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Luke 21:25-36

In this passage, Jesus instructs his disciples on how to live expectantly, even when we have every reason to fear. We are to keep watch and pray. 

Sep 25
Luke 20:45-47

In this passage, Jesus warns of the character and content of false teachers. Jesus loves his followers so much, that he warns them, apparently within earshot of the false teachers themselves, to avoid them because they are leading his people astray. This is as true today as ever. Listen in as Forrest preaches on Jesus' words from Luke 20:45-47.

Sep 05
Proverbs 5

In this passage, the author speaks to his son about God's good design for sex as well as its cheap substitutes. The Christian sex ethic is profoundly different from that of the world around us. And while sexual expression outside of God's design appears so incredibly attractive, it will always ultimately lead to death. God's ways are good and pure, and he longs to depend on him to meet our needs. Listen in as Tyler Shirley unpacks the Word for us.

Aug 28
Proverbs 6:16-19

In this passage, Forrest Brown explains the this difficult passage surrounding the seven things that God hates. He addresses the question of how a good and loving God could hate at all. And finally, he adderesses how we are to live in line with what pleases God, not out of a desire to earn God's affection but because of the cross of Christ. 

Aug 21
Proverbs 4

In this passage, Daniel Kiteck preaches on the wisdom of a father as he passes down wisdom to his own sons (or those in whom he's in charge of). He exorts them to follow the right path and avoid the wrong path. This, like many Proverbs, point us to Jesus, whom is called the wisdom of God (1 Cor. 1:30). He was the only one to perfectly walk in this kind of perfect wisdom. 

Aug 09
Habakkuk 1

In the first chapter of this new book (for Exit) Habakkuk cries out in desperation and frustration to the Lord that his own people are acting unjustly with seemlingly no consequences. How do we respond when the Lord seems to be silent in our pain and suffering? How can we trust that the Lord is still good and all powerful when he's silent in our suffering?

Jul 10
Psalm 119:41-56

Forrest Brown takes us through two sections of Psalm 119 to show us all over again that our proper response to the word of God is to be people of Hope even in the face of opposition, people who have the words of God in our mouths, people who live out His words, and people who delight in them.

Jul 02
Psalm 13

Forrest takes us into a moment of David's life when he confronts a time of darkness by putting his hope in God. Are times of depression a mark of immaturity? Or is something bigger going on?

Jun 25
Psalm 5

Forrest Brown preaches through Psalm 5, which records David's desperate cry that the Lord would keep him walking in righteousness. 

Jun 19
Psalm 127

In this Psalm, Forrest Brown hightlights the way we were created to allow the Lord to work in an through us in all that we do. If we simply become laborers for the Lord but neglect heart-connection with him, we work in vain. But when we plug into the life that he gives and serve him in view of his grace for us, we experience abundant life. 

Jun 11
Psalm 36

Is your God too small? Most of the spiritual problems that we have today—like apathy, lack of emotion, doubt and insecurity—are the result of us minimizing God. Even as Christians, our hearts calcify over time, just as plaque builds up on teeth, and the dentist has to scrape it off. Similarly, we as believers need regular encounters with the living God to remind us of just how spectacularly massive he is. In Psalm 36, the author, David spends considerable time describing polar opposites in order to provide CLARITY around God’s character and the life he offers. This Psalm is a call to fear the Lord and encounter him regularly.

Jun 05
Psalm 29

In this Psalm, David describes the Lord in his might and power, using imagery of a mighty storm. And this kind of power makes God worthy of all praise. The beauty of it is that his power also makes him powerful enough to abide in when our lives face their own storms and troubles since he sits above it all on his throne. Listen as Tim Carpenter preaches.

May 28
Psalm 110

Tim Carpenter preaches on Psalm 110, which focuses on the messiah as both the coming king and priest forever. How can one person fulfill both aspects of these prophecies unless is it Jesus Christ?

May 22
Luke 20:41-44

Forrest Brown preaches on this passage as Jesus now asks the religious leaders a challenging theological question. But unlike the religious leaders, Jesus doesn't ask out of insecurity, his desire is to prove that he is the Messiah, and he is worthy to prase and to trust with their lives.

May 16
Luke 20:27-39

In this text, the Sadducees take a theological swing at Jesus, only to come up short (just like the chief priests and and teachers of the law before them). The difference was that the Sadducees held a liberal view of the Old Testament text, which skewed their view of reality. Jesus corrects their thinking by using an Old Testament Scripture that they did respect. Amazingly, Jesus' argument was based upon the verb tense of Exodus 3:6, which means that not only is the story of Scripture true, but even the verb tense is inspired by God. In this way, we see the brilliance of Jesus and the necessity to treasure every piece of Scripture, even down to the details and verb tenses. 

May 07
Luke 20:19-26

When religious leaders bait Jesus into a trap, pitting him between the Romans and the Old Testament law, Jesus threads the needle perfectly. He effortlessly responds to them in perfect wisdom while also challenging them to reconsider their own relationship with government and political power. This timeless teaching also weighs on us today in significant ways.

Apr 30
Don't Waste Your Life 2023

Paul is at the end of his life and writing a letter to his disciple, Timothy. In it, Paul exhorts Timothy to keep the faith, be on mission, prize & preach the Word, and live for what matters on Judgment Day. This message is particularly pertinent to those that we send out of our midst into the world, as a community with a large portion of college students.

Apr 23
Luke 20:1-19

The religious leaders question Jesus' authority, and Jesus, as he often does, answers them with a question of his own. Forrest Brown exegetes this passage, focusing on the authority of Jesus, the conflict with Jesus, and what we do with him.

Apr 16
Isaiah 55

Happy Easter! He is Risen! Listen as Forrest returns from paternity leave to finish out our series in the book of Isaiah. 

Apr 11
Good Friday 2023

Join us as we read the crucifixion story from the gospels of Matthew and John.

Apr 07
Isaiah 52:13-53:12

Pastor Taylor Frank from Harvest Bible Chapel preaches on Isaiah 52-53, focusing on Jesus as the suffering servant.

Apr 02
Isaiah 43:1-7

Tim Carpenter preaches on Jesus as our Savior, the one that redeems his people.

Mar 27
Isaiah 40:9-31

Muchun Yin continued our series in Isaiah, this week looking at the greatness of God.

Mar 20
Isaiah 11:1-10

Tyler Shirley preaches on the shoot of Jesse--Jesus--that is the prophesied perfect king to come. 

Mar 13