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Proverbs 1:7-2:22

What is God's will for my life? Many times we desire that God's direction for our lives would be as simple as shaking a magic 8 ball. And while the Lord sometimes speaks to us and gives us clear direction, his normative method of communication is through his Word. And, in the words of Solomon, God's will is that we dig into his Word and walk in the path of wisdom, not the path of folly/sin. 

Aug 01
Proverbs 1:1-7

Forrest Brown introduces a new book--Proverbs--specifically focusing on how wisdom always starts with the fear of the Lord.

Jul 24
Joel 2:30-3:21

This last section of Joel focuses on the final Day of the Lord that is to come--where Christ will return to judge the world. 

Jul 18
Joel 1:1-2:17

New book! Forrest Brown starts the book of Joel, which will only be a 3-week series. In this passage, the author, Joel, calls his people to repentance (even himself) because of the coming judgment of God. In particular, the focus is on grieving/lamenting of the brokenness of the relationship with the Lord. 

Jul 05
Psalm 16

In this Psalm, elder Muchun Yin preaches on where we find our refuge. Peter preaches a portion of this Psalm in Acts chapter 2, showing us that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Psalm. Therefore, Jesus was the refugee that left the glory of heaven to sacrifice himself to redeem us from our sin. And the result of his sacrifice is eternal pleasure at the right hand of the Father. Likewise, we must also become refugees in the sense that we do not trust in ourselves but rather in the Lord. And just like Jesus, we can enjoy pleasures forevermore.

Jun 29
Psalm 24

David wrote Psalm 24 to celebrate the Lord as the King of Glory. The Creator-God is the King of Glory and has come down to dwell in the midst of the city of man. How do we respond to him? Listen as elder Tim Carpenter preaches on this Psalm of celebration.

Jun 20
Psalm 73

Have you ever asked if Christianity is worth it? When terrible things happen to Jesus followers and good things seem to always happen to those that oppose God, it's common for even the most devoted followers to question God's goodness. In this Psalm the author asks a similar question. And ultimately he finds his conclusion in God's character and closeness. 

Jun 13
Psalm 131

In this Psalm, David offers to us a metaphor for how we are to approach the Lord--as a weaned child, contented with simply being close to his mother. In this short passage, David denounces pride in himself and confident hope in the Lord to meet his deepest needs.

Jun 06
Psalm 34

JC Herring preaches on how we are to follow the Psalmist David in tasting and seeing that the Lord is good.

May 22
Psalm 119:17-40

God created us not simply for the purpose of obedience but also for us to delight in him. In this sermon, Forrest Brown preaches on how to share the disposition of the Psalmist in enjoying and delighting in the Lord.

May 16
Luke 12:1-12 (Part 2)

In part 2 of this passage, Forrest hones in on the concept of the fear of God. While our culture (and even the church) has neglected the fear of God in recent decades, Jesus points to it as a foundational piece of life. He attributes the fear of God and His affections for you as the antidotes to other fears we have in life--fear of people, poverty, the future, etc. Listen in as God's word challenges us to fear him more. 

May 09
Luke 12:1-12 (Part 1)

* Jesus specifically warns His disciples about Hypocrisy in Luke 12. Do you find that you are ever tempted to hide things about yourself from certain people? * If so, who are the people in your life whose affections you desire the most? Listen in as Forrest Brown preaches on this first of a two-part series on Luke 12:1-12.

May 02
Don't Waste Your Life Sunday 2022

What is the through line of your life? What is the thing that you're chasing after? Is it a title, a job or a certain salary/level of comfortability? On this year's Don't Waste Your Life Sunday, we commissioned out roughly 75 graduating college seniors to the far ends of the earth and encouraged them to make their lives about making Jesus known.

Apr 25
Easter 2022

What difference does the resurrection make in the life of the believer? Would it have made a difference if Jesus had only died for our sins yet did not resurrect from the dead? Listen in as Forrest Brown and Tim Carpenter share.

Apr 18
Luke 11:37-54

Have you ever been frustrated with the hypocrisy that is found throughout Christianity and the church? In a recent faith poll among the Exit congregation, hypocrisy was listed as the number one frustration with Christianity. As we see in this Scriptural text, Jesus is even more outraged by it--enough to confront it at personal cost. However, hypocrisy isn't something that simply out in the world; if we're honest, it's also in us. Join us as we sit under Jesus' teaching regarding hypocrisy.

Apr 12
Luke 11:29-36

In this passage, Jesus says that He will not give any additional signs to the people who are asking Him for them. Do you ever find yourself asking for a sign or proof in order to validate the existence of God or whether Christianity is true? Lean in as Forrest Brown preaches on the Sign of Jonah found in Luke 11.

Apr 04
Luke 11:14-28

Forrest Brown preaches on Jesus' authority that is high above Satan and his demons. 

Mar 28
Luke 11:5-13

We are finishing our 2-week series on the topic of prayer, based on Jesus' teaching in Luke 11. In the text, Jesus emphasizes the value of persistence in prayer as well as the goodness of his character in giving the Holy Spirit to those who ask him. The topic brings up the question--what do you think about the idea of God giving you a greater portion of his Spirit in response to your prayers? What if that was the case, while also receiving a "no" to what you are otherwise asking for? Listen in as AJ Gillespie preaches on Luke 11:5-13.

Mar 21
Luke 11:1-4 (The Lord's Prayer)

It seems that everyone struggles with prayer one way or another. While it's often challenging to sustain a regular prayer life, Jesus welcomes us into a close relationship with God--where believers are invited to address God as our personal Father. And Jesus also gives us a model that we can base our own prayers from. Listen in as Tyler Shirley preaches on the Lord's prayer out of Luke chapter 11. 

Mar 14
Luke 10:38-42

Forrest Brown preaches on the story of Mary and Martha out of Luke 10. In the story, Mary is sitting at Jesus' feet while Martha is "distracted with much serving (vs. 40)." And Jesus corrects Martha by saying that Mary has chosen the better option--that is, to be with him. In our world of accomplishment and productivity, this same principle falls on us as well. How can we effectively sit at Jesus' feet today?

Mar 07
Luke 10:17-24

The Cause of Rejoicing: in this sermon, Alexander "Z" Breytenbach (pastor of Ruah Church in Indianapolis, IN) emphasizes where true joy comes from and where we should look to have joy. In the passage, the 72 followers that had previously been commissioned out to preach about the kingdom, return to Jesus, full of joy and excitement at the signs and wonders that they performed in Jesus' name. Jesus, gently redirects them to find their joy in eternal things, namely that they will be saved to eternal connection with God. Then, Jesus himself prays to the Father, expressing joy that people are responding to the proclamation of the kingdom. May we share in Jesus' joy at the spread of his gospel!

Feb 21
Luke 10:12-16

* Do you find that Hell and the wrath of God are offensive to you or have those concepts ever been offensive to you? What do you do with those feelings? Two warnings are given concerning the topic of Hell in this passage. Forrest Brown peraches on our disposition in our questions for God in light of the reality of the coming judgement. 

Feb 14
Luke 10:1-11

In this iconic passage, Jesus informs his followers that there is a massive harvest but only a few laborers. So he commands his hearers to pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out more laborers. Then Jesus immediately commissions 72 others to go and preach the kingdom. Do we pray earnestly for more laborers? Do we see ourselves on mission as well? If so, what kind of mission? Forrest Brown preaches on realigning our mission to the mission that Jesus gives here. 

Feb 07
Luke 9:57-62

In one of the most challenging texts in all of Scripture, Jesus tells those that want to follow him what he is worth. That to follow Jesus means that he comes before our homes, possessions, career, dreams, even family. Jesus challenges them (and us) to do the internal work of evaluating our values and seeing whether Jesus is the top of that list. Because that is the only place that is fit for him.

Jan 30
Luke 9:46-56

Tim Carpenter preaches on the disunity of the disciples in the midst of Jesus predicting his own death. Their self-centeredness left them headed in different directions. Tim challenges us to be unified as believers across political and denominational boundaries to be unified together in prayer.

Jan 24
Vision Sunday 2022

Forrest Brown and Tyler Shirley share who Exit is, where the church is going this year and how they sense the Lord leading them to place extra emphasis on prayer. Jake T., an international worker, also provides insight into how the Lord has grown him in prayer.

1h 4m
Jan 17
Luke 9:37-45

Forrest Browns preaches on Jesus' authority over demons and the value of prayer in the life of a believer. Additionally, the centrality of the cross is central to this passage as Jesus again predicts his death.

Jan 10