcamh86hbA54UOHBs85OsuuYuhqB

May 23
Stan in Albany - ESH

Stan in Albany New York When I first heard Stan on the Monday Speaker group I liked his description of the Big 3

May 20
Mike C Keynote in Nashville Design For Living Jan 2020

Mike is one of the longest sober members of SA. He'll be celebrating 39 years of SA sobriety this June. Today's recording is one of the best talks I've ever heard Mike give. I'm not sure, but it may have been the final _live_ SA Keynote address given before the Covid lockdown in March of 2020. Enjoy!

May 17
Jimmy D - The Gift of Desperation

Gift of Desperation Series Jimmy D had a great speaker share in this series, great ESH! Enjoy! 

May 11
Roy K - I’ll Stand by The Door

The founder of S.A., Roy K., in his last known recorded talk

May 08
Dennis T - Alaska - Made a Beginning

Amazing talk from Dennis T.

1h 0m
May 05
Stan P in Sarasota

Stan P did a great job sharing at the Sarasota Florida conference and here is his SA speaker share 🙏

May 03