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Trans Day of In Your Face

They just can't leave you alone.

1h 45m
Apr 02
Democrats Pretend To Care About Crime

It's cute when they pretend to care.

1h 43m
Apr 01
The Modern Left: An Explainer Of How They Work

A pretty good show, if I do say so myself.

1h 49m
Mar 29
Hypocrisy of the NBC News Outrage

They are exactly what they condemn.

1h 35m
Mar 27
Chuck Todd Panties Wadded Because NBC Shows Balance

Don't worry, it was only for a second.

1h 51m
Mar 26
Return of the Walking Dead

Some people just never, ever go away...even when they should.

1h 28m
Mar 25
Leftists don't even know what they're doing anymore

They can't even pretend to be for Joe.

1h 43m
Mar 22
The Return of Fraud

It never really went away.

1h 43m
Mar 21
"Bloodbath" And Other Lies Liberals Tell

The truth never helps Democrats.

1h 46m
Mar 19
You Can't Make This Up

No one would believe you.

1h 29m
Mar 18
Self-Inflicted Wounds

Someone has to do it.

1h 36m
Mar 14
Super-Good Episode

If I do say so myself.

1h 49m
Mar 13
Biden's BS Address

It was a campaign rally and an embarrassment.

1h 44m
Mar 11
All You Need To Know About the Democrats

Hypocrisy is their natural habitat.

1h 32m
Mar 08
Nikki Quits, Joe Sucks

And MSNBC - The View for even dumber people - is wildly out of touch.

1h 41m
Mar 07
Supreme Meltdown

The left really hates losing.

1h 49m
Mar 06
Another Bad Day for Biden and the Democrats

Haven't been many good ones lately.

1h 46m
Mar 05
Democrats Must Destroy Democracy To Save It

They're really that insane and their audience is that stupid.

1h 43m
Mar 01
Biden Is Kinda Screwed

Which means he'll try to screw us even more.

1h 44m
Feb 29
The Power Of Delusion

Never underestimate it.

1h 41m
Feb 28
Suicide by Liberalism

He really hated Jews.

1h 46m
Feb 27
Emotional Tampons

And other charming phrases

Feb 26
A Case Study in Media Bias

A masterful one, if I do say so myself.

1h 46m
Feb 22