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Welcome to The Dog Walk hosted by Eddie from Barstool Sports. This is a quick hitting 15-20 minute show that touches on all walks of life. From conspiracies to learning about different jobs or the everyday banter it's a perfect fit for the middle of your day. We got you covered on The Dog Walk.

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Thursday 8/18/22 - Marine Major Thomas Schueman

Marine Major Thomas Schueman joins the show to talk about his new book, "Always Faithful." We get into his upbringing in Chicago, why he joined the Marines, the special bond he has with his interpreter, and more.

1h 7m
Aug 18
Wednesday 8/17/22 - How to Fit in at an EDM Concert (Free Swim)

Danny, Hannah and Harry join the show for a free swim. We get into the behind the scenes of "Surviving Barstool", Eddie's first Swedish House Mafia concert, a debate over OnlyFans, and more.

Aug 17
Tuesday 8/16/22 - Brazil's Child Murdering Cult

Chief joins the show to talk about Brazil's Superior Universal Alignment Cult. We get into the cult leader's backstory, how one of their core principles revolves around killing children, how this topic relates to past episodes, and more.

Aug 16
Monday 8/15/22 - TV Comedies Draft (ft. Rear Admiral)

Rear Admiral joins the boys for a TV Comedies Draft. You get 1 70's or before, 1 80's, 1 90's, 1 2000's, and 1 2010's show. We get into the first ever trade in Snake Draft history, RA's expert opinion on television, a debate over one of the greatest TV shows of all time, and more.

1h 33m
Aug 15
Thursday 8/11/22 - Paddy The Baddy & Meatball Molly

Paddy the Baddy and Meatball Molly join the show to talk about their time in Chicago. We get into their favorite food spots they've visited so far, Eddie slowly getting better at understanding what they're saying, a surprise call from Dave Portnoy, and more.

Aug 11
Wednesday 8/10/22 - Emmy Award-Winning Filmmakers

Emmy Award-Winning Brothers Chapman and Maclain Way join the show to talk about their Netflix series, "Untold." We get into our favorite documentaries they produced, how they pitch Netflix on their ideas, what's in store for the future of "Untold", and more.

Aug 10
Tuesday 8/9/22 - What Happened to Kony 2012?

Chief joins the show to talk about Kony 2012. We get into how the video went viral overnight, the person behind the project as a whole, how it all fell apart, and more.

Aug 09
Monday 8/8/22 - Pizza Draft (ft. Will Compton)

Will Compton joins the boys for a Pizza Draft. You get 2 ingredients, 1 chain, 1 frozen, and 1 style pizza. We get into Will's stories from NFL training camps, our favorite style pizzas of all time, Carl & Will butting heads, and more.

2h 2m
Aug 08
Thursday 8/4/22 - What Animal Would We Reincarnate As? (Free Swim)

Danny, Hannah and Harry join the show for another free swim. We get into a spiritual debate over reincarnation, Hannah's response to the OnlyFans beef, the Olivia Wilde-Harry Styles drama going on, and more.

Aug 04
Wednesday 8/3/22 - The Most Hated Man on the Internet

Chief and Dante join the show to talk about the Netflix documentary, "The Most Hated Man on the Internet." We get into how he stole photos from women for a pornographic site, the battle they went through to get the website down, how the world has changed since this incident, and more.

Aug 03
Tuesday 8/2/22 - Secrets of the Saudi Royal Family

Chief joins the show to talk about all the news coming out of Saudi Arabia. We get into the futuristic city they're building, the LIV Golf event, all the negative news they are trying to cover up, and more.

Aug 02
Monday 8/1/22 - Letter Draft (ft. Coley)

Coley joins the boys one last time for a Letter Draft. We get into our pitch for Coley to come to Chicago, the letter grades we received throughout school, our favorite sounding letters, and more.

1h 40m
Aug 01
Thursday 7/28/22 - A Deep Dive into Our Love Lives (Free Swim)

Danny, Hannah and Harry join the show for a free swim. We get into Hannah's sex life, the worst first dates we've been on, the weirdest DM's we've received, and more.

Jul 28
Wednesday 7/27/22 - Pinball King Gary Stern

Gary Stern from Stern Pinball joins the show to talk about his career in the pinball industry. We get into how Chicago is the pinball capital of the world, the intricacies to building a full machine, the biggest celebrities he's worked with, and more.

Jul 27
Tuesday 7/26/22 - The Y2K Scare

Chief joins the show to talk about the Y2K scare. We get into what we remember from the event, how older computers generated dates, society's hysteria leading up to the New Year, and more.

Jul 26
Monday 7/25/22 - Game Show Draft (ft. Tommy Smoke & Chris Klemmer)

Tommy Smokes and new Hire Chris Klemmer join the show for a Game Show Draft. We start off with some computer malfunctions forcing Tommy and Klemmer to sit in the same room 2 feet from each other, Klemmer shocks the guys with his arsenal of random knowledge, we get into some heated debate over which game show is the best, and more.

1h 21m
Jul 25
Thursday 7/21/22 - Drive Thru Nightmares + WSD's Chronically Hard Nipples

Danny and White Sox Dave join today's show for another Free Swim. On today's episode we talk whether it's okay to take soda water when asking for a water cup, how Eddie doesn't put salt or pepper on his burger at McDonalds, we dive into White Sox Dave's issue of chronically hard nipples, and more.

Jul 21
Wednesday 7/20/22 - Food Grievances & Emily Ratajkowski's Nagging (Free Swim)

Chief, Danny and White Sox Dave join the show for another Free Swim. On today's episode we take a look into Eddie's past life as a DJ for the local strip club, how Emily Ratajkowski was cheated on (but may be a total nag). We also get into a heated debate on would you rather have a personal Chauffeur or a Chef and more.

Jul 20
How a Nation Collapses

On today's episode, Chief joins the show to talk about the state of emergency that is going on in Sri Lanka recently, and the steps that led up to protestors storming the presidential palace leaving the the nation's future in a state of uncertainty.

Jul 19
Monday 7/18/22 - App Draft (ft. Rico Bosco)

Rico Bosco joins the boys for an App Draft. We get into the 'Red Ed' origin story, a heated debate over Twitter, Rico's best app ideas, and more.

1h 43m
Jul 18
Thursday 7/14/22 - Big Foot Skull & Baby Woolly Mammoth Found

Chief joins the show to talk about the big foot skull and baby woolly mammoth that were found. We get into the chances of this skull being an ancient primate, how permafrost preserved the baby woolly mammoth, the future of climate change, and more.

Jul 14
Wednesday 7/13/22 - Barstool Eddie Revisits Criminal Past (Free Swim)

The behind the scenes crew Danny, Hannah and Tom join the show for a free swim. We get into free slurpee day, their criminal history, White Sox Dave's preposterous fashion and more.

Jul 13
Tuesday 7/12/22 - Former Japanese Prime Minister Assassinated

Chief joins the show to talk about the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. We get into past political assassinations, the killer's motives, how he used a homemade gun, and more.

Jul 12
Monday 7/11/22 - Best Sounds Draft (ft. KFC & Feitelberg)

KFC and Feits join the show for a Best Sounds Draft. We get into a long awaited debate over the song "Unwritten", a discussion about orgasms, Feitelberg's Chicago jump rope story, and more.

1h 32m
Jul 11
Thursday 7/7/22 - (Best of The Dog Walk) Ice Cream Truck Driver

Best of The Dog Walk: Uncle Mitch the Ice Cream Truck driver is today's guest for ice cream week. We get into him being Rear Admiral's uncle, how there is another best seller that's not ice cream, most popular ice cream bars, and more.

Jul 07
Wednesday 7/6/22 - (Best of The Dog Walk) A White Sox Dave 24/7 LiveStream (Free Swim)

Best of The Dog Walk: Chief, Carl & White Sox Dave join the show for another free swim. We get into the proper fit for a blazer, this one time Carl pretended to be Patrick Kane, White Sox Dave's pot-head dog, and more.

Jul 06
Tuesday 7/5/22 - (Best of The Dog Walk) Engagement Ring Conspiracy

Best of The Dog Walk: Today's Tin Foil Tuesday is about the diamond conspiracy. We get into how engagement rings came into play after the depression, how a huge monopoly on diamonds were formed, how big diamond played into the conflicts in Africa, and more.

Jul 05
Monday 7/4/22 - (Best of The Dog Walk) Summertime/BBQ Foods (ft. Large)

Best of The Dog Walk: Large joins the show for a Summertime/BBQ food draft. You get 1 meat, 1 side, 1 beverage, 1 fruit, and 1 dessert. We get into Chief stunning the panel again with his #1 overall, Large shitting on WSD's dessert, Carl getting a steal in the 3rd round, and more.

Jul 04
Thursday 6/30/22 - Grave Digger

Brett DuBois joins the show to talk about his career as a grave digger. We get into how he started in this profession, the misconceptions around his work, some of the craziest stuff he's seen on the job, and more.

Jun 30
Wednesday 6/29/22 - Joe Flamm

Top Chef winner & Restaurant owner Joe Flamm joins the show to talk about his career as a chef. We get into his new restaurant opening in West Loop, the worst dining experiences he's ever had, his future plans in the industry, and more.

Jun 29